Ron Paul Implores "Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?"

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Submitted by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute,

President Obama announced last week that he was imposing yet another round of sanctions on Russia, this time targeting financial, arms, and energy sectors. The European Union, as it has done each time, quickly followed suit.
These sanctions will not produce the results Washington demands, but they will hurt the economies of the US and EU, as well as Russia.
These sanctions are, according to the Obama administration, punishment for what it claims is Russia’s role in the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and for what the president claims is Russia’s continued arming of separatists in eastern Ukraine. Neither of these reasons makes much sense because neither case has been proven.
The administration began blaming Russia for the downing of the plane just hours after the crash, before an investigation had even begun. The administration claimed it had evidence of Russia’s involvement but refused to show it. Later, the Obama administration arranged a briefing by “senior intelligence officials” who told the media that “we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 percent sure of a nationality," of who brought down the aircraft.
So Obama then claimed Russian culpability because Russia’s “support” for the separatists in east Ukraine “created the conditions” for the shoot-down of the aircraft. That is a dangerous measure of culpability considering US support for separatist groups in Syria and elsewhere.
Similarly, the US government claimed that Russia is providing weapons, including heavy weapons, to the rebels in Ukraine and shooting across the border into Ukrainian territory. It may be true, but again the US refuses to provide any evidence and the Russian government denies the charge. It’s like Iraq’s WMDs all over again.
Obama has argued that the Ukrainians should solve this problem themselves and therefore Russia should butt out.
I agree with the president on this. Outside countries should leave Ukraine to resolve the conflict itself. However, even as the US demands that the Russians de-escalate, the United States is busy escalating!
In June, Washington sent a team of military advisors to help Ukraine fight the separatists in the eastern part of the country. Such teams of “advisors” often include special forces and are usually a slippery slope to direct US military involvement.
On Friday, President Obama requested Congressional approval to send US troops into Ukraine to train and equip its national guard. This even though in March, the president promised no US boots on the ground in Ukraine. The deployment will be funded with $19 million from a fund designated to fight global terrorism, signaling that the US considers the secessionists in Ukraine to be “terrorists.”
Are US drone strikes against these “terrorists” and the “associated forces” who support them that far off?
The US has already provided the Ukrainian military with $23 million for defense security, $5 million in body armor, $8 million to help secure Ukraine’s borders, several hundred thousand ready-to-eat meals as well as an array of communications equipment. Congress is urging the president to send lethal military aid and the administration is reportedly considering sending real-time intelligence to help target rebel positions.
But let’s not forget that this whole crisis started with the US-sponsored coup against Ukraine’s elected president back in February. The US escalates while it demands that Russia de-escalate. How about all sides de-escalate?
Even when the goals are clear, sanctions have a lousy track record. Sanctions are acts of war. These sanctions will most definitely have a negative effect on the US economy as well as the Russian economy.

Why is “winning” Ukraine so important to Washington? Why are they risking a major war with Russia to deny people in Ukraine the right to self-determination? Let’s just leave Ukraine alone!

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What if the rest of Ukraine would revolt and join the Russian side?
Remember, the people fighting the pro russians where fighting their current dictator only a few years ago.
After a while, people just get sick of all this bullshit.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Obama just does what he is told by his masters. Nothing has changed.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Well, they probably don't call him 'boy' when they tell him to do their bidding.

wintermute's picture

50 national leaders gather in Belgium to lay wreaths for the WWI dead, bemoaning such a waste of life.

Same 50 are also banging the drum for WWIII over Ukraine - what a bunch of hypocritical idiots!

nidaar's picture

"Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?"

Because he cannot disobey TPTB.

Bunghole's picture

Ron's about to get droned.

ZerOhead's picture

They can't drone him. He would become a bigger legend than he is already going to become. They need a dead hooker to magically appear in his hot tub to really finish him off.

The man just continues to make sense...

Four chan's picture

president paul still has a nice ring to it.

Escrava Isaura's picture


You said: "Let’s just leave Ukraine alone!"

Wrong question, Ron.

You should have asked: "Why can't we leave Ukraine alone?"

Answer: January 17, 1961

SuperRay's picture

Anyone who challenged the assholes behind Obozo ends up like this.


Kennedy - our last real president

power steering's picture

Speaking of boys, its fortunate Ron Paul has no offspring

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Well, he did, but his offspring was abducted by aliens* and turned into a human-alien hybrid.

* Aliens with dual passports, whose homeland he recently visited and has not been the same since -- just like all politicians who visit their home world:  Bush, McCain, Romney... Manchurian Zombies.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Sometimes I they like have a secret room in the Capitol and just say "Gee Rand, have been in here need to take your shoes off....don't's fun!"

PhilofOz's picture

...with cameras rolling. They've got something on every politician in DC misbehaving at some stage of their lives, probably most before they even get there. Obama's file must be a beauty!

sylviasays's picture

"Obama just does what he is told by his masters. Nothing has changed."

Who are his so called masters? Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Bill Ayers? Bernadine Dohrn? Valerie Jarrett? Michelle? George Soros? Warren Buffett?

