Runaway Ebola-Infected Woman Dies As US Doctor Tests Positive For Virus

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It continues to go from bad to worse for Africa's "deadliest ever" Ebola epidemic which has officially claimed well over 600 lives, and unofficially many more.

Following the death of a Liberian government worker two days ago who collapsed in the international airport of Nigeria's 20-million megacity, Lagos which resulted in a "red alert" Nigeria clamping down into a quasi-quarantine state, sending specialists to airports and seaports fo containment, overnight we got an update on the other major Ebola story from last week, namely the female patient whose family broke her out of a hospital in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown, and who had been on the loose of several days, leading to a nationwide hunt. She has passed away, dying in an ambulance on the way to hospital, Reuters reports.

Amadu Sisi, a senior doctor at King Harman hospital in the capital Freetown, from which the patient was taken, said on Saturday that police found her in the house of a healer. Her family refused to hand her over and a struggle ensued with police, who finally retrieved her and sent her to hospital, he said. "She died in the ambulance on the way to another hospital," Sisi said.

Sierra Leone is now the African country with the highest number of Ebola cases, at least 454, surpassing neighboring Ginea where the outbreak allegedly originated in February. What is making things worse and is hindering the containment is that fear and mistrust of health workers in Sierra Leone, where many have more faith in traditional medicine. And over the past few days, this has culminated in crowds gathered outside clinics and hospitals to protest against what they see as a conspiracy, in some cases clashing with police as they threatened to burn down the buildings and remove the patients.

The hostility against the doctors is threatening the stability of the country itself:

Police were guarding the country's main Ebola hospital in Kenema in the West African country's remote east on Saturday, where dozens are receiving treatment for the virus.


Thousands had gathered outside the clinic the day before, threatening to burn it down and remove the patients. Residents said police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds and that a 9-year-old boy was shot in the leg by a police bullet.


Assistant Inspector General Alfred Karrow-Kamara said on Saturday the protest was sparked by a former nurse who had told a crowd at a nearby fish market that "Ebola was unreal and a gimmick aimed at carrying out cannibalistic rituals".


He said calm had been restored to Kenema on Saturday, adding that a strong armed police presence was in place around the clinic and the local police station.


Some health workers from the clinic have been reported absent from work because of "misconceptions by some members of the community," according to a local doctor.

It has gotten so serious, even the country's president has had to intervene: President Ernest Bai Koroma said on Saturday the government planned to "intensify activities and interventions in containing the disease and stopping it spread" with a view to ending the disease within 60 to 90 days.

And while the US public has been generally unaware of the severity of the breakout, this may soon change following news that a 33-year-old US doctor working for relief organization Samaritan's Purse in Liberia was the latest to test positive for the disease on Saturday. Telegraph reports:

The charity Samaritan's Purse issued a news release Saturday saying Dr Kent Brantly was being treated at a hospital in Monrovia, the capital. DR Brantly had been serving as medical director for the aid organisation's case management centre there.


Photos of Dr Brantly working in Liberia show him in white coveralls made of a synthetic material that he wore for hours a day while treating Ebola patients.


Brantly was quoted in a posting on the organization's website earlier this year about efforts to maintain an isolation ward for patients.


"The hospital is taking great effort to be prepared," Dr Brantly said. "In past Ebola outbreaks, many of the casualties have been healthcare workers who contracted the disease through their work caring for infected individuals."

Dr. Kent Brantly (right) with colleagues Stephen Snell (left) and an unidentified doctor at center in a Facebook photo posted May 25, 2013 (via NYDailyNews) 

Kent Brantley pictured with his wife and children:

And a picture of the infected doctor wearing full protective garb (left) treating an infected patient:

Is Dr Brantly's infection a possible link to bring the African epidemic into the US? Unlikely, but his family is an open question: "Samaritan's Purse spokeswoman Melissa Strickland says Dr Brantly's wife and children had been living with him in Africa but are currently in the US."

For now, one can only hope that even as the infection appears on the verge of breaking out of its west-African containment, that the local authorities will somehow magically prevent further spreading of the epidemic whose mortality rate is between 60% and 90%.

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TeamDepends's picture

Wow, Tyler posted this at 11:11! Siri says the gates of Hades are open!?!

