Obama's Former Chief Economist Has Some Words Of Encouragement For US Workers

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The minimum-wage-hiker-in-chief will not be happy this morning. Former Obama administration economist Alan Krueger has some choice words for the hope-filled living-wage seekers of America:


Isn't it odd how quickly the views of ethical economists change once they have tenure and the shackles of government-servitude are removed. We don't remember hearing Krueger arguing that a 'fair' wage is a little much to expect in the current environment.

It would appear Mr. Krueger should stop being cynical and just get hopey.

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He's a hunk, of shit.

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Just another shitbag in Obama's War Criminal Administration.

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Freddie Kreuger: "Cut" your expectations

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Why have wage expectations when there's no job expectations.

Unless of course you've just walked across the southern border, then the jobs all yours Juan.

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He's right. What do slaves need wages for?

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The arc of slavery moves east to west. When labor in America became too expensive it moved to to China, now labor in China is considered too expensive so they produce incresingly bad products in Africa,maybe the Africans will cut us off a bit of work in a decade or so. Forward comrades! We need to work to afford stuff.

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What could be better than to be able to re-live your youth?

I am looking forward to the tie-dye sheets on the windows, the frameless waterbed on the floor, cinder block and 2x4 shelving and the bean bag chairs.

I am breaking out all the old vinyl (some Lou Reed and Hendrix to start) and the old Sansui amp, Dual Turntable, and large Advent speakers.

No work, no cares except to protest the war..

 and the grass is legal this time around!

Got any spare change for hope?

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Lol awesome post...so true

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The guy in the picture looks like he has a dead animal on his head.

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Except that this time a case of the munchies will cost you a week's pay at minimum wage.

+1 from me though.  This is economic cannabalism.  The middle class is being gutted because it is the logical next step from the perspective of those who would like maintain power.  

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Arc of slavery - surely you would include dependency on government. 

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Jobs for the sand fleas?  Fuck me, mate!  They're on a full time all expense paid vacation in a luxury resort!



What about America's Homeless?

stant's picture

There not homeless there there campers yeah yeah that's the ticket

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This douche also answers to Captain Fucking Obvious

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He says to "Ratchet down wage expectations."

My son is in college. When the African American kids want to tease one of their own about being too "ghetto" they say, "that is so ratchet." "Drank" is "ratchet." Multi colored hair in odd styles and certain clothing styles are "ratchet," but it even extends to things done poorly, or in disrepair, "That car is sooo ratchet." Kind of like how us whites might refer to other whites as being "so trailer trash" or ''white trash" more generally.

So yeah, ratchet down your wage expectations...

This economy is sooo ratchet...

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I think thats ebonic for "wretched".

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i think its spelled...ratshit....

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Yep... you beat me too it!

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"Cut your expectations" is based on "The Weakest Link" game.

Plan accordingly: Make sure you're not the weakest link.  Better still, Be the Game Master, and you control the fate of its participants.  Best of all, decide which games you will and won't play, and join those who seek to "replace" the current Game Masters - the 0.01%.

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I thought it was Obummer's New World Order cabal. 

knukles's picture

He started out, outside the cabal
He was subsumed as a useful idiot
He has greatly embarrassed the cabal with his incompetence
He has fucked up their plans, which they will spend additional time resurrecting
He has been ostracized by the cabal

Freddie's picture

He was always a El See Eye A doh cutout like his "mom" who worked with Geithner's dad at The Ford Foundation aka a See Eye A front.

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You expect wages, this jobs not for you!
You think we made of money?!?! We already feed ya boy!

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I used to wonder if these guys are stupid or evil.  I've settled on evil.  No one with half a brain can believe that there is a basis for the real economy to support higher wages when it has been obvious for years that the printed money is going (by design) to the .01%.

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And had the nerve.. unmitigated gall today to say we need infrastructure money... again. Not stupid, mission driven and on point and target.

o that is

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Wages were once upon a time what Americans worked for.

