CDC Issues Level 3 Travel Alert As 'Largest Ebola Outbreak In History' Spreads

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Things appear to be going from worse to worst as the deadly Ebola epidemic surges on. The CDC has issued a Level 3 - Avoid All Non-Essential Travel - warning.



CDC urges all US residents to avoid nonessential travel to Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone because of an unprecedented outbreak of Ebola.

An outbreak of Ebola has been ongoing in Liberia since March 2014.



This outbreak also affects Sierra Leone and Guinea; to date more than 1320 cases have occurred in the three countries and more than 725 people have died, making this the largest outbreak of Ebola in history.


At least three Americans have been infected; two are health care workers in an Ebola clinic. Affected districts include Bomi, Bong, Grand Gedeh, Lofa, Montserrado (including the capital city of Monrovia), Margibi, and Nimba.


Instances of civil unrest and violence against aid workers have been reported in West Africa as a result of the outbreak.


The public health infrastructure is being severely strained as the outbreak grows.


CDC to send additional 50 experts to region in next 30 days.


Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Thursday that even in a best-case scenario, it could easily take three to six months to stem the epidemic in West Africa.

Do not worry though, as the US reassures there is no risk...


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The CDC is going to get fined $5,000,000,000, just watch.

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the  _____________ is "contained" and there is no danger to __________ as any and all contagion has been "ring fenced".



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The CDC has issued a Level 3 - Avoid All Non-Essential Travel - warning.


If I am living in any of these areas of outbreak it is ESSENTIAL for me to get the hell out...

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I'll be adding powdered pool shock to my bug out gear

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the nih on national news last night admitted the returning religious nuts "helping" africa will not be tracked in the very least so come on home infected. sounds alot like our southern border policy with similar results im sure.

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Tapering is not tightening

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Regardless of how Ebola arrives to the US, the incurable disease will exterminate at least 200+ million Americans: the majority of people living in the United States are extremely addicted and dependent on prescribed medications, over-the-counter medicines and synthetic vitamins, thus their immune systems are weaker and unable to fight any disease naturally. Senior citizens, the disabled and baby boomers who happen to be the majority in this country (as a population group) will be the first casualties of Ebola.

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Bold letters made me believe it. Didn't work for you?


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Well in that case it should be


Is that moar believable now??

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Only 200m?

Still a few more we could spare to lose.

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""Up To 20 DAY Incubation Period""...


If He Comes In To USA Fine, No Symptoms, He Can Start Spreading The Virus Unbeknownced To Anyone, And Then BOOM!!!

Yeah, Absolutely NO USA Risk...

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Maybe this is what Dear Leader meant when he was discussing "fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

Forward (over the cliff)!

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"It's only a tiny leak," the PM of Japan annoounced to his peeples ....

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At least 1 of the 2 ebola Americans that are being flown to the U.S. will be at Emory University Hospital. It kind of sounds like Emory is not to happy about it "Emory University Hospital officials said they have been informed that there are plans to transfer a patient with the Ebola virus infection to a special containment unit at their facility." I'm not too happy about it either. To me this is full retard, putting 320 million people at risk so that 2 people , in the words of a Fox news anchor "can be with their families." I say fuck that shit.

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Half the reason why these diseases even come about is due to malnutrition. 

Why is it that all these diseases always thrive in the third world?  

And don't get me started on AIDS. If Amerika used the same criteria for diagnosing AIDS as is used in Africa anyone that has recently eaten at Taco Bell has AIDS.  Toss in some AZT poisoning and voila!


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But it's all natural, wild caught, sustainably hunted free range low fat organic fruit bat they're eating.

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Bet the american dr was well nourished. 

pods's picture

Probably by american standards.

Which means he is more than likely severely nutrient deficient.  

Sure, it can infect and kill truly healthy people, but there is a reason why these diseases proliferate in third world areas.


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absolutely wrt the 3rd world areas, I watched the liberia you tube video that someone here posted. God awful.

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It has a 90% fatality rate. And your point is...

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The frightening part, is if one is among the 10% to survive, or in some case 30% depending on treatment, and luck, is this gem from the World Health Organization:

Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to 7 weeks after recovery from illness.

This could indeed be a gift that keeps on giving.

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That is the thing with viruses. You can have them inactive in you for a long, long, long time and they can be transmitted via sexual fluids. Also, supposedly they are too small for condoms to stop.

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?? The current outbreak has a mortality rate of about 55%, did you just come from CNN?

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So your sayin i should short all mega retailers like WMT, TGT and COST....ok then

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Hmmm.  I think they are saying STWFP.

  Short The Whole Fucking Planet;)

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On the plus side housing should crash to zero in your rosy scenario.

Oh, and just about every other sector too.

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@Comte: As a boomer, I'm in full agreement with you.

"A man that would tell the truth, should have one foot in the stirrup".......Old Russian Proverb

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You need to take some prescribed meds yourself to cure your delusions.  In can be done. Take heart.

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Too early to tell,but it appears the disease kills in the 40-51 age group, sparing retirees!

 "overall attack rate in the district was 43 cases/100,000 population. The highest rate occurred in Kasitu subcounty, followed by the rate in Bundibugyo town council (within Bundibugyo district (Table 2). By sex, the attack rate for men was higher than that for women (64 vs. 47/100,000 population). By age group, the attack rate was higher for persons 41–50 years of age than for persons 51–60 years of age (146 vs. 122/100,000 population)."

"Senior citizens, the disabled and baby boomers who happen to be the majority in this country (as a population group) will be the first casualties of Ebola."

I think the young are usually most vulnerable to infections diseases. Generally younger people believe they are invulnerable and take less precautions than older and the elderly. The retiree also don't need to to work and can better isolate themselves from the public. 


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Bernanke also said there had never been a nation-wide decline in housing prices - although housing prices did decline across the country during the 1930s depression.

But Bernanke doesn't know much about the Depression.


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Bernanke's dissertation was on the Great Depression. This is NOT an argument that he is an expert on the Great Depression, just thought this added to the context.

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And Obama was a Consitutional professor.  What's your point?

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He is not a "professor" and there is no evidence that he ever "studied" the constitution.
In fact he surrendered his legal license in the state of Illinois which is only done to stop disbarment

Pinto Currency's picture



He did profess to know something about the constitution.

I guess I'm hatin' now.

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I think his title was Senior Lecturer.

The Wedge's picture



"Higher" Education

Shall I continue?


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I'll be skipping church for a while.

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Someone is going to jump on a plane with this shit and then we're really gonna see how good we are at modern medicine.


Until then, shelter in place comrades!

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Where's that chick that makes $15k a month working from home?


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She comes in contact with lots of bodily fluids though, not the best careeer choice right now.

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She should be just fine holed up there in her basement with her nude chat cam business.