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For almost 100 years, the advancements in medical knowledge, expertise, and equipment, has kept the human population (in areas where people could afford it) ahead of its natural predators!

This has been wonderful for billions of lives and tens of thousands of communities around the globe, sadly however, it has weakened our defenses as a population or forced our viral predators to get stronger, or both!

Now that the advancements in medicine have begun their inevitable decline in effectiveness, we are entering a very scary, dangerous, and deadly time in our evolution on this planet! What's even more scary, is we have created economic and social conditions that need to operate with no margin of error, to be maintained! So put these two dynamics together and it's very much my reasoning for being an advocate for people to decentralize and get self reliant as fast as possible!

The only defense against outbreaks of this kind and magnitude, is wide open space and the ability to disconnect your family and still survive for a significant amount of time!!

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Nigerian Muslims killed thousands of Christians this year alone


Muslims x,000 Christians 1

cifo's picture

Nothing compared to 1918 Spanish influentza, which killed more than 50 millions.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"Nothing compared to 1918 Spanish influentza, which killed more than 50 millions"

Make that "1918 US influenza"... It was brought to Europe by US troops and it most certainly originated from Kansas.

cossack55's picture

Camp Funston, the asshole of Fort Riley.  I have not been the same since stationed there for a couple of years many moons ago. LOL....puke....LOL

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"Police were guarding the country's main Ebola hospital in Kenema in the West African country's remote east on Saturday, where dozens are receiving treatment for the virus.

 Thousands had gathered outside the clinic the day before, threatening to burn it down and remove the patients. Residents said police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds and that a 9-year-old boy was shot in the leg by a police bullet.

 Assistant Inspector General Alfred Karrow-Kamara said on Saturday the protest was sparked by a former nurse who had told a crowd at a nearby fish market that "Ebola was unreal and a gimmick aimed at carrying out cannibalistic rituals"."

So, basically, the Africans have pinpointed the epicentre of the epidemic (at least as far as they are concerned).

I am thinking the 'former nurse', who they labelled 'mentally ill' by the way, told people that: "All epidemics of Ebola have occurred in sub-optimal hospital conditions"

Spread in hospitals, spread by hospitals, hmm.

Cathartes Aura's picture


*George Soros’s foundation funds the Kenema bioweapons lab at the focus of the Ebola outbreak, and which is about to be closed, apparently amid an investigation.

from 2009:

Billionaire investor George Soros also said his economic development fund was making “significant commitments” to Sierra Leone.

Soros, Sierra Leone president Ernest Bai Koroma and former UK prime minister Tony Blair all feature at Wednesday’s conference.

aye, no agenda here, none at all. . .

weburke's picture

How possibly does ebola spread when it is only by blood exposure. 

XenoFrog's picture

When you're sick with ebola, there's blood in you saliva, vomit, and shit. All three of those things are very effective transmitters of the virus.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I'm sad to say this but historically Ebola has been rampant in the hospitals. Everyone sick goes to the hospital and it burns through the patients. This is the nature of Ebola. In the last stage of death, there is violent vomiting and blood is spewed everywhere. This is the virus's method to infect another nearby to continue its replication. The same theme is with other viruses that are airborne. Coughing and sneezing to aerosolize.

When the people fled into the jungle the outbreaks ceased. Those who were infected died in the jungle. I believe this is the only way to halt the spread. Review the WHOs campaign to eradicate small pox. Of course the difference was a vaccine was available but the house to house policy was the means to end rural cases and thereby no reservoir to reignite the outbreak. Expect militarization containment scenarios ala Outbreak. However, there will be no "magical" plasma in the end ( that silliness wreaked that movie for me....oh Hollywood just has to have a happy ending)


dizzyfingers's picture

During the Black Plagues of the Middle Ages, towns that closed their gates and didn't allow anyone from outside to come in, nor citizens to go out and come back, had some success in remaining plagueless.

In flu seasons here if everyone stayed  home flu would have a hard time spreading. But we'd have to make different choices and not do what we "always" do.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Spring through the Fall, basically!  But its true not many outbreaks start Fall through Spring.

kaiserhoff's picture

Thanks miffed.

Anyone hve a handle on the latency period for Ebola?  That could make a world of difference.

7.62x54r's picture

Two to twenty-one days before symptoms.

Plenty of time for it to run rampant through airports.

Seek_Truth's picture

lol wut?



