"US Will Feel Tangible Losses," Russia Prepares To Unleash Retaliatory Trade Wars

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"It's a troubling continuation/expansion of trade as a geopolitical tool," warns one Washington-based consulting firm as Russia prepares to unleash retaliatory actions to US and European sanctions. As Bloomberg reports, Russia said yesterday it may ban imports of chicken from the U.S. and fruit from Europe and is investigating McDonald's cheese for safety. In addition, a Russian lawmaker has drafted legislation that might result in U.S. accounting firms being barred from doing business in his country. All of this is odd given Jack "trust me" Lew's reassurance that Russian sanctions would have no impact on the US economy. Russia's response, US will feel 'tangible losses' from 'destructive, myopic' sanctions.


As Bloomberg reports, while Russia and the U.S. have long sparred over agricultural trade, the actions fueled speculation they could be retaliatory.

Russia’s food safety agency said it may ban imports of U.S. poultry and some European fruit due to contamination of the products, according Bloomberg BNA, citing Russian state media. The food safety agency, known as Rosselkhoznadzor, also said it will examine suppliers of McDonald’s cheese for their use of antibiotics.


Russia was the second-largest market, after Mexico, for U.S. chicken last year, according to the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council. The U.S. exported about $309 million worth of broiler chickens to Russia last year, according to the council.


Russia, which joined the World Trade Organization in 2012, is considering banning some European fruit that includes seeds and pits from the entire EU or from bloc’s individual member countries, said Alexei Alekseenko, an aide to Rosselkhoznadzor director Sergei Dankvert, BNA reported.


Fruit shipments from the EU have recently contained Oriental fruit moths, he said, according to the Russian news agency RIA. He proposed talks with EU suppliers over the issue.

Seems like that would impact the US and European economy...

“This is not a surprise,” Mike Cockrell, chief financial officer at Sanderson Farms Inc. (SAFM) of Laurel, Mississippi, said by phone. “It’s not unusual for Russia to find something wrong when they have a political reason to do so.”


Officials from McDonald’s, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Russia explained these are not anti-US sanctions...

“These are not sanctions against U.S. We don’t have a goal to harm U.S. citizens’ quality of life,” Fedorov said. “There are companies in Russia which have sensitive positions in terms of Russia’s sovereignty and economic security.”


Fedorov said consulting firms and audit firms will be the first to be targeted by the new bill. Next will be U.S. media, he said.

And Russia issued a statement that US will feel 'tangible losses' from 'destructive, myopic' sanctions.

We have repeatedly spoken about the illegitimacy and groundlessness of the US sanctions against Russia. Washington will gain nothing from such decisions except for further complication of Russian-American relations and the creation of an unfavorable atmosphere in international affairs, where the cooperation between our countries often plays a key role.


The U.S. administration, strained creating the appearance of "sequence" in its current behavior, in fact, is merely trying to avoid responsibility for the tragic developments in Ukraine. Not Russia, and Kiev regime and its overseas patrons guilty of a growing number of civilian casualties in the eastern regions. In his pompous manner prosecutorial White House, covering the bloody military operation of Kiev, which contrary to all international norms sunk to rocket attacks peaceful cities, continues to put forward baseless claims against us.


One gets the impression that the U.S. sanctions pressure, transformed now at sectoral level, has one goal - to get even with us for an independent and uncomfortable for Washington politics. Please also note the obvious elements of unscrupulous trade and economic competition in the U.S. actions.

The losses that Washington will sustain from such a destructive and myopic policy will be very tangible

US officials are not happy...

“Assuming that they take this action, it would be blatant protectionism,” Clayton Yeutter, a U.S. Trade Representative under President Ronald Reagan, said in a phone interview. “There is little or no legitimacy to their complaints.”

*  *  *
Putin warned of boomerangs... and sure enough here they come...


And France is screwed...

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Wednesday that Russia has the capability to build Mistral-class helicopter carriers on its own if France cancels the existing contract, RIA Novosti reported. “The French must prove they are serious partners and reliable contractors,” Rogozin said after a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and government ministers.


“If they fail to do so, we will build the [Mistral] ships on our own. We are finally capable to do it,” Rogozin said. On Monday, he expressed doubts that France would cancel the contract, which he said would be worse for France than for Russia.

