Israel Eavesdropped On John Kerry

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When it comes to diplomacy, John Kerry may have rapidly become the biggest laughing joke in US State Department history, but that doesn't mean his exchanges weren't valuable to others. Others such as Israel, whose relations with the US have gone from worse to atrocious in recent months, and which as Spiegel just revealed, had eavesdropped on John Kerry on at least one occasion, during Mid-East peace negotiations. Israel would then use the information obtained from the calls during its own negotiations in the Mideast conflict.

Further, Spiegel reports that at least one other intelligence service also listened in as Kerry mediated last year between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states. The German publications adds wryly that "revelations of the eavesdropping could further damage already tense relations between the US government and Israel" although with Netanyahu openly refusing Obama's demands about a Gaza ceasefire, one wonders just how much worse things between the two "allies" could get.

From Spiegel:

During the peak stage of peace talks last year, Kerry spoke regularly with high-ranking negotiating partners in the Middle East. At the time, some of these calls were not made on encrypted equipment, but instead on normal telephones, with the conversations transmitted by satellite. Intelligence agencies intercepted some of those calls. The government in Jerusalem then used the information obtained in international negotiations aiming to reach a diplomatic solution in the Middle East.


In the current Gaza conflict, the Israelis have massively criticized Kerry, with a few ministers indirectly calling on him to withdraw from peace talks. Both the US State Department and the Israeli authorities declined to comment.


Only one week ago, Kerry flew to Israel to mediate between the conflict parties, but the Israelis brusquely rejected a draft proposal for a cease-fire. The plan reportedly didn't include any language demanding that Hamas abandon its rocket arsenal and destroy its tunnel system. Last year, Kerry undertook intensive diplomatic efforts to seek a solution in the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but they ultimately failed. Since those talks, relations between Kerry and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been tense.

Of course, Israel was merely taking advantage of State Department stupidity in communicating on an unsecured line: it certainly wasn't the first or last time. Recall that it was in February when Russia leaked the infamous "Fuck the EU" phone conversation, in which Victoria Nuland made very clear that the puppetmaster behind the Ukraine regime change was none other than the US. In other words, Israel spied on the US: perfectly normal behavior by a country which knows that its one-time BFF is starting to pull away and support Iran of all countries. However, it doesn't explain the following recent revelation: New Snowden Document Implies NSA May Be Putting Israel's Security Ahead of America's.

It also doesn't explain headlines such as this one: "U.S. Congress approves $225 million for Israeli 'Iron Dome' system."

Or perhaps until such time as the American people wake up and finally demand a Congress that is accountable to the people of the US and not to banker, corporate and/or foreign lobbies, it explains just about everything.

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a horse is a horse of course unless it's the wonderful Mr. Ketchup!

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That's married to Mrs. Ketchup.....

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...How fast might Peace be arrived at if the USSA stopped supplying ISRAEL w/ Iron Domes?

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No allies, only marriages of convenience where each will betray the other at any advantageous opportunity.

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That describes most marriages.

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The forefathers did write in the Constitution, when Government is corrupt & incompetent that the people have the right to REMOVE the mutherfuckers in place to protect the rights of the populace.  Obama and his crew of misfits need to be imprisoned or they will provoke WW3 and drive the USSA to become scorched-earth with our bone dust included.

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Obama is doing exactly what his Bankster Masters want him to do. There will be NO impeachment.


Of course Israel is spying on Kerry; almost all secure communications companies providing services to the WH are Israeli.  Bibi talks down to Obama since he really knows who is in control, and it isn't the mulatto messiah.

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if the world wants to stop the carnage by Israel and take back sovereignty, its very simple really.   destroy the printing press.   the press is the tool that made the global takeover possible.  without it, the NWO would wither and die quite rapidly.

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Funny how we've become exactly what the founding fathers warned about and yet we can't rally a majority of Americans to recoginize this and do something about it.


Edit: I found a copy of one of Kerry's recorded phone calls on line.  Listen here.

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Everyone knows that.  Which is why the BRICs are trying to do just that.  The Euro was failed attempt numero uno.

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It's getting to the point where only telepathic communication can be private.

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I heard that. Shut your big, fat mind! Where's my tin foil? Chingaso's in my head again! :)

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the "mulatto messiah" ... luv it ... though, not as much as the "weeping cheeto"

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'Poor' Kerry is not as fast as he used to be. He needs to... Ketchup.

