Russia Slams "Puzzling And Unprecedented" $50 Billion Yukos Award, Challenges "One-Sided" Court Ruling

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The Hague is not Vladimir Putin's favorite place today. Following the "war crime" comments earlier, the arbitration court's decision to rule in favor of Yukos shareholders (and thuis against the allegedly "politically motivated" confiscation of the firm's assets by the Russian government) with a $50 billion settlement (half what was sought) has prompted a quick and angry response from the Russian government. Blasting the "one-sided use of evidence," and re-iterating the massive tax evasion that the leadership were involved in, Russia slams "the puzzling unprecedented amount of damages" awarded, claiming the process is "becoming increasingly politicized."


As Bloomberg reports,

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague found that Russia is liable to pay just under half of the $114 billion sought, GML Ltd., the holding company for Yukos’s main owners, said today.


The decision showed the campaign against Yukos was “politically motivated,” GML head Tim Osborne said in London.

And Russia replies...

Today Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague issued a final judgment rendered in three interrelated arbitration proceedings initiated by the former majority shareholders of JSC "NK" YUKOS ". Decisions were based on the Energy Charter Treaty.

Conclusions of the Arbitration Court shall enter into a direct conflict with the findings of the two Houses of the European Court of Human Rights. The European Court of Human Rights twice concluded that JSC "NK" YUKOS "committed massive tax evasion that the leadership of" NK "YUKOS" aware of violations that additional charge of almost all taxes JSC "NK" YUKOS "was lawful and lawful that JSC "NK" YUKOS "was not subject to discrimination, and that the actions of Russian authorities were not of a political nature.

In the Russian Federation drew attention to other serious flaws in the decision of the arbitral tribunal. Among them:

- One-sided and one-sided use of research evidence;


- Completely unacceptable revision challenging the decisions of courts of the Russian Federation, carried out by the Arbitration Court in such a way as if the arbitral tribunal was more authority to challenge acts of the Russian courts;


- Speculative and not confirmed by the Court of Arbitration evidence assumptions about the reasons for the actions of state authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as the use of these assumptions, the Arbitration Court to justify its conclusions that are not supported by the facts;


- The denial of the validity of the Arbitration Court accrual of JSC "NK" YUKOS "income tax because the arbitral tribunal rejected the fact many acts of courts of the Russian Federation, including the decisions of the Supreme Arbitration Court, which have been handed down for many years before the emergence of the dispute;


- Failure of the Arbitration Court properly accommodate them recognized by the fact that several shell trading companies JSC "NK" YUKOS "used a similar scheme of tax evasion and later were reorganized several times and re-registered in places thousands of miles distant from their original location , in an attempt to avoid detection of violations and to prosecute the Russian authorities;


- The inability of the Arbitration Court to come to the obvious conclusion that the management of JSC "NK" YUKOS "aware of the permitted violations of tax legislation and acknowledged that used by trading companies JSC" NK "YUKOS" scheme of tax evasion, if disclosed, led to be "essential" for the financial consequences of the JSC "NK" YUKOS "; guide JSC "NK" YUKOS "also understood that performs actions on tax evasion and that his income trading companies with which taxes have not been paid will be treated as income of the JSC" NK "YUKOS";


- The denial of the validity of the Arbitration Court accrual of JSC "NK" YUKOS "value added tax on the basis of representations of the Arbitration Court on how to be Russian tax legislation and not on the basis of actual requirements of the tax legislation of the Russian Federation to the fact that the presence of such claims is recognized by the arbitral tribunal;


- Failure of the Arbitration Court to pass certain disputes to the competent bodies of the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the Russian Federation, despite the requirement in the Energy Charter Treaty, the transfer for consideration of such issue of whether the tax is an expropriation;


- Senseless and extremely speculative attempt to give a hypothetical valuation JSC "NK" YUKOS "after almost ten years after the alleged expropriation.

Of fundamental importance is the fact that the arbitral tribunal does not have jurisdiction to consider questions put before him. The Russian Federation has not ratified the Energy Charter Treaty. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 45 of the Treaty the Russian Federation has not applied any provision of the Agreement is temporarily in the extent to which the provisional application of the provisions of the Constitution, the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the Russian Federation in any of its more than fifty international agreements on the protection of investments did not consent to arbitration of disputes with investors prior to the ratification of an international agreement, as it would contradict the Russian law.