And it seems Russia is not as isolated as President Obama would like everyone to think...


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gcjohns1971's picture

About those Ruskies....

They sure have a sense of humor.

After all the sanctions due to the Ukraine affair, what do they say??


"No more Chicken-Kiev".

JohninMK's picture

Strange you should mention that. One of the largest chicken processing plants in the world is near Kiev, and yes, they make them there, 6 from one chicken! Think they processed around 1 chickens million a week.

Perhaps no more Russian market for them.


Urban Roman's picture

It's chicken Chernobyl now. It's got lights ...

basho's picture

...and the Poles jut lost their 5billion$$ fruit and veggie export mkt. to RU

"Russia’s agriculture watchdog will implement a ban on all fruits and vegetables imported from Poland beginning August 1, RIA Novosti quoted an aide to Rosselkhoznadzor’s head as saying on Wednesday. The import of “practically all fruits and vegetables from Poland” has been limited, Aleksey Alekseyenko said. “This is in line with numerous breaches in certification and the detection of quarantined items.” Exports from Poland to Russia decreased by 7.7 percent in the first six months of 2014 and stood at $5 billion, according to Poland’s Economy Ministry. Rosselkhoznadzor earlier warned it could impose restrictions on fruit imports from the EU states. "  rt.com


Dublinmick's picture

Date line Russia

Rising to the top of the charts, "let the four winds blow" is expected to be the number one hit by winter.


grekko's picture

Step 1: Currency wars
Step 2: Trade wars
Step 3: World War

Hunker down everyone.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Who was that wise man who said that, so long ago, Gerald Celente?

basho's picture

"Assuming that they take this action, it would be blatant protectionism,"

say what?

followed by this

“There is little or no legitimacy to their complaints.”

absolutely not

what planet do these fools live on.

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

I wish Rockefeller would just die already.

Uncle Remus's picture

So, getting parts for my Ural isn't going to get any easier then.

syntaxterror's picture

Move the 2018 World Cup outta that shit hole. 

CHX's picture

<<< Chess master and KGB colonel Putin

<<< Chicken@$$ golfer Obummer



In a complex, strategic long-term game, who's gonna win in the end?

Boogity's picture

Forget all of the stuff about the petrodollar, preserving the American Empire, controlling the EU's gas market, etc...

I'm now pretty convinced that a big bart of this shit is because the Black half of Barry feels disrespected because last August some obscure Putin hack referred to the "West" (aka Obama) as a "Monkey with hand grenade"...  Of course the banksters are cleverly taking advantage of Obama wanting to cap the racist cracka Putin and all of the other evil Russian racist crackas for dissing him in front of the world.... 



Itchy and Scratchy's picture

If Vladdy cuts off the supply of hot Russian masseuses it would be a declaration of war!

Uncle Remus's picture

Just think, if ol' Q'Daffy hadn't turned his loose, we'd be a lot closer.

Hongcha's picture

The thought of those fine blonde Russian girls eating McDonalds saddens me.  Let the golden arches be shuttered across Russia; and also Thailand etc. where the fast food borg has been attempting for years to ensconce itself.  

All that trim SEA pussy needs to be fed fresh local food, thank you.

A Cat Lover


Exalt's picture

Putin is the last real leader left on this socialist shit pile of a planet... Fuck the public.

Wahooo's picture

obama playing the typical, historical Democrat. First the trade war, then the world war. WTF, over Ukraine and nat gas????

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Well at least the Kenyan can out 'finger point' Vladdy!

damicol's picture

I always figured its better to be on the winning side..

Especially when you see a fucking Kenyan faggot fucking up everything he touches and turning it to the same shitty color as he is.

Invest in defense stocks in Russia.


novictim's picture


"Russia to unleash"...errr...what exactly?  I'm picturing this massive cage on wheels with a Black tarp over it drawn by Russian body builders playing percussion. 

The sounds of base drums going "Boom.  Boom.  Boom" is nearly deafening.

But stooping down and listening very carefully with an ear to the tarp one can hear:

"squeek.  squeek"

Dublinmick's picture

Sounds like anti-gentilism, why are you a hater?

Goyim pride world wide

novictim's picture

Was your medication changed recently? 

