Second Ebola Patient Arrives In US: Complete Ebola News Summary

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Keep 'em comin'.  We can't have enough deadly pathogen carriers entering our altruistic country.

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Read the section on JPM-MCS:

In 2010, Tekmira signed a $140-million contract with the DoD to advance an RNAi therapeutic, which utilized our LNP technology, to treat Ebola virus infection. In 2013, the collaboration was expanded to include significant advances in LNP formulation technology, including a new LNP formulation that was more potent, the ability to be able to lyophilize (freeze-dry) LNP formulations and an LNP formulation that can be administered subcutaneously. In January 2014, Tekmira commenced TKM-Ebola Phase I clinical trial.


Tekmira and the DoD have a shitload of money tied-up in a joint-venture project that started 4 years ago. At this point, the "product" is "just about ready" to go to market. What they need, is a 'hook' that guarantees good sales numbers for the product. 

A TINY fraction of the Earth's population has been killed by gets serious when the death toll is north of a million. 

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Ahhh, Monsanto, the company that keeps on giving......

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Ahhh, Monsanto, the company that operates illegally, wide open, in full view with judges on the payroll as they consolidate farmland holdings.

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Fruit bat ranch for

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I'm telling you guys, we think Ebola's bad, its got nothing on the worst epidemic I've ever heard of, the English Sweat.

People died within hours of contracting the disease!  Lucky for us, there was no Federal Gov't to stick the infected on a plane.

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Odd is it not, that just in time as the outbreak strikes this 'new' drug pops on the scene and the two aid workers are "say-yav-ved" 

Hallelujah  We are exceptional
Now back to our regularly scheduled indoctrination programmes ... there is nothing to big that big government cannot handle.... by being even bigger

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At the time it seemed like a propitious moment to open a fruit bat resturant

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Except the aid workers were given a drug by a different drug maker -
The drug is Z-Mapp named after the company -
AND last week the US military dumped a shitliad of cash in their laps when the Z-Mapp drug bypassed the other drug tekmira -
AND we probably assume that since the US military is developing a serum that the is military bad guys are Weaponizing the Ebola virus.

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Tulane U. is researching bioweapon Ebola.

here's one link but their are many others.

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Where does that article state Tulane University is researching Ebola bioweapons?

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The first sentence.


This is a call for an immediate, thorough, and independent investigation of Tulane University researchers (see here and here) and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, who have been operating in West Africa during the past several years.

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That's not what sentence that means in the English language. And if that is how Jon meant it to be interpreted, then Jon Rappaport is a fraud.

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No Sierra Leone doesn't think so, that's not what their Facebook page says at all. As to the other "thing" - I addressed that earlier-

Hopefully it wasn't written by someone who can't call the BSL3 Kenema Lassa Fever Laboratory at KGH by its proper name... Yes, the dots can be connected that way, but pointillism is not analysis, and everything I've actually read so far is the former.


It's not that complicated.

MOST of the recent speculation can be directly traced to this blog post and (intentionally? incendiary) misnaming of the facility as the "Kenema bioweapons lab" The post is littered with false information, ignorance of basic practices in West Africa, spurious conclusions, and assumptions for which there is not only no evidence, but there is actually contradictory evidence. None of which means foul-play isn't possible, but it is difficult to take anyone seriously who would base their thesis on such trash. Hence, the use of the misnomer is a red flag for identifying either intentional disinformation distribution or an inexcusably sloppy foundation.

What USAMRIID was doing with re-testing the samples of hemorrhagic fever going back to 2006 for ebola is publicly available information.

The research into Lassa fever and a Lassa fever vaccine at the level 3 facility is also publicly available information.

The expansion of research for diagnostic and vaccine products from Lassa-specific to broader spectrum hemorrhagic fever is also publicly available information.

Speculation that can be readily explained by what is already known and well documented is not evidence of anything.

However, what else persons at the facility might have been doing remains unknown. But, if the actual development of a more readily transmissible strain of ebola was being conducted in a BSL3 facility, there would likely be a string of dead bodies before the outbreak began 200 km away. It is possible to speculate that that a more appropriate facility such as the USAMRIID lab at Fort Detrick might have sent something to KLFL at KGH, and that something either escaped and traveled 200km before infecting anyone, or (even more remotely) that someone at KLFL intentionally took something 200km, but there is no evidence of this.

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"Ahhh, MonSatan, the company that keeps on giving......"


There fixed it for you.

