Russia Launches Massive Bomber, Warplane Drill On Ukraine Border As Over 400 Ukraine Soldiers Defect

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It has been a while since Russia flexed its military "drill" muscles along the Ukraine border as a reminder of just who would win a pissing contest that involves military intervention.  Which is probably why earlier today Russia announced new military exercises involving bombers and fighter jets in a show of strength near the border with Ukraine. As Reuters reported, "an air force spokesman was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying more than 100 planes and helicopters would take part in the manoeuvres from Monday until Friday in its central and western districts." Expect some very dramatic footage of Russian Su-34s and Mi-28Ns hitting YouTube later today.

From Reuters:

The spokesman, Igor Klimov, said the exercises were the first in a series to improve coordination in the military and made no mention of Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels are fighting Ukrainian government forces.

Sure: all purely coincidental.

The move is likely to alarm Western powers which have accused Russia of beefing up the number of troops along its border with Ukraine and arming the rebels in eastern Ukraine. Moscow denies supplying the rebels with weapons.


Klimov said aircraft such as Su-27 and MiG-31 fighter jets, Russia's newest frontline bomber Su-34, and Mi-8, Mi-24 and Mi-28N helicopters would be used in the exercises and the aircraft would conduct missile practice.

The aircraft will be testing "aircraft weapons on land and air targets on new ranges, and will be conducting real and electronic launches of anti-aircraft missiles in Ashuluk (Astrakhan region in southern Russia) which is specifically designed to aide the coordination between aviation and anti-missile defence", he was quoted as saying.


Russia's Defence Ministry could not immediately be reached for comment.

Cure more hashtags, redlines and maybe even sanctions, although not against Gazprom. Never against Gazprom. And then the logical countersactions as Putin clearly could care less about the west at this point.

And in other news, an official from Russia's FSB security service in the Rostov region, said that more than 400 Ukrainian military personnel requested refugee status from Russian border guards on Monday and Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has opened a corridor for the soldiers, according to RIA Novosti. "Overnight 438 Ukrainian military personnel turned to Russian border guards with a request for refugee [status],” the head of the FSB’s border control in the southern Russian region of Rostov, Vasily Malaeyev, said.

This follows the Sunday defection of 12 soldiers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces into Russia, who applied for asylum at Gukovo checkpoint in Russia’s Rostov Region, saying they had run out of food and ammunition.

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LawsofPhysics's picture

This is former Russian territory with many ethic Russians, if they want to spend their capital and resources on bringing order to the region, let them.

(we already have many CIA and black ops guys in the area to provide a full report anyway)

Ignatius's picture

"The 'duality' of what?  Son, why don't you hop on board and come on in for the big win."  -- Full Metal Jacket

Save_America1st's picture

wow, this must really "enrage" John Lurch Kerry for such an insulting slap in the face.  How can Putin be so rude after Lurch had brought peace to Ukraine while fixing Israel and curing ebola. 

Tao 4 the Show's picture

I suspect that the game being played by both sides is more Machiavellian than any of us can imagine. Little is as it seems.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I remember when I was a kid wondering if WW3 was going to start between East and West Germany.  It's probably already started, we will know for sure when we have 30 minutes left to live or less.  Never thought it would be between east and west Ukraine.

Latina Lover's picture

Time for the Ukies to become a normal country, instead of childishly attacking Russia.

813kml's picture

Are you inferring that the US isn't normal?

Latina Lover's picture

My Russian and Ukrainian friends always talk about how things are done in a 'normal' country.

To me, the US was a decent country until after 2001, when it became the worlds most aggressive nation.

Renfield's picture

That was so funny I scared my cat by laughing. THIS - my friends - is how propaganda is properly done. Putin actually looks good with his shirt off. And maybe as a woman I shouldn't be noticing this but his wife is actually a hottie too. Propaganda but way funny so thanx.

MarsInScorpio's picture

So the Ukrainian Army is running out of food and ammo - gee, I wonder if that would be enough pressure to cause them to shoot down a civilian airliner in a desparate attempt to spin world opinion against the Freedom Fighters?


At this point, it appears nearly certain that the Uke SU-25 (one or two) shot down the airliner. Enough experts have agreed that those holes in the cockpit area, and the grazes along the wing, are proof that a .30 cal. aircraft weapon took the airliner down.


