House Passes "Mean-Spirited" Immigration Bill, Takes Off For 5 Week Vacation; Obama Will Veto

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Last night, minutes before the most ineffectual Congress in US history took off for a well-deserved 5 week vacation, the republican-controlled House escalated the immigration duel with Obama, and passed what democrats called "mean-spirited" border legislation late Friday which as Politico reported was "full of political red meat for their conservative base, including revisions to a 2008 anti-trafficking law and more money for the National Guard." And just to make sure that immigration is a key divisive topic during the midterm elections, one which further splits the nation along predominantly ethnic lines, they also passed a bill to rein in Obama’s program to shield undocumented immigrants from deportations. 

The spending bill passed 223-189 late Friday, with only four Republicans voting "no" and one Democrat voting "yes." The measure ending Obama's deportation relief program passed 216-192, with 11 Republican "no" votes and four Democrats crossing party lines to vote in favor.  "It's dealing with the issue that the American people care about more than any other, and that is stopping the invasion of illegal foreign nationals into our country," said Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. "And we got to yes."

The passed law would sending migrant youths, mostly those on the US-Mexico border, back home without hearings, winning over conservatives with a companion bill that could lead to deporting more than half a million immigrants whom the Obama administration granted temporary work permits.

This took place a day after GOP leaders pulled the border bill from the floor in a chaotic retreat, a topic which was mocked by Obama just hours earlier during his "we tortured some folks" speech, with tea party lawmakers enthusiastically on board with the new $694 million version and a companion measure that would shut off a program created by Obama granting work permits to immigrants brought here illegally as kids. The second bill also seemed designed to prevent the more than 700,000 people who've already gotten work permits under the program from renewing them, ultimately making them subject to deportation.

Why the last minute surge in activity by a Congress which has done virtually nothing in the past 6 years and punted everything to the Fed's central-planning regime (recall "Get to work, Mr. Chairman")? Because this is merely a retaliation to Obama's announcement earlier in the week that he intends to unilaterally pass his own immigration proposal to deport fewer illegal immigrants.

For what it's worth, Democrats were furious, and warned Republicans that they'd be alienating Latino voters for years to come. "This, in all honesty and candor, is one of the most mean-spirited and anti-immigrant pieces of legislation I've seen in all my years in the Congress," said longtime Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.

Not surprisingly, as AP reports, Obama quickly condemned the Republican action and said he'd act unilaterally, as best he could. "They're not even trying to solve the problem," the president said. "I'm going to have to act alone, because we do not have enough resources.... It won't pass the Senate and if it did, I would veto it. They know that."

Obama called it a "partisan message bill on party lines that won't solve problems... It's just so they can check a box before leaving town."

Which is ironic, considering days earlier the House gave the GOP permission to begin a lawsuit (note: not impeachment) against Obama for being too despotic and making too many choices on his own.

Obama said he would reallocate resources where he could, while making clear his options were limited without congressional action. The administration already has taken steps including re-ordering immigration court dockets and boosting enforcement measures.

In other words, the latest theatrics by the House have zero chance of becoming law. Which is probably why the House actually passed them.

The moves in the House came on what was to have been the first day of lawmakers' five-week summer recess, delayed by GOP leaders after their vote plans unexpectedly collapsed on Thursday. Senators had already left Washington after killing their own legislation on the border crisis, so there was no prospect of reaching a final deal. But three months before midterm elections, House Republicans were determined to show that they, at least, could take action to address the crisis involving tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors fleeing violence and poverty in Central America to cross illegally into South Texas.


"It would be irresponsible and unstatesmanlike to head home for the month without passing a bill to address this serious, present crisis on the border," said Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., chairman of the Appropriations Committee.

The law may be worthless, but it revealed just how much horse trading continues to take place within the splintered republican party:

To reach a deal, GOP leaders had to satisfy the demands of a group of a dozen or more conservative lawmakers who were meeting behind the scenes with Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and taking their cues from outside groups such as the Heritage Foundation that opposed earlier versions of the legislation.


These lawmakers objected to sending any more money to Obama without a strong stance against his two-year-old deportation relief program, which Republicans blame for causing the current border crisis by creating the perception that once here, young migrants would be allowed to stay — a point the administration disputes.


House GOP leaders agreed earlier in the week to hold a separate vote to prevent Obama from expanding the deportation relief program, as he's signaled he plans to do, but that didn't satisfy conservatives who held out for stronger steps.