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Croesus as much as i'd like to believe we have something waiting to go as soon as enough people make it profitable that tekmira stuff is at best a hail mary from your own 1yrd line.

this thing with mapp is interesting, although completely untested and will probably just end up with an "I am legend" ending at some point

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"According to first author James Pettitt of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), the research team previously demonstrated that the treatment—known as MB-003—protected 100 percent of non-human primates when given one hour after Ebola exposure. Two-thirds of the animals were protected when treated 48 hours after exposure...According to the scientists, Ebola virus replicates quickly to very high levels, thus overwhelming the host’s ability to fight off the infection. MB-003 is a “cocktail” of monoclonal antibodies that help bind to and inactivate the virus. In addition, said Pettitt, the antibodies recognize infected cells and trigger the immune system to kill them off. No side effects of the antibodies were observed in the surviving animals."

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Here's hoping that it really works, that the effect is not temporary, and that production can be scaled up enough quickly enough to be of use in this outbreak.

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The Monsanto needle sammich (hey sheeple, it's FREE!!!) will be designed to kill you, and only a fool would willingly submit.

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Unlike the bio-weapon unleashed (Remember, one of the governments out there asked the US Army to stop experimenting when it broke out) knowledgeably.

Oppps!  Our folks bad!

How in the world were we asked to stop experimenting and just so happen to have this drug ready when it needed to have a field test for efficacy?
Does this strike anyone but me as planned in one way or another with a Big Fucking Boo-Boo in the middle?

Don't forget kids, "All's well that ends."

MOAR money for the Cloward-Piven Project, Bring on the New World Order

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Once again, Dave Hodges knocks it out of the park:  In San Diego, in October  31, 2012, DHS ran a Zombie preparedness drill and of all things the drill centered around shooting “crazed zombies”. I was told that the new weaponized strain temporarily turns people into people who act like they are on PCP.

Anyone for a little World War Z or Walking Dead?

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I would say that your career as a fruit bat pimp is at an end

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More scare tactics.


from WHO: 'Influenza occurs globally with an annual attack rate estimated at 5%–10% in adults and 20%–30% in children. Illnesses can result in hospitalization and death mainly among high-risk groups (the very young, elderly or chronically ill). Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 250 000 to 500 000 deaths.'


So, whats the more real concern - Ebola or Influenza? Ebola? - Why? Because you hemorrhage and suffer a terrible death?

Choking and dying from your own phelgm doesnt sound any better...


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Does influenza get exponentially worse every month?

Linear thinking versus exponential math.

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The flu can get very deadly under the right conditions.  The 1918 Spanish flu is one such example.  One thing that could help Ebola spread far and wide is a mutation that makes it a lot less deadly. 

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Flu is more common but less leathal. So with Ebola, this strain at least, you might have 3 million cases but the mortality rate will be 50-60%. So, it will be 1.5 million dead. You will be begging for the flu. 


So you say, but it's not as transmissable. Well tell that to Dr. Brantly and the doctors in Lagos. What if these experts are getting it because it has increased it transmissablity? 

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Blotto: This is an example of what I mean about increased transmissablity. The conventional thinking is you must be in very intimate contact to acquire the EVD. However sharing a taxi would/should not be considered intimate. Something seems to have changed. Check it out:


The Grand Bassa County Superintendent pointed out that the victim came in contact with a lady identified as Sonnie from Lofa County who was also sick and later died from the virus after been tested and confirmed positive. 

"He helped the lady to board a taxi cab which they both rode to Buchanan and she headed onward to Monrovia. He later got sick in Rivercess for about 5-6 days (off and on) and has been buying drugs from the nearby drug store in Rivercess," she added. 

In a statement, the Acting Community Health Department Director Steven Joans said the man who was later identified as a Prison Superintendent from Rivercess County left for Monrovia on Wednesday to attend a workshop on correction. 

He pointed out that while attending the workshop he got very ill and decided to go back to Rivercess County but when he arrived in Buchanan the sickness got very serious so he made a stop at one of his friend's residence who is believed to be one of the ROTC instructors at the Grand Bassa Community College teaching ROTC. 

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If the product actually works remains to be seen. Ideally they want to make a shitload of money AND have some massive depopulation.

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At this rate, you'll have 30K death people in 6 months from now, 500K in a year and 3 million in 18 months.


And there's also 1 missing. A patient underway to Hamburg died from Ebola and in Kinshasha there are also people showing the symptoms.


I've been reading some blogs since 2007 where the virus has spread nonstop since now and it seems to have already over 30 variants, all requiring different medicine.

This mutation shit seems to change it with every different host it passes like monkeys, bats, pigs and even birds.

