Caught On Tape - Terrorist Attacks Hit Jerusalem, 2 Dead

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With Netanyahu pulling troops back and claiming the Gaza tunnels operation will be over soon, it appears attention has been refocused on Jerusalem as two terrorist attacks have occurred this morning. The first, near Jerusalem's Hebrew University, saw gunmen riding a motorcycle open first at by-standers, seriously injuring one Israeli soldier. The second, caught on tape below, saw a young Palestinian man take control of a construction vehicle and use it to attack a bus, killing a pedestrian. The attacker was shot and killed by police. Police have not confirmed if the two attacks are related.


With Israel pulling back its forces...but...



2 Terrorist incidents have hit Jerusalem this morning...


The first incident...

As Bloomberg reports,


Shots fired at by-standers by gunmen riding motorcycle, one Israeli seriously injured, Channel Two TV says.



An IDF soldier was shot in the stomach by a suspected terrorist in a tunnel in Jerusalem's Mount Scopus Monday afternoon.


“Multiple shots were fired, one man was hit in the stomach and rushed to the hospital in serious condition,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. “Police units are now searching the area for the vehicle the suspect drove and hope to make an arrest shortly.”

The second incident...



A construction vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian and overturned a bus on a main street in Jerusalem on Monday in what police suspect was a Palestinian attack, which ended when policemen shot dead the driver of the yellow excavator.


There were no passengers on the bus, in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of the city. Surveillance video broadcast on Israeli television showed the excavator's mechanical arm tearing into the side of the bus as it lay on the sidewalk.


Israeli media said the driver of the digger was a Palestinian from East Jerusalem.


Video footage shot by a bystander in Jerusalem showed the exact moment that a construction vehicle was used to carry out a terror attack in Jerusalem on Monday.



Source: JPost


One person was killed in the attack, and the driver of the construction vehicle, Mohammad Jabbis - a resident of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood, was shot and killed by police.


Yossi Farienti, Jerusalem district police chief, said the excavator "hit a Jewish citizen at a construction site and then drove about 50 meters down the road, where it overturned the bus with its arm, slightly injuring three people."


Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said "police are looking at the incident as a terror attack." He said a police officer shot dead the excavator's driver.

Police did not confirm if the two terrorist attacks are related.

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Sounds like Super-Kerry is needed to calm things down again...

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ArisAron's picture

His name was Mohammad???? No way!! What are the odds?

El Oregonian's picture

It only gets bitter from here...

SWRichmond's picture

Israeli media said the driver of the digger was a Palestinian from East Jerusalem.

If you attack me, IT'S TERRORISM, DAMMIT!

toady's picture

Keepin' the Hamas tunnels meme alive.

BellyBrain's picture

Gunmen on a motorcycle is a Mossad M.O.  Nothing like self-inflicted wounds from the masters of false-flags to justify their ongoing slaughter of innocents.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

BS.  It's... FEAR = "MANUFACTURING CONSENT" for Gov actions+laws = CONTROL

I.e. Control by "select people with a plan".

Confused's picture

Greatest movie quote of all time regarding names...Courtesy of McLovin

Magooo's picture

he should have tipped the fucker over then backed over the cocksuckers instead grinding them into meat to be mixed with pink sime and fed to that grand cocksucker - netanyahu

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

But . . . how do you REALLY feel?

Miles Ahead's picture

Probably pretty good since it's by far the most common name

in the world.

syntaxterror's picture

It's pretty common on my toilet paper no doubt.

The.Harmless.Jew's picture



His name was Mohammad???? No way!! What are the odds?


Not sure his name has anything to do with it, unless of course you're a zionist bigot. In which case, I can see your angle miles away.


That said, I don't think he can be classed as a terrorist, when his land is under military occupation and his family is probably being or has been massacred. 


He's a freedom fighter, and I salute him. 


Never forget that as an occupied individual, he has the right to fight back against the evil occupiers! 


If he had an F-16 or a Drone or and US-cum-Israeli-badged tank, he'd use it, and probably be called a "warrior" / "soldier"; However, the oppressed don't have many choices open to them, and will make do with what they have to reclaim their homes, and honour their fallen.  


More power to him, whether his name is Mohammed, Maurice, Michael, or Moshe. 




RafterManFMJ's picture

When large, Earth-moving equipment are banned, only criminals will have large, Earth-moving equipment.

what's that smell's picture

Terrorist Attacks Hit Jerusalem, 2 Dead

seems a wee bit propagandish....

Terrorist Attacks Hit Gaza, 1500 Dead

fixed it fer ya.

Rootin' for Putin's picture

That second one was probably just road rage.  I have wanted to do the same when moving heavy equipment on the roads.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Damn straight, I would never trust myself behind the wheel of a large beautiful peice of humming powerful machinery throbbing.....excuse me got to go and have a lie down. 

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

these were two small "operations", not terrorist attacks, see the difference?

Bollixed's picture

Maybe we should stop calling everyone 'terrorists' and start referring to them as what they are - 'Pissed Off People'.

Muh Raf's picture

But the bus was empty. Since the guy has been shot dead we've no way of knowing if it was an accident, mechanical failure etc. Was the guy a construction worker? Did he have a legitimate reason to be on the machine etc etc. It's MSM claptrap - the guy's dead, pin anything on him because he can't deny it. Israeli tw*ts, they couldn't lie straight in bed.

Miles Ahead's picture

@Bollixed.  Good observation and balanced perspective.  Refreshing. 

