If Americans Knew What Was Happening In Israel …

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If my fellow Americans understood the history of Israel and Palestine, their views would change overnight … and they would demand that Israel no longer be given unconditional support and blank checks to do whatever they want:

Postscript: Former Israeli Minister: Calling people who criticize Israeli policy “anti-semitic. It’s a trick … we always use it”.

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Why aren't the oil rich states helping Gaza? Israel gave Egypt back a piece of land far larger than Israel and rich with oil in 1978 for peace.

Why not open your eyes and see that Gaza is kept as it is by the Arab states to use as an example to the world, and a false one, about the wickedness of Israel.

1967?..remember a war when they tried to kill every Jew? Maybe the as*hole who posted this thread might understand that there are consequences to trying to exterminate anyone.

If ZH wasn't, at times, a piece of crap itself it would take this post down. I didn't know it was also a platform for Jew haters.



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israel is the biggest terrorist state on the earth with the possible exception of the united states....ever since that rothschild colony setup shop in 1948 - even before in 1946 when it blew up the king david hotel - israel has started more wars and murdered more innocent people than anyone in the post stalin era. i am not even sure pol pot can hold a candle to those murderers.

ariel sharon admitted to a reporter in 1983 that he murdered jews to garner international sympathy because he always knew he could blame it on the arabs.

as a one time zealous supporter of israel, i have turned my back totally on that wicked nation and call for its destruction. i finally did my research and discovered that the zionists, later ziocons, have been behind every single war since ww1, and that the holocaust is a total goddamned fucking lie!! again, i used to be a very zealous ziocon but i love the truth more than ideology, philosophy, or politics.....

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Israel was set up by the United Nations. It's probably the most legitimate country in the world.


The UN is the first govy body the filthy leftist liberal progressives whine to, except they seem to forget this little gem.


And doesn't it point out how badly big government is?



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The U.N.?


This looks like a 'gimme' from some nefarious, backroom dealing in Britain. 

The U.N. rubber stamped it.


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You are full of shit as usual.

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The Elephant in the room is that Israel is an illegal fake nation; orthodox religious Jews protest that the Jews were exiled from there by God and the conditions to end this have not been met, so regularly oppose AIPAC.  The current Israel is obviously a Zionist mafia plunder invention; the irony is that many Palestines are probably genetically much purer Semites than most other people in Israel, and may include descendants of ex-Jews who pragmatically converted to Mohammedism so that they could stay alive in the area while Islam held sway.

The British left Palestine to the Zionist terrorists (immigrants *) because it became too costly to try and keep the peace in Palestine, in part because these thugs were causing so much death and destruction; they still are!

* They hijacked Russia a similar way; Russia paid very dearly for it's complacency; it isn't complacent now!

The Zionist mafia had been doing ethnic cleansing in Palestine even during British colonial occupation, have already stolen most of the Palestines' ancestoral land and are busy progressively stealing the rest.

Anyone helping the Zionist mafia in any way deserves utter contempt, especially Christians who should know all about what Jesus said about the Pharasees!  Just like the orthodox Jews, we should not tolerate the dishonest Zionist propaganda network, including the hipocritically anti-Semitic AIPAC, and the disgusting Holocaust industry it created to trick undeserved guilt on the innocent for power and funding.

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When you look in the mirror and see that piece of crap you have on your shoulders for a head, does steam come off it?

If no one attacked Israel, it would attack no one. But every Friday, the muslims hear a sermon of "Death to Israel". But being a sh*thead, you wouldn't know anything about the reality of the Middle East conflict and listen to the clown who wrote this article.

You might want to note the calls for death of anything non-muslim coming from Belgium, or as they call it, Belgianistan. They openly talk of breeding them out of existence and death to all the infidels. And you are dumb enough to pick on the Jews. That you represent so many is why the world is F-ed up. Few learned from history.

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Israel should nuke these sumbags until they glow.. bitcheez

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Other reasons for the ongoing crime in Gaza

Arms industry business and weapons for military regimes to suppress population resistance


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The rogue state Israel has nukes and those zio bastards will try to take everyone with them before going down. Maybe the world should just nuke Israel for greater good.

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That "rogue state" has had them for a very long time. Unlike the US, Israel has never used them.

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I turn to Zero Hedge for useful contrarian economic analysis. Since it has also become a beer hall for raving anti-Semites, I will not recommend it to friends and spend as little time on it as I can to get the info I want. A shame that it attracts so many bigots.

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This story should be deleted, unless it is okay to call for the deaths of others here. How about the death of ZeroHedge?