Thursday night, those lawmakers huddled in the basement of the Capitol with new House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., until coming up with a deal ending funding for the deportation relief program as well as making changes to the border bill aimed at ensuring the faster removal of the Central American migrant youths.


Friday morning, as the full Republican caucus met in the Capitol, conservative lawmakers were declaring victory.


"I'm very satisfied," said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, the leading immigration hardliner in the House.

Among the other provisions of the bill, it will add $35 million more for the National Guard, which would go to reimburse states for guard deployments. Like earlier versions, it would increase spending for overwhelmed border agencies, add more immigration judges and detention spaces, and alter a 2008 anti-trafficking law to permit Central American kids to be sent back home without deportation hearings. That process is currently permitted only for unaccompanied minors arriving from Mexico and Canada.

Finally, it bears repeating that since this bill will never become law, at least not with this Senate, it was all one big waste of time. Just like US politics in general.

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junction's picture

Deport the Man From Kenya

curbjob's picture

"Quick, the 51st state is killing children,  print moar blue pills !"


Anusocracy's picture

Government is destructive so more ineffectual means better.

Comte de Saint Germain's picture

President Obama’s upcoming Executive Order(s) dealing with immigration will likely cover the following aspects:
- This Executive Order will declare that US immigration system is in a state of emergency and shall be managed under the umbrella of National Security. Either Congress or the Supreme Court cannot review this action.
- Mandatory E-verify for all types of businesses operating in continental United States and overseas possessions. They will have up to 180 days from the date this Presidential decree was issued to implement such regulation; there will be tax deduction incentives for those companies who adhere to E-verify before the dateline.
- Unlawfully present immigrants in the United States who qualify under S.744's requirements will be granted a Temporary Protected Status and a renewable 2-year work permit only (excluding disability insurance, these people won’t have access to any government-sponsored benefits such as unemployment insurance, general assistance, welfare programs, etc).
- Unlawfully present immigrants in the United States ages 18 to 25 who qualify under S.744's requirements will compulsorily have to register in the Selective Service System.

The Alarmist's picture

Great.  The people an average US citizen would want holdinga gun over them in their defence would be those who have little to nothiner who have something in common with them.

theonewhowaskazu's picture

The wellfare state and the concept of open borders are clearly incompatible. 

Theoretically, the concept of open borders is compatible with freedom & libertarianism, and makes sense. However, in practice, even if open borders were allowed, everybody who enters the country would have to be fully documented (and thus not illegal), and the government would have to give no handouts whatsoever, because if they did, there would be a clear incentive for the poor to simply immigrate over and dilute the wealth of the nation.

Seeing as we have a situation where neither of those two conditions even close to being met - the requirement that immigrants are fully documented, and the requirement that they are not the beneficiaries of government handouts - the concept of open borders and encouraging uneducated immigrants to enter the country is clearly ridiculous. 

Keyser's picture

Not if the intent is to overload the system to the point of collapse... Google the Cloward-Pivens stratgey and all will become clear... 

curbjob's picture

"The wellfare state and the concept of open borders are clearly incompatible."


So is the concept of "free trade" and closed borders.

If production can cross borders freely, why not the means of production; labor.

Closed borders should mean just that, visas AND tarrifs.

Lin S's picture

It is far more than ridiculous, it is tantamount to national suicide.

Bloppy's picture

Odd: Ed Schultz on MSNBC is defying the network party line and coming out against open borders

bigdumbnugly's picture

no shit?


cats and dogs lying down together...


truly the end of days.

njfeds's picture

Get over it already


Seasmoke's picture

Maybe they can pass a bill to bomb their schools and hospitals 

toady's picture

That Should do the trick here in AZ. The governors race is nothing but control the border, send obama the bill, kill all humans, etc. Now the Washington boys get to come home and join the chorus. It's almost like there's nothing else going on. All immigration, all the time.

Vote out all the incumbents!

moneybots's picture

"Vote out all the incumbents!"

hidingfromhelis's picture

I'll get right on that as soon as I finish rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Freddie's picture

In Gaza?

This is actually decent news.  The public, mainly conservatives, hammered the phones to try to stop Obama-Democrats open-borders invasion.   I would rather they take 5 weeks off because it stops the Senate from pushing through their amnesty.

