Economic Theory Vs Practice In 1 Cartoon

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...but stocks are at record highs...



h/t @butifulabsurdt

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Q. What's the difference between an economist and a befuddled old man with Alzheimer's?

A. The economist is the one with the calculator.

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Economics is best left to our intellectual elite masters.  We can't comprehend things like the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve.

Nope, don't worry about it sheep..

Here, watch these sexy girls shake their asses instead.

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Yup, not in the Construction so therefore the Rothschild Fed is criminal before one even considers the deposit theft and counterfeiting ponzi they are running.


"Guillotine the Fed. Then work your way down the tree of blood that is the banking system."

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Moderin Economics....where Tits and Ass are production.

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 The economist asked the alchemist why his life was in such disarray.

 Low and behold, the alchemist answered, " Have you flushed"?

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Tom Toles, the person who drew the political cartoon, use to work for the Buffalo News where he was a HUGE communist liberal. Toles was such a good leftist liberal that the Washington Post newspaper hired him away from the Buffalo News to go work for them.

I'm shocked..... really, really, shocked.......that he would create a political cartoon that would attack ANY liberal administration, especially Obama.

If Obama lost Tom Toles this is equivalent to Nixon losing Walter Cronkite.

Obama is in deep trouble with the left......


Caggge's picture

Lost from what? It' s not like there is another election for him to win.

ugmug's picture

Every liberal is finally realizing that their intellectual compass hasn't moved no matter which way they point it. 

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Figures dont lie




Liars sure can figure

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Please lower your survival expectations. There is nothing wrong with Alpo and boiled potato skins.

The Alarmist's picture

Alpo?  Boy, you be livin high on the hog!

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Really you must be one of them rich fellers who buy that there name brand stuff....

Da Yooper's picture

I have worked my way up to earthworms you guys are rolling in the $$$$ to be able to afford Alpo

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Here's a good one:

"Engineers and scientists will never make as much money as business executives. Now a rigorous mathematical proof that explains why this is true:

Postulate 1: Knowledge is Power.
Postulate 2: Time is Money.

As every engineer knows,

----------      =     Power

Since Knowledge = Power, and Time =Money, we have

---------       =     Knowledge

Solving for Money, we get:

-----------     =     Money

Thus, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity regardless of the Work done.
Conclusion: The Less you Know, the more money you Make."

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Engineers worry about the process, how to improve the process or extract as much from the process as possible. Managers objectify the process as a commodity, thus removing themselves from both quality and assurance, that is what programs like total quality management are for; the appearance of quality and assurance.


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I hear blunt puts are popular with certain colorado business owners...

Skateboarder's picture

This is my fantasization of Colorado:

-- office scene, manager comes up to an engineer's desk --

"You seen Dave? I need him to process this job immediately."

"Nah, he just stepped out for a blunt break."

"Dawwwg! Ima hit that shit too. Peace!"

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I prefer the capsules to smokiing.

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To be fair, some problems are business problems and some problems are engineering problems. They are really very different critters.

Politics is what fucks everything up. And that dimension will be with humanity until our fucking star goes dark (not that we will last that long).

I realized all this a few years back and moved away from the city ... I enjoy life now ... for as long as it is enjoyable. Go for a walk, listen to music that excites your emotions, eat food that satisfies. And have a couple beers. Do all of that with your best friend for life.



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Seriously, one of the best comments Ever!

And, someone above is trying to fuck up some potato skins by boiling them. . . cherish them and, the next day, heat them in the oven 'til hot-n-toasty. Then, add butter and salt and eat as-is or, make them your bread and stuff w/meats and cheeses and vegetables and have a potato skin sandwich :)

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After my time in the war, I interviewed for a few engineering jobs, but apparently there are jobs that Americans will take but for which American companies are not willing to pay a free-market rate (Which explains the AmCham's obsession with immigration "reform" and hiring H1B types to do the work they claim American's cannot do).  Anyway, I took my engineering brain to Wall Street, where they actually paid engineers what they are worth.  Then I got tired of earning a merely good paycheck and decided I wanted to be an executive, but I found myself too often bogged down in making sure my formulae and spreadsheets tied together nice and neat, which is not as easy as it might sound when you do business plans, budgeting and scenario analyses, since those quite often involve some plug or filler element that represent the "A miracle occurs here" box we've all seen on that blackboard full of equations.  Worrying about things being traceable back to reality can be poisonous to a career; I realised early on that a lot of time can be saved for more useful things like schmoozing if you simply make shit up.  Everyone who is anybody does it, and when things just don't work out as the model might have predicted if it had been well formulated, you simply blame the deviation on things like the weather or "un-predictable" political risks (as if any of those are actually unpredictable).

infinity8's picture

So, you had a problem with all of the bullshit.

Welcom to Zerohedge.

and i'm not tryin' to be an asshole/

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I'd rather be on EBT bra...

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I was going to be working to get an old Arctic Cat 90 ATV running today for my son.  