I also look here for breaking news. I can look elsewhere. As to the abomination called George Washington, perhaps he wants to read "The Loomng Tower: Al Qaueda and the Road to 9/11". It only won a Pulitzer. It's a cogent analysis of why it is the world agaist Islam as Islam wants a caaliphate and Sharia Law and to hell with the rest of us. GW will wake-up when a family member of his is blown to pieces in a night club not by a Jew, but by a muslim.

Here's a simple explanation, even for the tiny mind of GW, from Dennis Praeger. The Arab-Israeli issue is simple. One side wants the other side DEAD (5 minutes) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152299543033717



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The only anti-Semitic comments I've seen here are by the raving zioqueers as they call for the slaughter of the Semites, the Palestinians.

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Awesome comment. Love your intellect comrade!

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Great telll them all three shifts are full up, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Tell them hello back over at the freeple.

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i would be careful implicating clearly anti israel sentiment as anti jew sentiment because that opens the door to real anti jew sentiment. in other words, if you want to substitute jew for israel then criticism of jews is fair game.....and you invited it with your nonsequitor, illogical arguments. i don't think that is what you want.

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Yes all should be careful of their tender feelings. Their feelings are worth 10,000 times the feelings of the goy.


Waiting for those gooduns to show up.


There's another way to look at this:
Dear less-fit humans.   How does it feel to be SO stupid as to fall for the same scams over and over and over for generations?   Why don't you worthless losers just fess-up that you're genetically inferior, and kill yourselves and your worthless DNA bling.
Survival of the fittest, BITCHZZZZ!!! 

The Israelis should grease the treads of their tanks with the blood of the muslim dog barbarians.


"Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." -
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset quoted in Begin and the Beasts," New Statesman, June 25, 1982 by Amnon Kapeliouk.

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That quote is a complete fraud. Nice to see people of the Reich still hanging around. Maybe they can get a nice ear-to-ear shave.

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Substitute Muslim for Jew in that screed and it sounds just like the other side. Situation FUBAR.

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It's a shame that the walls of money laundering through the Jewish state are closing in.  Truth repressed for 4 decades coming home to roost is too much for Zionist dual citizens.

It's also a shame that Ravenhaven comes to fight club to jerk off "semitically."

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So money laundering is strictly a Jewish thing? The mob, drug cartels, corporations, African warlords... I guess they're all Jewish then.

Pee Wee's picture

Nice try.  Mob, cartels and warlords only wish they had a safe place protected by Uncle Sams missiles for their "business."

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Really??? The cartels are making money hand over fist strictly vis a vis the United States Federal Government. We give them a monopoly market for their goods, they give us a subdued populace for governing. We advertise in their countries that we won't turn away their children, they make $8K a pop for getting them across the border (and much worse fates if they can't pay).

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If I understand your point, you are refuting fraud Finance with an immigration subsidy for cartels.

To your point, "subdued" is an interesting word choice.

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Agreed.They are blind to things that are right in front of their faces.

The elected leader of hamas goes on national US television over the weekend for an interview with CBS Face the Nation and is asked a simple question: "Can hamas live side-by-side with Israel, if Israeli troops left Palestinian areas?" the guy avoided answering the question... Interviewer asks him again point blank: "Do you want to recognize Israel as a Jewish state?" He shakes his head to make his answer clear: "No."


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Well from looking at the votes here, I think ZeroHedge should move to Vienna and the next time they call for all Jews, Tyler, et al, can help deliver all of them to be slaughter.

Great job here Tyler. You really had me fooled. I'm going to make a nice website out of this one you allowed to be posted.

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Well from looking at the votes here, I think ZeroHedge should move to Vienna and the next time they call for all Jews, Tyler, et al, can help deliver all of them to be slaughter.

Great job here Tyler. You really had me fooled. I'm going to make a nice website out of this one you allowed to be posted.

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Why should they recognize the Israeli state?

Were they included in the decision making process? No.

Were their properties confiscated or taken at the barrel of a gun with the help of Britain and others? Yes.

Are the Palestinians treated in the manner the UN requested? No.

Would you recognize someone who kills your women and children with zero regard? I doubt it.

If Britain wanted to give a state to the jews, then why not give them their land, maybe Scotland or Sussex? No, it was let's take this land and give the jews carte blanche to do whatever they please- even give them nuclear weapons, but allow them to reject all treaties in regards to their use.