After all, where are the ATC tapes? Where is Carlos the TC? Where are the US satellite photos over the area at exactly the time of the attack? Why does the airliner not look like a BUK missle exploded near it? What is on the "Black Box" cockpit recordings?


The list goes on and on.


This is great news - defecting soldiers. The fact that they fled to Russia tells me that they feared for their lives if they merely put down their arms and went back home - the Right Sector neo-Nazis no doubt have put that fear into their heads, and they know those blood-thirsty animals will pull the trigger.


So, you go Freedom Fighters - thanks to the Internet creating the inability of the CIA/ECB/FED/IMF/NYT gangsters to keep the truth out of the world's hands, you are going to win your freedom, and preserve your lives from Kiev's "ethnic cleansing" plans.



PS: .gov trolls . . . burn in Hell.

PhilofOz's picture

This is one of the best articles I've seen on the subject, Mike Whitney. ....

ZerOhead's picture

Awesome composition...

I can't get over Obamas legs... they are literally twigs!

PhilofOz's picture

I just don't believe they can be that bad... photoshopped like his ears surely.

Rootin' for Putin's picture

The ukies dont have what it takes to become a normal country.   Even less so with the west trying to help them find democracy at every turn.

Gazooks's picture

neolib/con globalist endgame mantra -




There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.

Niccolo Machiavelli


Freddie's picture

Hopefully more young men will decide to avoid fighting in the bankster wars.  The Ukie grunts need to shoot their officers then go after the dual citizen oligarchs in Kiev.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

The Oblowhard admin released this statement:

. . . . . . . #BringBackOurDefectors

Rootin' for Putin's picture

Awesome, almost makes me want to signup for twitter just to troll with that

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"The 'duality' of what?  Son, why don't you hop on board and come on in for the big win."  -- Full Metal Jacket

In the context of what is unfolding "I", it doesn't get any better than the quote you just used.  Once a "loser" always a loser... Case in point I thoroughly enjoyed reading ISIS giving credit where credit is due, because if you can't control it then smash it to hell some more so nobody else can have it either.  The U.S. government's new motto for labeling it's success.

I think it's safe to say before too long with our string of misadventures in the Middle East and now Eastern Europe we're going to look at Full Metal Jacket as the the glory dayz of our "war machine" because that's how pathetic we've become!

Tao 4 the Show's picture

Ukraine, or at least the east part of it seem to be non negotiable for Russia. The question has always been how they get there (to the point of annexing it). Crimea was easy and elegant, the rest - probably not so much.

BlindMonkey's picture

5 ears from now the entire country of Ukraine will return to being a vassal state of the RF. The Nazis seem to be hell bent on ripping the place to shreds. How many Ukie boys are going to die before the Army of Babushkas take matters into their hands and turn the Nazis out.

The Babuska is a force in Slavic culture and I have seen many videos of their ire about taking the boys out of the villages.

Tao 4 the Show's picture

The scary part is that both sides see Ukraine as a lynchpin. Russia cannot win without it, the west cannot control Europe without it. All this is nested within bigger plans that are not so obvious yet. I do not think all this is theater, as some people do. It is a big stakes game and affects us all.

BlindMonkey's picture

Babuskas don't care about geopolitics. The Ukraine was peaceful under the wing of the RF. The Nazis/NATO/US have shown they don't care about Ukraine lives. This is something the Babuskas care about.

Ghordius's picture

"The West cannot control Europe without it" Freudian slip? Define "The West". Some British media are already defining it as the US and the UK, and "Europe" as the Continent. Not exactly the usage of 25 years ago...

Poundsand's picture

The US doesn't see Ukraine as a lynchpin...  The US is using Ukraine, the only thing holding the US reserve currency is the threat of force at this point, either via sanctions, fines, courts, or the US military.  The US is using that force on different actors differently.  Russia actually has a military, unlike France (courts and fines), Argentian (courts), Iraq & Syria (withholding force), and Russia and China (the posturing of force).  The US could care less about Ukraine, it's just the field it chose to posture on.

Freddie's picture

The USA, like the Ukraine, is not a real govt.  It is something that is owned by the dual citizen oligarchs like Soros.

swmnguy's picture

Actually, Zbigniew Brzezinski has seen Ukraine as the linchpin for a long time.  And the goal is to break Russia up into smaller, more easily-controlled states that don't trust each other.  "Balkanization" used to be the word for this.  Now it might be better put as "Middle-Easternization."

