Flight MH-17 Black Box Reveals "Massive Explosive Decompression"

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While it was already reported that the black boxes of flight MH 17 were supposedly not tempered with, despite early propaganda attempts via planted YouTube clips to claim otherwise (clips which have since disappeared replaced by other propaganda), the question of what the data recovery team operating in London would find was unanswered, until earlier today when CBS reported that "unreleased data" from a black box retrieved from the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine show findings consistent with the plane's fuselage being hit multiple times by shrapnel from a missile explosion.

"It did what it was designed to do," a European air safety official told CBS News, "bring down airplanes."


The official described the finding as "massive explosive decompression."

Of course none of this is surprising, and has been widely known from the beginning: it was also widely known that the black box would provide no additional information on the $64K question: whose missile was it, and was it a missile launched from the ground or an air-to-air missile fired by a fighter jet.

Perhaps a better question is who is leaking the "unreleased data" and what propaganda is it meant to achieve in what is, as we said a week ago, nothing but a propaganda war on both sides.

As for the real questions the "released" black box data should reveal, they remain as follows:

i) why was the plane diverted from its traditional flight path; and

ii) what was said between the pilots and air traffic control in the minutes before the crash.

Recall that the Ukraine secret service confiscated the ATC conversation logs a week ago, and the fate of said conversations has been unknown ever since, something that Malaysian Airlines revealed to the public promptly after its other, just as infamous plane anomaly, flight MH 370 disappeared forever from radar.

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It was diverted from its flight path to act as cover for fighter jets and to bait the rebs - my take.

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Divert it, shoot it down over rebel held territory.  Blame the rebels and Putin.  A set up.

Lets hear the unedited ATC tapes. 

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Does Massive Explosive Decompression point towards "the Jews" or "Poppy Busch"?


I'm sure some of the great minds of today can explain their latest theories for us, do tell now......

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revrex, feigning relevance again, how tiresome you are...

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I don't know. If you consider his evidence and his logical arguments, it is worth considering his version of events is plausable enough.


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I am surprisd the black box did not coclusively point to the separtist as firing the missle. Can we please have the FBI re examine it please. This is preposterous

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Wolf Bluster on CNN is certain the Ruskies did it.

Jack Burton's picture

Wolf was hired by CNN from Israel to provide an unbiased Israel lover to deliver America the news.

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I don't know how anyone can turn on the teevee and take these pieces of trash seriously anymore.

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Wolf Blitzer.... great name (perceptions management) for a war correspondent

Am I the only one.... CNN... et al

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This is obviously bullshit. That box is orange. Also I like the dent on the left side....so you know it's been in a plane crash.

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poppy bush and the neo-cons/zionists have their guilt to bear but, imo, where it went seriously wrong was when lbj gave the israelis everything they conquered (first horseman of the apocalypse) in '67.  ike was more even handed at suez in '56.  would we had never wavered.


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Trust me...if this came from Langley "we'll only know the Russians did it."

Why these planes were there in the first place is a good question...but clearly Putin has botched the "like I give two shits" campaign. If it were me I'd start by trying to clear my name first...instead he comes across as the guy implying "but yeah! If I had the shot I would have take. It!"

Friggin patsy.

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Don't get fucken MH'ed like they did.  Buh Bitcoin today!

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TV is an entertainment medium.  A movie, a sitcom, a serial.  Or urgent, in-your-face news.  All incubated in Hollywood or Atlanta for entertainment purposes only.  Most of the idiots don't realize this.  And that is by design.

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WTF? How does the original report even constitute legitimate journalism? I know Tyler is just repeating the original news, but seriously...

What the hell kind of source is "...an un-named European Air Safety Official...?" If that's all the credibility required for reproting nowadays, then I'll just read Reddit or Pinterest (or watch CNN) for important world news. 

So if we allow a few degrees of freedom (like 'no credible source') and take this unknown air safety official leaker's news as legit, then the only thing they could have told from the flight data recorder (FDR) was the cabin pressure altitude. At cruising height, the 777 probably had an effective cabin altitude of around 7,000 ft. At some point, it changed rapidly to the actual outside altitude of 31,000 ft. - 'explosive decompression'.

"...show findings consistent with the plane's fuselage being hit multiple times by shrapnel from a missile explosion..."

Oddly colorful way for CBS to describe it, but OK. Explosive decompression is also consistent with a big hole being blown into the airplane - no shrapnel necessary. It's also consistent with a shoe bomb. It's also consistent with a mid-air collision. It's also consistent with airframe failure from an out-of-envelope maneuver (say like when the engine or tail is blown off). 

