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How The West Sees Africa

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Ahead of the US-Africa Summit this week, and given that President Obama explained "Africa also happens to be one of the continents where America is most popular," we thought the following map of just what the West thinks of Africa would be helpful...



h/t @Rykov


Of course, as President Obama explained yesterday, the US is different...

We are "deeply interested in working with Africa, not to extract natural resources alone, which traditionally has been the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world, but now because Africa is growing and you’ve got thriving markets and you’ve got entrepreneurs and extraordinary talent among -- among the people there... and we think that we can create U.S. jobs and send U.S. exports to Africa."


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Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:38 | 5038466 ShrNfr
ShrNfr's picture

The area over Kenya should be dipshit drunken black economists who father dipshit narcissic presidents with white mothers.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:42 | 5038493 Bloppy
Bloppy's picture

The West? It's China that's turning Africa into one giant colony. The West declined long ago.

Meanwhile, Russell Brand screws up badly in latest attack on Sean Hannity over Gaza:

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:55 | 5038541 neuronius
neuronius's picture

Wow, Brand-ed a Terrorist

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:39 | 5039089 max2205
max2205's picture

Africa is big enough to guarantee enough wars for the US for the next 1,00 years



Sun, 08/03/2014 - 04:22 | 5039760 barre-de-rire
barre-de-rire's picture

only one difference, when whitey beat whitey, no machetees slam 'n decapitation, niggers are beast at wars, no humanity at all.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 07:49 | 5039898 Zwelgje
Zwelgje's picture

BS. Look at the Eastern Front (1941-1945). 

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 14:44 | 5040952 0b1knob
0b1knob's picture

How Africa sees the West:

Gimme money Gimme money gimme money gimme money moar money moar money.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 23:30 | 5042561 morty_schatzberg
morty_schatzberg's picture

Bolsheviks are animals. They don't count.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:01 | 5038553 bunnyswanson
bunnyswanson's picture

Answer this.  Does Ukraine have an army, navy or military force/police force, national guard?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:32 | 5038638 Bossman1967
Bossman1967's picture

Yes well they do now. Its the US

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:48 | 5038978 Rentier88
Rentier88's picture

Sorry the but the West views most of Africa as 'worthless'.  Hence, why we never send any troops over there to end the conflicts we have no $$$ interests there.



Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:25 | 5039045 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture



ArcelorMittal in Liberia


ArcelorMittal is mining the Mt Nimba range in northern Liberia, at the site of the old LAMCO mine. The Mt Nimba moutain range is a UNESCO "Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve".


"Strict Nature Reserve" - All the land rights of the Reserve are now the exclusive property of the State and any installation of human activity is prohibited. - UNESCO

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:16 | 5039993 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

now here's a perfect example of Agenda 21 in-action.


extract the people to the cities, pre-serve the land

for later extraction of resources. . .on tap!

if one can wrap the mind around this tactic,

the last few decades of "chaos" become



Sun, 08/03/2014 - 18:36 | 5041699 NidStyles
NidStyles's picture

It's just another scam to steal resources. It's the UN, so theft was obviously involved.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 04:39 | 5039773 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

Hence, why we never send any troops over there to end the conflicts we have no $$$ interests there.

Nope, that is simply because the conflicts there do not disturb the outflow of resources. Actually, it is better to have these types of conflicts rather than none or some other types.

This is why 'americans' have spent a lot of $$$ ensuring they've got the right types of conflict.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:21 | 5040001 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

the "right types of conflict" are always lateral, other'd peoples against each, keeping the hate


encouraging hatred and competition, man-ufactured scarcity.

add some experi-mental bio-warfare, always evolving, deadly, re-moving excess, exploiting the leftovers.

anyone watching Africa with a keen eye can see their future,


Sun, 08/03/2014 - 04:52 | 5039782 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

The West? It's China that's turning Africa into one giant colony. The West declined long ago.

The place is still owned by 'americans' for the most of it. Everything China gets, they are taking from 'americans'

That is why 'americans' are bothered by chinese advances.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:48 | 5038516 Statetheist
Statetheist's picture

This is WAY more thought that I've ever put into Africa. These maps are becoming pretty cliche, by the way.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:41 | 5038665 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

Rodger that Stateheist. I see Africa as a diseased infected, low IQ, rump humping shit hole. You.couldn't convince me otherwise if you promised me all the chrome in Rhodesia......wait a minute

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:53 | 5038533 NOZZLE
NOZZLE's picture

Thanks god Stanley Ann Durtbag spread her ovaries for every gentically tinted piece of dick she could get her hands on to make up for your racsim,

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:21 | 5039314 KnuckleDragger-X
KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Only the Marxist-Socialist ones....

