New York City Hospital Quarantines Man With Ebola-Like Symptoms Who Walked Into ER

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UPDATE (via Mt.Sinai Press Conference):

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As CBS reports,

A patient at Mount Sinai hospital is being tested after traveling to a country where the Ebola virus is present, the hospital said in a statement.


The man arrived at Mount Sinai’s emergency room early Monday morning with high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms.


The man told doctors he had recently traveled to a West African country where Ebola is present, the hospital said.


The man has been placed in “strict isolation” and is undergoing various tests to determine the cause of the symptoms, the hospital said.


All appropriate steps to keep patients, staff and visitors safe are being taken, the hospital said.

Let's hope we do not start adding to this...

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NY Times adds,

A hospital spokeswoman, Dorie Klissas, said that to protect the patient’s privacy the hospital was not making public his occupation, which country he had been in, whether he had been exposed to a patient with Ebola there, or whether he had close contacts like family members, friends or co-workers who were also at risk. Ms. Klissas said the patient’s blood was being tested for Ebola, but she declined to say when the test results would be available.




Ian Michaels, a spokesman for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, said that another patient was isolated at a hospital in the city last week after arriving on a flight from West Africa and showing symptoms found in Ebola patients.


That man was screened at Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday night and taken to Bellevue Hospital. He had a fever, but within a day the fever had gone away and it became clear that he did not have Ebola. Mr. Michaels did not know the details of the tests performed on the man.


“We are on a heightened state of alert,” he said. “We have instructed all 11 of our hospitals to follow C.D.C. guidelines and be on the lookout for Ebola-like symptoms.”

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As we noted previously, this is what to expect if Ebola comes to America

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Here is the internal email from Mt. Sinai:

Subject: Patient with Febrile Illness and Recent Travel to West Africa
TO: All Faculty, Staff and Students
FROM: Kenneth L. Davis, MD
Chief Executive Officer and President
Mount Sinai Health System
Dennis S. Charney, MD
Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
President for Academic Affairs
Mount Sinai Health System
DATE: August 4, 2014
RE: Patient with Febrile Illness and Recent Travel to West Africa
A patient with high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms, after recent travel to a West African country where Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has been reported, presented to the Emergency Department at The Mount Sinai Hospital last night. The patient has been placed in strict isolation, and is currently undergoing medical screenings to determine the cause of the symptoms. All necessary steps are being taken to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors and staff.
The Incident Command Centers of The Mount Sinai Hospital and the Mount Sinai Health System have been activated and are working together in a unified fashion. The Mount Sinai Health System has been activated to a (HICS) Level 1 Alert. The Mount Sinai Hospital has been activated to (HICS) Level 2.
The Department of Emergency Management and the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Mount Sinai Hospital are employing all necessary infection control measures to protect patients and staff and to continue to provide the best care to our patients.  It is important to note that EVD can only be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids. The infection cannot be transmitted through casual contact.
General Information Regarding EVD:

  • As of August 1, 2014, approximately 1,300 cases (suspected and confirmed) had been reported in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.
  • EVD is a severe, often fatal disease (case fatality is 55 to 60%).
  • Along with direct contact with bodily fluids, including infected blood, urine, sweat, semen and breast milk, exposure to objects (e.g., needles, sharps) contaminated with infected bodily fluids can spread the infection.
  • Patients with EVD are potentially infectious from onset of fever until weeks or months after recovery.
  • Ebola symptoms can appear from 2 to 21 days after exposure to the virus, with 8 to 10 days being the most common. Symptoms typically include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain (myalgias/arthralgias), weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • Hemorrhagic symptoms include broken blood vessels in the eyes (conjunctival hemorrhage), easy bruising, and GI bleeding.

Contact the Infectious Disease Attending on call or Infection Control for further guidance.
Immediately report all suspected cases of EVD to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH) at 866-692-3641866-692-3641 .
For additional, accurate information, please visit the CDC’s webpage:
We will continue to keep you updated.

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Every time I read the word "Ebola," my brain pronounces it like the guy in the Ricola commercials. Give it a try — you might be able to find some humor while bleeding to death from your asshole.


