How The West Sees Africa

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Ahead of the US-Africa Summit this week, and given that President Obama explained "Africa also happens to be one of the continents where America is most popular," we thought the following map of just what the West thinks of Africa would be helpful...



h/t @Rykov


Of course, as President Obama explained yesterday, the US is different...

We are "deeply interested in working with Africa, not to extract natural resources alone, which traditionally has been the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world, but now because Africa is growing and you’ve got thriving markets and you’ve got entrepreneurs and extraordinary talent among -- among the people there... and we think that we can create U.S. jobs and send U.S. exports to Africa."

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The area over Kenya should be dipshit drunken black economists who father dipshit narcissic presidents with white mothers.

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The West? It's China that's turning Africa into one giant colony. The West declined long ago.

Meanwhile, Russell Brand screws up badly in latest attack on Sean Hannity over Gaza:

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Wow, Brand-ed a Terrorist

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Africa is big enough to guarantee enough wars for the US for the next 1,00 years



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only one difference, when whitey beat whitey, no machetees slam 'n decapitation, niggers are beast at wars, no humanity at all.

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BS. Look at the Eastern Front (1941-1945). 

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How Africa sees the West:

Gimme money Gimme money gimme money gimme money moar money moar money.

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Bolsheviks are animals. They don't count.

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Answer this.  Does Ukraine have an army, navy or military force/police force, national guard?

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Yes well they do now. Its the US

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Sorry the but the West views most of Africa as 'worthless'.  Hence, why we never send any troops over there to end the conflicts we have no $$$ interests there.



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ArcelorMittal in Liberia


ArcelorMittal is mining the Mt Nimba range in northern Liberia, at the site of the old LAMCO mine. The Mt Nimba moutain range is a UNESCO "Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve".


"Strict Nature Reserve" - All the land rights of the Reserve are now the exclusive property of the State and any installation of human activity is prohibited. - UNESCO

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now here's a perfect example of Agenda 21 in-action.


extract the people to the cities, pre-serve the land

for later extraction of resources. . .on tap!

if one can wrap the mind around this tactic,

the last few decades of "chaos" become



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It's just another scam to steal resources. It's the UN, so theft was obviously involved.

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Hence, why we never send any troops over there to end the conflicts we have no $$$ interests there.

Nope, that is simply because the conflicts there do not disturb the outflow of resources. Actually, it is better to have these types of conflicts rather than none or some other types.

This is why 'americans' have spent a lot of $$$ ensuring they've got the right types of conflict.

Cathartes Aura's picture

the "right types of conflict" are always lateral, other'd peoples against each, keeping the hate


encouraging hatred and competition, man-ufactured scarcity.

add some experi-mental bio-warfare, always evolving, deadly, re-moving excess, exploiting the leftovers.

anyone watching Africa with a keen eye can see their future,


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The West? It's China that's turning Africa into one giant colony. The West declined long ago.

The place is still owned by 'americans' for the most of it. Everything China gets, they are taking from 'americans'

That is why 'americans' are bothered by chinese advances.

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This is WAY more thought that I've ever put into Africa. These maps are becoming pretty cliche, by the way.

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Rodger that Stateheist. I see Africa as a diseased infected, low IQ, rump humping shit hole. You.couldn't convince me otherwise if you promised me all the chrome in Rhodesia......wait a minute

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Thanks god Stanley Ann Durtbag spread her ovaries for every gentically tinted piece of dick she could get her hands on to make up for your racsim,

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Only the Marxist-Socialist ones....

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Thanks for being honest about the terrible hate that must be eating you up, Nozzle.

As for the 25 ZH commenters who gave this a green arrow, keep goose stepping along in unison while at the same time telling yourselves you believe in enlightnment principles such as the quaint idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.

If you 25 were running the country then we'd be going back to the good old days of lynch mobs and segregated schools.


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one needn't look so far

to see how well the porn-memes have co-opted minds,

keeping them spinning in place.

where once critical thinking might have produced actions

now image-inations center on black cocks and pussy.

over and over, every day, every thread.

pavlovian.  go team!

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The correlation I see is "Ebola in African oil countries". 

Bad for US, bad for China.  But worse for one of them. 

Good time for China's military and Pharmas to get on board the "Treat an Ebola-infected patient at home" train?  And work on their version of bio-weapons -- er, I mean, Health Research.  Of course if it were me, I'd keep that facility on a container ship, offshore in Africa.  In case they need more "samples".  Project ALICE, by Umbrella Corp.  ;-)

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Same as it ever was.

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Think how much easier to control it will be once it's depopulated.

Cathartes Aura's picture

test case.

once perfected, it will go viral.


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Why cane weeee be friends...why cant weee be friends....why cant wee be friends....why cant we. be FIRENDS!? Look at all that oilz. But, where is the Ebola info graph?

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Have we forget about the HIV

trulz4lulz's picture

My momma always used to tell me, "Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you just dont know what youre going to get!" My momma sure was smart.

Matt's picture

You're momma wasn't literate, I take it, since the chocalates are typically listed on the back of the box, and there is usually an insert that helps you identify what flavour each one is.

trulz4lulz's picture

Run, Forrest RUN!!!!!!!

Dogface's picture

Ebola comes in a Hershey Bar

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Badass news for Fudgepackers who prefer Hershey bars.

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I see the place as a human experimentation lab for Pfizer and Merck.

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where is soros' and gates' vacination clinic located?

DeusHedge's picture

that's a little pervy

Cathartes Aura's picture

gates' is airborne,

easy sweat-activated

no consent needed.


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Good idea, Dr. Mengele.

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Isn't the "S" in "BRICS" South Africa? Yeah...I thought so. So, you were saying Mr. President?

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China saw Africa first. Asshole.

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I can see China from my backyard in Flushing, Queens

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I can smell it, from 6 feet below sea level.

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I made a wrong turn leaving Shea Stadium several years ago, thought I was in Peking.   I saw Rod Serling on the corner with a Marlboro.

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Rommel and afrika corps.. Now Africom

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You can change the South West portion of the dark continent above Port Harcourt to Ebola Land now for easy Amerisheep reference.

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And where are those markets coming from? Chinese investment

Who will reap the rewards? Sure as shit ain't gonna be the US.