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 08:39 | 5039943 HughK
HughK's picture

Thanks for being honest about the terrible hate that must be eating you up, Nozzle.

As for the 25 ZH commenters who gave this a green arrow, keep goose stepping along in unison while at the same time telling yourselves you believe in enlightnment principles such as the quaint idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.

If you 25 were running the country then we'd be going back to the good old days of lynch mobs and segregated schools.


Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:28 | 5040006 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

one needn't look so far

to see how well the porn-memes have co-opted minds,

keeping them spinning in place.

where once critical thinking might have produced actions

now image-inations center on black cocks and pussy.

over and over, every day, every thread.

pavlovian.  go team!

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:07 | 5038864 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The correlation I see is "Ebola in African oil countries". 

Bad for US, bad for China.  But worse for one of them. 

Good time for China's military and Pharmas to get on board the "Treat an Ebola-infected patient at home" train?  And work on their version of bio-weapons -- er, I mean, Health Research.  Of course if it were me, I'd keep that facility on a container ship, offshore in Africa.  In case they need more "samples".  Project ALICE, by Umbrella Corp.  ;-)

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:37 | 5038467 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

Same as it ever was.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:49 | 5038837 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

Think how much easier to control it will be once it's depopulated.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:28 | 5040013 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

test case.

once perfected, it will go viral.


Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:38 | 5038470 trulz4lulz
trulz4lulz's picture

Why cane weeee be friends...why cant weee be friends....why cant wee be friends....why cant we. be FIRENDS!? Look at all that oilz. But, where is the Ebola info graph?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:33 | 5038643 Bossman1967
Bossman1967's picture

Have we forget about the HIV

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:41 | 5038483 trulz4lulz
trulz4lulz's picture

My momma always used to tell me, "Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you just dont know what youre going to get!" My momma sure was smart.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:23 | 5038614 Matt
Matt's picture

You're momma wasn't literate, I take it, since the chocalates are typically listed on the back of the box, and there is usually an insert that helps you identify what flavour each one is.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:25 | 5038786 trulz4lulz
trulz4lulz's picture

Run, Forrest RUN!!!!!!!

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:54 | 5038535 Dogface
Dogface's picture

Ebola comes in a Hershey Bar

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:09 | 5038892 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Badass news for Fudgepackers who prefer Hershey bars.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:39 | 5038476 _SILENCER
_SILENCER's picture

I see the place as a human experimentation lab for Pfizer and Merck.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:56 | 5038537 jbvtme
jbvtme's picture

where is soros' and gates' vacination clinic located?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:03 | 5038873 DeusHedge
DeusHedge's picture

that's a little pervy

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:31 | 5040019 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

gates' is airborne,

easy sweat-activated

no consent needed.


Sun, 08/03/2014 - 08:33 | 5039938 HughK
HughK's picture

Good idea, Dr. Mengele.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:39 | 5038477 Steroid
Steroid's picture


Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:40 | 5038484 GOSPLAN HERO
GOSPLAN HERO's picture

I likes dat.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:41 | 5038491 alien-IQ
alien-IQ's picture

Isn't the "S" in "BRICS" South Africa? Yeah...I thought so. So, you were saying Mr. President?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:43 | 5038496 debtor of last ...
debtor of last resort's picture

China saw Africa first. Asshole.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:53 | 5038532 Raymond K Hessel
Raymond K Hessel's picture

I can see China from my backyard in Flushing, Queens

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:57 | 5038546 debtor of last ...
debtor of last resort's picture

I can smell it, from 6 feet below sea level.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:51 | 5038689 PrintemDano
PrintemDano's picture

I made a wrong turn leaving Shea Stadium several years ago, thought I was in Peking.   I saw Rod Serling on the corner with a Marlboro.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:20 | 5038602 Lumberjack
Lumberjack's picture

Rommel and afrika corps.. Now Africom

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:47 | 5038513 Make_Mine_A_Double
Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

You can change the South West portion of the dark continent above Port Harcourt to Ebola Land now for easy Amerisheep reference.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:47 | 5038515 laomei
laomei's picture

