First British Minister Resigns Over "Morally Indefensible" Gaza Policy

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While in the US there has been nothing but political propaganda and a constant Obama defense of John Kerry over his disastrous, to date, handling of the deteriorating situation in the middle east, in the UK the internal discord has finally moved beyond merely posturing and has claimed the first political career, when overnight a minister in the Foreign Office, Baroness Warsi, announced she has resigned from the government, saying its policy on the crisis in Gaza is "morally indefensible", is not in Britain's national interest and will have a "long term effect on our reputation internationally and domestically".

She adds that the decision "has not been easy" but there is "great unease" within the Foreign Office over "the way recent decisions are being made." According to BBC, Lady Warsi, who was previously chairman of the Conservative Party, became the first female Muslim cabinet minister when David Cameron took office in 2010. The prime minister thanked her for her "excellent work", adding that he wanted an "unconditional ceasefire" in Gaza.

Labour backed Lady Warsi's comments, but Chancellor George Osborne called her resignation "disappointing and frankly unnecessary". 


Lady Warsi grew up in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and worked as a solicitor before entering politics. She was demoted from the cabinet to a middle-ranking Foreign Office post in 2012, being made minister for faith and communities at the same time.


She wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: "With deep regret I have this morning written to the Prime Minister & tendered my resignation. I can no longer support Govt policy on #Gaza."


Several backbench Conservative MPs have called on Mr Cameron to take a more robust line with Israel amid concerns its actions in Gaza are "disproportionate".

According to a BBC analysis of her departure, the minister has "chosen a day when the prime minister is away to hand in her resignation. She is the first minister in four years of coalition government to resign over a matter of policy."

She clearly believes - as probably the most prominent British Muslim politician in the country - that she can no longer stand by a prime minister and a government that she feels is using a "morally indefensible" policy when it comes to Israel and the ongoing conflict in Gaza.


She has made it clear that her Muslim faith and her personal beliefs must come before her political beliefs and career.


The Conservatives, traditionally, have close ties to the Israeli government and it is far more difficult for David Cameron and those at the top of his party to speak out more strongly about Israel than others, who have a different policy.

In other words, acting based on her beliefs instead of ulterior lobby interests: strange. Her full letter below:

Dear Prime Minister

For some weeks, in meeting and discussion, I have been open and honest about my views on the conflict in Gaza and our response to it.

My view has been that our policy in relation to the Middle East Peace Process generally but more recently our approach and language during the current crisis in Gaza is morally indefensible, is not in Britain's national interest and will have a long term detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically.

Particularly as the Minister with responsibility for the United Nations, The International Criminal Court and Human Rights I believe our approach in relation to the current conflict is neither consistent with our values, specifically our commitment to the rule of law and our long history of support for International Justice. In many ways the absence of the experience and expertise of colleagues like Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve has over the last few weeks become very apparent.

This decision has not been easy. It has been a privilege to serve for 3 years in your Shadow Cabinet and over 4 years in your Cabinet. Introducing you in Blackpool in 2005 as you made your bid for leadership I had the pleasure of being there at the start of the journey and it would have been rewarding to have been there til the end.

The last decade has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best in the Conservative Party and indeed in Government. William Hague was probably one of the finest Foreign Secretaries this country has seen and has been inspirational. He dismantled foreign policy making by sofa government and restored decision making and dignity to the Foreign Office. There is however great unease across the Foreign Office, amongst both Minister and senior officials, in the way recent decisions are being made.

Eric Pickles has supported me tirelessly in our work on combating hate crime. Challenging anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia and the pioneering work of celebration faith in the public sphere. This new found confidence in Government has allowed me to take the very public International lead on religious freedom, specifically on the ever growing crisis of the persecution of Christians. However, early evidence from the Home Office and others shows that the fallout of the current conflict and the potential for the crisis in Gaza and our response to it becoming a basis for radicalisation could have consequences for us for years to come.

From both Eric and William I learnt the art of reconciling passion and idealism with pragmatism and realism, but I always said that long after life in politics I must be able to live with myself for the decisions I took or the decisions I supported. By staying in Government at this time I do not feel I can be sure of that.

It is therefore with regret that I am writing to resign.

You will continue to have my personal support as leader of the Conservative party as you continue to ensure that our Party evolves to meet the challenges we face in Britain today and ensure that the Party is relevant and responsive to all communities that make up today's Britain.

