100 Years Ago Today It Began: "Austria Has Chosen War"

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The good news is that 100 years later the world is a far more stable and peaceful place.


It wasn't all war though.

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All over nothing, mind you.

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"Austrian Troops Occupy Belgrade Without Fight, Hostilities Will Begin This Morning, Paris Hears; England Leads In Attempt To Prevent Big War"


England how did that work for you?

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Good thing we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner to lead us away from such a war today!



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Officially it's the Serbian people fault, not the Jekyll Island events.

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Little did Austria know that war had already been chosen for them, it was only awaiting the proper tinder.  Luckily we are different today and the public would never allow a false flag to lead to widespread war.  

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all about the berlin=bagdhad railroad and the temerity of germany encroaching on the british empire

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Jew's of the City of London had a completely opposite goal for the conflict. Seems like they had more power than the fine people of England.

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How can you say that??? Big Bill Kelly was lured to the border by the Feds and then dragged across the border. This was a case of clear entrapment. Free Kelly. 

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That guy was shot two times by the custom men from the US for avoiding $7.50 in duty on potatoes.! (1903)

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You'll be happy to know that almost every newspaper in the world is gone and it will be nearly impossible to ever see such headlines ever again!



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Banksters start wars.  Cameron is foaming at the mouth at Russia and Putin.  Check out his Wikipedia.  He and his wife's family are tribe banksters who work for the Rothschilds.  What did and do they do?  Finance wars.

They don't even try to hide it anymore on Wikipedia.

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"The good news is that 100 years later the world is a far more stable and peaceful place."


I am hoping you were being sarcastic?????????...hard to tell these days

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Tyler is never sarcastic, he is far too busy being cynical.

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If you can't tell then don't apply at the NSA. But they don't know either.

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"The Servians form only one small section of the Slavic race, which has its centre among the peoples of Russia -- those, namely, who speak the dialects of Great Russian, Little Russian, and "White Russian. By language as well as race they belong to Russia, and their natural affinities are therefore neither Austrian nor Hungarian, neither Turkish nor Roumanian, but Russian."


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Serbian language is about as close to Russian as English is to German. And Belgrade is physically closer to London than it is to Moscow.

"Austrian troops occupy Belgrade without fight." :-)

In reality, Austrian troops never ocupied Belgrade. Austrian troops were pretty much destroyed by Serbs, Austrian feldmarschal ended in psychiatric sanatorium.


Belgrade was occupied by German troups led by August von Mackensen only in October 1915. The best indicator of how that went is the monument to fallen Serbian defenders Mackensen ordered to be built:


Noble thing to do.

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It was just a squabble between cousins.

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"The good news is that 100 years later the world is a far more stable and peaceful place."

no /s necessary

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WWI, aka "The war to end all wars".

Looks like we lost that war.

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It's like that advice I once got from my grandfather.



that might have sounded like good advice...


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I might need to meet this guy. He is NOTHING like either of my grandfathers.

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Yeah so I did four women in one bed at the same time just to be on the safe side of that warning!


And talk about fucking confusing!

Or should that be confusing fucking?

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From fucked up bankers to false flags, it seems nothing has changed in 100 years. Sink the Lusitania!

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At least we have the Internet, a bit less ignorance.

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Another Kiev AN-26 or AN-30 transport plane shot down.  Looks like first missile missed, but last 2 didn't.  Plane can be seen firing flares right before the first 2 anti-aircraft missiles approach the plane. Maybe it was the Strela-10M with optical guidance that got it.

The destruction of the aircraft punishers (Today, 02:34)

Video The destruction of An-26 or An-30 maximum approximation. You can see how the crew tries to save the plane, but then, having flown into the Inferno, catches several missiles.

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And in 2015 the headlines will scream "Eastasia Has Chosen War". As if the bankers offer anybody a choice.

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Headlines back then read like Dr. Seuss on crack.

And funny thing, today too.

Fucking humans.

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So who is the modern Archduke Ferdinand? 

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Will have to be someone expendable. Like Van Rompuy.

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War is no longer believed to be a viable tool. It also enflames nationalist tendencies, which is counterproductive to a globalist goal.

Therefore they are in the process of making war both 1. dishonorable and 2. too terrible to contemplate ever again.

#1 Check (if the cause is unjust then war is dishonorable. They have made it publicly knowable that all causes of war are unjust.)
#2 In process

My guess is that people in general would be pissed if they knew that they were slaves and that wars to those in control were like Sunday football games ... for entertainment purposes (as well as population control).

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Funniest thing on the page:


Plus ca change mes amis.

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BTW, Are we still at war with New Brunswick?

Nothing changed on our borders either. 

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To make tons of money for themselves,  they always nedx to start world wars. 

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$3 for a full year subscription to the Day Book, and one cent for the Washington Times.  Lot has changed in 100 years.

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Yes, the world has become a safer place. But then that war was the war to end all wars so current circumstances are merely a logical derivative of events.

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England always there under the gize of prevent war, much like the US nowadays. In fact, they are the instigators of outright conflict/wars. Nothings changed in 100yrs. American's (majority) are as clueless as the Austrian's and thanks to Twitter/FB and all these channels that are NSA spoofed and manipulated, people are still falling for the same outright BS. Luckily, the world is less one sided nowadays, but the NSA is sure hell trying to re-establish the status quo. Lets pray we don't go to war with another American false flag or some type of Anglo/American induced event within the Western world.

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England started the war to disable the soon to finish Baghdad railway which would have by-passed british naval control of the oil. Another as important factor to start the war was to cut the ottoman empire in to pieces unable to defend it's oil. Ottoman empire needed to be cut also to make room for the Zionist state.


Saying England was in position to prevent the war is false IMO, England did all it could to start the goddamn war in the first place.


If people 100 years ago had Internet, maybe they would have had prevented the war. Back then it's was quite hard to get reliable information from foreign countries.

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"The good news is that 100 years later the world is a far more stable and peaceful place."


LOL, you got me.  I actually thought you believed a world armed with nukes, DNA experiments that resemble Russian Roulette, unsafe nuke plants ready to do a Fuku, EMPs, and collapsing currencies was far more stable and peaceful. 


Actually the world was plenty stable and peaceful prior to WWI, then the world went crazy.  This usually happens when your consumers get old and stop buying things, which would be right about now this time around.

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no war, masses won't permit it. they do not want it.


only some riot here & there, a minister or two kidnapped, prolly a kill for 10.000 citizen. nothing serious.


keep printing. btw, have they received new cartridges in vegas to print water ?

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Since when did it matter what the masses think ?

One very bad false flag, can change all that in a heartbeat.

The collapse is so close you can taste it. TPTB have to have woar , or its their

necks in a noose.

So woar it will be.

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Still nothing from a fucking plane getting shot down.

I hate to see what it really takes.  Seems like a hit inside borders is going to do it.

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Same as it ever was