Propaganda Full Frontal: A Little High Level Intervention And This Is What Happens

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While one can attribute the most recent AP tweeting faux pas to a missed English grammar lesson, when in the aftermath of the MH-17 crash, this:

... became this:


there is no grammatical justification for why two days ago, AP did it again, when a "harshly" worded tweet by the AP:

... became this, just four hours later.

One wonders how high the propaganda flag pole the objecting parties had to run, make that sprint, to get this "revised wording" blasted out, and just how many AP pink slips will appear in next week's not seasonally adjusted initial jobless claims print?

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Err... that should be "grammatical skills".


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this is a pretty clever example of the principle of communication (?) which asserts that the reader is able to discern the intent of the piece even when the pieces are not in their proper order.

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Yesterday I shot an elephant in my pajamas...

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this is an art form, some people have it some not so much. i admire the person who writes those one or two sentence film reviews for the various guides. Gone With The Wind: Woman loses the family farm, vows to get it back.

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What's going on in Gaza today has more similarities to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1943 than differences.  Yes, after the Germans crushed the rebellion the survivors were shipped to Treblinka where most were killed, but I'm sure there are more than a few Israelis who would do something similar to the Palestinians if they thought they could get away with it.

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I could replace that last sentence with two groups all oer the world. 

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All this does is highlight the political bias which is apparent in most AP "reporting".

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Because we all love the propaganda battle, most of you forget propaganda works many ways.  Anyone can claim loyalty to israel all day long and they can be called whores of aipac.  However, like the political left does, saying one thing and doing another is as basic 101 as it gets. Yet those who continue to spew out the "lock-step" bought and paid for israel apologists meme can't or refuse to see the subtle propaganda by the media who is most decidedly anti-israel.  

AP got caught on a moment of honesty and had to reword their tweet.  If you think the media is pro-israel then why do they always come down on the side that israel is the agressor and all they do is kill children, blow up hospitals and schools, and yet do not highlight that rockets are being stored in a UN funded school.  Or that the palestinians put their children in the line of fire even when israel gives the palestinians ample warning of when and where they are going to strike.  

You never hear with much repetition that it is in hamas' charter that they are for the destruction of israel and every jew there is.  that doesn't sound like a disagreement about territory to me.  Just pure hatred which is what I-slam is all about. It is a dictitorial government structure disguised as a religion. 

propaganda works many ways and the media conveiniently forgets certain stories that they try to squash because it might embarrass their candidate. 

"I was for Israel before I was against them", kind of thing.  If you don't think so then check out this article from 2008 where the la times refuses to air a video where obama, and apparently bill ayers in attendance,  in which he gave a passionate response to Khalidis' anti- Israel message.  

The media had to MAINTAIN  the image that obama was in support of israel.

"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor."

Dems only support the israelis for the campaign dollars and thats it.   

Today, five years later, Obama is a U.S. senator from Illinois who expresses a firmly pro-Israel view of Middle East politics, pleasing many of the Jewish leaders and advocates for Israel whom he is courting in his presidential campaign. The dinner conversations he had envisioned with his Palestinian American friend have ended. He and Khalidi have seen each other only fleetingly in recent years.

And yet the warm embrace Obama gave to Khalidi, and words like those at the professor's going-away party, have left some Palestinian American leaders believing that Obama is more receptive to their viewpoint than he is willing to say.

"I am confident that Barack Obama is more sympathetic to the position of ending the occupation than either of the other candidates," said Hussein Ibish, a senior fellow for the American Task Force on Palestine, referring to the Israeli presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that began after the 1967 war. More than his rivals for the White House, Ibish said, Obama sees a "moral imperative" in resolving the conflict and is most likely to apply pressure to both sides to make concessions.

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absolutely absurd.  Preposterous.

Look at Obama's chicago backers, advisors and appointments.  For people like you, any statement which in any way deviates from the worldview of the Zionist right is "anti-Israel."  It is an absurd position to stake out, but then, Bibi is considered a moderate within his party - which tells us a lot about Israel's politics and the bizarre, reactionary worldview of political/colonialist/apartheid zionism today.


Collective Punishment in Gaza Confused about Hamas, ‘rockets’, war in Gaza? Vital background facts

Who Started ‘the Cycle of Violence’ in Palestine?