Nearly a dumpster-save, the economic problem is small.  Very little money is involved.

The engineering problem is significant, but likely solvable since I have decent skills as a mechanic.  

The political problem, however, is insurmountable.  My wife wants me out of the garage to do things for her.  Project: cancelled.

I do believe you're right, Cooter.


infinity8's picture

OOWwww! The engineering problems are the fun ones. . . tell her to quit breaking your balls.

NoDebt's picture

I know.  I love fixing broken shit.  Especially if it's so broken others have given up on it.

If I needed to ride this ATV to work on Monday, it would be worth the battle.  Gotta pick your battles wisely with your wife.


infinity8's picture

Yeah but really, how many times have you fixed the fuxking washing/machine - dishwasher so she can go buy some shoes? over it. I've never been able to throw away anything that might be useful, and no5hing feels as good as making "broken" shit work again.    

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

It's funny but I have never asked Mr to fix anything for me. I simply pull the thing apart and try to do it myself. Then Mr comes in and says something to the effect " Dear fucking God, that is not the way to do that!" Then he grabs my tools, pushes me aside and gets busy at it. I start to slink away smiling in my achievement of brilliant female manipulation. Suddenly I feel a tight grip on my arm. " where do you think you're going? Put these bolts in your pocket. Now hold this wrench here tight as I loosen the fitting above."


The shoe shop never gets my patronage but that's ok by me. Doing projects with a man who thinks you're worth his attention is quite rewarding.


NoPension's picture

So Sat, on a one hour drive to family reunion, the Wifey decides to start pushing the buttons. It's mostly my fault, I don't talk to her. I married her thirty one years ago, and it was for the tits. If I want to know what happened on the Bachelorette , she's my gal.
So she ponied up the 4" of shoe moulding I never installed 10 years ago when doing hardwood floors. I reminded her, shoe moulding comes in 10' pieces, and it don't understand, if it's so important to you , why after 10 years you haven't tried to do it yourself. You could have picked up a piece, and by now, be an expert. If it's that important.
Well, that was a fucking mistake. After 31 years, I know better. There was no escape. That witch screamed at me for 45 minutes, til she finally ran out of shit to say.

The lesson. ( and I know this already) It's not about the moulding. It's about the life she has, not perfect enough, and MY fault. And if the moulding gets fixed, TWO things take it's place.

There are lessons in there for you youngsters. Number one, want something done, do it yourself.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

You have affirmed my decision how to treat my husband after 30 years of marriage and I thank you for it. I had come to the realization men don't respond well to nagging after watching countless women do it and observing their blank dead stares. I was incredulous they kept doing such a pointless ineffectual action that only caused frustration on both sides. I decided I would learn as much as I could about men so I could communicate effectively.

The first thing I discovered was men be respected as well as have respect for another. This is foundational. Once respect is lost, it is very difficult, if not impossible to recover. My husband and I have disagreements but they are respectful. I respect his nature as a man and would never ask anything of him that would be against his nature such as treat him like a chatty girl friend. He does the same for me. Having this foundation makes the scenario you described never happen between us.

If you had pointed out to me I had left the moulding sit for ten years, I would have looked you straight in the face and said " You are absolutely right and I am ashamed of this. Would you be so kind to show me how to start one piece so the job is done correctly?" I'm pretty sure you would do so. Then when I got to a corner, I would ask you how to cut it properly. I'm pretty sure you'd help me with the band saw. As I progressed I'd call you over to see my work and accept criticism if needed. After it all was done, I think you'd have some respect for my effort even though you know you could have done a better job.

My husband married me for my tits too. He's still fascinated with them. But he loves me for my vibrancy, kindness,gentleness and perception. I am honored to have his love and respect. And I am sorry you listened to 45' of bitching. That was disrespectful and pointless.


FreedomGuy's picture

Brilliant and refreshingly honest.

UggSmash's picture

What a refreshing thing to read :-)

All Risk No Reward's picture

The #1 lesson is marry the right spouse.

The problem is that so many people fake it right up until the marriage.

Caveat emptor.


Da Yooper's picture

I realized all this a few years back and moved away from the city ... I enjoy life now ... for as long as it is enjoyable. Go for a walk, listen to music that excites your emotions, eat food that satisfies. And have a couple beers. Do all of that with your best friend for life.




I did the same thing


it just was not worth the hassel anymore


thats why I am



EBT excepted's picture

better to gain wisdom later, than not at all...

dhengineer's picture

Yeah, I was told essentially that when I finished my Master's in Civil Engineering waaaaay backin '82.  My professor told me that I had the tools to design just about anything I would ever be assigned to do.  The only thing standing in my way would be the money guys and the politicians (government and company upper-level blowhards).

So true.

And I, too, have left the field and am now enjoying my garden, my cats, my wife of 38 years, and my little house in the country.

