Guest Post: What Happens Next In The Middle East?

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Submitted by James H. Kunstler via,

That tractable beast, World Opinion, was apparently looking the other way when US video war-gamers blew up wedding parties and donkeys by remote control in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, not to mention the now long ago shock-and-awe bombardment of poor innocent Iraq. It’s not paying much attention these days to the remorseless advance of ISIS (or ISL or the Islamic State) as it cuts a psychopathic swath through the Middle East marked by wholesale executions of civil servants, beheadings of “infidels,” and the occasional crucifixion of suspected enemies and traitors. UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon is so busy issuing condemnations of Israel that he has forgotten to ask Hamas the elementary question: What part of… quit firing rockets… don’t you understand?

Demonic forces are on the loose again now one hundred years after Europe blew itself apart for no good reason. (Why? Because some young Serbian nobody killed the heir to the Austrian throne on a back street in Sarajevo?) Maybe we are making a mistake to think that any sort of rationality applies now. Here in the depraved and disintegrating USA, we pretend that Afghanistan threatens our national interest from 7,000 miles away while denying that Russia has any business with its crumbling next-door neighbor (and former province), Ukraine — the crumbling of which was bought and paid for by the US Department of State and CIA.

The long sobering aftermath of World War Two is over now and World Opinion can once again assume the role of a rough beast slouching toward cataclysm. Starting from the premise that nothing is funnier than unhappiness, how funny is it that the US affects to manage the great demographic upheavals of the Middle East and Europe while it can’t even protect its own citizens from the still-florid looting and swindling operations of Wall Street — not to mention the wholesale renting of congressmen, cabinet secretaries, supreme court justices, and White House aides by US chartered corporations?

World Opinion is easily massaged by grandstanding around children who have been put in harm’s way deliberately by cynical adults. The UN was, shall we say, less than fastidious about Hamas stashing rockets and other war materials in their Gaza schools. In fact, they didn’t make peep — for years — and now they dare squawk that these arsenals are being targeted, even as Hamas continues its rocket attacks? Did these UN morons ever grok the possibility that they were being played? And, of course, not to change the subject too harshly but note also how children are being used to play the suspension of US immigration laws by cynical US political party hacks. Despite the dishonest pleadings of undocumentarians, what part of… illegal immigrant… remains unclear,?

Here is what I think is going to happen now.

Israel will withdraw from Gaza.

Hamas’s war-making ability has been deeply degraded for a while, but any further rocket attacks will be answered in kind. Perhaps the citizens of Gaza will rethink who they want to have as leaders.

The action will shift back to the ISIS swath across Syria and Iraq. ISIS has become a juggernaut, seizing enough money and valuable assets like oil and gas fields to greatly expand its vicious operations. You can say this about ISIS: they are very plain about their objective: to reestablish a fundamentalist caliphate — that is, to return to the eleventh century.

Personally, I think the Middle East is primed for exactly that outcome, since its brief adventure as a wealthy, modernized oil-producing region is reaching its natural limits.

The very specter of that fate is enough to destabilize the fragile political arrangements there, and may actually hasten the arrival of those natural limits as the activities of ISIS shuts in the necessarily rational operation of the companies that run the oil wells, pipelines, transport terminals.

Watch what it does to capital markets, without which oil production founders anywhere.

Speaking of capital markets, keep your eyes on the US indexes. Never has so much fragility-in-motion come so close to an implacable wall of consequence. All hell seems to be breaking loose.

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"Glass desert", with a few "pumping stations"....


Just trying to be optimistic...




As for this comment "ISIS has become a juggernaut, seizing enough money and valuable assets like oil and gas fields to greatly expand its vicious operations."

replace "ISIS" with "CIA-operatives" and things make about just as much sense.  Same as it ever was...


power steering's picture

The El Fruit Bat Loco chain folds?

ZerOhead's picture

If ISIS is such a threat (and it seems to be) then why did Israel train them?

And if so then don't they share some resposibility for this continuing carnage?


Snowden NSA disclosures once again show that Abu Bakr was in fact trained by... yup... you guessd it...

sarz's picture

The Moroccan Times piece is nonsense. There is no source given for the claimed Snowden statement on Abu Bakr, and search for one yields nothing. 

