Fact Or Fiction: On This Day In 1914

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Fact or Fiction...


Source: The Onion

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Define what you mean by fact?  Like a "true" fact told by the government?  Or media?

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The personal racial overtones with Obama can't be ignored either.  Ever since the Syrian crisis last summer, when Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin referred to the USA (and by default Obama) as being "like a monkey with a hand grenade",  I wonder if the Black half of Obama is feeling personally disrespected by "evil racist"  Russia.   


LOL Monkey with a hand grenade, hahahahahahahaha

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Just watch:

Order out of chaos.

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isnt that the year the rothschild's bank in the us, the fed, declared war on we the people?

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it isn't called the "Century Club" for no mean reason, my friend.


welcome to the grand illusion/

come on in and see what's happenin/

pay your price, get your tickets for the show/

the stage is set, the band starts playin/

...don't be fool by the radio, the TV or the magazines,


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A year later... Rogozin is still right !

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"Ottoman Empire Almost Declares War on Itself"


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War against the 1% will be Germane. The pitchforks are coming, time to dig in. 

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since 1421 the article in the fourth column said. Enough said!

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69 years ago, the atomic bomb was dropped establishing the US as the world power that generated our incredible wealth. We should celebrate the wisdom of the leaders that had the balls to stop the war and save millions of lives and the peace and prosperity of the last 7 decades.

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Ah-hah, fresh troll meat!  




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After almost 5 years, you'd think 'Tempo' would remember the 'sarc' tag.

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That's the funniest thing that I have read lately.

Thank you for the laugh.

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Moral relativism seems to be another thing Americans learnt from their Jewish masters.

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American Empire declaring war on itself

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Sad?  U.S. .gov has declared war on its Citizens and the Constitution.

Disney earnings probably going to be good because Bob Iger, CEO, going to be on CNBC when they are announced.

They never come on when earnings suck.

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For those not in the know, here is the open and treasonous call to arms against the American people:



All those involved in waging this war against the American people are guilty of, at a minimum, oath violations and Article 3, Section 3 treason:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

I am witness one. who will be witness two?


"My guillotine will be witness three."

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Corporal Hitler musta been one fuckin' shell shocked 'lil weasel. Actions...Reactions...Unforeseen Consequences.

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the year prior to that, the Fed declared war on america.

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Department of Homeland Security ring the closing bell today.



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What, are they going IPO?  Did the Congress Critters get a chance to front-run the deal?

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Area Drunkard Declares War on Ireland

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If you like your war, you can keep your war.

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I thought this was interesting on the 100th anniversary of the Great War --

What did the great mass know of war in 1914, after nearly half a century of peace? They did not know war, they had hardly given it a thought. It had become legendary, and distance had made it seem romantic and heroic. They still saw it in the perspective of their school readers and of paintings in museums; brilliant cavalry attacks in glittering uniforms, the fatal shot always straight through the heart, the entire campaign a resounding march of victory -- "We'll be home at Christmas", the recruits shouted laughingly to their mothers in August of 1914. Who in the villages and cities remembered "real" war? A few ancients at best.

A rapid excursion into the romantic, a wild, manly adventure--that is how the war of 1914 was painted in the imagination of the simple man, and the young people were honestly afraid that they might miss this most important wonderful and exciting experience of their lives; that is why they hurried and thronged to the colors, and that is why they shouted and sang in the trains that carried them to slaughter; wildly and feverishly the red wave of blood coursed through the veins of the entire nation.

-- Stefan Zweig, Vienna, Austria

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Stefan Zweig's The World of Yesterday, where your quote comes from, is possibly one of the most important, fascinating and haunting books written about fin-de-siecle Europe. It is worth reading just for the real-world descriptions of Austrian hyperinflation, but there are so many other fascinating observations within it, and it really conveys the sense of a society that really did not know what was about to hit it.

Zweig changed my view on quite a few issues, and made me realise where certain European political ideas started and why. It is a wonderful book.

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The two things about the passage that jumped out at me were:

1.  The ignorance of real war (US foreign policy keeps pushing for war and keeps sending out arms -- then gasps in horror when seeing images of the inhumanity and horrors of war)

2.  The desire of the young men to rally around the flag and fight for their country (something missing today in much of the world's population - hence the need for false flags to stir up emotion).

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I have not read the book, but will. It sounds very interesting and informative.

I would like to add another thing to your list. That would be the insanity of encouraging war that will surely sweep up one's own children into it.

I just watched in amazement how the people in the hinterlands, especially the neo-con support base of Christian fundamentalists, got all swept up in the Bush Jr. administration's insanity and murder and became so compliant as to the use of their children to kill or be killed. I would have chained mine in the basement for as long as necessary.

I just can't comprehend how someone could coddle, love and raise a child and then willingly and enthusiastically send them off to what they have to at least suspect is a lie.

People are just insane.

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Thanks for this recommendation.  Have just bought the book.  I look forward to reading it.  Multiple reviews that echo your sentiments.

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And almost like a mirror image to 1914 comes this news

Ukraine unit surrenders in Russia – “Abandoned by Kiev”

"To see the US involved in supporting the crushing of brave people like this makes me ashamed of my country's choice of affiliation. We are on the wrong side once again, and I have seen the Pentagon brass going along with getting us into another lose-lose situation, after all the others we have been in. They are supposed to be smart enough to know better. Now I have to wonder, and I am not a happy cowboy... Jim W. Dean ]"

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All this shit could be avoided if we only had more Patriots like JOHN McSTAIN. Think about it 'folks'.
This WAR HERO Octogenarian Albino Dwarf is EVERYWHERE:-

Bab Salameh the Turkish- Syrian Border
Fallujah, Libya; Mosul, Iraq; Kiev, Ukraine; Sofia, Bulgaria.

Consorting with ALL our friends in Al CIAduh , ISIS (IS), Al Nusrah, The Nazi Party etc etc etc.

Reminds me of Leonard Zelig ( woody allen in Zelig ) that NONDESCRIPT ENIGMA

Only John McCain can save the FREE WORLD



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The word of the street is that jackass McCain caused the Forrestal Disaster by hot dogging it and intentionally causing his plane's engines to backfire on the flight deck.



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war on poverty

war on hunger

war on fascism

war on drugs

war on AIDS

war on communism

war on dictators with WMD's

war on terror

war on war?

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war on fat

war on smoking

war on honesty

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I would have said "fact" if the headline also said "France surrenders".

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That came later when they had the white flag production line running.

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A lot of Declaring, one might say!

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Area Drunkard Declares War on Ireland

"I'll lick em all to death" he said, "Filthy potato eating Papists they are!"


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Revealed: How King George V demanded Britain enter the First World War


The French NEEDED Britain if they weren't going to have another debacle like the Franco-Prussian War.

No Britain, no France; ergo no war.

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<-- Obama will chicken out like in Syria and send it to Congress

<-- Obama will try not to repeat Syria and exec-action us into war.

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And I guess someone neglected to mention that warfare had changed, machine guns and gas would add unpleasant surprises to the noble young lads expecting another horse charge. They were short several million coffins over what they expected. Never expect wart to be simple or to go your way....or not to eventually kill even you.