Russia Scrambled Interceptor To Pursue US Spy Plane Day After MH17 Crash

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A day after Malaysian Airlines MH-17 was shot down on July 17 over east Ukraine (still to be determined by who thanks to epic amounts of fact-free propaganda) the new cold war between Russia and the US nearly heated up quite substantially, after a U.S. Air Force spy plane closely evaded an encounter with the Russian military on July 18 in what may potentially have escalated into a live fire tragedy that could have unleashed something far worse.

According to CNN, the U.S. plane had been flying in international airspace, conducting an electronic eavesdropping mission on the Russian military, when the Russians took the unusual action of beginning to track it with land-based radar.  The Russians then sent at least one fighter jet into the sky to intercept the aircraft, the U.S. official said Saturday.

And while the US version of events is that the plane was flying in neutral territory, we are confident the Russian narrative will put the spyplane squarely into Russian airspace, explaining not only the radar track and the scrambling of the interceptor, but the rapid evasive action by the US airplane.

Russian and U.S. aircraft often encounter each other, both in Northern Europe as well as the area between the Russian Far East and Alaska. But the official said the land radar activity by the Russians in this instance was unusual. The spy plane crew felt so concerned about the radar tracking that it wanted to get out of the area as quickly as possible. As a result of taking the quickest route away from Russian airspace the crew entered Swedish airspace. The U.S. official acknowledged that was done without Swedish military approval. The RC-135 Rivet Joint fled into nearby Swedish airspace without that country's permission, a U.S. military official told CNN. The airplane may have gone through other countries' airspace as well, though it's not clear if it had permission to do so.

As a result of this incident, the United States is discussing the matter with Sweden and letting officials know there may be further occurrences where American jets have to divert so quickly they may not be able to wait for permission.

"We acknowledge a U.S. aircraft veered into Swedish airspace and will take active steps to ensure we have properly communicated with Swedish authorities in advance to prevent similar issues before they arise," the U.S. State Department said.

The incident was first reported by the Swedish news agency Svenska Dagbladet. Russian officials did not provide any immediate reaction about the encounter.

As a reminder, this is not the first recent close encounter between US and Russian air forces: recall that on April 23 a Russian Su-27 Flanker fighter buzzed within 100 feet of the nose of a U.S. Air Force RC-135U reconnaissance plane over the Sea of Okhotsk between Russia and Japan, a Defense Department official said.

Needless to say, Russia is sending the US a clear message: your spy planes are not only no longer welcome here, but will be shot down if the incursions continue.

Which begs the logical follow up: what would happen if the US were to catch a Russian spyplane flying off the coast of California on a weekly basis?

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Goddammit Maverick!!!!!!!!!!!

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Whats the big deal if it was in international airspace, the Russians are certainly allowed in that airspace too, unless its more American exceptionalism.  Me thinks it was more like the USA sticking one of its wings into Russian Airspace.

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well if CNN said it, it must be legit info . . . . .     

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Things will get more interesting when the Russians have their stealth fighters cruising up there waiting for the hotshots from USSA to stick their noses in Russian airspace.  Then they won't have enough time to get out before the Russian missiles knock them down over sovereign Russian soil.

The Russians should of peeed on it lol

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Say... have they managed to finish re-engineering the edited cockpit voice / flight data recordings that haven't been released yet so they synchronize with the missing Ukrainian air traffic recordings?

Too bad the Malaysians gave them to the Dutch who then gave to the British because they didn't have "the kit" that MI6 probably has. The MH370 communications were releasd in just 3 days so there must be more 'technical stuff' to take care of here...

"They have the kit to analyse in minute detail what can be heard in the last few minutes of flight MH17. The information is incredibly sensitive so investigators gather in a sealed room so that only those who should be listening can listen." 


Now we certainly wouldn't want anyone who shouldn't be listening in to what actually happened to the plane listening in would we? (Hint: That's you and me)

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Remember the Air Algiere Flight that crashed July 24th, 7 days later. Guess what, the flight recorder details are already released,  LOL>

Even better,  the testimony of the Air Traffic Controllers was  released, and it was the French Bureaucracy that acted so 'quickly' out of concerns for the relatives of the deceased.

But, but.... Kiev cannot release ATC records and the Traffic controllers have disappeared, while the black box recording have  yet to be released.