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Bomb them all, let God sort them out.,

Winston Churchill's picture

Agreed. Lets start with Jerusalem ,and work down.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture



Kuntsler writes:

"Perhaps the citizens of Gaza will rethink who they want to have as leaders."

Bearing comment: Forget it, not a chance

* * *

Kuntsler ignores the massacres/forced conversions of the oldest Christian communities in the world (Chaldean Christians and Assyrians) now being perpetrated by the new Islamic State.



Duffy's picture

he's a zionist jew - he doesn't give a fuck about the clear and vivid evidence that western-backed Salafist terror proxies were targeting Christians.


Nor did the MSM nor did the Evangelical Judaized "Christians" who are sure the rapture is just around the corner, but are still sending Junior to Sunday School to learn all about hating Papists, towelheads, and faggots...


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Evangelical Judaized "Christians".  Good one, Duffy.

Part of the Controlled Opposition.  Aka 'Useful Fools'.  They are also perfect Wind-Up-Toys, who will fight/kill other 'Christians', Muslims, or others (with an "abundantly joyful heart") and "Doing God's Work" -- if wound up and pointed in whatever direction.

Rikky's picture

>>Evangelical Judaized "Christians" who are sure the rapture is just around the corner, but are still sending Junior to Sunday School to learn all about hating Papists, towelheads, and faggots


that right there shows your ignorance.  maybe you want to educate yourself on what being a Christian really is by reading about the person who it's based on, Jesus Christ.  Bible's are plentiful in the West.

MoneyThimbles's picture

You can't just be a Christian by picking up a Bible, imagining up your own doctrine, and putting on fancy academic gowns and shouting "Jesus!", while ignoring and reviling the church that Christ himself actually founded. Modern American extreme protestant sects are just nonsensical inventions of businessmen more concerned with shaking down ignorant, superstitious people for tax-free dollars than with doing God's work. Their vile spewings against God's Vicar on Earth, the Holy Father, is proof of that.


yochananmichael's picture

better a zionist Jew than a pagan who deifies one.

 damn you guys are dumd. if my brother who considered you dogs is a god, than i am an arch angel. what kind of nation would deify a dead Jew? obviously one whose collective intelligence is far lower than their gods people.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

What you think the Luciferian West is going to stop that?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Q: What happens next?

A:  "Read my lips and watch my charts" - BB Nuttynyahoo, Gen. III Zionist*

p.s.  Yo, 'bama.  Bounce, bitch!  - J. Pinkman



Eireann go Brach's picture

Obams gets a 2nd Nobel Peacer Prize? John Kerry wins the Kentucky Derby?

Dr. Engali's picture

What happens next? Why, we liberate them of course. We bomb the shit out of them until they embrace freedom and democracy. Hey wait........

I can still hear that sick fucker's voice in my head saying "freedom is on the march".

I Write Code's picture

Kind of a random editorial.  Afghanistan *did* threaten the US from 7,000 miles away, or don't you recall?  Though most of the participants were actually Saudi.  Thanks at least for remembering to mention Hamas.

What happens next?  Who knows.  Lot of nasty stuff, probably.

NoDebt's picture

ALL of the participants were Saudi, my friend.  All.

aardwolf's picture

What a load of fucking rubbish!!





BuddyEffed's picture

Total melting wasn't necessary.  When heated, steel loses strength, softens, and can deform.  Once deformation started and things got out of alignment, the inertia of that much mass from above moving was unstoppable.  With the weight not perfectly centered anymore, the forces were actually reinforcing deformation.

yochananmichael's picture

we averager 15-40 points higher in IQ than the rest of the world , moron.

 only a nation of morons would deify and worship a dead Jew or any human being.

RichardP's picture

You could benefit from some research.  Not too many in your nation of morons worship a dead jew or a human being.

Hugh G Rection's picture

ALL of the *patsies were Saudi...


So I guess you haven't heard about their Mossad handlers living next door in Hollywood Florida?  Probably no idea about Urban Moving Systems, Mossad truck bombs on 9/11, or the Israeli art student spy ring?

In your world does jet fuel melt steel?

Bawneee Fwank's picture

Who fucking cares...Get the fuck out!!  My entire damn life its been about the middle east, im sick of it.  Just think of the money the .gov has stolen from US taxpayers in my lifetime and passed it along to all these third world shit holes. Im sick of there ALWAYS having to be some boogie man! 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Did you miss the classes*[1] where it was explained that our Fiat Monetary System REQUIRES Growth?