Are you retarded or something?

SunRise's picture

FC, you're amazing.  To know of all the 1000's of arrivals per day in the U.S.,  the entire population of ebola, number of permutations, their whereabouts at all times, the total number and the whereabouts of each person contacting ebola, their individual susceptability, and quadrillions of other factors, including all past information and present information in order to assign blame to someone who's religion you disdain.  Since your abilities are this astounding,  it must in fact be you who is guilty of spreading ebola, because you obviously have the omniscience to understand it and stop it, but don't.

7.62x54r's picture

Cry all you want.

If Ebola spreads to the US, it will likely be carried back by a missionary, or some UN or NGO puke.

Cathartes Aura's picture

and the military/science boys have been working overtime lately to

re-activate that virus, combined with others, into a

new improved virus!!!

bio-warfare.  if you haven't been paying attention to

exactly what the shadow-military-science-complex is brewing

you're in for some massive dissonance soon. . .

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Ideological extremists of all types and stripes are a danger to the planet.  No matter if they wave a political or religious flag.  They are dangerous nut jobs, if they not only refuse to be open to other ideas, but actually want to impose their limited and warped worldview onto others.

7.62x54r's picture

Ah, Christian down votes.

Must not let a deadly plague prevent them from spreading the Word. If you want to be a martyr, stay there.

stormsailor's picture

i think the concensus is about 22 million, but i will not stop you, you're on a roll

Juno Rock's picture

Wrong. "1918 US influenza" 

The global "Spanish Flu" epidemic origionated on the western front during WW I when the earliest case was diagnosed in a livestock food handler of the British contingent in France. It has been surmised that due to the influenzas similarity to swine flu, that the virus mutated and was passed from pigs to the food handler.   

Check many British medical investigation records of that occurance to confirm for yourself. What is of greater concern now is that this very similar virus, has the ability to jump from swine to avian, then to human. 

Nothing quite compares to ebola. This is a mass killer with no known effective treatment or cure and none in sight. If it gets loose into the general global population it will spread like wildfire. Just look at the speed with which "Spanish Flu" epidemic spread! You must keep in mind that at that time, the world was a much larger place then now vis-a-vis international /global air travel.   

Infinite QE's picture

Or nothing like the Bolshevik virus that slaughtered 100m or so in Russia and has now reformed itself as the New Bolshevik virus who's desire is to turn the world into Gaza.

Calmyourself's picture

IQE +100, the most malignant dangerous virus ever, human greed & envy turned into political sludge.  Concentrated death in a little red book..

RafterManFMJ's picture

Very astute.

Ideas are like viruses. They can spread person to person, multiply, become more virulent and infect others.

Ideas that your masters don't want you to incubate.

Fortunately, a population can be inoculated against dangerous idea viruses by an enveloping state controlled propaganda complex masquerading as news and entertainment.

The target population can have it's defenses bolstered by a steady stream of sports programming, EBT cards, and fearsome Hobgoblins like terrorists that are always in the shadows, just waiting to strike.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Like the game Telephone, writ large.

If you ever wonder how stories of mythical legends were concocted, this is basically how.  One person tells a story, another one has an idea and tacks it on, parts are changed around, and pretty soon the story is about princesses and dragons, whereas it started as a story about a fight for power, against opposition who had early gunpowder weapons (which peasants would fail to understand, hence finding a story about 'fire-breathing dragons' more relatable)...

Monty Burns's picture

And to turn all White countries into Brazil.

25or6to4's picture

If you like your mulattos you can keep your mulattos. Not so much for white folk.

thamnosma's picture

Yeah, but they sure have a lot of awesome babes in micro bikinis

The Chief's picture

That sure worked out well for Brazil. They do have a lot of hotties down there. However, the gene pool isnt yet thoroughly blended and what you get is a clusterfuck.

It's kind of like India. For some reason that is mired in antiquity, the light-skinned population HATES the darker skinned peoples. They actually think that the the darker skinned people are inferior in some physiological kind of way. Why is that? What knowledge have they been exposed to throughout the many centuries that they would draw such a conclusion? Of course they aren't inferior, just different.

It's a serious question. If you can answer that one intelligently, you might be able to openly ask it in Europe and in the US.