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Q- Why was an ebola patient brought into the US?

A - Profit is in treatment, not cure. So develop a vaccine. But how many Africans will be able to afford it and make big pharma money?  Solution: sell vaccine to a wealthy population. But what if that wealthy population does not have the disease? Again easy solution - give that population the opportunity to contract the disease. Hence, patient brought into America!

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought tickets for a family visit out to the Midwest for a week, around labor day.

We'll be traveling through Chicago.  I'm starting to think.., not.

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Do like John Madden and DRIVE

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Mt. Sinai - Isn't this where false flags go to be diagnosed for mass consumption? 

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Move the patient to the Hamptons

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The scoreboard is incorrect...

Is missing USA   2    0

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"Under conditions of the current study, transmission of ZEBOV could have occurred either by inhalation (of aerosol or larger droplets), and/or droplet inoculation of eyes and mucosal surfaces and/or by fomites due to droplets generated during the cleaning of the room. Infection of all four macaques in an environment, preventing direct contact between the two species and between the macaques themselves, supports the concept of airborne transmission."

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Bamako, the capital of Mali is very close to the border of Guinea. A city of almost 2,000,000 people could be in the crosshairs of the Ebola outbreak. Not to mention 4,000 plus French troops in country, as well as an unknown number of US troops. 

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Could be from the southern border too!!! What have all the children brought into this country.

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how many humans are in NYC and its surround? 8 million? That a lot of fucking people, but just wait for tokyo mumbai sao paulo, buenos aires, and seoul. and jakarta and hong kong, and apocalypse here we come

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It was coming. And even if this isn't, soon it will...

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you can add america to that list thanks to the who and nih.

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Why do they never end up in D.C.?

Of course Obama and Congress is out of town on vacation.

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Just about everybody can be shown to be six degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Consider that any confirmed case in a NYC hospital, and the density of people there, the number of degrees from someone with some type of contact with that person might only be 3 or 4.

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No. Hopefully since it is NY. The guy just wants a free room and some hospital food. Maybe some attention.
Its likly just a bunch of nothing.
Now i feel better how about you?

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I must not have been paying attention ... did I miss a YouTube video pinning this on Putin?

InjectTheVenom's picture's clearly Bush's fault 

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Oh yeah ... I remember seeing a video of him doing some sort of Voodoo dance or something while on a trip to Africa.

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You're confusing Bush with Jim Jones.

Can Ebola be transmitted via Kool-Aid? Is there a particular flavor which is more favorable? We need to send some congressmen on a fact-finding trip. 535 one-way airline tickets to Africa would be worth the cost, I suppose. Get Barry to go, by building a golf course over there in his home continent.

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Pfft... No big deal. The gubmint would NEVER LIE to the American people.... Unless it had to.


What to Expect when Ebola or Other Contagion Hits the US Mainland in Large Numbers


Look for 500%+ premiums on physical gold when this shit hits on a widespread basis.

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No need for CONgresscritters to report back after 5 weeks of vacation.

President Elect-for-Life Ebameola will handle all .gov functions from here to Martial Law Mandate.

Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck.

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By the time the government admits the truth for the 'big one' pandemic, it will be too late to prep and your family will likely have someone who is infected.

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Really? You are pushing a BS math puzzle.
If only 5 people controled the US dollars future would you buy it.
With Bit-con its 3, 3 people in all the world own over half of all coins. Is this somthing you want to buy.
Then buy my tomato plant, i will give you one tomato every year as a dividend. All i need is 5000s US$ up front to cover fees and costs.
Do you sound eager, you should its a better deal then your Bitcoin is offering.

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Even if this fellow has Ebola do you really think Mt Sinai would tell you his test was positive?

Same with the women who collapsed at Gatwick. No way the gubmints are going to allow their news media or doctors or labs report the actual test results to the Sheeples even if the test was positive. Can you imagine the reaction in NYC? How about tracking down all those people who were on that women's flight? In the terminal?...and so on.

BTW, is "Sheeples" capitalized?