Yours sincerely


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and worked as a solicitor before entering politics...


isn't solicitation about the same as playing hooker?

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The Israeli attacks on Gaza are now coming to an end,  attacks that coincided almost exactly with the Islamic State (IS) attacks on Kurdish positions that sent the Kurd forces packing.  IS had superior firepower.  If Netanyahu had wanted to create a news diversion for the IS killers, he could not have done a better job.  The question now is, who is Netanyahu's organ grinder?

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She doesn't look British. 

Cacete de Ouro's picture

That's an idiotic comment, and also ignorant and racist

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Like when did the Brits ever have a good reputation to begin with? Sorry but am I missing something in the history of that floating island turd.

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A queen and aristocracy that has spent over three hundred years hooking people on heroin and opium as a wealth transfer and control mechanism? Those british? Or the central banking turds who's goal in life is debt slavery? The one's with the zionists advising their every action? 

Quite a legacy...

Stackers's picture

Yeah, someone needs to clue this ding bat into the fact that Britian lost all moral defensibility over 200 years ago. She had no problem being part of government whose past actions include .... slavery, illegal drug trafficking, war profiteering, and colonialization and subjugation of half the planet ... to name a few ...... But bomb a few psychopathic militant zealots and now it's too much for her to be a part of ?

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One can only presume that she wants the British government to support Hamas in its genocide wishes for Israel. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it:

Great Britain has a Muslim problem.

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Why do they need to support a side, after being terrorized by Zionists themselves in the Lavon Affair and on 7/7 and tangentially on 9/11? 


As far as genocide goes:  Israeli Lawmaker calls for Palestinian Genocide

knukles's picture

She must be very wealthy with either a Harley Street dentist of full false teeth.
Or she did not grow up in the UK.
I know.
I used to sometimes think twice before french kissing the gals with all their rotten teeth.
(Sometimes... as in depending upon alcohol intake)

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She has taken a long time to come out and say this. Her history is as an opportunity. She has no qualifications or qualities for her post. She is just there as a brown, female, muslim. Obviously she has come under a lot of pressure from other muslims and now she is jumping ship ahead of any letter bombs.


my_nym's picture

It's Islamic terrorism on the one side or Talmudic terrorists on the other.  Reasonable people can't pick a side.


You say letter bombs.  I say, research the anthrax attacks that were meant to follow up and actually connect Iraq to the matrix of terrism in the corporate media and 911 by means of deception.  I mean, by means of sending Colon "the dupe" Powell to the U.N. to talk about "mobile weapons" labs so that the goyim golem of Team America would want to search people's underpants for WMDs in Iraq.  Etc.

And then come home to search their own damned underpants before their veterans with any sense of decency go off and kill themselves, etc.  Enter the Talmudic terrorist Chertoff and his Islamic underwear bomber.  It's almost as if someone invented the Islamic religion, isn't it?  But that's another story.

Iraq and 911 in Minutes

Because I know that dumb goy have short attentions spans.  For that matter, so do chosen racists of god and the Israelis these days.  That's why the most likely scenario is that they destroy themselves.  Hopefully they won't blow up or terrorize the world anymore in the process.  But there's always the Sampson Option.

ajax's picture



In case you missed it, Sir Gerald Kaufman's comments on "Operation Cast Lead" and criticism of Tzipi Livni in January 2009:

and from February 2014:

Try to imagine any member of US Congress or Senate speaking in such terms...



Iwanttoknow's picture

Sir Kaufman must be a self-hating jew.

DaveyJones's picture

That's funny the oilman tells me great Muslim has a Britain problem

blentus's picture

You have a bit of a problem too. You are a fucking idiot.

Why is it that you mongoloids always assume that if someone doesn't like thing X, they must therefore like thing Y?

john39's picture

much of Europe has a problem with mass immigration.  but, the real bad actor is the hidden hand that set up a system to force immigration on the native populations, while destroying the countries from which the immigrants come.  both the natives and the immigrants are pawns in a zionist game.   its really so simple and diabolical.   you see, while the zionists need the host nations (UK, US, Canada etc) they plan to eventually destroy the cultures of each country, and if you are paying attention, you can see that plan is already very far along.

The.Harmless.Jew's picture




Fantastically accuate post John.


That's the trouble with the bigotted underclasses who keep on and on venting their spleen at "Muslims" in their country etc...


I mean for a start not all muslims are the same etc.... some drink & gamble, some love to shag birds on a friday night whilst the later is juggling her fish n' chips at the same time. 