Ghordius's picture

"This is former Russian territory with many ethic Russians..."

and you just put the finger in the biggest "wound". because there is a lot of former Russian territory with many ethnic Russians all around the frigging place, and some of it is in the Baltic Nations, and so in the NATO, the EU and even the eurozone

to which I still blame the US and UK "push" for enlargement of NATO (and it's "sweetener", the EU), which I and many others always opposed

but now, if you read the British press, it's all forgotten, and the UK is itself on the brink of leaving the mess it pushed to create. Thank you, Albion the Fairest

and so now we continentals have brethens we are duty-bound to keep from treating their Russian citizens badly or as second-class and, at the same time, to protect from Russian "return to the Motherland" calls. which of course makes US protection... welcome. Again, thank you, Albion the Forgetful

and at the same time we have to keep Poland from pushing things in Ukraine, and Hungary's gov is going "against liberal values", and, and, and...

well, at least Polish workers fixed some of Britain's most rotten plumbing. must be a help for the holy cow on that island: it's real estate market

desirdavenir's picture


LEAP/GEAB has been advocating for at least 6 years that the future of Europe is a partnership with Russia, and that english will be a dying language in the european institutions. Their call used to be completely unbelievable, and has now come to possible. 

Fíréan's picture

"BREEZE 2014"

(Reuters) - Seven NATO countries completed naval exercises in the Black Sea on Thursday,  (17th july 2014) . . . .

Led by the Bulgarian navy, the 10-day drills aimed to improve tactical coordination of allied units "in a multi-threat environment," NATO has said. Vessels took part from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Britain and the United States.

"The navy exercises BREEZE 2014 successfully concluded," a Bulgarian defense ministry spokesman said. The Romanian Navy said exercises involved commercial traffic monitoring, reaction to asymmetric threat warnings, anti-submarine warfare and artillery firing.


Italian Navy, the team comprises Italian Navy vessels, including the ITS Aviere frigate and ITS Rimini, in addition to the Turkish Navy's TCG AKÇAY and the UK Navy's HMS Chiddingfold.

Other countries involved include Romania, Greece and the US

"Our deployment is a clear demonstration of our commitment to [the] alliance's strong solidarity and collective defence."


Urban Redneck's picture

If the only EUcrats had bothered come up with an expulsion mechanism (or even an officially sanctioned exit plan) either at conception, or when the abominations of Greece and Cyprus reared their ugly heads, then there would at least be some additional options at this point...

LawsofPhysics's picture

They actually do have "rules for expulsion" in place.  They are just being ignored.  Much like the U.S., there is no "rule of law" in this feudal landscape.  I am sure Ghordis can explain...

Ghordius's picture

UR, nope, there lies madness. I don't have to explain to you the difference between Federation and Confederation. If we were hellbent to federative principles, then I would agree with you. But our Nations are too different to even contemplate seriously a Federation, even as a distant goal in the future

and while confederative institutions have their quirks, they usually prevent any "gang up" on smaller participants

Greece and Cyprus still don't want to leave. the club's doors are open, but nobody will throw anybody out. and this applies to the Baltics, too

I could go further and note that we did let the UK in, in the same spirit and against reasonable warnings which weren't that much off the mark

(in a deep theater voice:)

As Leonidas said to his men, the question is not for whom we are going to die, the question is who we are

though he probably very laconically just quoted the old Spartan "Gnothi seauton"

you live in Switzerland, don't you? remember, that Confederation is our template and our "best case study" in one

LawsofPhysics's picture

I seem to remember distinct capital and collateral requirements when the E.Z. was first established, especially with respect to who could play/trade as an "E.U. member".  All bullshit apparently.

Urban Redneck's picture

A confederation is, at its most basic, is a voluntary union, despite the proclivity here to call it an eternal union.

Why cannot, or should not, a mechanism for expulsion exist- short of simple dissolution and reconstitution of the alliance without the offending member?

Switzerland has not gone to war with a foreign State since the Congress of Vienna but it has gone to war with itself and among the Cantons more recently and since it stopped being a true Confederacy and began down the path to it's current bastard quasi-federal state. Why can't you all on the other side of the hill learn from our mistakes instead of repeating them? It's likely to take at least a couple decades of the Federal Legislature overstepping its mandate and having the citizens claw back their freedom one referendum/encroachment at a time before any movement for substantial restrictions on the Federal beast are seriously pursued.