Obama is a hard core Marxist leftist and has associated with shady characters his entire life. He knows what he's doing and has been a willing partner. 


logicalman's picture

all those 'ists'

All pale to insignificance when compared to those who really run the place.

If you see a face, you know that person is NOT making any 'important' decisions.

JohninMK's picture

Extract from a really good article by Mike Whitney. You should read it all.

To get a handle on what’s really going on, we have to understand that Ukraine is not just another bloody afterthought like Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria, none of which would dramatically impact the US’s role as the world’s only superpower. Ukraine is different. Ukraine is an essential part of Washington’s plan to pivot to Asia. If Washington is unable to achieve its objectives in Ukraine — create a chokepoint for vital resources flowing from Russia to the EU, establish NATO bases in the heart of Eurasia, and drive a wedge between Moscow and Brussels — then the plan to maintain US global hegemony for the next century will fail. And if the plan fails, then China will gradually become the world’s biggest and most powerful economy, economic ties between Moscow and Europe grow stronger, and the US will slide into irreversible decline. Get the picture?

This is the scenario that Washington wants to avoid at all cost. That’s why the anti-Russia hysteria in the media has been so ferocious and unrelenting. That’s why the State Department assisted in the coup d’état that toppled the Ukrainian government and triggered the crisis. And that’s why ruling elites of all stripes have thrown their support behind a policy that recklessly pits one nuclear-armed adversary against another. It’s because the bigshot money-guys who run this country are bound and determined to be the Kingfish for the next hundred years even if it means plunging the world into the abyss of a third world war. That’s just a chance they’re willing to take.

Bankster Kibble's picture

Ironic that the more we push Russia, the more they turn to China and thus spark the scenario we supposedly want to avoid.

Four chan's picture

two reprehensible back stabbers getting along, yeah that will work. maybe

now america can ditch the war like mentality and literally mind its own business as good capitalists.

logicalman's picture

If you put an impenetrable barrier around the US, there would be enough contained within for everyone to live reasonably well, given resources and potiential industry. The only reason the US needs to act as the bully of the world is the greed of the .01%, who wnat everything plus 10%.

The rest of the world would, likely do OK at that point. (may have to exclude UK and Israel from that)


California Nightmares's picture


Logical but, I think, unsound.

Wish it were so, But we can't be Switzerland. 

We would thrive as an island nation only for a little while.

Once disconnected from our currently advantaged position in world trade, we would fall behind our economic (and military) competitors.

The last word in defense technology has yet to be written. 

When the time comes that our rivals are considerably stronger than we are, they'll come a knockin' at our door, asking for tribute. 

Fundamentally, nothing has changed since the rivalries of Ancient Greek city states. The world's varied political units remain rivals to the death.

HardAssets's picture

There was an 'Iron Mountain' report that came out a long time ago. Some claimed it was real, and others that it was a fiction. In either case it said that this society relies on war to exist. Stop the war & preparation for war, and this society ends.

But what if we had a society that truly encouraged the full development of every persons innate talents ? Human beings have far more potential than what they access. What if people were taught critical thinking, creativity, and communication starting from an early age ?  Of course, such a society would threaten TPTB. A society fillled with creative and independent minded people excited about the potential for their lives could not be manipulated. The oligarchs power and privilege would end.

Inventor and thinker Buckminster Fuller pointed out that we had enough to take care of every person on this planet and reach out to the stars . . . its only our limited thinking that holds us back.

ZerOhead's picture

And as a bonus it helps other nations to see that the only goal of the US is for global domination at any cost.

It's a retarded policy made by psychopath retards who are incapable of understanding that their aggressive imperialistic policies can yield some unforeseen negative responses...

Bollixed's picture

U.S.'s chance of maintaining global domination has about the same odds as the 1995 Miss America regaining her crown.

Gadfly's picture

That's it in a nutshell.  That and the fact that Kolomoisky has publicly spoken of Ukraine as the “second homeland” of the Jewish people.  Great.  That’s all we fucking need.  Another “Jews only” homeland.  Can’t imagine that would cause any problems (after they get done ethnically cleansing Russians and anyone else who is not Jewish, much the same as they are doing right now in Israel).


Maybe the Jews are hedging their bets.  Maybe they're beginning to think  living right in the middle of 350 million pissed off Arabs, after stealing their land and dispossesing them, wasn't such a good idea.  After all, when you're paranoid and "chosen," and decide to separate yourself from the rest of humanity, you can only build the wall you surround yourself with so high.


Then there is always this perspective about what is going on in Ukraine from someone who happens to be Jewish, or at least was until he converted :


ekm1's picture

I've always said that Ron Paul is hyper brilliant and he has an agenda, I just haven't figured out what agenda he's got yet.

That man intrigues me.


Obama has already left Ukraine alone. He wouldn't care less.


It is Neocons who are represented by Nuland visibly who are pushing back against Putin, not Obama. Obama has already given up.


What is Ron Paul's agenda?

