China Warns "What We Do Or Don't Do [In The South China Sea] Is Up To Us, Noone Else"

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Having spied on RIMPAC for a week or two, it appears the Chinese imperialist rhetoric is rising once again. China can build whatever it wants on its islands in the South China Sea, Reuters reports a senior Chinese official said on Monday, rejecting proposals ahead of a key regional meeting to freeze any activity that may raise tensions in disputed waters there: "what China does or doesn't do is up to the Chinese government. Nobody can change the government's position." Of course, after showing what is at stake here, it should hardly be surprising that China is pushing back again. But don't worry, China's Ocean Affairs minister added "trust in us Asian people to use Asian means and wisdom to resolve our own problems."

As Reuters reports,

Southeast Asian foreign ministers this week hold security talks with counterparts, including those from the United States and China, in Myanmar, with escalating tensions over maritime disputes in Asia likely to be a major issue.



Yi Xianliang, deputy head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry's Boundary and Ocean Affairs Departments, told reporters that China had every right to build on its islands as a way of improving basic living conditions there.


"The Spratly Islands are China's intrinsic territory, and what China does or doesn't do is up to the Chinese government. Nobody can change the government's position," Yi said.


It was a double standard to bring this issue up now when other countries had been doing similar things for years, he added.


"Why is it that when other countries wantonly build airports, nobody says a word? But China has only this year started small and necessary construction, to raise living conditions on the islands - and so many people raise doubts."

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 "Trust in us Asian people to use Asian means and wisdom to resolve our own problems," Yi said.

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ekm1's picture

The way it's going, Obama may have another 6 months in office before being forced to resign.

COSMOS's picture

Let's not forget imperial Chinese ships explored those islands hundreds of years before Vietnam or the Philipines even existed as nations.

ekm1's picture

Correct, that is true.

What actually matters is whether Chinese navy can beat US Navy out of the area

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

This is another part of our world that is going to provide a lot of entertainment in the years to come.

COSMOS's picture

Do you define entertainment as dead American soldiers do chen?

ACP's picture

Maybe he was defining entertainment as a bunch of dead commies?

Joe Tierney's picture

"This is another part of our world that is going to provide a lot of entertainment in the years to come."


Correction - "in the months to come"

Antifaschistische's picture


Asian Wisdom vs. Kenyan Wisdom

wow...thats a no brainer. (no pun intended)

NeverForgetSilver's picture

Absolutely right. But the current trend does not provide any comfort to the US. Does Obama care? I guess not.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"Let's not forget imperial Chinese ships explored those islands hundreds of years before Vietnam or the Philipines even existed as nations."

Which one is Hammas and which one is Isreal again?  Oh right, doesn't matter.  Almost every mammal on the planet fights over land.  I piss in my backyard every night.  Just to make sure.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Great links.

Reminds me that Obama took the American version -- "This land is my land, this land is your land..." -- to a bit of an extreme.

CrazyCooter's picture

This thread needs some references to President Monroe ...

Go ... go ... gadget ... diplomat trolls!



Apostate2's picture

China's so-called historic claims are based on the nine-dash line put out by the Guomindang (the govt that lost in 1949 and retreated to Taiwan) in the 1940s. Maps made before and during the Qing dynasty only show Hainan--nothing more.

Expansionism it is.

forensicator's picture

They also suposedly explored North America before Christopher Columbus, so what

NoDebt's picture

Is that a bet?  How much you want to lay down on that?  That motherfucker is going NOWHERE.

ekm1's picture

If he continues to oppose interventions and cutting military, I think neocons will become forceful and congress will side with neocons.

Reminder, dems have neocons also, like Clintons, who are unleashed against Obama now.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture




That is my guess as well. 

You want your Obama?  You'll keep your Obama!

kchrisc's picture

He is doing and accomplishing exactly what he has been tasked to do and accomplish.


Something to think about: If Obama were a real pol, would he be doing what he is doing regarding the immigration thing and also openly importing Ebola patients right before an important mid-term election?!

He's a CIA manchurian candidate.

directaction's picture

Obama has been doing, is doing, and will do exactly what he's ordered to do. He's a Very Good Boy. 

Andre's picture

I'm more concerned there will be a JFK moment.

COSMOS's picture

To those that challenge the claims of China, look no further than how far Guam and other islands are from mainland USA.  Or consider even Tahiti and the French, or Diego Garcia and the Brits, or even the British Virgin Islands.

I am surprised the Chinese dont point these issues out.

I think the Chinese to make their point should stake a claim to Diego Garcia, that should highlight the fact the islands are a loooong way away from the UK.  Falkland Islands another example.

suteibu's picture

Don't forget Japan and South Korea, two self-governing American colonies even closer to China.

And everybody wonders why China doesn't close North Korea down.

napper's picture

Perhaps the Chinese government simply does not have enough intelligent, highly educated people to out-think, out-play, out-smart the propaganda apparatus and hypocrits in the US and Europe

COSMOS's picture

Oh believe me they do, this century belongs to China/Asia

napper's picture

I have watched English programs / news on Chinese TV channels. The quality of production is 3rd rate at best. They are inferior when compared to, say, RT (Russia Today), in almost every aspect.


Worse still, Chinese TV program producers are copying the worst from some Western media, i.e. long, useless, worthless graphics and bombastic leading or background music, which serve absolutely no meaningful purpose except wasting viewer's time. The Chinese perchant for form over substance has gone unabated. The result has been a persistent bad taste in form, and persistent inferior presentation of the substance.