Moral of the story for the  CIA Kiev based stooges:

Do not use Ukrainians to execute false flags. Like everything else including war and managing their economy, they always manage to screw it up.


Latina Lover's picture

BTW, for those who could *NEVER*  imagine the Ukrainians and USSA shooting down a passenger jet, to frame Russia, check out the following video, 1 minute long:

This Ukrainian sack of garbage is suggesting murdering 1.5 million superfluous ukrainian russians to secure the homeland.  Sound familiar?





Lore's picture

He sounds pretty superfluous to me. Give the psychopath a piece of rope and let him lead by example.

ZerOhead's picture

The dude is talking about exterminating a million people he doesn't like. Even Netanyahu doesn't do that yet... well not publicly anyway.

The Donbass region was the most productive in the Ukraine until Nulands Nazis (AKA the Noodlemen) took over. I hope the Ukrainians can still get their hands on some pitchforks once they figure out they've been had....

Lore's picture


bigdumbnugly's picture

won't happen.   .  .  not that way anyway.

russians do not want war despite any instigations from the ussa.

they may have to posture, but they're going to be happy enough just bleeding us (the dollar) out.



Freddie's picture

US stealth is supposedly total BS accoirding to Pierre Sprey who helped design the F-16 and A-10.  He said all Russian radars can see US "stealth" planes.

Sandmann's picture

So apparently could Serb mobile phone masts.


Stealth simply means US taxpayers cannot see what they are getting for their money

kchrisc's picture

Next thing you know you'll be claiming that C(IA)NN would have queued up and ready to broadcast footage from a drill at a neighboring school as "live" footage from Sandy Hook.


Robbie and Emilie Parker approve of this message.

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I like the choice of username, really classy touch you got there.

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is there no way to 'flag' these idiots?!

Libertarian777's picture

sure it is... much like when the Russians send bombers into international airspace around Alaska and California...


omniversling's picture

Must have got 'lost' on the way back from the NATO excersise Breeze 2014 that was apparently being conducted around the Black Sea prior to MH17 being shot down. Excersise was tracking all civillian air movements. What a coinkidinky that an 'excercise' was being carried out, then... 'ooops'. (911, 7/7, Sandy Hook, Madrid bombing, etc). 


Any connection to 'Breeze 2014', and the disappearance from radar of around 50 civillian flights over Europe in June?


Cue the Crisis Actors...


PontifexMaximus's picture

Welcome back to the club.....

max2205's picture

Offer it tacos and a cervecia

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When the "incident" happens, I hope Sweden has the sense to ban the US and Soviet investigators from the site until they complete their investigation.

COSMOS's picture

Sweden is America's little Scandinavian whore and dont you forget it.  But she does take a neutral position in bed and is quite passive.

By the way ask those kids in Gaza how USA made artillery shells skirt their airspace

BigJim's picture

This is a serious point and I raised it with the Israeli ambassador.

He explained that  Amalekites don't have 'airspace' of their own, as they are a type of cattle.

Idaho potato head's picture

If you can't drone it you don't own it. These bastards really want to get this baby smokin'.

Totentänzerlied's picture

"If you can't drone it you don't own it."


ZerOhead's picture

"if you can drone it they don't own it..."

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

If you have to drone it, you don't own it.

Confused's picture

So they quickly fly into Swedish airspace. Why so spooked? This is the real question. Certainly the Russians wouldn't be foolish enough to do anything stupid over neutral airspace. Unless.......


Either way. This will be spun. And then spun. And then spun again. Only to end up in the memory hole while we wait for the next two minutes of hate. 


That Emmanuel Goldstein is always busy you know. 

Paveway IV's picture

Remember KAL-007? The Soviets - including the military pilot that supposedly shot it down - thought that was an RC-135 the entire time.  

"...Certainly the Russians wouldn't be foolish enough to do anything stupid over neutral airspace..."

Intentionally? No, not in a perfect world.

The Russians certainly don't care for the U.S. to be snooping around Russia's Baltic sea ports with their spy planes, but they're not going to just blow them away on sight. The U.S. knows those signal-gathering flights piss off the Russians and expect to be buzzed by interceptors. Same with Russian recon flights nosing around the U.S.

