Guest Post: Why Impeachment Is Necessary

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Submitted by Monty Pelerin via Economic Noise blog,

The issue of impeachment is now no longer whispered about. Talk is prevalent and a recent poll indicated that 35% of the public believe the president should be impeached. Interestingly, the topic is being promoted more by Democrats than Republicans.

Tactical Impeachment Considerations

Democrats don’t truly believe the President should be impeached, but they see it as a chance, likely their only chance, to bolster their election possibilities this November. A recent CNN poll indicates that Romney would win in a landslide if the presidential election were repeated today. Maybe, maybe not, but the poll is indicative of the pressures all Democrat candidates are under.

Democrats have nothing to run on and there is little reason for their disillusioned base to turn out. The threat of impeachment would likely engage that base. Obama has been a major flop, no a disaster for the country and the Democrat Party. Maligning Republicans or somehow energizing the base is the only hope left for Democrats running in November. That is why they and Obama himself promote the idea of a coming impeachment.

Are Republicans dumb enough to fall for this ploy? Given prior history, this question is not a silly one. Anything is possible and Republicans have an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. However, they are not moving in that direction. The grounds for impeachment are increasing. Obama seems to be going out of his way to enhance these probabilities. I also don’t believe it will happen. And that may be a huge tragedy for the country. No president has deserved impeachment more than the current one.

From a tactical standpoint, there is no reason for Republicans to hint about impeachment in advance of 2014 elections. Republicans are in the driver’s seat and only need to avoid major mistakes in order to achieve what could be a monstrous victory. Given the political calculus, it is natural for them to not risk the apparent landslide. It is in their best interests.

However, that is the central problem of politics today – it is not what is in the best interests of the country but in the best interests of the politicians that dictates what gets decided or done.

Strategic Impeachment Considerations

After this election, considerations for the next election — the presidential election of 2016 — will begin. The same tactical concerns will be raised. The same cowardice and self-interest is likely to prevail.

There is a deeper strategic consideration that should concern citizens and politicians. This issue should transcend parochial political interest and political advantage consideration. Not addressing impeachment threatens what is left of the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Not addressing impeachment ensures greater tyranny in the future.

The current president makes Richard Nixon look like a paragon of truth, integrity and honor in comparison. If Obama doesn’t qualify for impeachment, then nobody ever again will.

It is difficult to imagine worse violations of the Constitution, separation of powers and general dishonor of the office than this president has committed. Yet we assuredly will see worse by successors. Impeachment is necessary in order to preserve what little structure the Founders provided. A line in the sand must be drawn that says to successors where they dare not go. Without impeachment Obama’s acts serve as precedents. Future presidents will have immunity to repeat them and add their own variations and enhancements that further stretch the boundaries.  The absence of action has the unintended effect of further defining presidential deviancy downward.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a Republican or Democrat,  some other low life will gain office and build upon Obama’s violations. Defenders will cite concessions to Obama as precedents for such action. The need for impeachment has little to do with Obama (other than he has, up to now, been the worst offender). It is all about protecting what remains of the Rule of Law and The Constitution. Not impeaching Obama just provides a green light for future presidents to further corrupt the laws of the country and the office of the presidency.

Unless a principled stand is taken now, some future president’s behavior will create nostalgia for Obama. Like Richard Nixon,  Obama’s behavior will seem trivial in comparison to what inevitably follows.

As right as it may be,  impeachment will not happen unless some truly damaging news breaks through regarding the dozen or more alleged scandals associated with the current Administration. Unfortunately, that is unlikely given the utter corruption of the Department of Justice. The lack of action probably dooms the country.

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I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Lets get the neocons in so we can kill some folks!!!!   yeeeeeeee hawwwww!!! /epic sarc

kliguy38's picture

Reports today say Boner will impeach if O refuses to show up for the 18 hole scramble tournament on Saturday......

666's picture

Why waste time impeaching Obummer? Wouldn't it be better to tar and feather him prior to being drawn and quartered?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

"Draw and Quarter" - Change you are believe in!