Our system therefore requires a Bogeyman for the endless taxation, which 'pays' for Gov growth and growth in Debt.

p.s.  Presumably you have heard of "Money makes the world go 'round"?  And do you know about the famous quote from the founder of the Rothschild dynasty*[2]?

I think that a lot more can be explained, when attributed to profit or greed, than to most other causes, since levels of incompetence or malice vary much more from person to person, than does the motive for profit or greed.


*[1] Chris Martensen, Mike Maloney, etc.

*[2] "Give me control of a country's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws" - Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Money Changer cum Banker @ Haus Zum Roten Schild (Rothschild), Judengasse, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland.

WTFUD's picture


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Nationalize the Fed

Relocate the UN to Switzerland

Break NATO into 2: into Continent-based defense treates (NATO --> N.Am.Treaty Org, EU Treaty Org)

Much more pragmatic, and realistic.

suicidalpsychologist's picture

Nothing will happen. For global wars to start you need economic collapse first. As long the economy is still working, no global war.


The only way to find a solution to islam is to eradicate it.

Xandrino's picture

Perhaps the citizens of Gaza will rethink who they want to have as leaders.


Israel you mean I hope

JustObserving's picture

James Howard Kunstler has always towed the neocon line on American wars in the middle east on behalf of Israel.  Why the change in tone? Have you conveniently forgotten who destabilized the region?

 Saddam had a good ten years to obtain, study, experiment with, fabricate, distribute, sell, lend, or hide all kinds of deadly devices and substances. The fact that we haven't found fissionable material or stockpiles of smallpox or sarin gas should not necessarily lead to the conclusion that they never existed. Rather, I'd wonder to whom might they have been given or sold, or where they were stashed. The failure to turn up WMDs also does not mean that we had no reason to invade Iraq and topple Saddam.


 The purpose of our Iraq project was to stabilize the Middle East by creating a successful buffer state between Iran and Pakistan to the east and the nations west of Iraq, especially Saudi Arabia.


Nice use of the word project for an illegal war that killed and injured millions

I regard the 9/11 conspiracy theories as a fantasy and a distraction from the real problems we face.


Duffy's picture


Obviously, if Zionism is synonymous with patriotism in Israel, it cannot be an acceptable label in American politics, where it would mean loyalty to a foreign power. This is why the neoconservatives do not represent themselves as Zionists on the American scene. Yet they do not hide it all together either. Elliott Abrams, Deputy National Security Adviser in the administration of Bush’s son, wrote in his book Faith or Fear (1997): “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart — except in Israel — from the rest of the population”.


It is hard to come with a better definition of Zionism, the corollary of which is the apartheid practiced against non-Jewish peoples in Palestine, defended in the same year by Douglas Feith in his “Reflections on Liberalism, Democracy and Zionism”, pronounced in Jerusalem, defending the right of Israel to be an “ethnic nation”: “there is a place in the world for non-ethnic nations and there is a place for ethnic nations”.

 -  {thanks to whomever it was who first linked this here}

HippieHaulers's picture

Voltaire said "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

I think ZH has answered this question for us in their rules of engagement. The idea that criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic stifles speech and the truth. 

Just saying. (Hope I don't get banned.)

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It bears repeating that "Anti-Semitism" is the WRONG WORD, since Palestinians are Semites also.  Use "Anti-Zionism" instead.

The correct term, that Zionists (a political, not religious ideology) do not want people to use, is Anti-Zionism or Anti-Revisionist-Zionism.  They don't want you to use the technically correct words, because it removes their verbal Camouflage, and lays naked the shame of their double-standard (hermaphroditic) agenda and policies toward fellow Semites:  Palestinians. 

Insofar someone wants to add a historic claim they first have to lay a "Genetic Claim" of ancestry to the region, i.e. that a specific Israeli Jews has a higher level of indigenous Semitic DNA, than does an indigenous Arab/Palestinian -- if we add that to the mix of Talking Points that should matter.

RichardP's picture

Insofar someone wants to add a historic claim they first have to lay a "Genetic Claim" of ancestry to the region ...

