China Expands Live-Fire Gulf Of Tonkin Drill; Warns Of Massive Flight Disruptions

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In a surprise announcement, China revealed that in addition to scheduled naval drills to be held near Vietnam (in case there isn't nearly enough tensions between China and the former US war foe) the country's Military of Defense announced that it would expand military drills in the East China Sea, which will re-escalate the already boiling territorial disputes which involve Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. While the scale of the current drills is bigger than in the past, it’s a coincidence the annual exercises are being held at the same time, Beijing News reported yesterday, citing Zhang Junshe, a researcher at Navy Military Research Institute.

The irony that this is happening as China is already conducting a massive live-fire drill off Beibu Bay, also known as Gulf of Tonkin, will hardly escape readers, although we doubt even China will be so daring as to troll the US with a follow up "false flag" operation that launches a "contained" regional war.  In addition to Tonkin, China is also engaging in a drill in the Bohai Strait next to North Korea, and now: the East China Sea, just to make sure Japan and Taiwan are also covered just in case.

Why is China doing this now, when virtually every corner of the world is on the verge of war? Well, why not: with the rest of the world back into Cold War territory if not worse, China itself has engaged in numerous territorial disputes with its neighbors, so what better option than to be prepared if and when the crisis presents itself: a crisis which everyone knows by now, should never be put to waste. Ironically, that appears to be the tactical thinking behind every other conflict around the globe: all it would take for things to spiral out of control on a global scale is a series of domino-like events resulting from a crisis which everyone thinks can be contained. Incorrectly so.

Most are familiar with the story. For those who aren't, Bloomberg explains: President Xi Jinping has been expanding the reach of China’s navy and using the added muscle to more aggressively assert territorial claims in the region. Chinese and Japanese ships regularly tail one another off disputed islands in the East China Sea, while deadly, anti-Chinese riots broke out in Vietnam in May after China set up an oil rig in waters also claimed by that country. The Philippines has sought United Nations arbitration in its maritime spat with China.

Not surprisingly, just like with Syria, just like with Ukraine, just like with most wars in the history of the world, the underlying conflict is about one simple thing: energy and natural resources.

China claims much of the South China Sea, which may be rich in energy and mineral deposits, under its “nine dash-line” map first published in 1947, which extends hundreds of miles south from China’s Hainan Island to equatorial waters off the coast of Borneo, taking in some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. In the East China Sea, Japan and China both lay claims to a chain of uninhabited islands known as Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu by the Chinese. The U.S. has said it will come to Japan’s defense in any clash over the islands.

The nine-dash line, shown in green, is picture below:

With the current drills “what’s different from the past is that China is doing it in a more high-profile way, which does make China appear to be raising military tensions,” said Suh Jin Young, a professor emeritus of Chinese politics at Seoul’s Korea University. “But in Chinese eyes, the tensions were begun by the U.S. and Japan, and China thinks it’s only conducting what it has been doing annually.”

More irony: the latest drill announcement takes place during a rare sign of military cooperation with the two countries, China is participating along with the U.S. and Japan in the five-week-long Rim of the Pacific Exercise that runs through Aug. 1 in waters off Hawaii. China’s four ships make up the second-biggest naval contingent after the U.S. of the 22 nations taking part. But not all is at it seems there either because as we reported last week, China has sent a surveillance ship to Hawaii in retaliation to US navy build up in its back yard. Simply said, China is pretending to be a diplomatic ally of the west even as it is actively engaging in trade pacts with Russia and subverting US military influence around its borders, and especially in regions it deems of vital national interest.

It is also notable that as part of the ongoing drills, Chinese airlines last week were ordered to cut a quarter of their flights at a dozen airports, including two in Shanghai, because of “high frequency exercises,” state media reported on July 22. China’s airline regulator has issued an orange alert for massive flight delays in eastern and central regions due to “rainstorms, routine military exercises and other comprehensive factors.” Both China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines said yesterday they expected delays or cancellations.

And while military and civil aviation authorities have taken steps to minimize the impact of the new drills, the Defense Ministry said in the statement, let's hope no Malaysian, Vietnamese, or Japanese Airline flight ends up mysteriously diverted over the live fire zone in the South China Sea: not even the US State Department has enough YouTube clip producers and directors to "explain" the global panic that would result.