I love Brazil, BTW.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Long ago, tribes treated and saw other humans as nothing more then other animals to exploit and kill, even eat. This was because humans lacked a good writen language and often never bothered to learn the language outside of their own tribe.

Over-time, trade started and even a common language was developed (sign and some common words). This allowed for greater enlighenment of views outside of the tribe.

Some of that tribal DNA still exists today, even if we think we are enlighten and over such primitive thoughts of self > family > tribe.
We as enlighened people are still in the enlightened stage of evolution. Like a child who doesn't know or see reason, in the holding of a pet by the head. It takes an adult to show them how.
To say nothing of discrimination for personal benifit.

7.62x54r's picture

I'll give the Brazilians credit for ending slavery without starting a shooting war.

Everyone born or immigrated after a certain date was declared a full citizen. Simple and easy.

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture


I posted the - admittedly tinfoily - comment below on the "Ebola Victim On The Run In West Africa Capital" thread (, but the thread was already pretty much stale. ZH commentor Lore suggested that I re-post to see if there would be more discussion on a fresh thread. So apologies in advance for shamelessly pushing this post in here towards the top of this page. I have included Lore's response at the bottom of my post. Last thing - if it sounds like I am bitch-poking at ZH for covering this story intensively, that was by no means the intention.


We are obviously meant to "really-really-notice" this "Ebola on the run" narrative, since it has be on the front page or as sticker post on ZH for unusually long.

So this is what I have noticed:

1) On the 8th March 2014 an entity is able to make an entire airplane vanish out of thin air (MH370)

2) On the 17th July 2014 an entity shoots down a civilian airplane from the same company over Ukraine (MH17)

3) On the 17th July or on early 18th July rebel leaders report that a significant number of bodies are not fresh and there are a lot of medicals in the cargo

This ignited internet speculation, should this report be proven true, that these not fresh bodies are some of the missing passengers from MH370, and that MH117 was orghestrated to dispose of the bodies. The report also ignited speculation that the bodies were carriers of a weaponized biological agent.

Let's just pause there for a sec. Lets take the report about decaying bodies on MH17 at face value and assume it is true.

A) If you were an entity powerful enough to make an entire plane "vanish out of this air", would you really need a second very publicly scrutinized crash to dispose of the bodies. with all the risks of something going wrong in your evil plot, No, you wouldn't. The bodies from MH370 would have been disappeared in a much less public manner.

B) Which makes it logical that the bodies had a specific purpose, because they would not have been onboard otherwise. Enter the weaponized biological agent carrier possibility.

C) Why did international observers not arrive instantaniously at the crash site, when reporters en mas were clearly able to arrive and stay alive from the very first hours after the crash? It must be assumed that personal security for government dispatched international observers can be arranged much better than for a journalist - even if the whole scene was dangerous. Previously, we have had crowned heads, prime ministers and celebrities visiting troops in warzones in Iraq and Afghanistan without much ado.

D) Is the "Ebola on the run" news narrative being ramped up hard right now, because someone knows that a bug has been released in Ukraine, and they need cover for when the first cases starts to become public? So people will automatically connect the seeded dots and think that this is because of free air travel and someone from Africa arriving in Ukraine brought the bug along?

Lets hit play again, and examine a few other tidbits:

4) On the 25th March 2014, ZH runs a piece about a Canadian man, who comes home from West Africa with haemoragic fever illness resembling Ebola, but who tested negative for Ebola itself. and

5) On the 4th April 2014, ZH report that a plane from Guinea has briefly been quarantined in Paris due to Ebola scare.

6) On the 5th of April, ZH provides a background piece on Ebola, taken from cartel mouthpiece Bloomberg, that was also published on Bloomberg on the 4th April 2014. and

7) On the 14th April 2014, SgtReport publish that because of "emerging threats" Haemoragic Fever detection kits have been distributed to the national guard of ALL 50 states up to the 8th April 2014.

Lets pause again and evaluate:

E) The man in Canada had an Ebola resembling illness, but it was not Ebola. It was also not Warburg, Rift Valley or Lassa In the article, the WHO speculated that it could be a severe case of malaria. I am not a medical professional, but I call BS on that statement, because as far as I know, malaria is a parasite (=large), which should be readily detectable in the victim. Was this man weaponized with an unknown virus? Or had he contracted a natural mutation? It would be lovely with some follow-up news on his diagnosis.