And where are those markets coming from? Chinese investment

Who will reap the rewards? Sure as shit ain't gonna be the US.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:53 | 5038848 laomei
laomei's picture

China does business with those willing to do business and gives back in terms of solid infratructure which increase the ability to do business... or as projects linked to the desires of those they are doing business with.  I really fail to see the issue here apart from the UK being butthurt and the US being pissy that it exposes their decades of "aid" as nothing more than a scam.  The US "aid" is little more than a tool to extract far more than they give, dumping of surplus crops that destroy viable agriculture, illegal testing of GMO and drugs, etc.  Sorry, but the US isn't gonna win this, neither is the EU.  In the end, it's China which needs resources, Africa which needs infrastructure and when the two combine it creates favorable market conditions which help create a sustainable development.  The US will flat out *never* be in a position to develop anything in Africa or anywhere else for that matter.  Once the rounds of subcontracting are done, jack shit gets done.  It also requires economies of scale to make this shit work.  Just because you train a few villagers to build something doesn't mean they will run off to build more.  Chinese come in with experience and expertise and stick to budgets and timeframes.  Shit gets built, it gets built well, at cost, on time, and with minimal bullshit.


The US did it's whole little "pivot to asia" thing, but in the meantime, China has been doing a "pivot to everywhere".  Business and trade wins out over war, and war is the only thing the us is capable of anymore.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:27 | 5038935 AgeOfJefferson
AgeOfJefferson's picture

Dead on buddy. I couldn't have put it better myself. Business and trade will prevail on this continent rather than war (with of course the exception of some civil war factions).

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:29 | 5039060 HumanResourceProblem
HumanResourceProblem's picture

The Brits built some nice railways that stopped working when they left. Lotsa luck, China baobei!

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 01:32 | 5039653 7.62x54r
7.62x54r's picture

Building and operating the RR is just the cost of doing resource extraction in a third world shithole. provide the local chiefs with shinies, and they will stay in their hovels.

Nothing new there.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:32 | 5040023 laomei
laomei's picture

Well kinda, but not exactly.  In order to extract you have to build infrastructure.  The reason why much of Africa is perma-fucked is because the powers just hacked up the countries however they felt like, then geared them for very specific export activity.  All infrastructure was put into place to support that extraction and nothing more.  The british railroads were all about export, moving settlers in, mobilizing troops to suppress rebellion, and other fun imperialist shit.  


Sure, they built roads (for extraction), schools (for themselves), hospitals (for themselves), and other shit (for themselves)... then when they packed up and left they left it a giant mess with shit for leadership and it all (predictably) went to shit.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:31 | 5039063 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture
George W. Bush Motorway (Completed) [HD] - Accra, Ghana (February 2012)


EDIT; construction subbed out to China

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:33 | 5040025 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

always with the punch line, you.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:53 | 5038675 Tall Tom
Tall Tom's picture

I am not too concerned.


Yes. Chinese businessmen will take Ebola back to China...infected.


And the way that your society is structured you most certainly reap the bounty of that harvest...of DEATH.


Population Density will be the deciding factor.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:54 | 5038852 laomei
laomei's picture

China does quarantine very effectively. It's the west which tends to bitch and moan about it.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:09 | 5039289 sylviasays
sylviasays's picture

"China does quarantine very effectively. It's the west which tends to bitch and moan about it."

Quarantine? ChiComs quickly exterminate and then harvest the organs for sale to the West. 

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:12 | 5038898 AgeOfJefferson
AgeOfJefferson's picture

Yep. The Chinese have been investing and helping (not plotting, infiltrating, and bombin)  in  Africa for over a decade. They've used a friendly Eastern approach rather than a coercive and forceful one. When it comes time for boom growth and expansion, African countries will remember this and stick their middle finger to the West. What goes around, comes around. Bitchez!

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:12 | 5039294 sylviasays
sylviasays's picture

"Yep. The Chinese have been investing and helping (not plotting, infiltrating, and bombin)  in  Africa for over a decade. They've used a friendly Eastern approach rather than a coercive and forceful one. When it comes time for boom growth and expansion, African countries will remember this and stick their middle finger to the West. What goes around, comes around."

Only a deluisional Marxist bitch would consider the ChiComs as "friendly." 

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:51 | 5038527 falak pema
falak pema's picture

The West hasn't seen the virus on its radar?

Funny how Boko Haram can now take out the Oil rich part of Nigeria after having wreaked mayhem in the poor muslim northern part.