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Winston Churchill's picture those US forces.

About time N. Korea chimed in.

Almost like some countries are working in concert.

Got to finish this off while Obozo is still  in the White Hut.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Don't be surprised if Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and many other Japanese companies start landing big contracts for anti-ship drones...


Dronez, fishez!

svayambhu108's picture
Gulf Of Tonkin, nice, time for US to do a sequel.
COSMOS's picture

The Chinese don't bluff.  There is something big going down if they are asserting themselves so strongly.  I think the Russians and the Chinese know the USA is up to some more false flag bullshit and they are letting the world know that they are not to be messed around with.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

Russians and the Chinese know the USA is up to some more false flag bullshit.


You mean in addition to the shoot down of the Malaysian jet?

You think?

napper's picture

The US has never halted its repertoire of false flag ops after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The most well-known in the past 15 years being 9/11, Venezuela, Libya, Syria etc.

napper's picture

I doubt it. They are not part of the US military industrial complex. In the end, Japan is just a pawn for the US - one of the first to die in a war with China (i.e. Japan's utility lies in its ability and willingness to help the US exhaust China as much as possible).


All big military contracts will go to US contractors, as they control the Congress and the White House. Besides, the US will never really trust Japan.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I do hope they notified the dumb asses at Malaysian Airlines to AVOID the area.

napper's picture

In defense of MH17 pilots, initial evidence does show that Ukrainian air control led (i.e. diverted) them to the war zone as part of a plan (false flag op). The US probably had a role in drawing up the plan.


I also believe that the US was behind the disappearance of MH 370.

kchrisc's picture

" those US forces."

And get the Rothschild Fed to print more and the DC US to borrow more in an ever expanding and never ending cycle.

Funny and sad.

Fuku Ben's picture

Yes, stretch the forces all the while locking the victims inside the US prison, flooding the country with UN peace keepers, opening the borders to terrorists, gang members, plague carriers and other ilk. While simultaneously expanding training partnerships with your enemies inside your borders.

The rubber is about to hit the road and I hope you've trained your families how to defend themselves. Whatever military are left in your country that may be willing to protect and defend you will be probably liquidated by the invaders and traitors positioned inside your own borders.

Look at the bright side at least you're not stuck on this island between a great wall of chinese on one side and a smoldering ocean of deadly radioactivity on the other.

tonyw's picture

"flooding the country with UN peace keepers" "Whatever military are left"  don't you think there are enough homeland security people to do the necessary work?

Ghordius's picture

"UN peace keepers" sounds more ominous. it's part of the "beware, they are going to take your arms away" campaign and the "beware, they will bring a one world government" campaign

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

May have been why my flight from HK to singapore was delayed yesterday. Pilot blamed it on the weather but did mention that multiple plans were trying to fit into the 'cooridor' which seemed odd.....there is alot of real estate there, unless the area was knocked down in size.

But shit, I can't make it to my destination without going over some points of 'conflict'. Please, let this shitstorm stay calm for about 12 more days until after I get home....

Urban Redneck's picture

Why is China doing this now, when virtually every corner of the world is on the verge of war?

Why not? It's working for Israel. (Unless they decide to open fire on the Turkish navy)

Money Squid's picture

When the US really started its crap in Crimea Russia held a large-scale nuclear response drill just to remind the US who they were messing. Countries like Russia and China have sophisticated, effective intelligence capabilities and are constantly sparing withe US in cyberspace. When a country suddenly holds massive drills it is a common reminder what they got and a threat to us it. Every time Libya or another country with a coast told the US to stay out the US send aircraft carriers, cruisers, battle ships along the coast as an FU. When China expanded its air control areas the US sent b-52 bombers into the area as an FU to China. You never know what kind of crap is at play behind the scenes to start a war or to try to push a conflict. But the good news you will die fighting for banker's profits. So, sit back and watch the show you will be called up when its your turn to fight.

angel_of_joy's picture

B-52s are a joke. You can shoot one down with a slingshot. Even the US military motions in the Obozo era became pathetic. Remember the US ships in the Black Sea ?

Jano's picture

TO shoot a B-52 witha slingshot, the B-52 has to bew at the close distance.