Screw the rat race.

barre-de-rire's picture

u fucking nihilist faggot.

how the fuck you wanna raise an economy with such people



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.....Fucking  1. The man's erect penis rapidly thrusting back and forth in the woman's vagina (or an anus).  2. The woman's vagina (or an anus)rubbing up and down on the man's erect penis.  3. The action of the penis penetrating an object or a person.  4. An insertion of the vagina that is pleasing to the woman. .... nihilistic A word that nobody really knows what it actually means but is often used by pretentious book and film critics so that they can feel smug. ...... faggot In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap of calling somebody stupid or a loser. ..... what's your point?
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The difference between the two is important. I did a presentation on why the American automobile companies were failing about a decade ago. Here is my shorthand difference between the two.

Exec.: We have a problem. Sales are continuing slide year over year. What do we need to do?

Engineer: We need to buld a better car.

Marketing: We need a better advertising campaign.

Exec.: Building a better car takes a long time and lots of retooling and retraining. Let's drop a half billion in a quick ad campaign that gives our cars a sexy/sporty/family/manly/sensible image. Hire cheerleaders/race drivers/grandma/cowboys/metrosexuals to be in the ads and create the image.

Okay, on the the nexxxxxt problem. The unions want a 5 hour work day, foot massages at lunch and to overhire by 10% or they go on strike. Hmmmm.

Emergency Ward's picture

Nexxxt problem solution: Let's run double production shifts with lots of overtime for the unions and we'll stuff the channels with unsold cars and worry about it next quarter.

FreedomGuy's picture

Yup. In the end it is actually management's fault. Whether they are agreeing to wages that are too high or cutting corners.

My theory is that a company goes through three phases.

Phase I. Inspirational phase. This is where the founders are. They have some sort of inspiration and actual expertise. They usually have an actual passion for whatever they are doing whether it is building a car or a better cup of coffee. This is the funnest and most profitable time to work for a company. Once the founders and maybe first generation are gone you go to the next phase.

Phase II. The Professionals. These are the no nonsense guys. They have degreees and connections from Wharton, Yale, etc. They are actually pessimists and do not have any particular passion for the products or services. They stick to tried and true, take only limited risk on the advice of consultants and the solution to all things is "Work more hours.". They do work very hard and occassionally write a book about working hard. They are not as good or as smart as they think or their paychecks would indicate. The gradual downhill slide begins with these guys and gals. fWhen it gets to the point of the obvious the next phase occurs.

Phase III. Salvage. The company is continuing to fail. The last CEO has exited with a grand severance package and now a finance guy takes over. It is always a finance guy. Finance guys should never ever run any company including finance companies. They hate all businesses and the fact that there are any employees. Their basic theory is "We could save a ton of money if we fired everybody." They don't like cars, coffee or puppies. They are tasked with chopping the company down to size to get expenditures below revenues. They do not waste time trying to make better products or services. They are in the salvage mode. In the end, business continues to deteriorate until the company files bankruptcy or is bought by another or merges with another often equally weak company. This is the death of the original company.

Most of us work in Phase II companies. This is actually where most of the misery is.

armageddon addahere's picture

In other words, every organ grinder needs a monkey to collect the money but you don't let the monkey call the tunes.

FreedomGuy's picture

Actually it is either "Work for yourself." or find a startup and get on board.

NoPension's picture

I was partners in an auto repair shop. It was when R-12 ac refrigerant was being phased out. 90% of the old cars had r12, and peeps wanted ac. They would come in Springtime, we would blow in a pound and a half, and they were good to go for the summer.
Well r12 in a 30# keg, got to $600. Actually, $600 was a good price, if you could find the stuff. That's $20 a pound. I was charging $49 a pound, and $69 for the service. So for $150,a poor slob with and old car, could have ac, at least for another season. That's how most folks have to roll.
Most of my competition couldn't cover the $600 up front cost for the r12.
So I was it. And I knew it. So I got a deal offered, and good terms, and bought 4 kegs one June. $2400. My partner's wife, who kept the books, freaked the fuck out.
And in July, when I bought another 4 kegs for $2400, I thought she was going to have a cardiac! You just bought 4. Last month! WTF!

Now there was an idiot! ( I sold out not long after)

NoPension's picture

And for those who didn't get it, I was selling out. You do the math!

Yen Cross's picture

Nice work , Skateboarder.  ;-)

kchrisc's picture

My guillotine and I can engineer a change in those equations.

The math:

Guillotine x banksters x their treasonous pol and crat puppets = much fewer banksters and treasonous pols and crats

Fewer banksters and treasonous pols and crats + sound money = productive society

Productive society + engineers and scientists = prosperity and happiness.

barre-de-rire's picture

to change world, only 1 rule to delete from economy. forbid  the behavior consiting to do [this year benefit]=[last year same date benefit]+[% progress] that is ruining any local economy.

growth cannot be infinite,  accept the fact we cannot infinitly go bigger.

Caviar Emptor's picture

If you can't follow the script and shop till ya drop, you are useless