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Maybe he can be housed in the "Lincoln" bedroom while he waits to see if his organs turn to mush and blood comes out every orifice?  Fuck these evil motherfuckers.  Long term storage food just rotated back to the top of my list.  Might be a long winter alone with the family this year?

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Ebolas are meeting in DC right now. Obama is giving hugs everywhere.

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This just in.........

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Free-market Disease mongering:

Patented mono-clonal Ebola antibodies treatment $50,000

Patented Ebola vaccine $1,000

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This still ain't got nothing on the English Sweat.  

Look it up!

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50,000$ well how about you just fill your pool with honey. Last i checked bees didn't get ebola. Of course being a bee may help.

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Ebola Patent #:

CA 2741523 A1

Jonathan S. Towner (and 4 others)

Look it up. This is no bullshit.

If Ebola isn't transmitted 'casually', why do the docs wear SPAESUITS? The two 'aid workers' shipped back to infect us (oops, er, I mean 'for treatment') ALSO wore full hazmat suits, but I guess it didn't help. there is NO TREATMENT AVAIABLE, and casualty rates have been reported of between 50% and 90% for this partucular mutation. G.M. tobacco is being looked at as one vector of treatment (no shit...look THAT one up as well). WMD's are things like radiological, bacterial, and GERM warfare. This also includes parasites (scabies, lice, etc.).

MontgomeryScott's picture

On an aside;

WHY do 'THEY' decide to name a death a 'CASUALTY' when someone dies against their will; and not of their fault or making?

Is death 'CASUAL'?

Does this mean that all people who 'casually' die are wearing 'polyester Lesiure Suits'; or 'Friday CASUAL wear'? Is a 'CASUALTY' the same thing as 'COLLATERAL DAMAGE'; or is it more (or less) important to the addicted masses? When a cop or five opens up on a citizen when effecting a search warrant on the wrong address in the 'war on drugs' and the victim dies with 78 holes in his body after bleeding out and twitching a lot, is this a 'CASUALTY'; or is this called 'COLLATERAL DAMAGE' in the 'WAR' on 'DRUGS'? Did they open fire because of the polyester Leisure Suit, or the Friday CASUAL wear? If I wear a suit and tie, will I be able to avoid being a 'CASUALTY' because I am dressed formally? If they still shoot me and ruin my suit, will I be declared a 'MORTALITY' instead? Is it because my suit got ruined?

If Bill Hicks or George Carlin were still alive, I'd be feeding them SO MUCH raw material right now!

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So....if you're exposed to Ebola ONLY through contact, are they suggesting that those 100 "health workers" were not using proper sanitation and contact practices?   Or did someone just sneeze on all 100 of them.

Logic sort of suggests to me that these health workers were being cautious, but this disease was more "spreadable" than they anticipated.   And me the top of the list of things the African countries need to fear is a total walkout of all healthcare workers, professional or not.'re in trouble.

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excuse me, lagos nigeria?  21 million.  and somebody already landed there and died of ebola

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NWO publication was reporting about possible Ebola terrorism a year ago.

So, obviously, the NWO was planning to produce the Ebola terrorism.

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marthas vineyard is nice this time of year

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they are so determined to create a massive crisis out of this and get ebola to spread throughout the country.  Fucking psychos. 

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Guess I'll have to cancel my praire dog safari.     Shit

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Might want to cancel that trip to Rick's Cafe American, too:

...and another 'sudden heart attack' with projectile vomiting at an airport, donchyaknow:

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I hate to say it but I think this shit has gone airborn, that would explain the spread of the virus and why they brought the patients back to the US.  If it is airborn it is only a matter of time before it gets to the US (which it may have already). Also why bring the patients in a negative pressure tent if it is only spread via body fluids?  The only reason they send doctors to the remote areas is to try and contain it and make sure it does not mutate into a airborn virus. This time I believe they were to late, which means pull your people out and start working on a cure ASAP.  Game over...

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Say it dont spray it braaaaa. Is that airborn enough for ya.
Oh and what is a fart if not airborn gas. Umm sounds like freedom.