Sure, you've got the nutcases protesting and calling for ISIS for europe - but consider that population size from 1.8 billion.  Consider also, that most of the trouble makers are actually "british" or "european" born.  Malcontents or perhaps people frozen out of a wider society. Who knows.


I just find it ironic that - in particular - from people in an ISLAND  (UK) - to talk about foreigners.  It's a fucking island - EVERYONE came to it from somewhere! 


Look, most of the immigrants in France are from French colonial rule, most of the immigrants in the UK are from British colonial rule. 


Currently in London, and whilst speaking to some Doctors and PhD Scientists from Iraq (REAL PhDs not ones in economics like the Zionists that rule the FED!), I came to appreciate that these people were happy in their Iraqi swimming pool homes, seeing their Iraqi Dinar worth approx US Dollars!  Spending lots of cash in the UK and USA whilst on holidays....


Now post western wars, plots and sanctions, the country is fucked, they much less care about its currency value.  Where do they go? What's left of their fate thanks to Zionist wars and wars waged on them personally it seems. 


The feel some affinity to the UK; some of them are educated here, they speak the language, they are familiar with the culture, and a lot of them still recall the archives which showed Winston Churchill chemically attack their homes and farms all these years ago.


So to the little-englanders who who like to wear black shirts at night, and love to sleep with Hitler / Nick Griffin / Nigel Farage blow-up dolls:  Think about a solution instead of being part of the Zionist Hatred plan.



AvoidingTaxation's picture

This comes with my thanks, and best wishes for the future.

Yours ever,


my_nym's picture

Lol.  So you see it. 


They can't lose.  When things get out of (the hidden) hand among the dumb goyim then that creates immigration to Israel and powers Zionism.  Once the Jewish supremacist Sarkozy was done with France and managing the multiculturalism of the goyim/tribes there, then the failure of "multiculturalism" creates Zionism and immigration to Israel.  But if it doesn't, then a Judaic oligarchy can usually be established by securing the banking system and destabilizing all the goy into "multicult" voting blocs that can continually and rather easily be divided. Dumb as they are. 

After all, the dumb goyim seldom demand that Judaics intermarry and open the borders of the gated or closed communities (full of insider traders) or the closed borders of their own nation (full of traitors to other nations and dual citizens) that they usually begin to maintain. 

It's worth noting that Jewish supremacists like Donald "It's my culture." Sterling don't even understand this.  They do not think of themselves as racial supremacists.  Otherwise they probably would be supremacists.  Nor does the average Israeli peasant understand it.  It's not as if they sit around in a smoke filled room and plan such things like Moses Hess, Marx's rabbi did.  (If they lost ruling through Communism, as they did.  Then Zionism would arise and they could rule through that, on cue... as predicted by Hess.)  Because some of the brighter bulbs actually have and do plan for bringing order out of apparent chaos through the dialectical process of Left vs. Right or Communism (usually financed by Jewish bankers) vs. Capitalism/Zionism (usually financed by Jewish bankers), etc....  but most do not. 


Not even an oligarchic ownder of the dumb goyim/tribes/teams like Donald Sterling necessarily knows why his culture is the way it is.  After all, for most it is just the way it is.  But for the rabbinic cultivators of cultures and secular versions of their "diabolical"/dialectical culture?  They do tend to know what they're doing. 


"Father forgive them, for they know what they do."  --Karl Kraus  Whether they sit on the Right or the Left.

There again, the peasants and the people that aren't a member of the club or the Talmudic/Masonic secret societies to the 33rd degree at 33 Liberty Street (And what not...  it's all quite confusing, apparently.) might begin to know what they do.  And do it anyway.  What then?  Just saying.       

Ignatius's picture

"But bomb a few pyschopathic militant zealot..." 10 year old soccer players on the beach?

If the zionist position were right/strong they wouldn't have to lie as routine.

john39's picture

yes, but still... we all need to take back control of our contries from the zionist infiltration.  So, I see this as another positive development.  Zionism and Israel have now lit themselves on fire.  its only a matter of time before the rest of the world stomps out the fire.

my_nym's picture

its only a matter of time before the rest of the world stomps out the fire.


With what, borrowing billions more in debt/money into existence from Jewish bankers to finance more bombs?



Duffy's picture

john they will ethnically cleanse Gaza and more of the WB, always claiming it is necessary fo security, an the world will do nothing.