Finally, the puzzling unprecedented amount of damages awarded by the arbitral award that is brought on the basis of the Russian Federation unratified international treaty and that, moreover, come into direct conflict with the earlier decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

All these facts confirm that the arbitral tribunal was unable to come to the dispute with the prudence that is required of judges in such situations. Instead of objective, impartial consideration of the case the Arbitral Tribunal conquered their actions tactical reasons and eventually adopted politically biased decisions.

Such an approach undermines the authority of the Court of Arbitration and the Energy Charter Treaty, the mechanism for which is becoming increasingly politicized, as in this case, becomes the object of abuse by domestic investors, tax evaders.

For this reason, and also because of the presence in the arbitral award of significant flaws, the Russian Federation will challenge the arbitral award in the courts of the Netherlands and expects to achieve a fair outcome there.

*  *  *

In conclusion, the Russian Federation will challenge the arbitration award in the Dutch courts and expects to achieve a fair outcome there; and we suspect the Yukos shareholders should not hold their breath as last time we checked Putin is not exactly "compliant" with arbitrary western propaganda decisions.

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Soul Glow's picture

The West is using every trick from economic sabatage to distorting legal ramifications to impose sanctions on Russia.  They will do everything but fire a missle.

Deathrips's picture

No Free Markets, No free Courts.



fx's picture

So, Dutch courts will now handle the matter. And there were mainly Dutch people aboard the MH 17 flight that crashed in ukraine under pretty suspicious circumstances while the blame for the tragic incidence has been put fiercely on Russia day in day out ever since. Interesting coincidence... If it is one...

Latina Lover's picture

Of course Russia was going to get fucked by the Dutch Kangaroo court. This is how the western banksters play, ugly, dirty and filthy. 

Like a good Kosher butcher,  the controllers of the USSA/EU will try to bleed Russia dry.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Khodorkovsky, AFAIK, was a director of Yukos, or basically in charge of the auction, when they privatized. 

He sold Yukos TO HIMSELF at the auction, for $360 million.  Highest bidder be damned, as the value at that time was considered about $1 billion.  So he steals from Russia at that moment.

But wait.  Wheres does Khodorkovsky get above-mentioned $360 million?  Well, when Khodorkovsky was arrested, it was revealed he never owned the shares, but that they were to revert to a certain Rothschild.  No, I am not shitting you, look it up.

So this payment to shareholders is basically a gigantic Rothschild extortion attempt.  To the tune of $50 billion.

john39's picture

under every rock... you find the same shit. 

smlbizman's picture

get me judge judy on the phone stat....then i may believe

SamAdams's picture


hence the pyramid logo...

0b1knob's picture

Did Putin point out the royal reaming that Choomboy gave to GM stock and bond holders as a precedent? 

COSMOS's picture

Hey didnt the Canadians win a multibillon dollar suit at the same court against the USA regarding soft wood production a while back, and the USA basically said shove it ???????????

Anyways the Russians just need to wait.  When the dollar hyperinflation sets in that fifty billion will buy a stale loaf of bread in the Hague ghetto.  They can send them half that money only because the stamp will cost the other half hahahha.

7.62x54r's picture

The Rothschilds are still pissed about having Putin take Yukos from them after they bought it at Yeltyn's fire sale.

When car bombers get quietly executed by the FSB, you use lawyers.

mkkby's picture

Well, obviously a judgement that Russia disagrees with is uncollectable.  When Iceland is invaded by a debt collection army, they can start to worry. 

Until then, Russia holds the trump cards.  Back them into a corner and it's no oil/gas for you SUCKERS!

How about this?  Putin announces starting 3 years from now, all Russian oil and gas will be used internally or exported to Bric countries ONLY.  My guess is the sanctions end pretty quick.

BigJim's picture

I presume the Russians are aware of all the history of the Rothschilds. How could they not be? During the USSR days their spies tried to investigate every nook and cranny of everything.