You display a symbol of European Federation, while I display the standard of a Canton that was expelled from the Eidgenossenschaft (Confederation) in 1440.

Ghordius's picture

my avatar? well, it's more or a challenge from when I joined ZH's commentariat and lots of bs was written by megabank analysts

but no, I disagree, for me it's the symbol of a confederative institution, and one that it's not even really part of the EU. with informal members like the CHF, as you know, through the floor

the Swiss civil war was utterly avoidable if the catholic Cantons would have been allowed to leave, wouldn't it? You do tap in the right place: it's all about avoiding war among us

so the door is open for leavers and the door is open for joiners, or (in grandma's screechy tones) "we'll never hear the end of it".

because involuntary joining or leaving is a casus belli

so yes, forcing in or forcing out is the unforgivable, most undiplomatic thing to do (mutter comment on American diplomacy)


what freedoms had the citizens taken away from the EU? remember that most of our EU "stuff" is commercial regulation, nothing else then a compromise common regulatory environment instead of the original 15 regulatory environments. in many countries this resulted in less regulation than in the previous, national case

that confederate "beast" is still a council of national ministers, an elected parliament that is very, very pluralistic, and a burocracy of 30'000, without army, navy, airforce, police, intelligence services and so on. compare to Germany's federal beast, and you'll note marked differences

btw, I don't even like the EU. too much "like the US" in too many approaches. I'd prefer a far more modular design, all based on institutions like the ECB, wich has a very limited, focused scope


fascinating. they got expelled? have to look it up, but as a "staunch popist" I already suspect Ayatollah Zwingli and his Theocratic Regime was the reason (wild guess and way too early, but hey, that's how my mind works)

Urban Redneck's picture

To make a long story short, the other Cantons kicked out Zürich and then went to war with it, as opposed to the usual modus operandi of the Cantons just going to war with each other without the pleasantries and formalities. Nobody's perfect, but too few give peace a chance.

Ghordius's picture

but Z's mayor allied himself with the Hapsburgs! Unforgivable! Of corse they had to throw an Imperial ally out, or just formalize what that betrayal was about

It's like Texas, California or Alaska inviting Chinese and Russian troops, ICBMs and military bases

a definite escalation from a simple territorial squabble

Urban Redneck's picture

The Confederate States of America sought an unholy alliance with the Queen of England in the 1860s (after they seceded).

And half a century earlier the slimy frogs west of here made a deal with that little devil from Corsica (before they brought down the Confederation).

Desperation makes for poor bedfellows, look how low the US is stooping now, no kiss from a fairy tale prince could ever turn these urchins into "respectable" kleptocrats.

If Texas ever grows into its ten gallon hat, I would fully expect it to seek alliances with both Russia and China, and until they admit to that truth, they won't be ready to secede.

SDShack's picture

The EU is like The Hotel California... You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Seriously, what you are asking for is impossible in the sociopathic banker world. To exit means the end of the Ponzi.

Urban Redneck's picture

The ponzi could be maintained if the exit is ransomed, and the bill then quietly written off or passed on to the remaining serfs at a later date. If we just had greedy bankers, instead of sociopathic bankers, it might be practicable.

tonyw's picture

"...we continentals have brethens we are duty-bound to keep from treating their Russian citizens badly or as second-class..."

and just what is the EU doing about this? have they condemned ukraine for killing the people in odessa, condemned ukraine for banning the russian language, condemned ukraine for shelling towns in the east ....  i haven't heard anything at all let alone stop this or else.

Without an "or else" anything is just talk, even a small child soon leanrs that unless there is some sort of action they can ignore threats.



Winston of Oceania's picture

It is about energy and nothing more, the Ukrainians don't even make enough to tax much.  Well outside of Crimea anyways...

christofay's picture

Look, over there, food, and the Ukrainian troops move with alacrity for the first time in years

Headbanger's picture

Yeah, that plus this thing called Winter that starts in just a few months.

And I bet our Fucktard in Chief starts a real war with Russia before November to help his fellow lib-tards stay in office


BlindMonkey's picture

Don't see it happening. Dibold machines don't work when the EMPs go boom.