It seems that anything less than 99% Zionist is not a true Zionist, and becomes either a useful Fool/Tool or Enemy Combatant.

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I told him to do the full 29 when Satanyahu visited. But he said his legs were tired from all the suckling Bibi demanded before his speech.

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And the sick thing is either they have so much power in the US that they are afraid to do anything, or they are blackmailing so much of the govt. that they are afraid to go against them.  Either way we are hostages to this country Israel and their supporters in the US.  And the rest of the world is noticing it also and that is one big reason why nobody listens to us anymore.  I feel sorry for two groups, the people in the US and the jews in the US and in Israel.  Because when our country implodes along with Western europe and most of us finally see what groups where responsible for it, the US will be blamed and the people in the US and in the West will show their antisemitism big time.

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True but nobody will do shit ! They are busy smakn pot, eating free food and watching strippers why would 50 percent do anything?

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Become a leader and guide the 50%.

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I volunteer to lead the 50% who are watching strippers !

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We stand ready to fight, to the death if necessary, for the Second Amendment* which guarantees us the right to bare breasts!
*Idiocracy Constitution

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I speak to them often and im called every name in the book.

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Smoking pot is  a bad thing? 

Bossman1967's picture

Only when I have to buy it for them. Get a job and buy your own as I did

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eavesdropped on kerry?


so unless they can also decode a variety of whinneys and naaaays they're still getting nowhere.

ATM's picture

Hey John, why the long face?

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The problem is that a large portion of the population still think Obama and his crew are a wonderful, caring and brilliant team with good intentions in all areas of life. The Press still supports him as one of their own, as well. These people actually believe that they are SMART which tells you how dumb they are.

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If that is true, it certaily explains why they were fed up with Kerry ...

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Can horses have two faces?

Oh, one of those is a butt? Both are butts? I am so confused...

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With the "If I had two faces, why would I wear this one?" line of old Abe Lincoln in mind, it makes you wonder just how hideous Kerry's other face is. Yikes!

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Thst would just escalate the war. More rockets landing on civilians would make Israelis stop their campaign?

Now, if the US stopped all the other missiles/morters/artillery shells.... Nah, Russia or China would fill the gap.

Dolla dolla bill yo.

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"revelations of the eavesdropping could further damage already tense relations between the US government and Israel"

Gee, does this mean the USSA will cut off all economic and military aid to Israel? If so, how will Israel finish their planned genocide?

moneybots's picture

"If so, how will Israel finish their planned genocide?"


With Hamas putting rockets in refugee areas, such as UN schools, it is Hamas's planned genocide.

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Hey pussy junkstaz--read up on the Hague and Geneva Conventions. - Ned

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This alleged placing of bombs in tunnels under homes, hospitals and refuge centers is getting to sound like Propoganda 101. In any case, with that joo spaghetti building lot with fences and barbed wire, there aren't too many parking spaces available for bombs of minor destruction.

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Nobody, and I mean NOMOTHERFUCINGBODY, is buying that bullshit line any more.

toady's picture

I'm buying the Israeli propaganda.

Too many people are buying the Hamas propoganda.

I'm going short Palestine. What kind of profit potential is there in martyrdom?

hot sauce technician's picture

Said the user who styles himself "alien IQ". 

Who's "nobody" by the way? Have you been nominated as some type of ZH community spokesman or are you just straight up propagandizing? Because that's what totalitarian s actually do. They decide a certain viewpoint is the truth and cast doubt upon anyone who disagrees. It's actually used a lot in modern statist politics too. You can even argue that modern day nationalism is the instrument of choice. MSM like to do it too. It's just a westernized implementation of state religion. My point is, if you have an opinion (and aren't able to support it it with stable reasoning ), don't present it as being "nobody"'s or "everybody "'s. Unless you feel more secure among the herd.

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It is Hamas that is making Gaza residents, down voters.

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The parasite state will continue to suck blood and treasure from this country, so long as DC is completely under their control.

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With friends like these....

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ANUSmaxx, the Jews created Iron Yarmulka to make the Paliscum feel even more genetically inferior.

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The question should be how fast peace would arrive if the USSA stopped the supply of arms to Hamas.


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Now, Germany massmedia "mouthpiece" spreading and agenda here?

What is going on here?

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One has to wonder in the picture at the home site if benji hit john Kerry in the eye for being himself, a fuck face cock sucker

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"Why are you always smiling?"

"Because it's all so fucking hilarious..."

-Road To Perdition