Netanyahu: The Bombings Will Continue Until Calm Is Restored

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One can't make this up. Well, one can, if one was the Onion, which alas has permanently missed its IPO window in a world in which reality is now the very definition of absurd.

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The Bombings Will Continue Until Calm Is Restored


Isnt that an oxymoron?

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moderate muslim is the oxymoron

Netanyahu has the will of the Israeli people behind him and is focussed on the task of killing the hamassholes who insist on using women and children as targets and shields.  I wish him continued success.

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So this whole talk about human shields. Do you have any proof of this? I mean, other than dead women and children? Or do you believe it because thats what you've been told? 

I'm just asking, because I'm skeptical by nature. And I, sadly, attended public school in the US. So I know that sometimes critical thinking skills are hard to come by. 

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He doesn't need proof---he's a christian and they don't live by works alone--they temper it with FAITH-- ---altogether now--I BELIEVE--- there don't you feel better???

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what does being Christian have to do with it?


Christians suffer too in the Palestinian occupied lands.


See here:


See the Orthodox Christian  Church in Gaza  here:

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Israeli "targeted" strikes level an entire Gaza neighborhood in one hour timelapse:






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Believe it or not, Egypt and Saudi are on Israel's side this time, at least in private.  They have turned against these Islamic groups rising against existing power structures because it threatens them as well.  The enemy of my enemy, and all that.  So as long as Israel has that passive regional approval, don't expect this operation to end any time soon.

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Egypt and Saudi, in America's pocket.  Which, in turn, has been infiltrated and taken over by Zionists.

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Redpill,they have been on israel's side for quite sometime.

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The govt. of Egypt is with Israel as they have been put there by Saudi , whom hated the Muslim brotherhood (and you would too if you were a repressive King). The Muslim brotherhood , Hamas are really the same group.

The people of Egypt, about half of them, support Hamas.

Its not regional approval; different sects-Shiites, Sunnis, Allawis-even tribes of the same sects fight each other .

Has got absolutely nothing to do with "passive regional approval".

As a matter of fact, King Abdullah condemned the Israeli offensive on Friday.




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Brilliant article John!


I've met Gilad, he's an amazing human being, and a brilliant Jazz musician too.


Sadly, due to his bravery, he's often labelled as an anti-semite or self-hater etc etc etc...


You just can't catch a break from the tribe, whether it's a child hiding from Israeli rockets, an american constitutionalist who wants to live and work without "Fed intervention", or whether a person is a freedom fighter / freedom fighter - the Zionists are always there to fuck you up (whether it's Yellen, Murdoch, or some Israeli child-killer).



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Wow.  Every nation supporting Israel did this.  Without the dollars flowing in they would have been a grease stain on the map by now.

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Think first of the concerted effort to destroy the Ottoman Empire, to make this land grab/divide and conquer possible!

In 1850 the Ottoman Empire had already been on 'financial support' from England and France for some 70 years.  The Crimean War was fought to prevent Russia from carving it up, to their advantage.

It took almost another 70 to dismantle it completely (wrapped up with WWI). 

A great many wars have been fought, for a small handful to benefit from.


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Yeah but the religious right (aka christians, evengelicals, neocons, Jim Jones wannabes) are the biggest US support group for the Zionist agenda. Do you need proof or can you accept that on faith---

Don't con me with the we're just meek and mild, timid, washed in the blood of the lamb stuff---I grew up in a "christian community". a more bitter, backstabing, lying, holyer than thou, vindictive, suprimist, group I have yet to incounter and I've been all over the world and lived in places you'll only find in National Geographic. They're especially mean to those of a slightly different belief-- "cause they're going to hell and we're going to heaven"----

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as far as zionist christians go...   if they think they can support this:

and yet go to heaven by going to church and mindlessly memorizing biblical passages with no attempt at discernment or comprehension...  i suspect that they have a big surprise coming.

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That is a very compelling and confronting link john39 thanks for posting

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Typical jewish behaviour throughout history. They need to be quarantined.

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I'm sorry to hear that g speed.... I am Christian and the Christian community I belong too isn't like that, but I know what your saying, I have run into many western christians that have told me I'm going to hell.

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First let me say I hate having to defend Israel and the tribe. Some very powerful Jews have done major harm to the World - fiat - fractional banking - paper promises - ETC.