Boris is make literary play of word.

Dollarmedes's picture

Wait until he's out of office; when he's at his weakest, with no cronies to save him.

The example will serve just as well as in office.

toady's picture

That's what they said about W. "Surely they'll get him to the Hague for war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc."

But he's still painting pictures of fruit & dogs.

Drunk In Church's picture

Obama's controlled by his masters--global corporations.  Bitchez.

sylviasays's picture

"Obama's controlled by his masters--global corporations.  Bitchez."

Here's the reality Marxist bitch: just as long as no TBTF banker goes to jail, Obozo gets to act like a leftist dictator while being dressed in mom's jeans and being married to an ugly man in drag. 


Headbanger's picture


This has got to be the most FUCKING RETARDED ARTICLE on ZH in a while obviously by some fucked up former Obama lover who now wants to see him as JESUS FUCKING CHRIST to be crucified by impeachment for salvation of the retard liberal Democratic Party!

Fuck you Barry and all your fucked up in the head libtarded followers!

But of course this is the New Normal where bad is good somehow.

Then for that matter, bring on the fucking massive solar flare as a good thing to roast these liberal retards!

IllusionOfChoice's picture

I agree toady. We needed to impeach Dubs to send a message to the world that the American people don't support terrorism in the middle east - specifically that we didn't support invading sovereign nations unilaterally.

Obama, for all his wrongs and broken promises, doesn't seem to have an Iraq magnitude offense. I guess the worst for me is the continued process of bailing out the banks and co-opting of capitalism in this country - but a lot more people than just big O need to swing for that crime. They need Ricoed here and then let the Hague try Droner in Chief and anyone else they want for war crimes.

It's good to dream guys. Without dreams, the world will never become a better place.

BooMushroom's picture

An Iraq magnitude offense? How about using the IRS to go after his enemies, or running guns to Mexican drug lords, or usurping powers not delegated to him via his pen and phone? How about assuming the office of president when he is not a natural born citizen? How about going to war without authorization from congress?

Seriously, it's a buffet of offense. But until the Democrat party is interested in the rule of law, impeachment proceedings go nowhere.

FrY10cK's picture

Foxwatch much? You know Limbaugh and Alex Jones are entertainers not journalists right?

fx's picture

Obama, for all his wrongs and broken promises, doesn't seem to have an Iraq magnitude offense.

You can thank Putin for that since it was Putin who prevented an open war of Obummer against Syria with his last minute intervention that left this disgrace of an American president siuddenly without a pretense to invade another country. And boy, if Putin hadn't persuaded Assad at the time, ISIS would now already control entire Syria and Iraq. But then again, Obummer has two more years for another major blunder - what about becoming the first nobel peace price winner who started a world war? Now, that would make for the history books!

DeadFred's picture

After his fourth term, can we try him then? I wish it were a joke but why does everyone think this guy won't find a way to do another end-around on the constitution?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Will you settle for "Removed from Office"?

Or "... by unexpected methods at an unexpected time"?

DJ Happy Ending's picture

What happened after Bill Clinton was impeached? Nothing. It was the equivalent of a demerit in his HR file. A totally pointless exercise.

Skateboarder's picture

Adapting Twain: "if impeachment made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it."

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

More than is one method for remove epidermis of cat.

r0mulus's picture

exactly, impeachment is a huge fucking waste of time. if people are pissed off, they need to vote an honest, accountable and transparent third party in office. impeaching one republican or democrat and replacing them with other democrats and republicans doesn't uproot any of the controlling establishment that are poisoning this country and its people to death. the roots need to be cleared, not selectively pruned.

mc888's picture


they need to vote an honest, accountable and transparent third party in office

yeah, and if you could find one, he wouldn't be running for office

SF beatnik's picture

When Control finds a president obstructive to its purposes, it has cleaner ways to dismiss him. No need to muck around with impeachment.