The diseases resulting from  repeated rape and neglect could engender huge unforseen consequences for those who only think about Oil and Gold.

Just like Q-daffy's arms stack has wreaked all over the Al-Qaeda trail from Syria to Nigeria along the Sahel. 

With Soudan now burning, who will be next?  Even the worm turns or so they say. 

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:51 | 5038528 NOZZLE
NOZZLE's picture

Africa supplies me with tenants who proceed to gorilla up perfectly clean apartments and leave them teaming with roachs, bedbugs with crap smeared on the walls.  

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:02 | 5038558 One And Only
One And Only's picture


Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:36 | 5038651 Bossman1967
Bossman1967's picture

Can we say section 8

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 01:33 | 5039655 7.62x54r
7.62x54r's picture

Get a hold of the local voter's reg list. Only rent to non-democrats.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:59 | 5038713 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

You are lucky to have a building left standing let alone worry about the filth and insects they leave behind. In my area one of the recent "arrivals" from W Africa nearly burnt down an entire apartment building. Apparently not aware of the virtues of electricity he pack his oven full of firewood to cook a meal.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:38 | 5038816 Flagit
Flagit's picture

Does that go down as arson?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:08 | 5038889 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

Just stupidity........on the part of US guberment for letting in this lot in the first place.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 11:47 | 5040320 Whatchamacallit
Whatchamacallit's picture

Ignorance, not stupidity.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 08:30 | 5039933 HughK
HughK's picture

Then sell your property and move somewhere where there are only white people, Nozzle, if that's your attitude.  Or you can do what capitalists are supposed to do and deal with it instead of whining.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:37 | 5040029 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

"capitalists" on .gov Section 8


sounds rather socialist, or better, to me. . .

Section 8 bennies for the rentier class.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:52 | 5038531 neuronius
neuronius's picture

What a rich continent, there are so many natural resources here it's crazy.  Need some de-worming medicine to get rid of the epic-sized tapworms, though.  These globalists want us to believe there aren't enough to go around, what a crock of shite.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 16:56 | 5038543 dumbStruck
dumbStruck's picture

Alittle over simplified, no mention of the coming proxy wars between the US and China. The US is seemingly gearing up for military confrontation with drones and bases all over while China is expanding it's reach economically. I don't see the name of democracy being used much by China, or the US who are saying very little about building up their "emplacements", in their jostling for position in the race to dominate africa.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:07 | 5038568 logicalman
logicalman's picture

Democracy was last spotted....



Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:26 | 5038622 Matt
Matt's picture

Crimea? Donestsk? Within the last year I think.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:28 | 5038793 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Yeah, 106% turnout is pretty impressive ;-)

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:03 | 5038561 lotsoffun
lotsoffun's picture

obama.  oboogie.  why?  why did we do this to ourselves?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:37 | 5038655 Bossman1967
Bossman1967's picture

As the Obumer decetion said we needed the African minerals and he even fucked that up we will just get Ebola out of it.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:07 | 5038723 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

No worries Boss 67. FDA just came out and said Ebola was a necessary daily mineral in your diet. Problem solved!

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:06 | 5038564 Normalcy Bias
Normalcy Bias's picture

Nigeria should show 3/4 '419 Scams,' and 1/4 'Petroleum and Petroleum Products.'

This is, after all, about perception.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:22 | 5038610 Steve Brown
Steve Brown's picture

China already owns most of the sub-Saharan African continent, so O'Bummer should look elsewhere.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:26 | 5038621 richsob
richsob's picture

Africa has every reason to be prosperous except one: an intelligent population.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:47 | 5039104 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture

Historically, Africa was, and is extremely properous. that is until the theiving banksters showed up.


Cobra Verde

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:23 | 5039319 sylviasays
sylviasays's picture

Historically, Africa has always been a mess because of tribal warfare--which began well before the bankers showed up.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 23:04 | 5039433 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture

Perfect example of an isolated incident propagada.


Read a book; 

King Leopold's Ghost

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 08:27 | 5039926 HughK
HughK's picture

23 green arrows for

Let's all goose step forward in unison, Zero Hedgers.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:28 | 5038624 Spungo
Spungo's picture

Investing in Africa = grrr evil capitalism!
Not investing in Detroit = grrr evil capitalism!

So the message here is that capitalism is bad under all circumstances.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 04:54 | 5039785 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

Investing in Africa? The capital is there.