But... the citizens of Israel are not those culprits and to side with HAMAS you must deny that the citizens of Gaza:

1 - Voted for HAMAS leadeship.

2 - Allow HAMAS to store and launch rockets from civilian locations.

3 - Accept that HAMAS has called for the destruction of Israel.

No country on Earth goes on without change. All civilazations rise and fall. Ethic groups gain and lose territory... same as it ever was. If HAMAS wants the land of Israel, then go for it, but don't come crying to the rest of us after the Israelis clean your clock.

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In defense of the board, I haven't seen comments of people supporting or siding with Hamas here.  People here tend to focus on Israel's actions. 

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its a red herring... kinda like 'you're either with us, or with the terrorists'.... 

no thanks, i'll take option C....

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And supposedly in America the people voted for Obama.

WTF?  Elections are regularly rigged, why would Hamas have been any different?

Does that impact on Israeli thinking at all, or is that possibility irrelevant? 

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they will use (or manufacture) any pretext they need to evict the Palestinians out of Palestine.  all to complete a total lie, the "return to their homeland"....   truly orwellian when you consider that over 90% of the Israelis living in Palestine are descendents of Eurpean converts to Judiasm...  Ashkenazi Jews are not Sephardic Jews (a tiny minority).   So even setting aside the bullshit religion based (self serving) return to the homeland nonsense...  its all based on lies.   the true inhabitants of the land are being systematically murdered by the liars.

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Let's cut all the bullshit and call a spade a spade.

The actions of the State of Israel == Ethnic Cleansing.


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Gazacide, Gazacaust, Arab cleansing

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If Hamas quit firing rockets, then it is 'ethnic clensing' but alas they haven't quit firing rockets.  BTW: Our fire raids on Tokyo in the spring of 1945 killed over 100,000 civilians.  All wars are sad.  

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That is a false analogy. The United States recognized Japan as a sovereign State. If Israel (and it's loyal US veto at the UNSC) would do the same, then there would be more legal and peaceful dispute resolution venues available.

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Public opinion supports Israel and rejects the terrorism of HAMAS. It is a disguise to say "I hate Zionism" and "Israel" and pretend you don't also hate Jews. 


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You are the scum of the Earth. As for "public opinion", seeing how the jews control the media, this is probably just another big lie.

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Look in the mirror Sean7K. Tell me what you see. I'll tell you what I see. Someone filled with anger and rage who cannot control themselves, who wants to blame "jews" for whatever happens. But what's really wrong is your relationship with GOD. You don't have one, so all your anger at this life comes out at whoever is today's target. Tell me I'm wrong.

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You're wrong. No anger, no rage. Just doing my best to get people past the jew brainwashing that attempts to excuse their holocaust behaviors. The jews do the atrocities, I don't have to "blame" them. Oh, and calling Lucifer God, is probably not going to end well. Your failure to recognize evil for what it is and attempt to credit God is the height of stupidity.

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Calling me scum of the Earth shows your rage. 

The jews do the atrocities, I don't have to "blame" them.

No, Sean they don't. You have things badly mixed up. Are the Israelites shooing rockets at HAMAS? Who broke the truce each time? It was HAMAS. Who uses human shields and dug tunnels into people's houses? HAMAS. 

Oh, and calling Lucifer God, is probably not going to end well. 

This convinces me you are confused. Check your facts. 

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You obviously haven't been looking at facts. They are posted throughout the thread. You are the one confused. Jewish behavior has a history. I don't need an instance, there are too many. Heck, you write about them in the torah. IT is a part of the talmud and secret teachings. Quotes listed everywhere. You are one sick bunch of psychopaths. 

I hadn't heard about the blood sucking during circumcision, you people are fucked up.

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I'm not Jewish. And you never responded to what I said. 

And yes, I have been looking at facts, and pointing them out to you. It's your turn. If you can practice self-control. I'm betting, not. 

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Really? Then provide citations for your facts. (you might want to look further than Israeli sources)

Gaza ceasefire collapses in 6 MINUTES after Israeli F16 jet ... Are Israelis shooting tanks and air to surface missiles I think so. How is this different than rockets? More accurate? Has Israel endured the greater number of casualties or civilian deaths? No, they haven't. Please line up your "facts".