It's not genocide, or a war crime, or reprehensible and barbaric when the Jewish State does it, you know. 


You know the title of Henry Ford's book.  I think it's time to look at it as a transnational force - the proverbial squid.  It's not just the US, but Canada, the UK, France, australia, as well as Russia and Ukraine and plenty of other places where Jews are a tiny fraction of the population but half or more of the millionaires, disproportionaely own the media, and of course have very deep pockets for elections.


Next time an election rolls around google "Jewish vote" then compare it to any other group.  "Latino vote" likely comes closest, and there are 12-15 times as many Latino voters [who are mainly but not all Catholic].  "Jewish vote" is euphemism for Jewish $$$, althugh they are concentrated in just a few states - still the massive coverage and catering to "the Jewish vote" makes no numerical sense.

Meanwhile, the way American foreign policy has been hijacked here has been repeated in the UK, Canada and australia, all places with dozens of Jewish and Zionist lobbies, and a 5th column of Jewish Zionists more loyal to International Zionism/Jewry than to their host countries.


This doesn't mean "most" but it means, obviously, a large and wealthy minority. 

john39's picture

yes, many of can see what they are trying to do...  which is why they will not succeed.  stay tuned for the show of many lifetimes.

SmackDaddy's picture

dont disagree with what youre saying, but so many here seem to lump them all in the same zionist bucket.  ive linked my buddy to some articles from here but first i had to warn him about the comments section.  it's cool and all, we're both believers in the first amendment. now im always asking him to bring me along to the "world domination meetings".  he assures me he'll take me as soon as he gets his invite.  my points being:  he's as jewish as i am catholic (which is to say we both figured at a very young age religion was bullshit) and the average jew has about as much in common with the rothschilds as I do with the queen of england.

The.Harmless.Jew's picture




Ticked you up SmackDaddy, because I agree with you in princple.


I have many jewish friends and dated many too, and I can honestly say that most of them are humble, and economically speaking, are firmly on the weak side of the financial bell-curve.


The trouble I had - still have! - with many of my friends is that they still buy into this Zionism mantra, and can't wait to absolve the israelis and pin blame on the world etc.... The problem is that they are scared.  They feel that an attack on Zionism is an attack on Jews.  Which in my view isn't the case, and shouldn't be the case.


My personal dislike for Zionist "jews" including greenspan and bernanke and yellen is way way below my dislike for Zionists like Tony Blair, Joe Biden, and the house of Saud (oh I assure you, they are Zionist-proper).


Zionism is the problem. 



Frank N. Beans's picture

well said. 

(Except the queen of England is protestant of course, not catholic.)

medium giraffe's picture

Empires = cunts.

Some people within those empires = not cunts.

It's very simple, no?


spellbound's picture

More psychopathic than the zionist zealots?!?

what's that smell's picture
First British Minister Resigns Over "Morally Indefensible" Gaza Policy


First British Minister Resigns Over "Morally Indefensible" Gaza Genocide



Grimaldus's picture

Genocide is next door in syria. 170,000 plus muslims, killed by muslims. Millions of syrian refugees! Not a peep from the progressive dhimmis here on ZH. 

Soon ISIS in iraq will put up the same numbers, they kill 1500 iraqi muslims a week. Funny all the progressive dhimmi's here are silent when it comes to murdering islam.

Muslims Hack Off Christian Man's Head After Forcing Him to Deny Jesus Christ and Salute Mohammed as 'Messenger of God'

A Christian man in Syria recently had his head brutally hacked off by Islamic militants after being forced to deny his faith and salute Mohammed as "the messenger of God".

The incident was caught on video for the world to see and broadcast as a warning to "everyone like him".

In the video that was posted to YouTube with translated captions, the helpless Christian man is surrounded by armed militants wearing masks and he is heard reciting as instructed: "There is no God but God and I testify that Mohammed is the messenger of God."

An apparent leader in the group of militants is then heard instructing the group: "No one will shoot him now, do you understand? He will not be killed by shooting because it is merciful for him."

"He will be beheaded because he is Kaffir, non-Muslim, sided [with] the government and was not praying at all. Everyone like him will have the same end, beheading," said the militant.

A militant armed with a machete then grabs the defenseless man by the hair and begins to cut his head from his body as the group cries "Allahu Akbar…there is no God but God."


There will be no peace with the murderers of islam. Remember that all you dhimmis, they are coming for you too.