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There need be no outside force to impose uniformity of "thought" on a herd of homo sapiens.  The herd polices itself! 

It happens right here all the time when other posters think they're giving me a helpful warning to "watch out for the thought police" when in fact they are serving as self-appointed thought police in issuing that warning.

Harry Elmer Barnes (1889 - 1968) worked tirelessly his entire life trying to understand this self-policing and wholly repressive behavior of humans from the perspective of a historical sociologist.  He did a damn good job of it too.  But, in a perfect example of the phenomenon so very few* have understood as natural human behavior ... Barnes himself (ironically, inevitably) was erased from "common knowledge" by the very same herd he sought to free.   No matter how stupid or bright a person is, absolutely nobody likes being shown a fool.  Yet Barnes had the temerity to  show (in a rigorous academic fashion) that almost everyone had been fooled and to make it even worse (or better) in his 1926 History and Social Intelligence Barnes showed that's the way it's always been, for the most part. [Barnes, after Marx, understood there rare points in history when truly revolutionary changes occur and everyone can see the emperor is naked.]  Many of us here were alive during times of great changes, if not in the 1960s U.S. and France, social and political upheavals in Central and South America in the 1970s, or the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1980s.  But most of you have been brainwashed into either forgetting those  times of change completely, or maybe believing it was just youthful folly--helped along maybe by the Drug War's "This is Your Brain on Drugs" propaganda to blame the 1960s on foolish drug use.

I recently went to see Mark Rudd give a talk to a bunch of law students about his time as a radical in the Weather Underground of SDS and Rudd pretty much told the audience that what he did back then was stupid and foolish ... it was horrifying to me to see how came to disown all of the 1960s counterculture and rebellion against authoritarianism, and here we are in a time of much greater conformity than the 1950s yet there is no longer a Lenny Bruce, Hunter S. Thompson, or anyone else for that matter to tell the masses what's happening.

Many of us here (ZH advertisers pay up for male, older, higher income) lived through a time of great change, l which is why when the world reverts back to its normal condition it is as if there is a mass conversion of humans into zombies.  But that's what people are.  That's what makes humans the "social creatures" who seem to me to have no more intelligence than found in a swarm of wasps after their nest is disturbed or in the flock of birds feeding on my mealworms taking flight at the sight of my cat who is being taught the value of staying in my yard because as a result of those mealworms the neighbors no longer have all the birds.  The people who warn me to be watchful of the "thought police" have no idea that they themselves are spreading fear in a much more effective manner than any outside authority or system of control could achieve. 

Humans are being "trained" every much the same as my cat has in learning that she always gets a treat when she comes inside on her own choice after staying within the bounds of the cinder block walls on my property boundaries.  Humans are rewarded with money and sex, and the power that goes with them, but most of all by BEING LIKED, the capitalizing on desire for such made Mark Zuckerburg a billionaire.

"We have seen the enemy and he is US" Al Capp.  There is no They when it comes to social control.  There is no centralized Ministry of Thought, in actuality.  Rather, it's an inherent part of human nature because cohesion of the herd is necessary for its survival.

The big paradox of human development is the conflict between the herd and those few and brave individuals who have original ideas.  These scientists, inventors, or what-have-you are always scorned and spurned, yet without their new ideas the herd would die off, or at least stagnate.  But, apart from the very rare times when "revolution is in the air,"  the herd does its best to kill those original ideas and to kill those of its members who dare to challenge the staus quo. 

But why is there no social consciousness now?  The answer is that humans are by and large followers, not leaders.  And without any thought leaders the herd reverts to its usual intellectual torpor.  Why are there no leaders?  We had plenty of them in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s withether it was Gore Vidal or Timothy Leary, or even a David Koresh, there was always SOMEONE with original ideas.  And who do we have now?  Nobody! 

*footnote.  P.K. Dick was one of the very few writers on the 20th century who understood it.  Lenny Bruce got it.  Bob Dylan got it.   Hunter S. Thompson got it.  Most of the people who "get it" eventually find being constantly surrounded by herds of mindless zombies so unbearable that they decide they're better off dead in actuality than being stuck in this purgatory land of the living dead.  Many of them find life unbearable without the age-old anodyne, papaver s. l., which the unacquainted might think of as suicide in itself, and not as the medicine it's always been.