F) We have potential arrival of Ebola-like symptoms in Canada and Paris, and we have enough worry about the situation in the US for distribution of new detection hardware in all 50 states shortly thereafter.

Play again:

8) On 11th December 2013, ZH reported that a new outbreak of Bubonic Plague had surfaced in Madagascar. Natural or incubator/small test case?

9) On the 19th July 2014, immediately after MH-17 crash, ZH reported that the number of Pneumonic Plague cases in Colorado had increased dramatically this year.

10) On the 23rd July 2014, immediately after MH-17 crash, ZH reported that China had quarantined an entire city because of 1 case of Bubonic Plague - which made a western medical professional comment out loud that it was an unusually dramatic step to take based on only one case. He speculated that there was "something about this we do not know".

Pause again:

G) Did anyone here on ZH or other blogs research the Trans Asia Air crash (23th July 2014) and the Air Algerie crash (24th July 2014) to see, who were on board, what was in the cargo and if there were any similarities in terms of irregularities in flight path, ATC communications, eyewitness accounts, ownership, insurance policies, options trades etc.? If so - please share.  

H) By now it is pretty clear to me either that we are supposed to accept un-free air travel and airport closures "for our own safety" at some point in the nearer future. Maybe someone needs to control a coming spike in the oil-price with reduced jet-fuel consumption. Or maybe all these reports are indeed flak laid out for a case of something nasty coming out of Ukraine. If that turns out to not be the case or ot is the case but it is successfully contained, then - if nothing else - these stories can conveniently be used to support the over-population meme later.

I) But of course there is a bigger picture as well. This picture is very unclear to me, but there are a few characteristics that bugs me profoundly. Earlier on we had outbreaks of the H5N1 avian flu in Asia. This mutated into a H7N9, which is more likely to infect humans, in an Chinese epidemic in 2013. Earlier again we had the SARS epidemic in Asia, that suddenly vanished. We have MERS largely contained in the Middle East. And then we have had the wildly exaggerated Swine Flu scare in Europe, which begs the question, if someone was deliberately crying wolf to de-sensitize the public enough to not pay attention, when the real mass-killer arrives - or if the swine-flu actually started out as a real serious threat, but was contained somehow, and we were never told the truth (I think, I remember that there was a much deadlier variant on the loose in Mexico). 

Here is what bugs me (pun intended): 

a) One scientist came out during the Avian Flu and said that the DNA sequence of one of the avian flu's (I forget which one) was engineered. That this sequence could not have been a result of natural mutation. 

b) If I recall correctly, SARS has been reported to hit only Asian people. The victims of H7N9 has a significant over-representation of older men (and the disease is centered in China, which interesting enough also has an over-population of men, who will eventually become older, due to the one-child policy). 

c) MERS is largely contained in the Middle East. 

d) The swine-flu killed old people and children. 

Of course, older people are generally more vulnerable also to the normal flu, so these observations may be entirely natural, but I just cannot help wondering - with all this global airtravel - how these different types of infectious diseases manages to stay roughly with in the same geografical region or the same demografic group.

In any case, I guess we will know within the next 20-30 days, if MH-17 had small blind passengers on larger blind passengers, or of this is just another product of the collective warped minds of unemployed internet tinfoilers being bored in their mothers' basements.


Lore's Response:


Hello DOTT,

This is an interesting bit of speculation.  You might repost it under the next virus-related ZH article so as to invite more feedback, since the ZH article above is already getting a bit stale, so your notes will not benefit from the same traffic. 

Here's my thought:  Elites are unlikely to release an agent that could pose a significant threat to themselves. The trouble with all viruses when considering them for biowarfare is that they are susceptible to a phenomenon called Antigenic Shift: different viruses come into contact with each other in your bloodstream (or elsewhere) and exchange DNA in dangerously unpredictable and uncontrollable ways, resulting sometimes in benign products and sometimes in new viruses that can be devastating.  Knowledge of this danger is what drives the elites to spend a tremendous amount of money funding projects to dig up old viruses, catalog their DNA and study and experiment with them for the primary purpose of understanding how they behave. The value of this research is primarily anticipatory and pre-emptive in nature: "If there is a danger to 'us,' 'we' want our scientists to be ready with a vaccine." 

