Stocks Plunge On Russia Invasion Threat - Give Up All Post-Payrolls Gains

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Yesterday, the S&P and Nasdaq bounced hard off the pre-payrolls level from Aug 1st. From the moment US cash equity markets closed yesterday, stocks have been dropping back. But now, thanks to this:


The Dow, S&P and now Nasdaq have tumbled below yesterday's lows, eradicating all the post-payrolls gains in stocks. Treasury yields are tumbling (5bps off highs) and gold and silver and rising.

All payrolls gains gone...


This is what it looked like close-up... as just 7k S&P e-minis crushed lqiuidity

* * *

Of course, as anyone but the machines knows, Poland has been desperate to get a NATO response from the start, and has been hinting at an "imminent" Russian invasion for at least 4 months

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Must be nappy naptime at the PPT Kindergarten.


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I wish I could post a chart.  There were a few VERY LARGE orders in certain Bear-ETFs a few minutes prior to the big move in the futures.  I can't post all of them, but the easiest to see is SDS that had single trades of 25K+ at 13:04:30 & 13:29:00.  The average trade size is usually between 1,000 & 2,000. The selloff started at 13:39:00.

So, someone made a few big bets about 10 minutes prior to market moving on this news.

PlusTic's picture

Are you implying some front-running in this fair and efficient marketplace   :0

Say What Again's picture

Can't happen here.  Not in Amerika

Note: The average trade size is actually between 500 & 1,000

eclectic syncretist's picture

Whoever it was, I front-ran them back when SDS was at $25.  S&P very near critical support levels already, but I'm not selling SDS yet.

IANAE's picture

...waiting for the words from US State Dept during their daily press briefing... they seem to be running a bit late getting started today...

Bunghole's picture

I guess my S&P 2,000 hat will have to stay in the closet another week.

power steering's picture

This news was out overnight. Even Cramer refered to it premarket

Say What Again's picture

The news may or may not have been posted overnight, but there was a significant and fast moving mini-selloff starting at 13:39:00, which coincided with the Bloomberg news feed.  I was watching my screens, and things moved rather quickly for about 10 minutes.

Of course, I didn't know what the "cause" was until I peaked at ZH.

Everything is back to normal now, that is, whatever normal is.

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Sikorski is trying to rescue his mercenaries trapped by the Ukrainian Rebels against the Russian border. Without NATO aka USSA, Poland can nothing except whine like a spoiled girl.

Jack Burton's picture

Latina Lover, Indeed. The rebels believe they have trapped a Polish unit inside the pocket of Ukrainian battalions surrounded in the South East Pocket. I read Rebel Social media. Yesterday they were talking that they MAY have surrounded Polish mercinaries in this pocket, thus some units will not surrender and are fighting on. These Poles would not surrender as their fate as foreigners would be very bad. Plus, Poland would be desperate for a diversion to take notice off this potential bombshell. THUS, the Polish minister claims a Russian invasion. You may have hit on why the Poles are now screaming!!!

kowalli's picture

It's all depends on how many people poland army kill in Ukraine... I think freedom fighters will not accept surrenders from Poland's murderers...

Winston Churchill's picture

They will keep a couple for show.

The rest will be Katyned.

This is what mercenaries get the big bucks for. Lose and you get a lead pension.

Same as it ever was.

JohninMK's picture

It seems to be a shock to those 'normal' Ukie's passed on to the Russians how well they were treated.

The mercenaries will not expect that so I suspect they will fight to the death, in the expectation that they will be shown no mercy. They will also make sure that few of the others round them survive either. The Militia has no interest in show captives, a slow and nasty death awaits any who survive.

First There Is A Mountain's picture

Yes, I read Rebel Social Media as well. I really like the special interest segments. Rebel social media is fucking bankable. Everyone knows this. Ukrainian or Polish social media? Not so much. 

magnetosphere's picture

remember poland invaded czechoslovakia in the fall of 1938

power steering's picture

I remember Japan inveaded Russia 1904

SAT 800's picture

I put in a 1900 even price order today on my Dec. S&P500 contracts and it was exercised; so I took the 13,200$ for the account. I'll short it again if it rallies enough.

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If putin is as clever as everyone seems to think he is, then why would he invade Ukraine and give the West the scape goat it needs? I call Bullshit.