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Oh please. You've ducking the issues Sean. Israel denied they broke the truce. Probably some homemade rocket bombs went off. It's happened before.


"An Israeli military spokeswoman said there had been no air strikes in Gaza for seven hours on Monday, during which time Israel said it was abiding by a humanitarian ceasefire to free up aid and allow some of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced by the war to go home."

""Israel said Gaza militants continued firing rockets and mortars during the truce period. There were no reported casualties.""

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I'm ducking the issues? I provided a news source and you depend upon an Israeli military spokesperson? Are you a moron? It is the israelis that talk about EXTERMINATING the palestinians and intentionally go after the children. Are you just blind? Their teachings are criminal and psychopathic. Their actions are criminal and psychopathic. 

The only solution is a global quarantine. 

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You really aren't that bright. I probably lost far more Jewish relatives in Nazi concentration camps than you did.

There is absolutely nothing inconsistent about hating zionism and having nothing against Jews. The only people who think otherwise are fascist zionists (i.e NAZIs and neoNAZIs).

And no, I'm not Jewish. I am a Humanist, and a practicing Christian, but I have no Faith, because Faith is belief in the absence of evidence, and I know what I've witnessed, and omnipotence doesn't give a shit about what you, I or anyone else thinks, or thinks they know.

I'm sorry the world doesn't fit neatly into your little misconceptions. Get over it.

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Buzz! Wrong. Since the Jews have no home without "zionism", yes, hating Zionism means hating Jews because you are in fact, denying their core beliefs are relevant. You need to get your faith back, it's blinding you to be stupid.

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The notion that any dichotomy that exists within your mind has ANY bearing on what another person thinks is somewhere between patently absurd and clinically insane.

Remove Judaism and Israel from the equation- practically speaking what you are suggesting would imply that Dick Cheney could validly argue that if you don't love the intentional slaughter unarmed brown people, you hate Liberty.

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Ah, yes, the lie about "stolen land" and evicting Palestinians. The Palestinians are the squatters on the land of Israel. It is by grace they are permitted to say. But they do not make peace, they make war.

90% of the Israelis living in Palestine are descendents of Eurpean converts to Judiasm

Total made-up fiction. 

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Nobody has proof of anything.  We are all provided information from third parties.  Believe what you will.

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I do not disagree. I just find it insulting, to justifiy the actions (ie - GENOCIDE) of the 'state*' by repeating the human shield meme. Yes. Yes. Its shit. Tell me something else. 


*Lets be clear. The state and its citizens are two different things. There are certainly people (on BOTH sides) that want no part of this. Not unlike the people of the US and its various campaigns around the globe. 

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There's a lot on Youtube.  I was listening to CNN in the car yesterday and the journalist apparently put up either audio or video of a missile launching near them a couple of minutes earlier.  Another video has a reporter running out of the picture as the missile flames from launch can be seen.  Other journalists as soon as they leave Gaza admit this is happening and even some journalists who are pro-Palestinian don't appreciate having their comments about human shields used to support Israeli actions.

If depends on how skeptical you want to be.  If you're going to be skeptical like holocaust deniers, well then no amount of evidence will ever satisfy you that the Nazis killed anyone.

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Nazis killed people?  I'm shocked.

Of all of the Jews I've spoken to who lived in Europe during the Holocaust, none were dead.

Why believe them when they tell 'stories' about losing their families to the Nazis?  They must be making it all up.

And those numbers tattooed on their forearms...I'm sure they had those added recently for "effect."

They will go to great lengths to fool you those darn fakers.

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Nazis--wasn't that the National Socialist party in germany circa 1930---1945 ?   And the only people that died during that period were---ta da--jews----

Why is it that when WWII death is in a conversation it always ends up about the jews? or the Nazis or anti semitism-----just asking.

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So many goddamn Russian peasants died in that war....  And its completely forgotten.

Never mentioned.

Yes.  More than 6 million.  Dead in combat, dead from starvation, millions dead.

There were times where the Russian army had to use UNARMED, untrained 'soldiers' as decoys, distractions, for the veteran soldiers to make an approach on a bunker.  "Off to the Front you go."

"But sir, I don't have a weapon!"

"You'll find one ready for you when you get there."