So, as Tyler pointed out - it's useless information. A chimp can conclude one of the above probably happened based on the damn wreckage strewn out all over East Ukraine. Incidentally, passengers breathing pure oxygen through the drop-down masks can survive an effective cabin altitude of 31,000 ft. for a few minutes. You only need pressurized oxygen (like a pilot's oxygen mask) at altitudes above 40,000 ft. I have no idea what that means in terms of the unfortunate MH-17 passengers.

FDR's use some oddball, proprietary way of recording information, so it's a job to get anything from it to begin with. The cockpit voice recorder isn't anything special. If it's working, you can just hook up a power and data cable and copy everything off of it - it's just a few tracks of digital audio.

Since their standards are so low, I'll offer my expertise to CBS here (but they can't use my name) and tell them exactly what they'll hear on the cockpit voice recorder:

"...Hey, I think a Ukranian jet is closing in from behind and below us.... Oh my GOD - LOOK OUT! A pro-Russian militia SA-11 fired from well-inside separatist-held territory by a Russian-manufactured BUK launcher is heading RIGHT TOWARDS US! AIiieee! [silence...]"

Yes, sarcasm. Seriously, if there was anything incriminating on the CVR, the Russians have a copy of it and the Ukranians know that they have a copy of it. I doubt the pilots ever saw it coming, and it looks like they would have caught a significant part of the blast in the cockpit anyway. I can't imagine any conversation after that point.

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Putin send bomb.  Plane go boom.  Nuff said, bitchez.

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Have you no shame? Pimp your blog somewhere else.

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Especially since the Black boxes are being decoded in the UK, where the folks have not even SEEN the pieces of fuselage yet? The more important question is what TYPE of missile? The pictures of fuselage and wings which appeared previously on ZH were not at all consistent with a SAM strike. In particular, the perfectly round hole in the port side of the cockpit is not at all consistent with shrapnel damage but IS consistent with an AAM strike.

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Have you no shame? Pimp your blog somewhere else.

LOL..his blog sucks too..posts crap about what he ate for dinner....typical self involved jerk off

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I wrote the above as if the explosive decompression happened at 31,000 ft. and this is exactly what the U.K. black-box leak narrative is steering towards, if no other reason but to confuse people. We really have no idea when that explosive decompresson occurred.

COSMOS linked to a 21st Century Wire report that details the likely alternative. Important because it explains the maneuvering (U-turn). If the plane was hit at 5:20 by an air-to-air missile, the pilots may have still been in control of the aircraft. If they turned back and started descending, then they would have been outside the range of any supposed separatist BUK launcher. They would have been well within the Ukranian BUK/S-200 battalions they had just moved around Donetsk. A SA-11 hitting the aircraft after the U-turn at 5:22 fired from a Ukranian BUK site would have struck the aircraft left of the nose, right under the cockpit. That would surely have caused an explosive decompression.

That two-missile scenario is consistent with pictures of wreckage seen so far: rod-like shrapnel to the wing from an air-to-air missile, and massive shrapnel and blast damage to the left side panels of section 41 (the cockpit, nose gear and nose section of the aircraft).

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Just idiots looking for their confirmation bias fix.

disabledvet's picture

Cognitive Dissonance.

Right out of the textbook.

"Beware your end of the world theology. Life tends to keep on keeping on." Just ask Byellorussia.

Liberal's picture

Forget all these conflicts! Let's talk about the need to force the Redskins to change their name!

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Exactly, Wolf is Israels champion.  But that question of why did the jet divert from the path to over the warzone isn't being answered.  Either the pilot out of his own free will decided to do it himself (watch this coming in the very near future) or the tower told them to divert over that area.  Also why aren't we hearing anything from the tower and the jet when it came into their airspace?  Oh the Ukrainian govt. took control of the communication black boxes for the tower.  But that shouldn't be a problem, isn't there a recording of the pilot and others communicating on one of the black boxes that where recovered?  Also we haven't heard anything from that spanish employee who was working the tower in Ukraine, what happened to him?


I cannot believe that the US is so willing to follow this country down the rabbit hole of hypocrisy and being made to look like a fool to protect the Ukraine in order to get into a war with Russia.  The economoy must be alot worse than they are letting on.



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Wolf Blitzer = Howitzer Explosion.

disabledvet's picture


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Re: "I cannot believe that the US is so willing"

It's not "The US" entirely. There's a saying to the effect that organized crime, upon achieving sufficient size, becomes indistinguishable from government. In this case, there is a perception that some portion of the overgrown government / corporate / military / banking complex is hijacked by psychopaths with little interest in continuing to pay lip service to the legitimate and limited social contract, working instead to support objectives that are increasingly deviant from the public interest. The drive through various proxies and false flags to orchestrate something that the media can market as a 'war' is motivated by the need for a distraction, a scapegoat, and an excuse for continued massive misallocation of and damage to all forms of capital. It's ironic that measures they take to preserve the status quo have exactly the opposite effect. Such is the way of power in the hands of psychopaths. They don't grasp that stable leadership is built on TRUST, not FEAR.