IllusionOfChoice's picture

I'm in favor of a once-a-week +100 vote, and you would get mine. Nail on the head, we need outside the two party box with a genuine leader if we want any hope of solving this rolling humanitarian crisis that is the US presidency.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

America is so luck, has Constitution with Article of Impeachment. No nation since time memorial is have such tool for neutralize power of tyranny, but wimp citizenry is fearful of using or is like above post, to ridicule such facility. America citizenry is grow fat and lazy and if wait for political class to exercise prudent path, well, let us just say is like hoping bankster class is control inflation and promoting of employment. Good luck!

disabledvet's picture

Neuterize" actually. Republicans could simply call for his resignation.

CIABS's picture

Nothing!!??  It only set the stage for Dubya to get enough votes to put the election within stealing range.  And the rest is some pretty big history...

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"What happened after Bill Clinton was impeached?"

He became more popular! Just goes to show how perverse America has become!

shonji's picture

We gotta be more resolute about this. Impeachment has depreciated to subzero since Monica.

The NBA took away Sterling's Clippers. We the People should have taken away Little Billy's female interns, staffers and donors. Now it's time to confiscate O's Tools of Tyranny: teleprompter, pen, and phone.

DC Exile's picture

Impeachment by the House of Representatives doesn't mean much unless the Senate convicts and you have removal of the president from office.

Of course, that would mean the vice president becomes president. And the cycle would continue.

Even still there might be value in demonstrating the president isn't above the law. 


Felix da Kat's picture

Impeachment will only serve to embolden democrat voters in November and decreasing chances for republican senate control. Please wake the hell up and start thinking! Obama is playing political chess with some crafty people advising him. He has the queen (media); you don't. You either out-wit he and his advisors or you lose. It is that simple. The game is not over for 30 months yet. The stakes are america's survival.

Woodyg's picture

Well the oilybomber ought to be impeached for Not prosecuting shrub bush - and how you jump from o to Nixon w/out mentioning the criminal bush presidential clan is astounding.

midtowng's picture

For every reason to impeach Obama, there were two reasons to impeach Dubya.

Redneck Hippy's picture

And Pelerin insists that Obama be impeached without citing one specific example of what he should be impeached for.  Typical teabagger.

booboo's picture

So you need someone to write it down for you? Typical fleabagger.

shonji's picture

Neocon is only one alternative my friend. Play close attention to who's being slammed for minding the country's own Fking business, and for that matter, your and my own business.

Or maybe that's what yer saying

dreadnaught's picture

the NeoCONs should be rounded up and given a necktie party-they helped get us into this mess

Freddie's picture

The USA is doomed.  Get it over with.   Every institution that was supposed to be a check and balance for the citizens has failed due to TOTAL corruption.

1. The ballot box?  It is rigged.

2. The jury box?  Or Judiciary?  Rigged.

3. The Free press and media.  They are the worst.

4. Congress or the Executive branch?  Criminals.

5. Military?  MIC and their intel pals are running the evil show.  Working with the govt and pols with the drug cartels. 

6. The police?  More importantly county sheriffs who are supposedly a final backup.  Good luck.

This leaves us with the cartdridge box and the citizenry.  We already have CONSTITUTIONALLY allowed militias springing up on the border and the Bundy Ranch.

FeralSerf's picture

President Joe Biden?????

NoDebt's picture

Exactly.  Obama choosing Biden was as much a "life insurance policy" as it was a political decision.

jcaz's picture

Yep- brilliant tactical move, gotta admire that one....   Or not so much....

NoDebt's picture

And there you have another good reason the Dems would never vote for impeachment.  Uncle Joe is a total wild card.  He could fuck up everyone's plans, Dems included, with a single sentence.

The man single-handedly turned the administration's official position on gay marriage from "technically against, but no strong opinion on the matter" to "we fully support it" in 5 seconds flat by opening his yap in front of a camera.  You think other politicians don't notice shit like that?

disabledvet's picture

Just point the bony finger of death and all will be forgiven.

Don't forget going to church on Sunday either.  "We Christians are winners!" Should work okay too.