Maybe it's time they did a data dump on all archives related to a certain family. That could be interesting.

And maybe it's time they publicly stated they believe Germany's gold is no longer in the NYFRB. That might set the cat amongst the pigeons too.

But I suppose they feel they need to accumulate as much shiny at these suppressed prices as they can. So... maybe the revelations aren't coming just yet.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I don't know.  Sometimes you TELL people the truth, they don't hear you, don't understand, their eyes go blank etc.

Sometimes people have to find out for themselves, and that may be Putin/Russia's strategy, at the moment.

tenpanhandle's picture

Let's see here:  fuck the world by rigging LIBOR and get 100 mil fine; screw one jew and it's 50 bil.  Seems fair.

COSMOS's picture

The Rothschilds always did have a preference for natural resources, they always go for mining companies from the very beginning.  Bunch of parasites.

7.62x54r's picture

BigJim: They are more than aware of it. In 2008, their assassins were rounded up by the FSB before they could off Putin. Apparently those stupid fucks weren't aware that the Russian mob they tried to contract with is led by retired KGB.

mkkby's picture

If true, how have they avoided eating polonium sandwiches all these years?

Colonel Klink's picture

under every rock... you find the same dreck.


3rd definition:

The_Dude's picture


Khodorkovsky was the head of the tribe oligarchs that sourced funds from outside (hmmm...who could have helped with that) and purchased all of the Russian productive assets, lock stock and barrel during the break-up of the tribe created communist system.  Thievery on the way in and out...(golf clap)    

Amazingly similar playbook to what they did in Germany post WWI to bring so much ire on themselves.  Then they feign supprise and victimhood when a strong leader stands up and tells them to get the fuck out.

Also amazing that we are such patsys that we watch this playbook again and again and do nothing to stop it....guess that is why we are the 'goyim'....

Enjoy the tribe rewards....while you can.... I have a feeling that payback is going to be a bitch this time......

NotApplicable's picture

And I thought it was Putin that turned the shares over to Rothschild after they arrested Khodorkovsky. Guess that wasn't good enough, huh?

7.62x54r's picture

No, the Rothschild shill signed over his worthless shares when he was allowed exile in Switzerland. Putin merely released his sorry ass.

They will hold onto these for the same reason Bacardi still holds their old Cuba land deeds.

Illuminatus Rex's picture

Better still, everyone in the UK north of 40 years old grew up and knows about the Philby, Burgess, Mcclean case, the fifth columnists who worked in SIS as wellas being double agents for the Soviets in the cold war.

But who was the fifth man who they could never pin charges on ? Why none less than a certain Victor Rothschild !! Quel, surprise surprise !!

More to everything than meets the eye, they always want their pound of flesh like the shylocks they are. As Napolean once said, when the hand that gives is above the hand that takes, democracy and politics for all nations are a sham as money Money has no motherland, the sole object of money is to consolidate their power over their chattel slaves. We are nothing more than cattle to be directed and farmed in their eyes.

The tribe and their banking, judiciary and political collaborators and agents like Khordohovsky are finished. We know it and so do they.

7.62x54r's picture

Ya know, if they keep this up, they might get a cruise missile attack on their sorry ass estates.

I wonder how much gold is under them?

Theta_Burn's picture

....Due to crippling sactions imposed on the County of Russia and the harm it's causing the Russian people, we hereby petition the court to make timely payments in the amount of 10,000 rubles a month as this is all we can afford....

666's picture

"The West is using every trick from economic sabatage to distorting legal ramifications to impose sanctions on Russia.  They will do everything but fire a missle."

The USSA should change its military strategy from soldiers and weapons to lawyers. This might save hundreds of billions of dollars each year, as well as lives.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

More lawyers? Please God, no!

ajax's picture



"Any one know the story here?"

Germany got Khodorkovsky and Russia got Snowden and USA got ... FATCA?


Ghordius's picture

it's not a Dutch court. it's an international court, with judges from all members of the EHRC (including from Russia, btw)

angel_of_joy's picture

So what ? It has the same masters, follows the same rules.
Europeans are such a joke. No wonder they are becoming more irrelevant by the minute.