Obama, the DEMOCRATs and RINO-NeoCon/AIPAC gang are all the same.  There are a few decent Constitutionalists left in the GOP in the House.

Bananamerican's picture

I just realized that I will probably never vote again (in this present 2 party gang bang system) in my lifetime...haven't since 2000.

d edwards's picture

Politico=f-ing propaganda arm of the 0bamao regime.


The majority of people (outside the DC-NY clusterfuck) want the flood of illegals STOPPED  the border CLOSED, and these invaders encouraged and enabled by the regime RETURNED TO THEIR OWN COUNTIES ASAP and stop fucking around with our nation.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

It won't make a difference. Until you address why they are here, employment, nothing will change. This is purely political on both sides. Both party's corporate owners need cheap employment to maintain low labor costs, which makes them boatloads of cash and also keeps prices low, ie masks inflation.

Captain Willard's picture

If You are a worker, they bring in immigrants to depress your wages. If you are a small business owner, they crush you with regulations and laws favoring crony capitalists. 


This is all theater because they have no intent to pass anything to help the average Joe. Republicans want cheap labor. Democrats want more clients for the  Welfare State. It is that simple.

zerophilo's picture

d edwards: grow up.

I guaran-fucking-tee you would be an "illegal" if you were born in one of the countries that a lot of those children and families are coming from into our country. They come here not to piss you off and steal your already shitty opportunities. They come to find their own opportunity and to escape awful living conditions, political discrimination, and to increase their economic freedom. You're absolutely shortsighted and typical of most retarded Americans who don't like any immigrants because this is "your land." Grow up. If it were you in that situation you would do the same thing for yourself and your family: you would take responsibility and get the fuck out of those countries that the CIA has most likely made a hell hole in the last 50 years.


They're not "invaders", and they're not "fucking around with [our] nation." They're trying to live a half-way decent life.

Oquities's picture

they come here knowing they can get in and likely stay.  they will take a job or welfare, whichever.  no doubt, as you say, i would do it too if necessary.  but we just can't have open borders, or we will become Guatemala.  in our coming destitute condition, name one country that would allow us to stay and care for us.  none would.  because none can afford to.  and neither can we.


Aussie V's picture

It's ironic really, as you guys in the US are finally starting to "Reap what you sow!"

As long as the US Govt keeps meddling in other country's affairs and keeping poverty as the NO 1 export of African and Sth American nations you are gonna have a domestic immigration problem.

Suisse's picture

Why do you have boat people then?

Aussie V's picture

For the exact same reason!!

We follow to the beat of the same drum. No secret there.

astroloungers's picture

"they will take a job or welfare, whichever"

actually they do both. the amount of fraud perpped by latino illegals would embarass native born criminals. they know the worst that could happen is deportation (never). the cost, both fiscal and social is a straw that will break the camels back. to believe that most are just poor immigrants trying to better their lot  is childish at best. they are criminals form the start....illegal.

nightshiftsucks's picture

Yeah dickhead lets let anyone into this country who wants to be here and then we'll see how quickly the US becomes a 3rd world country. Keep my fucking money out of it. By the way dickhead Zero,how many illegals did you take in ?  If the SHTF ever  happens zero dickhead and i run into you I'll show you what mean spirited is.

booboo's picture

"They come here not to piss you off and steal your already shitty opportunities. They come to find their own opportunity and to escape awful living conditions, political discrimination, and to increase their economic freedom."

"YOUR shitty opportunity" or "increased THEIR economic freedom.

This is all you need to know about the progressives, see, your time has come and gone and you just need to die and make some room for Juan because he will accept shitty food safety, shitty health care, unsafe working conditions; Juan is used to being clubbed by the man, shaken down at a street corner by the Policia. He's used to lazy fucking government workers doing nothing all day.

The open borders crowd are doing the bidding for the Chamber of Commerce, Government Unions and Big AG and they are too fucking stupid to realize it.


FightingtheFed's picture

You either protect our Soverneighty or be countd with the Treasonists.

Not that complicated.

There's over 90 Million Americans without jobs and someone has the nerve to offer jobs to illegals?

Democrats should be fucking shot on spot as far as i'm concerned. I've had enough of the their assault on my Forefather's Constitution. As I stated those guilty of Treason should be shot on spot.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Treason is a little over the top.  I agree with you on all the other stuff.

