"Ebola Spins Out Of Control" - Latest News Roundup

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Obama amends Executive Order 13295 "Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases"

Full text here http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/07/31/executive-order-re...

Now we know why all those people were flown in.

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Yeah, so we can get Merck or somebody to figure out how to weaponize it.

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they have been trying to do that for 40 years without success, thankfully. just another fear mongering tactic, just do some research on ebola and you too will find the BS trail.

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Now i understand why the US Govt. patented the Virus back in 2009

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Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Detention of Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’ Amendment comes in wake of Ebola scare




So the government allows people with ebola to enter the country...not to mention all the other diseased illegal invaders pouring over what little there is of our southern border, and now he's creating orders to detain anyone with "respiratory illnesses". 

This does exclude influenza as stated in the updated E.O., but that's only for now.  One more step closer to getting what they want, aren't they???

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Is there a version of this graphic that one can actually read?

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There goes my Fruit bat BBQ plans

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Like I said earlier, too bad that Patient Zero didn't land in Washington and infect the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Potomac, all congress critters and government officials. The cheers in the USA and around the world would be deafening.

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How about the infected doctor write and mail a letter of thanks to the head nigger in charge saying thanks .....

Just sayin'....

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Just sit back, watch the show and pass me-bowl-a back this way...

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>>> "We will die if we must, but abandoning our traditions is out of the question. It is true that we have lost many relatives. That's fate," said Guéckédou resident Mamadi Diawara.<<<


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It is particularly disturbing that the Doctor who treated the dying patient in Lagos has now tested positive, as one has to assume that the doctor had taken all known precautions to avoid contracting the virus.  This suggests the virus may be more easily spread than had been assumed, which would, needless to say, not be good.

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Thank you for being the first to post what is the most chilling item here. This disease is OBVOUSLY AIRBORNE.  The doctor, having heard of the deaths of other health workers, surely took the most significant possible precautions and still got it. IN A SANE WORLD, THIS DOCTOR'S DEATH WOULD BE TOPIC #1.

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I should run down to Costco and stock up on fruit bat before it gets banned.

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Similar to blood transfusions from Ebola survivors with anti-bodies against Ebola,

supposedly also given to the doctor in Africa.

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Sorry, don't remember if this was posted here but yes, airborne:

When news broke that the Ebola virus had resurfaced in Uganda, investigators in Canada were making headlines of their own with research indicating the deadly virus may spread between species, through the air.


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Message from EBOLA: We are Ebola.  Arguments are irrelevant.  Resistance is Feudal*.  Prepare to be assimilated.

* Resistance may not be Futile, but is appears Feudal thus far.

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Damn, I just finished lettering my new food truck:

"The Bush Meat wagon"  



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Stick to chimpanzee. The paleo folks will eat it up.

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I just cancelled my 8 pounds of Monket Meat BBQ Jerky I ordered on Ebay.

I mean, it's better to be safe then sorry, right?

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The "experts" all claim they can control the virus but seem unsure how it is transmitted.  This is good news isn' it??

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Detention of Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses


Scratch that one off the list.



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Nice 'health camps' with barbed wire ?

Actually does it really matter? They have secret 'laws' that say they can imprison or disappear anyone. They say they can drone strike anyone. They don't need extra excuses or 'reasons' for their criminality.

Calm down people, so you can THINK clearly. Fear is their greatest weapon.

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Yeah this is pretty serous because its so broad.  Basically Broncitis can have you disappeared.

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Don't sneeze or cough in public ... or you might disappear.

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>>>Basically Broncitis can have you disappeared.

That, and the wrong sort of ideas.

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This does exclude influenza as stated in the updated E.O., but that's only for now.  One more step closer to getting what they want, aren't they???

They had better be careful what they ask for, because they might get it.  A true pandemic would destroy the power structure in place today.  When people are worried about contracting ebola or plague or that new "your dick is going to fall off" disease, even sound money would become irrelevant and worthless for the duration.  The people who come out the other side will mostly be resourceful, self reliant and used to the prospect of death.  If there is somebody out there in power who wants a pandemic, they will be doing something that will take away their power in the long run.  On top of that, the physical infrastructure used to maintian power would neither be run nor maintained.  It's kind of hard to run an MRAP or a drone when nobody is willing to show up to pump and refine oil because doing so means coming into contact with potentially sick and contagious people.  It's also difficult to get men with guns to force them to show up to work when those men might contract whatever plague and are worried about their families.

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Next year is jewish jubliee. Hell of a way to ring in the new year.
As far as all the nuclear power plants and radiation lowering resistance to plague.
These elite moneyed people better have large underground vaults to hide in. Even then they best learn how to clean a toilet, or become its victim.

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us stasi waiting at the end of the disembarking tullel at every airports landing gates.

(sorry english not primary language)

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Here the link for the guys that do not believe and are too lazy to google that the US is patent holder on Ebola

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total insanity.  They're going to weaponize it against he public.  They'll create (if they haven't already) a more highly communicable version that can spread to millions just as easily as the flu while still being as deadly as possible.

I'm sure they'll already have some kind of toxic "mandatory" Ebola vaccination shot (Free At Your Local Walgreens and all CVS Stores, dontchya know!) that we'll have to take or else we'll be threatened with losing our jobs and being indefinitely detained under the new E.O. that I listed in my post higher above this one. 

More steps towards total tyranny and psycho military police state and Martial Law to round all us "domestic terrorists" up who don't want big bro in our faces 24/7 (for our own protection and security, of course).

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Going to? I believe they already have and we are witnessing stage I... 

Anyone that accepts a government vaccine for anything is insane...


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Look carefully at that picture - those bats have frikkin laser beams.

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Serious Batfighter in that picture....

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look, biowar is here..a war against not only humans but farm animals..pig virus is wiping out the pork farmers, chunga v, west nile, lyme syndromes, dengue, and king hiv..those that want the west to fall have never heard of bio warfare and have no interest in doing it must be the water we all drink..think about it a bit, it is very possible much of what we see as nature is being aided ...nah not a chance, why our president would alert the american public, well think if you can do nothing to stop this bio war, best to say nothing.

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Why weaponize Ebola? There are plenty of other thing that would work even better

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uhh....ya know, that's kinda like saying....



why use thermite to take the towers down?  a big fucking bomb would do just the same, right?



but that'd be a lil too obvious...

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Thanks, I was too lazy.....

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So they patent it, develop a vaccine for it (secretly), and then unleash it.  Think of the profits!


I just had another thought.  What a masterful stroke...bring ebola to the US, and then stage an event where the Patriot movement / gun owners / home schoolers / End the Fed movement / etc somehow are made responsible (or at least blamed) for its release.  Recall how the earlier Patriot movement was discredited and stifled by the OK City bombing.

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The public will be told that the people that won't take the Vaccine are responsible for the spread of the virus. Mean while in reality the vaccine it's self will be causing the spread. In 2009 we had the Swine Flu or Mexican Flu. Well that year because of the deaths and illnesses that were associated with the "vaccine" there was a record low of people who got the regular Flu shot. Low and behold that year we had a record low number of cases of regular flu that flu season. Coincidence? I think not.

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I smell a legal battle coming on.  Someone stole the ebola.

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If you or a family member has been affected by Ebola.


Call 1-800-BAD-DISEASE.

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can we file a class action then ? :-)

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"Accordingly, compositions and methods directed to the new Ebola virus species are described herein and the most closely related Ebola Ivory Coast species, which compositions and methods are useful for diagnosis and prevention of human Ebola virus infection; including related vaccine development, and prevention of hemorrhagic fever in a human population."

Now read the patent, Rat.