Monetizing the african capital, that is the story.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:31 | 5038627 Goldilocks
Goldilocks's picture

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. — Revelation 6:1-2 NASB


Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around Lyric Video) (4:27)

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:59 | 5038714 Carpenter1
Carpenter1's picture

Over 2000 years after promising to come "quickly," "soon," and "quickky" 3 more times, not a sign, not a word, except dire warnings every generation that fizzle into nothing,  kinda like the promises themselves. 



Sun, 08/03/2014 - 09:44 | 5040036 Cathartes Aura
Cathartes Aura's picture

". . .you just keep me hangin' on. . ."

Supreme irony.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:32 | 5039349 sylviasays
sylviasays's picture

Four women of the apocalypse: Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Hillary Clinton.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:33 | 5038642 Karaio
Karaio's picture

Sorry but ZH, is a poor view of Africa. 

Grotesque mistake to look only the African continent as a supplier of raw materials and slaves. 

Before the arrival of Europeans Africa was a huge pasture, supplied food to all who lived there. 

Brazil by EMBRAPA conducts research. 

Africa and Brazil have the same type of soil. 

Chinese are very interested, they need food. 

BRICS is much more than using U.S. $. 

The thing involves welfare and development, is beyond the comprehension of capitalism.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:52 | 5038687 Tall Tom
Tall Tom's picture

Yes. China is not part of the West. But if YOU READ it states that is how the West SEES Africa.


It does not report that the West has an accurate view.


That is the key word...SEE. That is the VERB...the action.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:23 | 5038780 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

""Before the arrival of Europeans Africa was a huge pasture, supplied food to all who lived there".
Well that could explain the low IQ found throughout the continent. When you don't or barely have to work the land and have no need to plan ahead for a long barren winter then just about any primate would be successful in that environment.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:09 | 5038894 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

Hardship is the mother of innovation. Those who simply live off the land have little need for technology. And the more acceptable death is, the less resistance there is to it.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 21:56 | 5039262 Karaio
Karaio's picture



I do not understand what you say as low IQ. 


Maybe Ignorance quotient build a house with 1,000 square feet for three people to have five car garage, a boat in a place where there are tornadoes or twisters. 

Does the Intelligence Quotient will have paper shares, debentures, gold on paper etc.. 

Or, will feed his family and look for a safe place is foolish? 

I would not build a house in the Palestinian area invaded, would not take my family to a house in a place like this. 

Man, things are relative when thinking about money or honesty of life.

What will it take for the coffin? 

All your money or your fond memories? 

Your family or your property? 

The choice is yours to live. 

No hard feelings.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:13 | 5039300 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

I was referring to a standardized test which measures ones abilities to solve basic problems. Something both European and east Asian populations are nearly equal in results. Funny how Africans fail so miserably in every measure. And no it's not relative, African culture is a failure by any measure. BTW, take another engligh class before trying to mix it up on ZH.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 00:35 | 5039588 Karaio
Karaio's picture


No, I do not want to mingle ZH. 

You do not know anything on a golf course if he stayed one year with only a shovel and a hoe some more seeds. 


Africans know what to do in such a situation. 

Fortunately his IQ is high. 


No hard feelings.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 04:57 | 5039788 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

High IQs have so far never managed to solve any problem in Africa. All have tried, all failed.

The only thing they've managed to do is to transfer resources out so they can be consumed elsewhere.

No differences between high IQs and low IQs, which leads to a conclusion.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:40 | 5038657 debtor of last ...
debtor of last resort's picture

Lets compare the dollar with bushmeat.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:39 | 5038658 Miss Expectations
Miss Expectations's picture

 New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger, and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago... mining gold. Michael Tellinger presents just some of the startling scientific evidence that led to his groundbreaking discoveries and conclusions.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:54 | 5038702 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

Given the perversion of the Ubuntu operating system, I immediately want to dismiss anything "ubuntu" these days. Thanks for sharing the link - I'll give it a watch sometime.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 23:37 | 5039505 25or6to4
25or6to4's picture

If true Missy I guaranFNtee that they were not decendents of current S African bushmen that have less than 65 IQ. BTW the out of Africa " theory " has been disproven.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 08:23 | 5039924 HughK
HughK's picture

Yes, the out of Africa theory has been disproven along with much else.  We are actually all figments of your imagination, 25, as is anything else you don't want to be true.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:40 | 5038660 Bossman1967
Bossman1967's picture

Africa has been fist fucking this country since the beginning of our time now we have Obama then ebola whats next?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:48 | 5038833 caustixoid
caustixoid's picture

"Africa has been fist fucking this country since the beginning of our time..."