You cannot justify present actions based on past wrongs. The Jewish State is not legitimate in any one's eyes but their own. Just ask all the USS LIberty families. Hey, release Jonathan Pollard, because jews stab their friends in the back too, just ask the Babylonians, Moors or Spaniards. 

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Check the facts before spreading hate. The Brits made a parliamentary decree giving Israel independence from Britain in 1948. Immediately the Arab world declared war on the fledgling state. The invading Arabs told the Arab residents to get out of the way while they wiped the Jews from the face of the earth. They told them it would only be a few days. They were wrong, and Israel actually won... Big time. Nobody confiscated their property. It was abandoned.
They were even allowed back as full citizens by Israeli law. Very few took them up on the offer. Those that did live in amazing houses compared to the squalor and filth of those that chose to remain in temporary camps of their own confinement. Even today they can emigrate and become citizens, but the problem is that Israel makes them acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist. Most refuse that simple of an oath.
To make matters worse, Hamas decides to hide rockets and arms in civilian houses and hospitals and schools. All violations off the Geneva convention. Their whole goal is to maximize civilian casualties to increase international pressure on Israel. Lusitania much?

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Which facts are you referring to? A parlimentary decree? How does this allow the palestinians a voice in their affairs? We are to ignore the zionist terrorism of the twenties, thirties and forties? The illegal jewish immigration? 

How does, "you can come back under our terms" say private property or liberty? Amazing houses versus squalor and filth? Got some evidence fact man? Ever read Patton's thoughts on jewish animals living in filth and squalor of their own design?

Where else does a guerilla movement hide arms from a first world aggressor? Geneva convention? Like white phosphorus on civilian populations? 


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I think he missed the irony of proving his point by the British Empire's imperialist decree  

Sean7k's picture

It must be tough being an Israeli troll these days...lol

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Thats all we really need to know. Hamas and the Palestinians don't want to live in peace with Israel. Its a shame some of you here are too blinded by your hatred for Israel to see the light. Why are you not condeming the Muslims who are killing Christians all over the world? In Iraq, ISIS has commanded that all women have their cliterus cut. Christians are being driven out of Mosul. Do you think that when these savages finish off with Israel, they won't come after the rest of us? Read the Quran, If you don't join Islam, you either pay your jiza/taxes to Islam or you die.  Islam is at war with the west but were too dumb to admit this. Obama think that by ignoring whats taking place in Syria and Iraq it will all go away. Off to another fund raiser and then to the links. 

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@ Circus

There are not enough jews (Sephardic Semites) in occupied Palestine for form a jewish state. Many of them were called out of school, told they were having a checkup and then their brains were fried with very powerful xrays.

Get over it most citizens in the entire unviverse do not recognize a jewish state.

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The more you spout drivel, the more you weaken your own cause. Israel has a right to exist, and defend itself. Just like all nations.

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of course they do but then again, the US called the Iraq invasion "defending itself." That's what imperialism does. Do you seriously expect it to say, excuse me, we need your land...and your water. The history of land grabs and second class citizen status speak for themselves.  

But go ahead, impeach the IDF General's son


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why should hamas recognize israel when israel denies the existence of palestinians, let alone. a state of palestine? try again.

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Israel actually permitted the Arabs to become citizens, many did and are happy. Actually when you speak with them they do NOT want Hamas, or any Islamic rule, because they know they will lose their freedoms.
Look up the Druze.

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the myth of the equal, happay arab citizen has been thoroughly debunked. when israel allows an arab(christian or muslim) to hold any position of power in israel i will reconsider their situation. by the way, saddam hussein had a christian foreign minister. israel shits on christians.

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the zionuts are all over the net wishing for complete genocide of muslims in general without consideration of nationality. that makes KILL ALL JEWS an acceptable rebuttal. they seem to have a real difficult time accepting that bit of logic....

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Logic and zioqueers are at complete odds with each other. They believe that their `god' allows them to makeup the rules, and the narrative as they go along.

Panem et Circus's picture

Actually logic is what is missing here. This is just more Red Team vs Blue Team crap. Both sides have their own "partisans" with blinders on that can only see their opponents as evil subhuman creatures. Where's the heart?

Infinite QE's picture

To find the heart needs justice. To balance out severity and reach the heart needs the scales of justice to be utilized. That's what this process is about. Bringing forth the truth, and not the agenda-based false narrative that has been running for centuries.

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this is evil versus good(would you make the same argument for hitler?). the evil is clear to good thinking men. it is israel.

Panem et Circus's picture

Hamas hides rockets, armaments, and military weapons in schools, hospitals, and uses civilians as human shields. That is not evil????
Very clear thinking...