The Free Shit Army doesn't work, doesn't want to seek work and probably won't work.  Ever.

The end.

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By the "Free Shit Army" I assume you reffer to Fortune 500 CEOs, Poliricians, Public Saftey workers and Hedge Fund managers,  right?

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NihlistZero - Correct. The fish rots from the head down. There memo is "bootstrap yourself up" when in reality is "fuck you I got mine." This cycle of course leads to very ugly things like world wars until the pain reaches the ivory tower then some sensibility is restored after they lose family members to such.

Of course, those bright and innovative enough to "bootstrap up" are now deemed criminals. Fred Bastiat "The Law" is a great 150 page read on how the world really works and it ebbs in cycles thankfully bringing a little relief too in this world. However, this is the cycle of the robber or what I call the Dark Carnival. Excess from producers draw predation from robbers in evolution.

You know I asked my Mom if the Vietnam protests ended the war. She said "No. It was when politicians were no longer exempted from the draft."
Welcome to how the world really works. You can have a decent quality of life in good times and bad but be prepared to educate yourself to the rules of evolution of the jungle. Slowly, we are rising above it and that is happening quicker these days as in decades verse centuries. However that still is a LONG time when one lives 80-90 years. Whack off and be destitute or use that computer to educate. Hmmm, think I'll keep educating myself. Besides, masturbation physical or emotional is so droll...

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America: Lower your expectations and you'll never be disappointed. If you start to get disappointed, lower them some more.

813kml's picture

The US is beginning to resemble a dive bar at closing time.

LetThemEatRand's picture

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.  Unless your name is Jose.

boattrash's picture

Right on. "If you're not gettin' enough, lower your standards".

tarsubil's picture

Hitting bottom is when conditions deteriorate faster than you can lower your expectations. 

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Ah, a fellow traveller, a friend of Bill.

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What is a 'fair' wage?

McMolotov's picture

It's what they pay carnies.

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By the look of things, much of America is already paid in cotton candy and deep-fried Snickers.

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how much can pressing each others pants be worth?

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$18 million for 3 years of work in the private sector after leaving office committing treason against the nation like some chicago mayor?

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

Wow, like I've beamed back to the 70's.

Better turn down the thermo and find that Cardigan. I'm off to siphon my neighbors gas, but I'll be back in a few.

Fuck, these drones making min wage or Wall Reich wagers 'need to lower their expectations'? To what for ffs. They're already half feral animals.


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And Joe Sixpack says US gov needs to ratchet down domestic tranquility expectations.

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These mother fuckers need to burn

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Why won't you DIE? [/Freddy Krueger]

Rainman's picture

The Kruegmans ...  brothers from other mothers Princeton-style

Chuck Knoblauch's picture


Duffy's picture

Krueger was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

He's Jewish, was preceded by a Jew, and succeeded by a Jew....

meaning the Chair of the CEA, like the Fed... had 3 jews heading it in a row... and like the IRS if Steve T Miller was in fact Jewish


He definitely was preceded and succeeded.

Then there's Lack Jew in treasury - both of whose deputies are Jewish


He used to chair the OMB where he was preceded and succeeded by a Jew but theres an asterisk there because it was the same guy  - Jeff Zients


Jeff Zients, you ask?  Yes - Jewish



here's the thing - as director of the National Economic Council he followed a Jew...who followed a Jew...so that also had 3 jewish heads in a row.


and as head of the Office of Management and Budget he followed a Jew by the name of.... wait for it.... Jack Lew...   the OMB had 4 jewish heads in  a row



2.5% of the population, folks.

I keep waiting for a MSM or even alternative news story on not only the Goldman Sachs and K street revolving door, but the sheer, massive, obvious , easily verifiable wild over-representation of Jews as heads and senior staff at the Fed, IRS, Treasury, Commerce, Trade Rep, FDIC, CBO, and ion and on and on....

add to this the total Zio domination of State and AIPAC doesnt even have to work that hard, eh?