I just don't think we need to embelish or get into hyperbole.  People like this are horrible enough on their own without our help.

We shouldn't always label criminals as terrorists because calling someone a terrorist has a specific context to his actions. Similary, a person who hates America shouldn't also be a traitor.  It diminishes treason.  Treason means something.  Hating America means something else. 

boattrash's picture

I don't discriminate. I think Repubs should be lined up along the same wall with the Dems. FFS, What's the difference between Shit, and Pure Shit? Are they not both still shit?

Berspankme's picture

Fuck you, just fuck you. They are invaders turning this cuntry into the same 3rd world hellhole they just left

SilverCoinLover's picture

Zerophilo: Using your logic (blaming the CIA) we should take in about 50 to 100 million from all over the world right now. Please inform us of your home town so we can send them all to you.


"They come here not to ... steal your already shitty opportunities". But they come to "increase their economic freedom". So how are they going to do that in a land of shitty opportunities?


WatchnSee's picture

Zero- maybe you should grow the fuck up. They are invaders. I don't give a shit if their own countries are cesspools. Not my probem, nor can we (the US) be expected to fix it. There are over 7B people on the planet, most live in shitty conditions. Should we take them all in?

IronShield's picture

It can only be done legally; and not on their terms, our terms.

Immigration should be effectively halted, without exception, until this has been resolved.  Period.

astroloungers's picture

me thinks you are the type that is willing to give away the long as it is someone elses.... bless your

charitable heart

Lin S's picture

Cool. Put them up in your house, pay all of their bills for them, and walk your Mother Theresa talk.

max2205's picture

Open boarders is illegal and insane

CrazyCatLady's picture

Couldnt possibly have anything to do with our own CIA going in and fucking their country up could it?  Do your knuckles bleed when you walk?

ajax's picture



"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them."

- Paul Valery

Everyman's picture

Oh I get it, it is "mean spirited" because John Conyers says so? Well that is as far left as you can go.  What a BS lefty article, clearly a democrat party mouthpiece.  Even Obama wants to change the 2008(at least in the news pieces) law to allow deportations too.


The bill is no more political then Harry Ried not bring some 380 some congressional bills for a vote in th Senate.  The horse trading also goes on in the democratic party as wel. There are a lot o democratic members of congress supporting the GOP because their states are under illegal immigration squeeze plays. Like sending these kids wherever the gov't wanted too.


This administration is way out of control. If you didn't like Bush, how do you like this guy and HIS thugs and criminals?

Oldwood's picture

While I'm not going to defend the republicans, how many bills have they sent to the democrat controlled Senate that have never been brought up for debate, much less a vote? 300? Is the litmus test for the congress that they must either submit bills that they know Obama will sign or else they are a do nothing obstructionist political body? I'm sick of this divisive bullshit from our media. I expect no less from the political parties but seriously, we are so fucked if this is what we are going to receive as balanced or unbiased reporting. These fuckwads should be hung by their nuts in a public square. Then...maybe.. we would see some meaningful bills passed.

Tulpa's picture

Also note the common leftist trick of conflating Congress with the HoR.  "Congress took off for a five week vacation" -- the Senate was already on vacay.

They really don't want people to realize the Senate exists and is in Dem control.

nmewn's picture

Yes, I was just gonna say, Reid & the Senate split the day before. And to set the record straight, TP wasn't interested in the least in granting Mr Contempt of Congress (Eric Holder) authority to pick FORTY immigration judges in one of these asinine bills...because he's such an astute judge of character.

Of democratic poison pills and

Freddie's picture

Hairy Reed's Senate has not had a budget in 6 (?) years?  The GOP is hopeless but the Dems and O are evil like their voters.  ZH still has plenty of O lovers.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

"The GOP is hopeless but the Dems and O are evil like their voters."

Recency bias. Whoever isn't in power is always the righteous one.

Everyman's picture

"recency bias" tinkebell  Which of your professors taught you that little concept of direction?  Pretty sure you could no come up with that yourself, you just are not that intelligent pointing fingers.

toady's picture

The ol' dem/rep obstructionism is getting old, but remember, the only thing that's worse is when the dems or repubs own both the House and Senate.

Max Cynical's picture

The house should defund the executive branch until O seals the border, cuts off foreign aid and halts all remittances (Western Union) to Mexico...they we'll have a debate.