Bow Tie's picture

damn chickens.

Jack Burton's picture

The EU stands to lose in a trade war, not America. That is why the USA is pushing so hard for sanctions and isolation of Russia's economy. Because the USA gains and the EU loses. A trade war with Russia will be felt in the EU and Germany. It is easy to demand sanctions when it is not your workers who will lose their jobs.

walküre's picture

Exactly. When are Germans finally waking up to this charade. They're shooting themselves in both feet. First they gutted the nuclear industry and basically killed their homegrown energy supply, then they're going lock in step with the US on these sanctions. It's by design, has to be!

Fuck the US, fuck Nuland. Germany's economy is first and foremost in Europe, then Russia/China and the US. I dare America to ban imports of German machines. The US would starve itself to death with a lack of German made combines and tractors alone. Not to mention how well a ban on German cars would be received.

Merkel is a useless tit. She gets spied on and still does nothing! Just tell the US to shove it. Be friends with Russia, build out the relationship and NG supply to Europe. Ukraine is never going to be pacified as a whole. It doesn't even exist as a national population.

Dublinmick's picture

Because Merkel is spying on Germany on behalf of the Rothschild network. The woman is a joke, raised by the catholic church and adopted off on a supposedly lutheran minister in west Germany who by the way had a car and free access to go back and forth from east to west. She is not very bright either.

walküre's picture

Merkel is clearly a plant and Gemans are complacent as always. Nobody wants to rock the boat there even when they know they're being spied on and lied to all the time. There is virtually NO opposition to the current move to vilify Russia or turn the tables on the US and bring down the NWO. Actually, that opposition exists but it is censored away. The cabal owns and runs the propaganda.

As soon as Anti-Israel protests started, the media is full of bullshit about "antisemitism" and even (!) "antizionism"!!!

Since when is it a DUTY to subscribe to FUCKING SEMITISM OR ZIONISM? Semites and Zionists are killing kids in Gaza right now. It's the duty of every decent human being to get off his/her ass and spit in the face of the Semites and Zionists who are doing the killing!

Dublinmick's picture

Because Merkel is spying on Germany on behalf of the Rothschild network. The woman is a joke, raised by the catholic church and adopted off on a supposedly lutheran minister in west Germany who by the way had a car and free access to go back and forth from east to west. She is not very bright either.

novictim's picture

Correct, Jack. 

The "Putin" dilemma for Europe should be thought of in "short term" and "long term" solutions. 

In the short run, your analysis holds solid. 

Europe is clearly reluctant to let their profits slip.  But the long term picture is taking shape in the minds of the world now, Jack.  Putin is playing his hand all wrong.  The Europeans are concluding that they have NO CHOICE but to take these short term losses given the menacing threats the little Princess in the Kremlin keeps making.  Europe now looks to securing long term stability and Putin has to go for this to happen.

Once upon a time I used the think that Putin, if nothing else, was intelligent.  Now I am seeing him as just another nationalistic psycho who believes his own lies and myth telling. 

Jack, I don't really know whether you are a neutral party in this idiocy that Russia is fostering but if you love Russia then I think you should be working hard to restore true democracy to it.  That means getting Putin and any other Cult of Personality type off the political stage ASAP.

I am working on the same goals in the USA only here the issue is about corporate shadow politics and a corrupted campaign system run by oligarchs. 

Either way, both styles of dictator ship are poison to the long term interests of the people.


walküre's picture

That Princess in the Kremlin has higher approval ratings than any other leader currently. He is popular but that has never stopped the cabal from causing a shit storm and messing up the world now has it?

novictim's picture

I think you have a need for more self respect.

Populations that perceive themselves to be at war rally around the leader.  It's our biggest weakness as "civilized" apes.

Hence, GW BUSH was able to pump up his own popularity ratings during the lead up and execution of the Iraq war.

Regarding "Kabal" and "Shitstorm", you lost me.  Are you referring to the international arms dealers and the corporate interests that profit off War and conflict? If so, then we should be VERY skeptical of any leader who claims to need dictatorial powers and who coddles antidemocratic forces in society. 

Our best defense against bad governance is a robust, skeptical and independent press corp and a brave civil society/educated citizenry acting through a election process that minimizes the advantage of wealth and power.