Zwelgje's picture

Indeed, all these players pretending to be 'sovereign'...utterly pathetic shit and the sheep eat it.

COSMOS's picture

Well it would be good to know what judges sat on this case and what countries they are from, and how they voted.

piratepiet's picture

The EU is arguably the most remarkable political and economic project in the world since the end of world war 2.

EU economy>US economy.  US very keen to get TTIP with EU.

More irrelevant by the minute you write ? 


angel_of_joy's picture

EU is the biggest failure since the Soviet Union, in 1991. That's only natural since EU is the biggest project of SOCIAL ENGINEERING since Mao's communism. EU will fail because it moronically insists in imposing an economic straight jacket (Euro) on all its members. As of today, EU has the worst figures for DEBT, ECONOMIC GROWTH, and UNEMPLOYMENT in the entire Western World (and we are talking just official numbers here). There have been more than 12 years now since the generalized introduction of Euro among the EU states. Out of those 12 years, almost HALF of them have been spent in a state of economic and social crisis. The present looks bleak for a majority of Europeans, and the future is dim (to use a polite formula...). The welfare state, so beloved and worshiped in ALL EU countries, is DEAD because the money to support it is out ! So yeah, the whole pile is becoming less appealing by the minute, ESPECIALLY since the same inept EU politicians are about to commit economic suicide by starting an economic war with Russia. Good luck to you guys... you sure gonna need it !

piratepiet's picture

EU is the biggest failure since the Soviet Union, in 1991

The Soviet Union died in 1991, the EU has not.

EU will fail because it moronically insists in imposing an economic straight jacket (Euro) on all its members

Any member has the right to pull out of the euro.  "The EU will fail" : don't take your wishes for reality.  And even if some members do pull out or if the currency arrangement is redesigned, that does not mean the EU fails.

As of today, EU has the worst figures for DEBT, ECONOMIC GROWTH, and UNEMPLOYMENT in the entire Western World

There you have a point, there will need to be adjustments in some countries, especially in Southern Europe.

but your point of reference is funny : "in the entire Western World " : most people of the so-called Western World live in the EU to begin with.  And moreover : What does Western world even mean ?  Talking about social engeneering.


The welfare state, so beloved and worshiped in ALL EU countries, is DEAD because the money to support it is out !

The ECB can print it's own currency, the money will never be out.  There will have to be adjustments, yes.  The greatest point of tension is the economic and cultural difference between Northern and Southern Europe and how to deal with that.  And I agree that the welfare state has run out of control and needs to be reigned in.  But it certainly is not "dead".  Much less homeless people and more social harmony than in US, that has a price, yes.

ESPECIALLY since the same inept EU politicians are about to

commit economic suicide by starting an economic war with Russia

EU GDP roughly 14 Trillion USD, very diversified economy, but yes dependent on energy imports, renewable energy revolution currently taking place.  Russian GDP roughly 2 Trillion USD,  dependent on energy exports to Europe.  Russia's economic growth is 0 procent currently.  Wonder who has the upper hand in a trade war.




piratepiet's picture

Correction :

A member has the right to pull out of the EU, leaving the Eurozone is neither explicitly permitted or prohibited.

caconhma's picture

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Putinstan is in deep shit. The West is preparing to go for a kill and the mafia in charge of Putinstan (aka Russia) is in total disarray.

Putistan ruling mafia-elite still thinks that America and EU are their partners and they cannot understand why there are no “good @ fair” negotiations taking place. The Zionist Banking Mafia wants to fire their managers in Russia and they (including Putin) don't want to go. The similar situation was with Qaddafi in Libya and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. And we know the end of the story.

