Libya Warns Oil-Fire Is "Out Of Control" - What 1.5 Million Gallons Of Burning Gasoline Looks Like

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UPDATE: Caught on tape... A second fuel tank in the Libyan capital Tripoli has caught fire, which Libya's National Oil Company has described as "out of control".


A dark cloud hangs over Tripoli today... but this time it's physical not metaphorical. As NBC reports, a rocket hit a fuel storage tank containing 1.5 million gallons of gasoline, triggering a major blaze as rival brigades of former rebels fought for control of Tripoli's main airport. A huge cloud of black smoke billowed across the capital's skyline as the blaze burned "out of control," and firefighters had withdrawn from the area.





And cooling the natural gas tanks...

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Ooops. Someone should do something about that.

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Bullish for Boots & Coots.


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Must be those pesky Russian artillery units again.

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 "... quell the violence, Experts say it's the worst they've seen since the fall of Muammar Ghadaffi..."

Since the fall of Ghadaffy? He didn't fall - he was pushed.

Another fine, Oded-Yinon-inspired mess.

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So why can't Hamas be that smart?  Forget the obsolete Ruskie shit. 

Lob a few morter shells.  Hilarity ensues.

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Hey Kaiser...
You think that carbon footprint about equals on week's private jetting about by Al Gore, or what?


PS  I love it what the flan comes together

kaiserhoff's picture

Coldest July on record in parts of the Midwest.  Thank Al Gore for global warming.

Haven't heard from Jim in Min  for a while.  Must still be iced in.  Bummer.

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So are you saying that weather in the Midwest reflects the global average air and sea temperatures as a whole? I'm just asking, because the statement infers that this is the case. Would the fact that the high arctic has broken every heat record in the book for over 6 months now explain why the polar circulation has been shifted south over our upper Midwest? The Jet stream has unglued due to lack of temperature differential between high and lower latitudes, meaning a warmer arctic. Notice also the record ongoing forest fires in British Columbia, Alberta and all across Sibera east of the Urals. Like any system in Physics, a temperature of the whole is not the same as a localized temperature. It may be cool here outside today, but how then explain the record sea temperatures across the vast western pacific, including deeper and deeper waters. Or the melting of Greenland flushing fresh water into the Atlantic. etc. etc.

I just once would like it made clear that weather is not climate. I think all responsible weather men and climatologists would agree. This statement is not political because the laws of physics aren't political. Average temperatures of the entire earth system are recording record after record to the upwards direction. Measureable facts.

MarsInScorpio's picture



Respectfully . . . . all the Alarmists are freaking out because the temperatures of the Earth - worldwide - are no longer rising.


Somehow, your post doesn't acknowledge that "measurable fact."


Sorry sir, but you are way off on this one.




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Hamas are useless idiots of the zionist occupiers.


As for Libya, take a bow NATO, david Cameron, Sarkozy, Berri, HItlery, Harper.


I love how exasperated talking head retards are at this violence. HOWD THAT HAPPEN? With any luck the tribes will rise again.

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Just a nice infrastructure rebuild from your cuddly Zionist USA. Even the Marshall Plan took some time.

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This doesn't inch up oil markets a bit, strange.

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That's because there's a glut of that shit already. I mean really, who keeps 1.5 MILLION gallons of gas just sitting around? A fuel depot with 300,000 gallons I can see, but 1.5 mil?

By the way, is the US going to send in the EPA? Is Greenpeace rushing in to protest this? The Sierra Club? Audubon Society perhaps? PETA? ...somebody? Just because we yanked our embassy staff doesn't mean we should deny the Libyans the benefit of the pollution police.

RafterManFMJ's picture

...who keeps 1.5 MILLION gallons of gas just sitting around?

Why the US .gov keeps petrocarbons stocked up - just in case Israel needs them.

PartysOver's picture

And who did the pushing?

Taint Boil's picture



Calling williambanzai7. Can you Photoshop Putin firing a rocket into the storage tanks?

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I just thought of something hilarious, okay okay okay,


HIllary becomes the next president and she blames Obama, wait wait, okay okay.

She blames Obama for the state of international affairs and says, okay, she says she inherited this mess, so she shrugs her shoulders and goes on 72 spa trips in her first year as presidentrix.


tarsubil's picture

I think this is pretty much the plan. The hilarity of it is only for those who've taken the red pill.

Boxed Merlot's picture

goes on 72 spa trips in her first year as presidentrix...



And what important Department of Education program will she assign her spouse to? 

Okay, Okay, dietary, drug avoidance, physical education / activity, global warming, earth first / recycling and prepubescent sexual awareness programs have all been cycled through.  So, my guess would be the first ex-POTUS turned First Un-Lady will further promote the program espousing the virtues of parental spying skills for fun and profit.  Not to say all previous endeavors are without some merit, but the current road of further degradation of US youth would / will proceed unimpeded.





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Algore is crying at the wonton harm to our earth...well, actually he's crying because he can't figure out a way to con subjects on this crisis. I hope he doesn't get tears on his fine leather in his limo or private jet.

RafterManFMJ's picture


I caused like damage to the Earth one time when I dropped my tray at an outdoor Chinese buffet.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Another feather in the Obama Administration's diplomatic cap.

813kml's picture

So much for my vacation destination, I hear that Tel Aviv is nice this time of year.

Ignatius's picture

The real bargains are in Gaza, it's a steal.

813kml's picture

Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check out that nice B & B I saw on the Hamas tourism website.

tony wilson's picture

tel aviv  check out the arab baby shish kebab marrinated in a dense ge depleted uranium sauce.

full kosher paper work and un kill licence

yum yum

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I would but I dont have enough hose to read Libya

Berspankme's picture

Sure glad Bathhouse Barry liberated Libya. FORWARD

Max Damage's picture

It was Putins fault. I have photos of him lighting the match that started it..... Honest!!!


Oh and it is a war crime, and erm, erm, erm, well he did it, just don't ask to see the photo until I've rubbed it over a bit of sand paper

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Let me guess: bullish, right?

Seasmoke's picture

Except for Gold and Silver. 

SheepDog-One's picture

And oil unch of course. Great for stawks tho.

Four chan's picture

supply and demand, that's why they are always blowing up crackers in us refineries.

Sudden Debt's picture

At 1.49 euro's per liter... that makes...


enough to call it a expensive bum fire :)

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i strongly suggest to you to change gaz station.

toady's picture

Better get down there and fill up before it's 3.99 a liter.

You know how this game is played...

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You should buy your gasoline in America.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Nope, not buy oil.

This is part of what's going on in Ukraine too -- meaning a government that wants Western intervention.

The day NATO troops arrive in Libya is the day they will be assigned to get oil flowing again.  The Libyan gov't has already asked for outside help to quell this "environmental disaster".

Anything it takes to get foreigners to come in and make the Libyan govt victorious over the rebels will also make oil flow.


In this context, don't be too sure about who started that fire.

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Even worse is the situation with refining capacity. Pre-war. it was no great shakes, like 400kbpd or something. What is it now? Half would surprise. Oil is a fine thing, but it don't make mom's station wagon go.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Mom's in Libya don't matter.

Only Libyan crude oil flowing to Italy refineries matters.

bobby02's picture

Au contraire, mon ami. Crude exports are the hard-currency revenue item, but that’s pretty macro and long-term. In the short term, keeping the locals happy (or at least less unhappy) is paramount to victory. I guarantee that if the locals, particularly your militiamen, can’t fill up their vehicles, they will be very unhappy. Plus it sets into motion a whole cascade, including problems with delivery of food, water, medicine etc. leading to more unhappiness among heavily armed moms. Not good for the “government.”