He knows what is happening, he knows very well Obama is withdrawing troops and cutting military spending and does not want to intervene anywhere in the world.


It's clear Obama hates Neocons and is trying to clean them up, thus triggering Neocon resistance and counter attack on him.


Why does Ron Paul still say these things?

Sudden Debt's picture

The official army is going down in size and the budget for hired criminals to fight the American agenda without official involvement is rising in a stellar way.

America is now using beasts, criminals and other soldiers of fortune to do the dirty work.

And that's even worse than anybody can imagine because it all happens without a rule of law.
And then there's the size of CIA and NSA budgets that are going nuts.
In what way doe this all, which is totally no secret fit in the agenda of peace like you say there is?

Clint Liquor's picture

Obama is not 'involved in anything' except Golf and fund raising. Meanwhile the whole Banker, Media, Government machine is fucking up the entire world, with his blessing.

Clycntct's picture

" I just haven't figured out what agenda he's got yet."

He's the ancor man on the liberty relay race. 

He's run a hell of a leg of a race. Only problem is there is no one to make the pass to.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

He and Nigel Farage are going are going to make a movie called " Smart and smarter "

logicalman's picture

Farage is a great performer.

What he says about EU parliament is dead on, but he is part of it.

Smacks of theatre to me.

I think Ron Paul came out of a different mold.

He's not perfect, but at least he's logical , consistent and has priciples.

How could he possibly go far in politics with that on his resume?

yogatrader's picture

As Harry Truman so famously said of the office, "The Buck Stops Here"

booboo's picture

"It is Neocons who are represented by Nuland visibly who are pushing back against Putin, not Obama. Obama has already given up."

Riiiight, thats why Obama has been running his cocksucker for two months running on sanctions and blame. Stick with finance, your where your schtick seems more plausible.

ekm1's picture


Sanctions are the clear signal from Obama that he is non interventionist and sticking it to neocons.

Four chan's picture

whats with the weird spacing?

Curious Gorge's picture

A basic premise of this site is that when you state an opinion, you back it up with factual evidence, i.e. a website where the information can be vetted, or a book. You cannot spout verbose bullshit here without the means to back your opinion, we are too damn cynical and smart for other. I, nor do others here, deny a separate opnion or perspective, but we mandate that you provide a cited source; otherwise you are an asshole with a big internet mouth. 

ekm1's picture

None of what you mentioned constitutes factual evidence.

Vetting of anything does absolutely not lead to any factual evidence.

As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as factual evidence, unless one is inside the system.


Here we are all pontificators.

Seer's picture

"Vetting of anything does absolutely not lead to any factual evidence."


Facts are facts no matter how they come to be.

ekm1's picture

Who decides that X event is true or not?

That's why there are courts and judges and witnesses and lawyers and prosecutors.

Seize Mars's picture


Why does he say these things?

The reason he seems so perplexing is that he is a decent person. This is unusual.

He's basically honest, but a good diplomat, and a gentleman.

Weird, huh?


ekm1's picture

Obama is a non interventionist.

Neocons are. I, personally, like neocons.

Ron Paul is accusing Obama for something he is not. He is not a neocon, he is not an interventionist. He is with bank lobby.

Seer's picture

This presents a lot of the crux of the "problem."  Seeing as most are programmed to react to things emotionally we tend to over-leverage our "understanding" of things based on individual players.  What Obama is or isn't is really quite irrelevant, just as was with GW Bush (the old East Coast family Yale cheerleader cum Texas cowboy).  The SYSTEM is what runs things, and the SYSTEM is no more special than any other from the myriad of those which operated history's empires of yore (and ALL collapsed).

This has EVERYTHING to do with trying to keep the USD from losing its reserve currency status.

This article by Chris Martenson (Dr. Paul Craig Roberts referred to it) is probably the most definitive one you'll find:

ekm1's picture

Agree with all.

Issue is that the system is not monolithic.

There are many players who create stable or unstable alliance and others who back stab.

Obama is with bank lobby warring against neocons.

System is utterly unstable

Seer's picture

"It's clear Obama hates Neocons and is trying to clean them up, thus triggering Neocon resistance and counter attack on him."

Victoria Nuland

medium giraffe's picture

He loves a good drama?

Dr. Engali's picture

Why, you ask Ron? Because TPTB need an excuse that's why. The system is falling apart at the seems, everybody is dumping the petro-dollar and TPTB can't have that. They been a boogie man and a scape goat to blame the collapse on. A nice little hot war with Russia will serve that purpose well.

Winston Churchill's picture

There may be no audience left to listen to the blaming.

A sucker punch from Russia seems more likely by the day, if the BS carrys on.

I don't think the RoW, except Israel, would give a shit about it either.

El Vaquero's picture

I doubt we'll see a sucker punch from Russia unless some bigger moves are made against the dollar first, possibly in a one-two combo with China.

Duffy's picture

it's the merging of "The Grand Chessboard" with the PNAC/Oded Yinon line of plans for "Greater Israel" - the left and right wings of this zioglobalist bird of prey...