How French Models Protest Low Wages

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France's nude art models have had enough - protesting low wages and poor working conditions, nude models in Paris went on strike. This is not the first time La Coordination des Modeles has staged protest: back in 2008, they held a naked protest outside Paris' city hall after regulations stripped them of their tip-jar. The models demand equal treatment afforded most French workers, like job security or vacation pay. As The Guardian reports, the Paris mayor of cultural affairs noted "this was a lovely protest in the French, gaulois spirit of resistance."  

As The Daily Beast reports,

Proving that there is no French profession immune from collective work stoppages, the country is now facing a potential epidemic of empty sketchbooks and blank canvasses as its nude models threaten to cover up, complaining of low wages and poor working conditions, while also fighting for the state to recognize their work as a serious career rather than a paying hobby or part-time gig.


A group called La Coordination des Modeles recently staged a protest complaining that most life-class nude models are treated as temp workers, with none of the perks afforded most French workers, like job security or vacation pay.





France’s dedicated nude models—many of whom pose full-time—say they have seen no improvements since their 2008 protest and are calling on the Ministry of Culture to again intervene on their behalf. “We’re asking for a reassessment of our wages and the problem of our status,” Patricia Clark, a member of the group, told French newspaper Liberation, “We have no status, we are technically temp workers, so we’re sitting in ejection seats, and that’s unacceptable…That’s not what a temp worker is supposed to be, he’s not supposed to be working every day, six hours per day, 33 weeks per year.”




Christophe Girard, deputy Paris mayor for cultural affairs, told The Guardian, “I think this was a lovely protest in the French, gaulois spirit of resistance.”

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Perhaps there is a reason to cheer for socialism after all: the lower the wages, the more naked...

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Cue gratuitous nude model images...


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icanhasbailout's picture

and if you get them really mad they'll swallow

Pure Evil's picture

So what the hell is that guy staring at in the first picture?

TeamDepends's picture

Her bush reads, vive le france!

Pure Evil's picture

Now, that's the type of European socialism I hope they bring to the US.

jaap's picture

Perhaps there is a reason to cheer for socialism after all: the lower the wages, the more naked...


Dvoraks law: 

The worse the economy, not only do the hookers get better looking, but they get cheaper. Some postulate that additionally, hookers get more business during a worse economy, however Dvorak himself attributes this to supply and demand which often leads to an increase in business (i.e. tricks) which is driven by the need to compensate for loss of revenue caused by the same reduction in cost stated in Dvorak's law.

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Index. You're talking about an index.

Bunghole's picture

I'm personally waiting for Canada on Strike.

No more Smarties and Trivial Pursuit for the masses.

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"Her bush reads, vive le france!"

Oh sure, blame Bush.........

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I wonder if she braids her armpit hair

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Stupid or hateful comment ?

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Come on, don't blame Bush for that too!

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Probably staring at the cute male photographer taking the picture.

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He just noticed the shapeshifter in front of him.

Ben Ghazi's picture

It will soon shapeshift to a naked Janet Yellen.

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FOCUS< FOCUS FOCUS>>>>geeeezzzz

grunk's picture

Her resume.

She wants to be a serious actress.

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I don't believe any of it...more photos for verification.

Stackers's picture

Only the French could call sitting there doing nothing for six hours - "work" .... and full time work at that.

knukles's picture

With vacation.  Next they'll want free medical care... er waaaaaaaaaiit.....  You're tryin' ta trick me... ain'tcha?

Ya know what?  Those people work more than our 96 million on welfare, section8 and EBT cards, for fucks sakes!

AllWorkedUp's picture

Sorry ladies, but if you need more FRN's you can have some of mine. If you want gold or silver then sorry, can't help you.

COSMOS's picture

We have politicians in the USA doing the same, sitting doing nothing for hours on end.  Then they break and eat at tax payer expense at fine restaurants near their capitols.

samcontrol's picture

yep but they are not naked , sometimes cold and with 20 people staring.
To the royal asshole that says that is not a job, get a fucking brain and learn just how much a naked body means in art.

GeezerGeek's picture

In the USA we call them government workers, except they do it for 8 hours per day not just six.

Ms. Erable's picture

And those that have to deal with them are very pleased the (generally) lard-assed .gov worlers are amply clothed.

samcontrol's picture

Fuck u and your green arrows.

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Show some bare skin and the ZHers come out of the woodwork to post.

'Hey look 'Million Dollar Bonus' is back. Oh sorry that's 'Million Dollar Boner' My bad.

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Hey Tyler, how about a little focus on that thing?


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Just get one of those computer apps like those I see on TV cop shows. They can take a four pixel image with 8-bit grayscale depth and turn it into a perfectly readable license plate. In full color, too!

Lore's picture

I hear that those apps are particularly handy for embellishing satellite images from video games.

junction's picture

Great job to have checking their wages (among other things).

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We can see butt cracks but we can't see nipples and bosoms?

How gauche!

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

remember Pladizow had a nice rack and then got all traffic signy :(

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+1.  And never revealed the source of the pic.

Come on Plad... where'd you find that one?

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Fuck these prescription glasses , me no see butty crack.

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Now that is a work action I can get behind!

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I see they're threatening to cover up.  Pity; I'd hoped they'd walk out instead.

Should stage a proper French manifestation!

samcontrol's picture

why the need to say fuck u to the French... really?

I am starting to think many of you guys here are just pissed off at life overall.
little money, fat old bitches at home, shit jobs if any, paying the little left over in taxes and living in a society once the greatest now without a drop of fairness or freedom for that matter.

The US was my dream, 9/11 woke me up , and fucked it all up .Your comments confirm what a lame nation.

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I vote for clothing redistribution. More for the fat uglies and less for the hotties.

Pure Evil's picture

You can't discriminate against the fuglies.

Oldwood's picture

Are you saying redistribution of clothing wealth from those who don't need it to those that do, based on a clothing "needs" board ruling, is discrimination?