Muh Raf's picture

F*ck off you spacker. We already know ISIL are just a mossad extension:

Yes the Jews are coming to cut off your heads, dressed like Muslims. Anyone remember the "Young Turk" holocaust of Armenians, it turned out that 70,000 jews operating out of Salonika actually pretended to be Turkish Muslims and overthrew the Ottoman Khilifaat through treason from within and then immediately set about a holocaust of Armenian Christians? Strange how for the preceding 400 years the Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians had lived peacefully side by side. Hmmm. Yes, it must have been "a 400 year steady build up of religious tensions that suddenly turned into a slaughter fest". Kinda like how WTC7 had been the first skyscraper to burn to the ground at freefall 9.81ms2 - it was bound to happen eventually huh, just a coincidence this quantum event occured on the day a couple of other freefall tower incidents. Yes history is full of these sorts of coincidences and it is medieval superstition to read too much into them.

Urban Redneck's picture

There is an etiquette to letters of resignation. And that was a relatively polite but very clear, "Fuck U, Fuck your dumb ideas, and Fuck the incompetent ass clowns you empower."

And there is also a tarring and feathering that must be done of anyone who dares to walk off the reservation of the False Dichotomy tribe.

Zero Govt's picture

actually this is the 1st British politician with a backbone since WWII

most are shoulderless weasels bred in public schools

I commend her 

AnAnonymous's picture

They only did that when they entered the 'american' era of things.

Croesus's picture


And it's COSMOS, for the win! Slavery, drug-dealing, murder, fomenting wars, child abuse...all part of the tradition of British leadership. While I don't hate Brits-of-all-kinds, the "average Joe" types lose my support, through THEIR continued support of their scumbag system, and the people running it.

The people running that little POS island are responsible for more misery in the world than anyone else, including Stalin, or Hitler. 

How about a map that says it all? Countries that have NOT been invaded by England:

Even used a British source.

Brits, or persons of British ancestry - Your system of government through the centuries can't even get along with the people who share the same island with you. Stop defending the indefensible. London is the poster-child of the surveillance state, yet crime levels have increased since you were all disarmed. Your politicians do you an incredible disservice, with the exception of Nigel Farage. 

Ghordius's picture

then I presume you don't know much of the very complex history of that island. that has brought us some of the best and some of the worst, and has shaped the world way more than any other nation

I do a lot of comments against British policies, but all in all I'd find it fair to declare the UK in aggregate as a positive force in the world's history

Sean7k's picture

How could they ever generate a positive result? `Have you asked any of the colonies that got away?

Ghordius's picture

and? what is wrong about them? I can't believe that I'm defending "Oceania", here, but here it is... do you have a particular colony in mind? the list is quite long

Duffy's picture

Scotland? Wales? Ireland? 

Ghordius's picture

well, Scotland is getting a referendum, isn't it? from your avatar I presume you'll vote a resounding yes

Lebensphilosoph's picture

But, you see, he'd rather he and his countrymen were still donning kilts and living in stone hovels north of Hadrian's Wall. They may have their Hume and Maxwell, and we our Essex lads, but I'll give you two guesses as to where people of his kind have done their darndest to keep the level of human civilisation for the last five thousand years.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Civilising barbaric peasants?

Sean7k's picture

India, China, South Africa, the US, Afganistan, Pakistan, Ireland. More importantly, what they do behind the scenes, the takeover of the US after the Civil War, the drug trades, behaviour modification through music, drugs and sex. Tavistock institute? The muslim brotherhood and egypt? Somalia. The East African protectorate (Kenya). The CIA via MI-6. Gladio. 

Please, what are the positives?

Croesus's picture

Opium wars? Slavery? India? Abadan? The City? Subjugation of billions of people through the centuries? Wholesale endorsement of murdering millions more? Dragging the US into 2 unnecessary World Wars for "fun and profit"? 

Positive Force?


Forget the Beatles, or the Stones. In this context, they don't count. The Brits have a horrible track record:

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism"

Couldn't have said it any better myself. 


Ghordius's picture

I wrote "in aggregate"

Zerozen's picture

Not that I adore the Brits or anything, but using the slavery thing as an example of how bad they were is laughable. The Brits were among the first to abolish it, and because of their power and influence at the time they were essentially the driving force behind getting it abolished worldwide.

CuttingEdge's picture

Kinda ironic its a Kenyan who his doing his level best to bring slavery back to the cotton fields...