I have not seen one fluent English speaker (free of accent) from any of the Chinese TV news programs, unlike RT, where there are at least a dozen.


As for countering Western propaganda, especially anti-Chinese propaganda (including false accusations), I haven't noticed anything effective being done on a strategic level or tactical level.


Chinese English TV program producers can learn a thing or two from RT (Russia Today).

effendi's picture

You have to be kidding! British claims to the Falklands are based on the islanders wanting to remain British. If the locals ever voted for independance then London would say congratulations on your new country and you are welcome to join the Commonwealth as an equal. 

Do the Spratleys and other islands have local residents? Would China respect their wish to become a sovereign nation?

If the residents of Guam voted for independance I doubt that the US would use force of arms to blocktheir choice. As it is they want to remain under US control because it is economically favourable and because they don't want to go it alone. Britain, France and the US have all agreed to independence to former Pacific colonies, China has never done that.

sushi's picture

 British claims to the Falklands are based on the islanders wanting to remain British.


This is clearly an illegal act. Why when the people of Crimea voted to remain part of Russia, the USSA, the EU, NATO, and every other running dog lackey of the imperial pumpmasters immediately invoked sanctions, large scale military manoeuvres, draconian red lines, and scathing comments just short of outright war. Even Chief Golf Cart expressed his displeasure. So "wanting" and "voting" and "self-determination" are clearly off the table when you come up against the unified golf carts of the glorious one percenters. And David Cameron too!

rgetty's picture

Those are territories you are talking about. China is claiming land far from its coast. That would be like the US claiming all the water in the Caribbean.

gallistic's picture

I have an even better one than the Falklands for you- the rock of Gibraltar.

The damned thing is connected to the Spanish mainland!

LetThemEatRand's picture

Am I being too simplistic connecting the dots between this story and the previous one (China services PMI crashes)?

yrbmegr's picture

No, that is, actually, the story.  The worse their economy gets, the more bellicose the government becomes.  Saber-rattling is a better economic indicator than any number published by the Chinese government.

NoDebt's picture

He was further quoted as saying "Besides, who's going to stop us?  You?"

Seasmoke's picture

What about Taiwan ???

fudge's picture

What about Taiwan ???

The wayward princess will return to her fathers loving arms,,and nothing will stand in the way of that return.

notadouche's picture

This is as shocking of a statement from the US stating that they will what they will do in the Gulf, Pacific or the Atlantic would be up to anyone else but the US.   

Apostate2's picture

Looked at a certain way, the ten-dash line looks like the rooster (Greater China) has grown a very big dick.

I Write Code's picture

If China really attempts any kind of expansionist policies it will be the first time in 5,000 years.

Usually they're, y'know, building walls to keep others out.

effendi's picture

And northern India was only 52 years ago.

Iwanttoknow's picture

True about Tibet.However Dalai lama has always been a CIA agent.Also check the level of poverty of Tibetan before chinese takeover.India(1962) is quite different .Those lines were drawn by stan's spawn i.e. British empire.

NeverForgetSilver's picture

About 200 years before Attila the Huns brought ruin to the European continent and ended the Romans, China wiped out the Huns and took their land for good. Their wall worked well for them. Huns couldn't even leave a dent in Chinese history.

COSMOS's picture

Not even the Mongols, look at the Mongol empire, gone, the Chinese are as big if not bigger than they have ever been.  So I would say China is BACK.

NeverForgetSilver's picture

Well, Mongols were different from Huns. From very early days of Mongol conquest, they were a mixture of Mongols and Northern Hans. Kublai Khan split Hans (Current main component of China) into Hans and Southerners just to reward the part of Hans who joint his conquest and contributed. Han ethnicity was reserved for Northern Hans only. Mongols would have lasted longer if they were not so bad at governance.

Apostate2's picture

In some ways you are right but, the Qing dynasty expanded its land borders farther than at anytime in Chinese history (that was of course also due to population increase). For millenia, China has been a 'closed country' in the sense that no one was allowed to leave and population (under threat of the wako or Japanese 'bandits')was removed from the coastal areas.This is clearly documented in China's Tongzhi or local records. Chinese fishermen were coastal sailors not blue water sailors with the exception of the somewhat spurious accounts of Cheng Ho. That exceptional example, if true, proves the point. It wasn't until the nineteenth century that the Chinese diaspora gained steam due to the Taiping rebellion when Chinese merchants and 'coolies' moved throughout southeast Asia and to America (Gold Mountain) and many parts of south America. Afterall, the last Empress Tzi Hsi built a marble boat in Beijing rather than face the external threats to the dynasty. Rather ironic that. 

What is happening today is clearly power politics and expansionism. That only invites resistence from the former 'tributary states' that also have self-determination now after centuries of  western and eastern imperialism. This hardening stance by China is provocative and counterproductive in maintaining peaceful relations in the region.

COSMOS's picture

What a bunch of rubbish.  So when Kublai Khan twice attempted invasion of Japan with thousands of ocean going vessels carrying thousands of troop, horses and supplies circa 1200s AD that was a coastal navy?  Man I dont know who you lame a-holes are coming around here and sounding all knowing and expousing this kind of junk.  Do you mofos work for the US state dept?  China had an ocean going navy thousands of years before the USA ever did.

Iwanttoknow's picture

look up a chinese admiral who sailed with a huge fleet to Madagascar.

Apostate2's picture

I'm having a laugh. Kublai Khan wasn't Chinese and what happened to that so-called Navy sailing across the East China sea? Perhaps George Washington sent him a sternly worded message via a time machine to decommission his navy.

Come back and play when you finish your home work assignment.