I feel another movie comming up real soon...

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Remember the Propaganda movie Contagion?
Bazillion top mane actors clustered about in small parts, FEMA triumphs in spite of a Navy (evil) officer in charge because a black man (adulterer) and a single white mom (his lover... so mixed unmarriage) break all the rules (liberal ethos of all things good) clumsily do something or other to Save The Fucking World? 
MOAR big government staffed by immoral people triumphing by disregarding protocol over Nature's Bad (beat nature, global warming etc)
We are exceptional
Back to standing on your heads in shit, serfs....
All Propaganda.

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I will think fondly of that movie when I am crapping out my spleen in about 72 hours.

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At least I know what to expect having had dysentry a couple of times.

Have a bucket handy while shitting blood on the thrown.Trying to clear up your

puke while sitting there is hard.

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The construction industry could build a toilet-toilet setup.  Crap and vomit at the same time!

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Very handy, even better if the Portypotty2 was equipped with a fuel air

explosive, just to be sure.

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That's why you just sit in the shower.  I got food poisining in India one time, after the third day of delusional fever and alternating shitting and puking I gave up and just sat in the shower for about 10 hours.

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so... go short on real estate companies?

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lotta empty homes, small class sizes in schools, dead peasantry, plenty of food and water, no shortages of medicine, sunny skies, happy birds and butterflies, big government triumphs, again

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Nefarious doesn't begin to define this latest epoch.  They will have the antidote to fix you but at a very hefty price which will serve the fear campaign and make money at the same time!

Interesting that this alleged little company comes out of BC Canada and is strategically located their for reasons which won't become clear probably for some time to come.

Great post Cro -Thx

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Sorry but you don't start Phase I trials in January and be "just about ready" to go to market in August.

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My broker at JT Marlin told me Farrow Tech received fast track approval. Tekmira should as well.

SETH: I also have a bullet on it. A couple of days ago Dan Dorfman, on CNBC, put a heavy buy recommendation on Farrow Tech. Reason being, he's been in contact with the CEO of the company and they feel FDA approval will happen in the next three or four weeks.

From: Boiler Room

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That is all complete bullshit.  I earn my living developing and registering drugs for approval at the FDA and I can say unequivocally that Fast Track Approval does not shorten the path to approval from the FDA but rather requires them to agree in writing that if you conduct X clinical trials and obtain the Y list of efficacious results without Serious Adverse Side Effects we will give you approval with label claim Z to market and sell your drug in the USA.  So in effect the process is veiwed as being quicker because you can simultaneously schedule back to back to back clinical trials without having to wait for blinded study data break and review from the FDA to move onto the next trial. The burn rate and timeline is up to the drug developer.   It saves about 12 months on average, but it doesn't NOT GUARANTEE approval by the FDA.  The statistics for percentage approval of fast track applications vs "traditional" New Drug Approval routes are insignificant.

The only exception to this is that the FDA may grant use of this MB treatment during a pandemic.  It is however all hype and smoke and mirrors for the sheep, because if this is a monoclonal antibody therapy it is physically impossible to scale in time because there are not enough cell master banks available to scale.  Also, scale up of these therapies are notoriously difficult and unlikely to meet potential demand in the near future.  This MB drug is at ground zero.  They do not even know if the "therapy" can be reliably shipped without decompostion.  And the list goes on that could kill this drug.  I choose to hunker down and avoid people until the real problem is known during the next 30-60 days.

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That can't be right.
The guy on TV heard it right from the guy whose options and cash bonuses are tied to the stock price.

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Thanks for that great find Croesus! 

Reading related material at

I see:

July 21, 2014

Tekmira Provides Update on TKM-Ebola Phase I Clinical Hold All Other Clinical Development Programs On Track


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Nasdaq:TKMR) (TSX:TKM), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics, today announced an update on the TKM-Ebola Phase I clinical hold. The Company has received the clinical hold letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is preparing a Complete Response to the Agency. The Company anticipates this matter will be resolved by Q4, 2014.

I wonder how the inevitable pressure on the relevant decision making authorities at FDA will (or perhaps already has) affect the status of the hold. 

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Croesus, my wife found and showed me the tekmira stuff also. I've not yet checked their stock price.

No shock here, as we're all pretty well used to double standards from Gov. Agencies, but she found this link for Health Care and Transport workers.

It seems a bit different than the report for "John Q. Public" and MSM.

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Is an active TB outbreak behind the quarantine at a  UAC detention facility in New Mexico?