That sounds just horrible.  What country are you from?  1st C. Rome?

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 01:35 | 5039659 7.62x54r
7.62x54r's picture

1st C. Rome was a civilized place. A virgin could walk from one end of the empire to the other with a pot of gold, and have both the gold and her virginity intact.

Maybe we should emulate the Romans, and crucify more uncivilized assholes?

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 08:22 | 5039922 HughK
HughK's picture

Can someone put Bossman's chain back on?  He's running loose and foaming at the mouth.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:41 | 5038668 Smegley Wanxalot
Smegley Wanxalot's picture

I just see a huge ebola petri dish on that map.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:47 | 5038680 Tall Tom
Tall Tom's picture

I see that...jumping over to China.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:45 | 5038828 Flagit
Flagit's picture

I don't see Ebola putting a dent in China.

Everyone is already wearing masks from the schmaug.


Now, if eBola learns to fight with a knife....

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 01:37 | 5039663 7.62x54r
7.62x54r's picture

Fucking Dragons. Let them into your country, and they start flaming villages, and hording all the gold.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 03:34 | 5039735 daedon
daedon's picture

Since the bill gates foundation to control the African population by vaccinating them to death isn't working fast enough, one of the acronym agencies probably had to come up with a Plan-B.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 17:49 | 5038684 NoWayJose
NoWayJose's picture

Unfortunately for Africa, there are few leaders who:

1. Don't seek revenge for some tribal atrocity committed 20 years ago by a different tribe

2. Don't suck off most foreign aid and tax revenues for their own pockets, the pockets of their posse, or to build and maintain a ruthless army

3. Recognize the need for foreign investments that grow their country and jobs - versus just taking a bribe and letting the foreign countries bring in foreign workers that last until the resource/mine is gone

4. Recognize the need to educate their people

5. Have the statesmanship to settle and end conflicts with neighboring tribes and countries in a non-violent way

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:34 | 5038807 nmewn
nmewn's picture

2. Don't suck off most foreign aid and tax revenues for their own pockets, the pockets of their posse, or to build and maintain a ruthless army.

Ok, I give, which one? ;-)

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 05:00 | 5039789 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

2- if that amount was anything meaningful, it would not be allowed.
Corruption is only an issue because it shows. 'Americans' cant even say if they are corrupted.

3-growing the country? What is that? Either Africans consume their resources or someone else does. In this 'american' world, their resources should be removed as inputs toward 'american' economies? Chinese are working on that, and it does not please 'americans'.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:01 | 5038717 Fuku Ben
Fuku Ben's picture

This reminds me of the multi-trillion dollar mineral map of Afghanistan

We're all human resources harvesting natural resources ie. slaves on a global plantation

The plantation is being re-sized up like a Thanksgiving turkey by globalist (former 20th century imperialists) parasites

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:07 | 5038730 I Write Code
I Write Code's picture

Well you know there's Africa and there's Africa, there's sand and monkeys and pyramids and elephants and Rick's Cafe Americain and lemurs and lions and Tarzan and marathon runners and pygmies and zulus and flamingos and zebras and cheetahs and get rich scams and some gold and diamonds and Dutchmen and French and Belgian colonies and the Cape of Good Horn and, um, maybe the Eiffel Tower?  And Somali pirates, they were in a movie so they must be real.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:33 | 5038806 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

Don't forget Soft Drink Concentrate!

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:15 | 5038759 The Axe
The Axe's picture

You forgot to include pirates??

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:26 | 5038774 worbsid
worbsid's picture

When internal consumption and production cross then exports are zero (on a long enough time line). So it is with Egypt so no one is looking to Egypt for anything but trouble.  It was the petroleum exports which hit zero in 2010 that allowed them to easily trade for food etc. The rest of their exports and internal production are not enough to supply the people enough food, etc.  

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:23 | 5038782 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Didn't see straw huts to rebound the housing market. 

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:25 | 5038787 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

50 year mortgages on straw huts eventually lolololo.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:55 | 5038853 Flagit
Flagit's picture

Tell me more, Mr. Wolf.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:24 | 5038785 Dre4dwolf
Dre4dwolf's picture

If we wasn't taking all that stuff, it would go to waste.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:29 | 5038792 bh2
bh2's picture

"one of the continents where America is most popular"

Perhaps no longer, once Air Force One arrives.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:31 | 5038804 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Apparently the author is unfamilar with Zanzibar.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 18:58 | 5038840 Blazed
Blazed's picture

And China doesn't see Africa this way? 