Really?  Why not just look at the historical writings that discuss Rome driving the Jews out of Jerusalem and destroying their Temple?  Is that not history??  Does that not support a historical claim?

pragmatic hobo's picture

i think at this point the only people supporting israel and their "rights" are the jews and the us congress ... the rest of the world is appalled by the brutality and criminal activity of israel and their killing of civilians in gaza ...

john39's picture

this piece is crappy propaganda....  ISIS has the U.S./Israeli finger prints all over it.   nice try and trying to draw attention away from the on-going slaughter and genocide in Palestine though.

ZerOhead's picture

And it's hard to expand current geographic area Israel when no-one on your border will attack you. When ISIS comes back through Jordan to confront Israel it's finally Greater Israel time!

After all why would the Mossad train the ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr?

BigJim's picture

Yes, Israel has always used attacks on it by other Arab nations as an excuse to grab yet more land from Palestinians.

yochananmichael's picture

jews are the plestinians not the arab invaders.

BigJim's picture

Palestinians are the rightful descendants of the Judeans, not the European invaders.

There, FIFY.

The Phallic Crusader's picture

ISIS definitely has western intelligence agency/state support.  The specifics are hard to ascertain, but Mossad and CIA might be so operationally linked [or CIA so compromized by zio infiltration] that to speak of one is simply to speak of the other...


The Kennedy murder seems more and more to me to have had  LBJ/CIA/Mossad involvement.  Turns out LBJ had an extensive Jewish background which he almost certainly knew about but kept hidden. Some articles on the web refer to him as "the first Jewish president".   Israel's nuke program accelerated swiftly under LBJ, and the US government stopped daring to print its own money.  Then there was Viet Nam...


LBJ was likely the first Zionist president.


Wilson was just bought and paid for - but all in all, between ww1 and the Fed, may have been the most destructive presidency ever, over and above Lincoln or Bush/Obama, or the brief but deep stupidity of Carter...



StormShadow's picture

"LBJ was likely the first Zionist president."

JFK was the last president of the US who was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Bemused Observer's picture

You are right about Hamas and the rockets...these clowns keep firing the damned things into Israel's back yard, of COURSE the Israelis will respond!

But, that being said, Israel holds a lot of the blame for the way things have gone, and they have dropped the ball when it comes to winning over the average Palestinian, who is NOT a member of Hamas, and has no control over what they do. By alienating that Palestinian, they have driven him TO Hamas. Had they chosen other methods, they could have gotten that Palestinian closer to their side of the issue.

But Israel has adopted the attitude that all Palestinians should be made to suffer for the sins of the extremists, even blowing up the homes of a terrorist's family, even if they are not guilty of anything.

Bad move Israel! Stunningly bad, I'd say...I guess they don't have a "winning hearts and minds" philosophy over there in the Holy Land.

I Write Code's picture

Islam has resisted "hearts and minds" approaches for 1,500 years, they kill any Moslem who cooperates.  Israel happens to be on the front lines of this.

Remember always, the "Palestinians" had their own country for five minutes in 1948 and threw it away.  They could have had peace and open borders with Israel on any given day since then, but time after time after time they throw it away.  Gaza *had* open-ish borders with both Israel and Egypt from 1967 through 2000.  The current regime is only since Hamas was "elected" in 2006, at the same time that Hezboolah did attack Israel from Lebanon.

The Palestinians have not tried very hard to win the hearts and minds of the Israelis, have they.

BigJim's picture

What an asshole you are.

Here I am, an Arab living in Palestine. I took the Brits at their word when they said they would let us have self-determination if we helped them overthrow the Ottomans. So we did... but dear Old Albion went back on its word because it had promised the Rothschilds they could set up their racist 'Jews-Only' state on our land.

We revolted against the Brits, of course, and they killed us in our thousands; all the while allowing Europeans to 'buy' land from Egyptians who had bought the 'rights' to the land from the Ottomans. Of course, the Ottoman rulers had no legitimate claim to Palestine; if they had, what right did the Brits have to overthrow them? So those land titles were utterly bogus.

And then the UN tells me it is giving a bunch of European "Jews" the right to rule over land my ancestors have been farming for generations.

But that's ok, appaently, because according to some racist cunt on the internet, I have been given 'half' of Palestine somewhere else.