I can't imagine a Russian interceptor approaching the RC-135 was any big deal to the pilots. Happens all the time. On the other hand, having your spy plane lit up by a search radar - like the kind the Russians use with their S-400 SAM systems - is probably a little more disconcerting. I would err on the side of caution and run away screaming like a little girl too, what with all the 'accidents' lately. 

I'm not suggesting the Russians ever actually intended to fire on the recon aircraft at all. I can imagine a couple of Russian soldiers sitting in a 92N6E Gravestone radar truck - bored to tears - watching the progress of the RC-135. One turns to the other and says, "Hey Sasha, watch spy plane..." and flips the radar over to engagement mode. They watch the plane make a sharp turn away into Swedish airspace and the two howl with laughter. "See? Is just like the electronic pest repel for Americans! Maybe stop to the Sweden for clean underwear change before go home."

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We should just drop Jason Biggs on them. He is 'edgy', after all.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Which begs the logical follow up: what would happen if the US were to catch a Russian spyplane flying off the coast of California on a weekly basis?"

"But...but....but we're the good guys and they're the bad guys." - Response from average propagandized America consumer.

<"So it's OK for us to do bad things because we're good, and not OK for them to do bad things because they're bad." - Logic used by 4 year old American consumer-in-training.>

COSMOS's picture

It wont be a problem once the dollar tanks, the Russian and Chinese know when that happens the USA wont be able to afford the gas to make it out there.

Chupacabra-322's picture

<"So it's OK for us to do bad things because we're good, and not OK for them to do bad things because they're bad." - Logic used by 4 year old American consumer-in-training.>"

Fascist Criminal UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. Exceptualism as its finest.

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How would America greet a Russian spy plane flying by California? 

If it carried enough Vodka they would be invite to a beach party in Malibu.


Jack Burton's picture

"Sweden" has been carefully brought into the US fold. Swedish political leaders, opnion makers, media and corporate elite have swung away from neutral stance to a very active anti Russia stance. This is a case of elites swinging the nation by the use of their real power to control foreign policy. The US elites have done a very good job of using rewards to Sweden's elites in return for a full acceptance of the new US anti Russian efforts.

But in fact, Sweden was never neutral in the long cold war. They were considered NATO's strongest northern force in any conflict with the USSR. Sweden's military, without publicity, kept close association with NATO. I have a family member, retired Swedish military officer, whose job was to coordinate Sweden's defense force into NATO's war plans. Sweden kept one of the world's most modern fighter aircraft forces, and most operational per it's size. In this case Sweden was the NATO air arm over Scandinavia. Not officially.

I noticed in the last decade that the USA has taken almost full control over Sweden's foreign policy. Bribery to elites in action. This is how Europe is kept as a lap dog for any and all US war making.

COSMOS's picture

Like I said those Swedish chicks look good, but are some of the biggest whores in Europe, especially when they hit the Mediterranean.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Sluts, not Whores. Whores get paid. BTW, they prefer anything but Swedish - looking guys.

If they get pregnant, they get extra socialist support: for the kid and for his foreign (ME or African) father.

But if he's a fair and controversial foreign (Australian) reporter, he's a honeypot target. Ask Assange.

AnAnonymous's picture

But if he's a fair and controversial foreign (Australian) reporter, he's a honeypot target. Ask Assange.

The 'american' Woods would disagree with that.

But, hey, anything goes when it comes to rock an 'american' world of fantasy.

BigJim's picture

The doctor told you: it's one pill, 4 times a day for you, not the other way around.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


The 'american' Woods would disagree with that.

Ah, good catch. Made me laugh. Reminds of that Tigers Woods xbox video game includes it also the game character his 'american' Swedish wife and in-game blobbing up reward token 'Pre-Nup Power Up'.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 Preview

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


But, hey, anything goes when it comes to rock an 'american' world of fantasy.

Yep. The 'american' rock group The Iron Maiden made a song called 'Americanized' pointed at that very phenomenum. Played it live sometimes but not on albums I think.

edotabin's picture

Ahhh, the memories :-)

Latina Lover's picture

Yeah, of the crabs before they started shaving their bushes..

ZerOhead's picture

Which beaches?


americanspirit's picture

ZerOhead - Greek beaches. But unless you have lots of curly black chest hair, cigarette breath, greasy skin, and plenty of gold jewelry you can forget it.