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 05:02 | 5039790 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

Why should they not?

'Americans' shaped that view first. And it is well known Chinese are copy cats.

This is an 'american' world.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:07 | 5038885 DaveA
DaveA's picture

My college history teacher taught us that the American Indians were some of the richest people in the world until white men stole all their oil, gold, uranium, etc. The fact that white men discovered, extracted, and invented uses for these resources counts for nothing.

If we'd treated Arabs in the 1940s as we treated Indians in the 1840s, the Middle East would be a much nicer place today.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:21 | 5038921 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

We are all rich until we realize what we have lost. What makes people really mad is when they realize that it was they who were the dumb ass.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:35 | 5039362 Tegrat
Tegrat's picture

Love the blame America for the world's problems crowd. Ignorant fucks have no idea, arabs were killing each other before the 1940s.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 10:03 | 5040062 canstacker
canstacker's picture

And the Europeans were doing what, planting flowers and holding hands?

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:25 | 5038929 smacker
smacker's picture

[Obama]: "Africa also happens to be one of the continents where America is most popular,"

There you go America, The black dude has mapped out your future after he finishes destroying the economy and grinding people down to impoverished debt slaves.

Dream  of those cuddly Nigerian women with lips like Mick Jagger.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 19:36 | 5038948 suicidalpsychologist
suicidalpsychologist's picture

and what are we doing to do when there s nothing left at all, after countless  generations of humans who fought each others for said ressources? mankind is doomed to disapear, all animal species disapear one day, maybe we ll evolve to become something else to adapt and survive.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:27 | 5039053 zer0concerns
zer0concerns's picture

What are we going to go do when there's nothing left at all?
That's a great question and I'm glad ya asked.
Well, I'll tell ya...our species will return to a life resembling that of the upper paleolithic. Our consciousness will break down, not that it's really necessary anyway, and there will be no escape from this second stone-age.
At some point an extra-terrestrial event will occur and that'll be allllllll folks.
Thank you for playing.
I have zero Fucking concerns about it myself.

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 03:57 | 5039745 grekko
grekko's picture

You two have such limited imaginations. The next planet most likely has the same resources, and nobody lives there. We live on one small rock in an unlimited universe. Then again, within 20 years we should be generating fusion energy. When we master that, we can make anything we want. See

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:30 | 5039064 TNTARG
TNTARG's picture

We are "deeply interested in working with Africa, not to extract natural resources alone,


Amazing. So explicit. The West is elucidating itself. Exposing its nature, naked awful soul. Another exhibit was that of "permissible genocide". And "we tortured some folks"... Among others.

Not what we didn't know, of course, but so said...

How do you like that? Are you ok with torture? Genocide? Stealing other countries' natural resources?  

I'm having new expectations about emerging truths. Who knows? 





Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:33 | 5039074 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

  Every "risk" has it's "reward", and Mother Nature doesn't have the luxury of central banking to prolong her losses.

 " Eat or be Eaten" is real, sudden, and inescapable...

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:48 | 5039108 q99x2
q99x2's picture

The CIA give them the AIDS and the Ebola and they give the western oligarchs/banksters their natural resources. Done deal except for them pesky Chinesers.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 21:25 | 5039181 marcusfenix
marcusfenix's picture

this was the way the west viewed africa...right up until about two weeks ago. now im pretty sure your average western blokes view of the dark continent can summed up in just one word...

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 21:39 | 5039214 At120
At120's picture

Egypt doesn't have fossil fuel reserves of any considerable quantity.  The only thing the place has going for it are pyramids, cotton, and cheap labor.



Sat, 08/02/2014 - 21:43 | 5039222 americanspirit
americanspirit's picture

"They hate us for our freedom"

"They hate us for our soul"

Never the twain shall meet.

Sat, 08/02/2014 - 22:02 | 5039271 MalteseFalcon
MalteseFalcon's picture


The USA doesn't have a black president, so it can chum up with Detroit.  It's all about the empire, baby.  All of it.


Sun, 08/03/2014 - 05:03 | 5039791 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

Developing a navy was supposed to be a given, with all those miles of coast. Where is the required timber? Ummm, well, there is some.

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