Some very bad bugs seem to be making a comeback lately, for various reasons that include overuse of antibiotics and bizarre government policy decisions. Whooping cough is making a terrible comeback in my region, yet there is no coverage. Why?!  Ebola seems to pop up in the media periodically. I don't know why this episode is particularly large, but expect that it will be contained now that there has been some public alert and measures are being taken.  Why did Swine Flu pop up immediately after the President's visit to Mexico?  Dunno.  The very name seems like some perverse inside joke, as in "When pigs fly."

As for the bodies of MH17 being in an advanced state of decay, the credibility of that information is another open question.  It appears that a large number of bodies are being repatriated under controlled conditions. If there is a bioagent, it will become obvious in the locations where those bodies are stored. Most realistically, the bodies were just smelly because they were exposed to hot sun, which speeds decomposition.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The bad news for you is you don't know the 1st corollary of all rules of posting comments on ZH.

No one reads anything longer than 3 short paragraphs in a comment.

So, you lose.

espirit's picture

Yeah Crash, TLDR.

"Bitch Poking?" - got that fawr.

Do that all the time.

It is Fight Club, donchaknow.

Headbanger's picture

Yeah, nice fucking wall of text douche bag!

Lore's picture

You three are wrong and out of line and intellectually lazy. ZHers need to be free to express complex ideas. If a post is relevant and cogent and constructive, it justifies itself. 

DOTT, I apologise for these self-important egotists with a short attention span who misrepresent the spirit of ZH.

The only thought I would add to our previous exchange is that the true state of advancement of biowarfare is a matter of conjecture. Nobody knows how 'good' these scientists are at targeting a restricted population. I remember the overwhelming preponderance of Asians among victims of SARS, and some writers assert that HIV is at least partly engineered to target a particular group. Certain prescriptions and food additives likewise seem instrumental in affecting certain groups in particular ways. History shows that psychopaths are entirely willing to support and carry out the most unscrupulous, diabolical research. One wonders if modern biowarfare could be multi-vectored, with symptoms and mortality varying across different populations depending on the introduction and combination of different pathogens with regional, seasonal, demographic, nutritional, lifestyle and other factors. 

Tall Tom's picture

CrashisOptimistic, espirit, and Headbanger.


Learn to Speed Read. It is not too difficult.


Other than that I want a plethoora of information and topic coverage here. I will get more out of some comments than I will out of original articles.


For instance...

H) By now it is pretty clear to me either that we are supposed to accept un-free air travel and airport closures "for our own safety" at some point in the nearer future. Maybe someone needs to control a coming spike in the oil-price with reduced jet-fuel consumption. Or maybe all these reports are indeed flak laid out for a case of something nasty coming out of Ukraine. If that turns out to not be the case or ot is the case but it is successfully contained, then - if nothing else - these stories can conveniently be used to support the over-population meme later.



Now he can be right. Or...Perhaps not.


But the gist is that with reduced Air Travel and with reduced consumption of Oil, as a result, then perhaps it is a good time to SHORT AIRLINE STOCKS and SHORT OIL???


Of course you three are not into making money, are you? You are too dense to see that his analysis, perhaps flawed, may give you some fucking INSIGHT as to what is going on or will be going on in the near future.


I encourage everyone to write.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture


This may be a bit of a jump. Coccidioides immitis is a local fungus in south western USA. Most locals who get it experience possibly a bad chest cold, some don't even know they have had it though they are skin test positive for exposure. Non locals, especially with immune system problems , have gotten fatal infections. Several people from other parts of the country come here to retire and occasionally die from Valley Fever. Phillipinos are 20X more likely to get it. One got it just driving through the San Joaquin Valley with the windows down. This is not due to any bioengineering. In your local environment you have more of a natural immunity to the organisms around you. Also, infections with viruses are specific to proteins on the cell wall acting as a lock and key mechanism. If the receptor site is not present, or genetically a mutation, the virus cannot enter the cell. Therefore, these individuals will be naturally immune.

I cannot refute the allegation bioengineering is involved but there are natural reasons certain races are more susceptible or resistant to a pathogen.


Lore's picture

Interesting, and theoretically possible to weaponise. Let's agree that we underestimate the ambitions of powerful psychopaths at our own risk.

cossack55's picture

Google "dead scientists" and note the number of Bioengineers who have checked out various way. Hmmmmmm......