TeamDepends's picture

Get ready for acts like this in the US as Barry's civilian security force arrives over the southern border.

kchrisc's picture

"Barry's," the DC US', "civilian security force" will actually be made up of Christian fundamentalists.

All totalitarian movements and governments maintain a scapegoat and an ideology.

Get ready for "brown shirts" with crosses.


"Obama is one shit tree in a forest of criminality."

jmcadg's picture

A Terror Attack. What a load of bullshit. He probably lost his savings at the Casino last night and felt he had nothing to live for.

JustObserving's picture

Things will get lot more complicated when Muslims in Africa start mailing Ebola to Israelis.  Killing people always leads to more killing.  

Humans will destroy themselves soon enough much to the relief of the other 10 million beleaguered species on this planet.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Listen, there's basically three kinds of people.

Normal, well-adjusted types, who have a conscience.


Those more closely related to Neanderthals.  Neanderthals are distrustful, and very protective.  Prone to violence. Sociopaths are untrustworthy and extremely manipulative.  Orchestrators of violence.

If we as a society can better 'manage' our sociopaths, let alone the neanderthals, we can improve the world a lot, with comparatively little effort.  There is no cure for sociopathy, and no sociopath has ever been rehabilitated through therapy.

Duffy's picture

no evidence, of which I'm aware, correlating neanderthal genes with sociopathy. None.

Got a source>?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I said there's three different types.  Sociopaths are a category of their own,  'closer to Neanderthal' are also a category of their own.

If you want to read about sociopathy, and whether it can or cannot be inherited, I suggest checking out Ponerology.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Neanderthal = Low IQ

This equates to poor intellectual processing ability or willingness.  They love pre-packaged worldviews, solutions, norms.  Aka:  Sheeple and Droids.  Both serve their purpose.

Ghordius's picture

Listen, there are basically three kinds of people: those I like, those I don't know and those who have the impression that you can put all in a few categories /s

Neanderthal? All fair-skinned and fair-eyed Europeans are descendents of Neanderthals

Sociopaths? some 1%, and absolutely necessary... then often they are inventors, entrepreneurs and seriously creative thinkers. We just have to find a way to keep them away from industries that are supposed to be boring... like finance

BigJim's picture

I suspect the Neanderthals weren't prone to violence, which why 'we' managed to wipe them out.

JLee2027's picture

The Neanderthals, Big Jim, as DNA has shown, survived. 

BigJim's picture

A percentage of their DNA did. But they are, as a species, extinct... Homo Sapiens outlived them.

Ginsengbull's picture

Neanderthals failed, because they lacked the ability to lie.

Sudden Debt's picture

so... you kill over 1000 people....

and they should receive the nobel price of peace...


once they strike back in a small way...

it's a terrorist attack...



Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The difference here is, Israel is using "unimaginable restraint" and their artillery attacks are 'precise' and 'guided'.

The Palestinians supposedly because of lack of morals just shoot rockets any where.  Newsflash, its because one side has NOTHING, not because they are morally deficient, that they send rockets/artillery shells/fireworks flying THAT CANNOT BE AIMED OR CONTROLLED midflight. 

BigJim's picture

We're going to do everything thing we can to prevent you getting hold of precision munitions to use on us, and then bitterly complain when you use home-made munitions on us as retailiation for us using our precision munitions to accidentally slaughter your entire family.

hot sauce technician's picture

So, you try to be brave by launching unprovoked attacks against your neighbor, who provides you - free of charge - with food gas and electricity, while using your own civilians as human shields, and get a thousand of them killed.... There, fixed that for you. 

BigJim's picture

I thought only ~65 Israelis got killed?

sessinpo's picture

BigJim   I thought only ~65 Israelis got killed?


Context: ~1000 Palestinians were killed because Hamas is using Palestinians as shields.

what's that smell's picture

big stinking turd.

you shame your ashkenazi ancestors, ziotroll.

BigJim's picture

 Context: ~1000 Palestinians were killed because Hamas is using Palestinians as shields.

Sorry, Hasbara, we know it's bullshit.

Miles Ahead's picture

who provides you - free of charge - with food gas and electricity,

WTF did I just read... This is with whom we share the planet Earth...


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Brainwashing 101 (as seen in Israel)

Israelis:  Good

Palestinians: Sub-Human

Thats the lesson for today, kids.  See you tomorrow!  And remember to do your homework!

sessinpo's picture

Herd Redirectio...   Brainwashing 101 (as seen in Israel)

Israelis:  Good

Palestinians: Sub-Human

Thats the lesson for today, kids.  See you tomorrow!  And remember to do your homework!


Correctio: Palestinian not bad. It is Hamas that is bad. Big difference that your bainwashing has ignored. The very sad part is the innocent Palestinians killed because of Hamas using them as shields. But that is your brainwashing you ignore again. 


Martian Moon's picture

Suicide bomber blows himself up

A little late - at his own funeral

Snackbardom ensues

Let's see if you can spot today's lesson

vyeung's picture

sounds to me like another false flag fro Israel to justify their continued operations in Gaza. Murderes. Its not the first time the Zionists kill their own for the greater plot.

Sudden Debt's picture

I really think they just don't understand that they're killing humans on the palestinian side.

They cry like babies when one of their own is kidnapped or killed and yet they have no problem killing hundreds of children and woman....

they seem to be feeling like "ubermenshen"... you know... like the nazi's

but without the gas chambers of course...

B.J. Worthy's picture

If the Onion writers had balls, there would be a "defensive gas chamber" story.