And it will never be at a close distance, hence nobody is gonna to get B-52 with a slingshot.

They release their weaponery from a distance of 1000 miles. You troll.

Look at Russian Tu95, this is a simmilar story, lookat those missiles, flying 3000 km with heavy 500kt nukes... they do not need to fly closer, than 500 miles to the coast.....

COSMOS's picture

B52s didnt work so well for them in vietnam did it?

angel_of_joy's picture

Yeah, officially they only lost 17 in combat... 31 in total. You send a missile from 1000 km away, next thing you know, you can kiss ALL your advanced bases in Pacific goodbye, at the very least. The guy is a moron...

Sudden Debt's picture

When my kids starts teasing each other, everytile I end it, they say:

CheapBastard's picture

Luckily, we beat the Vietnamese's butts [Ihave it on good authority as per below]...those V'cong know not to mess with us:


Barack Obama says U.S. never lost a major battle in Vietnam

toady's picture

Agreed. Nam has become a template for all the US police actions since. Go in, kick ass, get a peace treaty, get out of country. Country gets overrun later.

It would almost seem better to just keep out.

Thirtyseven's picture

Never lost a major battle.... just thousands of smaller ones.

smlbizman's picture

yeah like 55,000 of them...

angel_of_joy's picture

US never lost a major battle in Vietnam... just the fucking war !

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

But we lost the war......think they used these tactics here:

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .” 
Sun TzuThe Art of War


Rakshas's picture

Not sure if Sun Tzu envisoned economic arrogance as being so destructive but that was the biggest lost battle of Vietnam for the US, the opening salvo came with the death of Kennedy with his passing so went any chance of de-escalation; then came the printing followed by the severing of any tie to tangible asset, Vietnam the rise of the MIC  - simplistic perhaps but there is no denying the blade of the hockey stick started right there everything since has been the death of freedom in slow motion .......... am I falling faster or is the ground hurtling upward at me...... guess we'll find out soon enough.


Peanut gallery out. 

kchrisc's picture

I guess it depends on how one defines "lost." If one considers needing to bring in additional troops, artillery, aerial bombing and/or then "evacuating" the field as "lost," then the DC US "won" few in Vietnam.

The DC US lost the first major battle in Vietnam at Ia Drang:

and the last at Khe Sanh:

Then there is the famous rooftop "evacuation" from the Saigon embassy.


"DC US strategy: Invade a weak country. Kill until the profits wane. Leave."

Aussie V's picture

Maybe the US could produce some more Satellite photo's of say, Chinese or Russian shells hitting the water causing nice 'Left Handers' to peel off so, the California boys can catch a few waves?

ShrNfr's picture

Obama is resting up today from an exhausting five hours of golf he did yesterday which was to relax from the three days of exhausting fundraising.

toady's picture

Saber rattle much?

Z_End's picture

Yep, should provide for a further strain on US reconnaissance assets. All over the place... Look here, look there, look every place but where you are supposed to look...

QQQBall's picture

Some FUCK THE EU Kharma

logicalman's picture

Lets get it all over with.

Blow the whole fucking lot up.

It's bound to happen sooner or later.

At that point, the .01% will look around and realise they are fucked too.

Hope they die very slowly.

The Leaders of the Free World are just little boys throwing stones.


ebworthen's picture

Gulf of Tonkin?

That sounds familiar...

logicalman's picture

Maybe to a few.

Most have never heard of it.


COSMOS's picture

I am waiting to hear the SNAP.  The USA is stretched like the Brits used to be, to every corner of the world.  Literally the sun does not set on the USA empire.  Back then it was the Germans and Japanese squeezing the Brits, now its the Russians and Chinese, notice how its a European and an Asian power working in concert to take down the EMPIRE.  Stretch them till they break boys.

1stepcloser's picture

same interests backed both empires.  Nothing changes except the dates

1stepcloser's picture

more are familiar with Golf @ Congressional

Wahooo's picture

Sir, that calls for a hearty resolution!

reader2010's picture

This is the Chinese century,  like it or not. 

oudinot's picture

You are correct.

But 21st Chinese century  never be as fun as the last half of the 20th century with America at the helm; 'the top of the toppermost'!