Monty Burns's picture

All available evidence seems to support your thesis. May you live in interesting times indeed. Gonna be fascinating to see how this ultimately plays out.

Monty Burns's picture

Wolf Bluster on CNN is certain the Ruskies did it.

Well that's good enough for me. What else do you need?

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As is your typing.......no excuse for sloppy typing.....




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surely a pristine passport was found with the black box.

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I'm glad someone else remembers that, they've been trying to wipe that story for years.

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Adepptish = Cowardly pussy who attacks me, not my post

Can you get any more cowardly?

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fuck you.


there, now i feel better...




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Let me tell you a story rex, once upon a time there was an evil witch who baked cookies, lots of cookies, since each cookie would capture the soul of an innocent child or man or woman in what once was peaceful country, she did this because it made her clan very rich.  Elements of this can be seen throughout history in stories such as hansel and gretel and many others. The fact rex is that this story is quite real.  Currently that witch is called Nuland, she is but one of many in a looooong line of crooked nosed whores.

Quus Ant's picture

In the end Hansel and Gretel push the witch in an oven. 


you antisemite.

COSMOS's picture

justified homicide she tried to kill them, I think the story took place in florida, something about castle doctrine, and lots of castles in fairy tales, lol, hansel and gretel were just tough on CRIME hahaha

Interesting analysis by 21st Century Wire blog.
The Airliner crossed the separatists área at 930 km/ph, a path that is 40 miles wide. It would take 1 min to cross the área.
The day was very cloudy making it even more difficult to spot the plane.
A BUK missile system, requires 5 minutes set-up active targeting, followed by an additional 22 seconds ‘reaction time’ for target acquisition and firing.
The only way someone in that área could have shot the plane was if he had previous knowledge of the plane crossing that spot.
The blog basis their analisys on details obtained from various oficial sources.

disabledvet's picture

If it was a set up it was a good one.

Move along...

Keyser's picture

The anti-semite rant is falling on deaf ears these days... There was a time when this defense would evoke a response from non-jews, but these days it's more of a badge of courage to call bullshit on Israel and their minders... Please come up with a better excuse for the actions of Israel because using a defense that implies people hate the jews because of the god they worship is ludicrous... The ONLY reason Israel exists is to be an active antagonist in the ME... Israel will cease to exist when it fits into the Rothschild plan...  

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Stay in israhole.Fuck off,you tiresome zionist trolls.

Maxter's picture

They attack you because your post contains absolutly nothing of value.

adeptish's picture

rex, you prove my point.

Almost nobody here cares what you think or say.

Scoreboard... troll...

Duffy's picture

Is "the Jews" the same as "some Jews"?










Igor Kolomoisky is probably more loyal to Israel than Ukraine.  Just as Richard Perle, and Jeff Goldberg are plainly more loyal to Israel.  Is it an "anti-Semitic" canard to say so, even when buttressed with mountains of evidence?  What about if it were a Chinese spy.  Is it "anti-Chinese" to suggest a Chinese spy is more loyal to China?

Ukraine's Jewish population is less than 1%.  Yet "Yats" was mainly of Jewish background, as was the former head of Ukraine's central bank, most of the oligarchs...  and Nuland and Pyatt are Jewish, the latter, the US diplomat to Ukraine, seemingly spending more time meeting with Jewish community leaders and going to endless Jewish Holocaust memorials (not so much Holdomor memorials - the deliberate famine which killed more Ukrainian Christian peasants, a famine engineered in substantial part by Jewish Bolsheviks and enforced by a heavily Jewish Cheka.... a nice, memory-holed truth). 


The neocons deeply embedded in State are disproportionately Jewish, so, the point is, while claiming it is "the Jews" seems logically untenable and/or grammatically inept, not noting the wildly disproportionate role of Jewish people who may be taken to not necessarily be acting primarily out of loyalty to Ukraine per se, seems like a wilful disregard of a significant part of this whole story of a US-backed, oligarch supported coup.


Or - is it that you just want Jews exempt from the criticism any other group would get simply because they're Jews? 


...you bet it is.

Dr Hackenbush's picture

It's interesting, however, how the concept of the 'rootless cosmopolitans' predates the modern state of Isreal 

Optimusprime's picture

Indeed.  i remember reading the Book of Esther as a child and wondering what the hell thousands of Jews were doing settled there in Persia in the first place?  "Gonnections", no doubt.  Obscure reference to Great Gatsby, btw, not a typo.

disabledvet's picture

I'm still trying to figure out how there was even a single Jew even left in Ukraine. That in and of itself is an amazing story!