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Thanks for the down votes proving my point and no rebuttal.  When was the last time any elected republican member of congress supported the palestinians or hamas when even ol' barry has said the same thing as any republican that Hamas is a terrorist organization that must REJECT VIOLENCE.  

Democrats only support the israel for the money they receive from the jewish population of the united states.  how is that wrong?  Don't jews support dems far more than republicans hmmmmmmmmmm?

i await your refutation 

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Let me know when Schumer votes against Israel once the money stops rolling in.

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UN relief agency spokesman bursts into tears over deaths of Palestinian children

How many, or what percentage of American Jews are more loyal to Israel?


Around 1/3 maybe?  AIPAC's only 100,000 people, but if anything it, and allied 5th columnist groups like the ADL and SPLC and ZOA together have essentially hijacked the US government as to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Only assholes dispute this.  When there's a huge, well-funded lobby one one side of an issue and virtually no lobby on the other side, it is axiomatic that politicians will fall over themselves to please that lobby.

Of course, even reputable Jewish magazines have estimated that Jews as a group give around half or more of private donations to both parties.

And I don't see Jewish liberals falling over themselves to denounce AIPAC or Likud or to protest the murderous assault on Gaza, although a small number have and they are to be commended as the Righteous Amongst the Heathen...  [Heathen standing in for 'gentiles' seems fair from a Xian perspective, eh?]

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I think they control both parties. They have the money (more than enough of it) and the brains.


Have you seen any evidence to the contrary.


The US has been a rogue state for the past few decades no matter which party was in control.

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...all the gold and the wealth of this world can't help them.

When Jesus Christ returns the rulers of this world will get what's coming to them.

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This is standard procedure for hamas. 

abc news reports the firing but doesn't have any outrage of a fellow news organization would dare to manipulate images to make israel's offensive look worse than it is.

read how abc "news" apologizes for this photographer as sleep deprived for his purposeful altering of images made to paint a negative light on israel.  Not to mention they didn't bother the show the image in question.

i could go on, but i try to limit myself to certain length of my interjections or responses. 

Brevity is the soul of wit

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the lies are there for all to see. when only one view about the actions of the israelis are depicted as barbarous or over the top or genocide and then saying how israel has the right to self defense without aknowledging the actions against them is purposeful propaganda to help the cause against the israelis/ jews. 

When most of the sheep laps up the piss the media gives them what do you expect except the sheep to do but believe it when they will never question it.  

Except for those who knowingly lie about the true nature of the problem in the mddle east/ the world. 


Moe Hamhead is a pedophile goatroping rapist who hates juice and fiddles

Now go perform a sex act with yourselves!


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Its kinda like how the media portrays americas military actions as imperial or unnecessary.  we are portrayed as the ones who commit war crimes and torture yet the media refuses to spell out the actions of those who are our enemies who engage and commit the most vile actions against its own people let alone in the field of battle.

Never are you told of the alliances that these peaceful people have with nations who actively work to subvert and infiltrate us.  There are those who portray the us as stealing the worlds oil and we tell everyone else what is what.  Your never told that these nations have entered into international agreements in regards to oil contracts, royalties, rights and the agreement not to use as a weapon for political reasons.  

Kind of like using food as a weapon to starve its people to comply but oil is used to extort the international market who depend on price stability.   I will agree and aknowledge the problem with the petrodollar and the fed but, if we went stealing everyones oil we would've just leveled iraq and all the brown people.  but we didn't. 

We shouldnt have to be other countries military support which also goes to prove that a well armed society is a polite society.  the right to defend and protect ones self is paramount to a peaceable people.   

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It a interesting story of how slanted AP headlines that AP does all the time on news stories is out of step with the image they want to portray on twitter of themselves as being a non partisan just the facts news source.

The new MSM is having trouble faking its apperance on twitter as the older less partisan MSM that died in the 90s.


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I believe nothing anymore. Since July of 2013 when the American government was allowed to take a more active role in creating news programs both government accountability and the role of free media has been diminished.  As of July 2, 2013 a taboo came silently to an end with the implementation of a new law passed in January.

For decades a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government's mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. The new law unleashes thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption. This was criticized by many human rights activist as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts and in my opinion it is already being felt. More on this subject in the article below.