Dublinmick's picture

From a comment posted earlier here at the Saker. This may well be the reason for the hatred of Putin exemplified by the paid who trolls who incessantly insist on the good cop bad cop routine out of frustration.

Another interesting quote by a commenter on the saker



Mr. Pragma said...

(part 2)
Finally let me guide your attention to a related and very interesting question: Why does the weztern empire hate Putin so extremely? That is not merely the hate against a political enemy, no, that's very personal and it's more than hate; there is blind rage on top of it.


Is it because Putin stands against them? No, only in (minor) part.

In fact it is because Putin is seen as a traitor by them. In their eyes Putin was a small "nobody" and his rise to power was completely orchestrated from the evil side.

Putin was put into power to obediently serve them. But they had to find out that they, the deceivers, were the deceived ones when Putin went straight, direct, (mostly) without lies, and completely uncontrollable by them.

Even worse, Putin is living proof that the evil side has not won, that the good side, snip, just like that, put a very major and very strong player against them on the board; even worse, they themselves put him there.

Since then things turn against the weztern side. Where they lie, lie, lie, he simply tells his people how things are. Where they suppress and exploit their populace, Putin actually made the lives of Russians very very much better.

And that constitutes an extremely strong power, a power that is the ultimate threat to the wezt. Because the truth *can* be seen and *is desired* by humans.
While the weztern media (read: propaganda outlets) lose large numbers of readers, media like RT are growing very quickly. While 80 - 90% of the readers in weztern countries have very negative comments on the propaganda they're served, Putin is trusted by many, increasingly even in the weztern system.

Finally, short: How will Russia react to the new sanctions and other evil war actions?

I think, Putin will be perfectly ready for anything, incl. a nuclear war. But he will not attack; even more, he will try any and everything to avoid war or, if unavoidable, to keep it as low level as any possible.


novictim's picture

Putin is your hero.

I get it.

Dublinmick's picture

And nuttyahoo is yours slick. You represent the ugly face of Mogilevch, Khordokovsky, Kolomoisky et al. You are the braying of a kosher jackass.

novictim's picture

Netanyaho is my hero?...and Putin deniers are Jews? You are becoming unhinged.

But Micky, your paranoia is kinda funny.  Carry on.

Dublinmick's picture

I am just guessing, you sound like a natural born killer.

walküre's picture

What else is happening again? Ah right, Israel is committing a genocide.

Joe A's picture

You don't need a political reason to boycott McDonalds. Just a health reason...which can be any.

Dublinmick's picture

Ziobonics is a fairly easy language to master. The goyim must told they are anti-semitic, it was the joos, you are an idiot, crazy, paranoid, need to take your meds, all Arabs must die.

Other weak phrases designed to dazzle the goy with chutzpah and result in backslapping and hava nagila dancing with other mensches at bar mitzvahs include:

Putin is your hero
Putin fan boy
Putin is NWO, he is just playing you-godd cop, bad cop
They are shooting bottle rockets out of Gaza

In rare cases it works but with most instances, the reverse reasoning and common sense is so bizarre, even the most fluoridated of the goyim pick up on it immediately.

The constant references to meds is almost congenital as the Bolshevik Hava Nagil boys were found of medicating any goy in the former soviet union who had any political ideas that did not correspond to those of the Trotskyites. It was so pronounced they were sent to the Gulag, small pieces of the skull removed and fluoride poured in. It worked everytime according to Solzenitzsn. Of course it also partially relates to Freud, the so called father of psychiatry. He was shunted by Viennese society and tried to strike back by promoting supercilious theories such as the id and superego and oedipus complexes. He wanted to degrade his detractors. Such ridiculous theories are now laughed at in Europe. It was much easier than puttin in the long hours of laboratory work to actually study the neuron.

Of course such theories are generally put forward by the B team. We haven't seen much of the A team around here, still waiting.


onmail's picture

Its simple I urge Russia to sell its ICBM & H-bom tech to other countries and get rich. Sell a N-warhead for 10 million $ each to countries averse to west, make money its so easy.

Let the Russian defense industries go for sell sell sell Hi-Tech at rates lower than west , let west take a hit of N-arsenal , they deserve it. And dont forget the countries near Israel (its the Israeli lobby in USA that rules their policies & economy)