Putinstan is a Titanic and its months are numbered. The Zionist banking mafia has two problems finishing Russia:

(1) There is Chine who wants a fair piece of Russia and (2) Putistan still has 5,000 nuclear warheads.

teslaberry's picture

this is a good read . 


one more point------the EXECUTION  of this away will be to simply TAKE russian transfers. 

russians won't simply GIVE any more transfers---so essentially this is a court ruling whose endgame is to excute upon german's ability to buy natural gas from russia. 


russia is not going to give free gas to germany and not get paid------and germany cannot pay russia if there is a 50 billion EU award. 

i'm guessing there are a number of british dutch and french judges on the hague court outnumbering german judges. 


putin knows this, everyone knows this. and the germans will eventually have to fight back against the british and french just like in ww2. ww2 happened because the french and british greed from ww1 pushed germans into poverty. 


the goal is to once again use the 'system' to push the german country into poverty. until germany is once again in poverty------it will not shift its allegiances. thus, ww3 is unlikely to happen until german is at least very poor. 

this can take quite a few more years. 


but this ruling ultimately is about the prussian-russian alliance.


Payne's picture

So what, they will never collect.  

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I would not invest a nickel in Russia.  Those who wish to invest there, do so at your own peril and do not come back asking your local taxpayers to bail you out.

Latina Lover's picture

Yeah, you are better off investing in USSA approved MF Global, MBS, etc /sarc off.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

MUCH better to have invested in Peru and in gold.  Smile!



But if you DO invest in Russia, please let us know how it turns out.

angel_of_joy's picture

That works fine until some guy like Evo Morales (in your neighborhood...) comes to power by popular vote. Next thing you know, you have no business left ! I do remember that Peru had its own leftist nutbars some years ago who were fighting "for the people". Sendero Luminoso, I think ? Fujimori kicked their asses, but then the Peruvians chose the "reconciliation" path (probably because it worked so great in SA...). If those guys ever get in power, you'll have maybe 30 minutes to run for your life... Other than that, business is great, I'm sure.

P.S. In Russia, you have to work WITH the government, pay the right bribes to the right people. You try to do something AGAINST them, you're instantly fucked. Don't forget, that's a KGB controlled country from the highest level, down. And yes, there are many people making A LOT of money in Russia nowadays. But you have to follow THEIR rules...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

That is true.  South American countries are vulnerable to populist blowhard strong-men coming into power and seizing businesses.  We are small, and not involved in a "critical" business re the state (no mining or flagship businesses like airlines, etc.)

As of now, operating in Peru does not even involve bribery!  That of course could change.


Actually, I would very much like to hear of any success stories of small foreign investors in Russia.  Anyone care to step up and tell us one?  Hmm?

COSMOS's picture

The biggest polluters in Peru are mining companies controlled by Rothschilds henchmen.  Its only a matter of time before the locals wise up and toss the parasites out.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

The mining companies do have a terrible history of polluting Peru.

ebear's picture


 Illegal mining, to which the govt. turns a blind eye, causes far more damage than any mining company.

For someone who sells a metal based product, you don't appear to know much about Peru's number one industry.

Also, I seem to recall you import bearings from China to sell in Peru?  Correct?

So then, what's China's metal extraction reccord with regard to pollution and cronyism?

Fact: Peru's recent roll is almost entirely the result of higher copper prices.  Check out a multiyear copper chart. That roll is just about over.

Maybe you can open a little beach side boutique and sell swimwear to tourists without getting strong-armed, but anyone making major capital investment, especially involving land title and sunk costs is in for a big surprise in the years to come as the Peruvian Miracle follows Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and even Chile down the same rat hole.  As for Brazil: two words: Sera Pelada.

There's only one country left in Latin America worth investing in - Mexico - and they're headed down the same rat hole as well.

Russia is the next frontier for minerals and energy.  What do you think all the fuss is about, if not for preventing them from becoming world players now that communism is dead?  As a mining and energy investor of 20 years who speaks fluent Spanish and follows developments down south, I feel my time these days is better spent learning Russian.

Talk to us in five years about investing in Russia.  That train is just getting started. Hey, maybe you can sell bearings there?  Lots of bearings in mining and energy equipment.


7.62x54r's picture

Investing in Russia is perfectly safe, as long as you do not piss off Putin.

The Rothschilds got the boot because they were looting the factories they bought, selling the tooling to China, and just profiting off of resource extraction that they did not have a hand in developing. People in Siberia were literally freezing to death as the Rothschilds shipped petroleum products and coal past them.

Pravda's special on Putin has the correct take on exactly why he gave the oligarchs the boot.