JohninMK's picture

He won't invade.

He doesn't want a bankrupt Ukraine.

It is working kinda OK for him atm. He is getting a large influx of Russian speaking people, which he needs, some of them highly skilled factory workers and designers. He is showing the rest of the world how trustworthy the US and NATO is. He will expose the lies over MH17 if he needs to. He is showing his weapons work and, even if it covert, he is a person to be trusted if he is on your side. He is holding the moral high ground, ironically supporting democratic government, now deposed.

The opposite of what Obama is getting.

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Ladi da bullshit where is all the peoples money going? There arnt that many on welfare? Russia dosnt have the balls or the money to go to war with Europe. So lets all go back to our daily grind and by tomorrow all will be at record highs again minus gold and silver of course

what's that smell's picture


please refrain from using the deer-in-headlights thumbnail....i just bought some puts.

maybe replace with the good-ole "these aren't dead babies they're human shields" ziotroll pict.

thanks much.

Berspankme's picture

I figure Vlad is going to do something while Obammy is in maatha's vineyard to try and fuck up his vacation. Or maybe just embarrass him a little.

SilverIsMoney's picture

Good luck stopping gravity Mr. Fellen...

101 years and counting's picture

that was a big dump.  did W&R just sell 3 ES contracts at once, wiping out the bid book?  they need to be banned.

Bloppy's picture

100 point Dow drop in mere moments, where are the algos when you need them? On strike for better pay?

youngman's picture

Just adding liquidity..that is all

passenger_pidgin's picture

I don't see why all the fuss, it's not even 3:30 yet...

NoDebt's picture

The market's getting very vocal about their desire for an untaper.

Dr. Engali's picture

"Market".... Lol... there you go using that word again. Hmmmm an untaper.... that would ensure another sandwich for me.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

All the dry-powder sitting-on-the-sidelines will make for a strong-rebound for those-willing-to-be-patient.

Cheater5's picture

WTF just happened?  Vol was huge...

Is there anything on the wires that I'm missing?

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Just investors-locking-in-profits.

Gringo Viejo's picture

Sorry I can't make proper attribution but someone made the comment last week that: "If the United States ever went toe to toe with the Russians, in one day there would be a million young Russian men signing up, willing to die for Mother Russia. How many young American men would be willing to do the same? My guess? Not many."

10mm's picture

Gringo. You see those youngters coming over the boarder. They will as it will be contingant on citizinship payoff. Serve, become citizin.

Gringo Viejo's picture

@10mm: Actually, you're quite right. This is exactly the promise given to non-Romans when developing their primarily, mercenary Legions. Having no real loyalty to Rome, the Empire fractured shortly therafter and remained "Rome" in name only.

rbg81's picture

Yeah, I'm sure they'll do great [/s].  A warm body in a uniform might as well be a corpse.

mpadpy's picture

And the best thing is they dont count in the KIA and neither does the mercs from blackwater. I wonder if they get pension or benefits like citizens. The Gurkha's cant even get K citizenship and their pension is like $20 a month compared to the regular soldier of $2000.. Those same gurkhas get a bigger pension and salary in the indian army.

Spastica Rex's picture

If Russian proxies had taken over the Mexican government and were in the process of shelling the state of Sonora, I bet a few would.

Cheater5's picture

OK, so if the headline had just said "pressure Ukraine" all of the bots would have ignored it.  But since it said "preasure or invade Ukraine"  the bots freak the fuck out.  I think that someone is gaming the bots.  Wouldn't that be interesting if someone did an investigation of the reporters and figured out that they were being paid under the table to put in keywords into their reporting (or better yet they were just doing it for shits and giggles to fuck with the tape).

viahj's picture

what a fine transparent system we've allowed to be erected in our names...

maybe a unified twitterflashmob could trip those circuit breakers.

NotApplicable's picture

You mean "editors." Much closer to the bosses office.

ebworthen's picture

And this Sikorski is from Poland from what I can find, NATO type.

Interesting history here:

max2205's picture

No flash crash yet?

Good job Janet

Randy Goodnight's picture

TSLA down .50 cents WTF???


TabakLover's picture

Told ya.  Putin knows Dow 12K or lower is a real problem for the US.  Why roll tanks when just talking about rolling tanks gets the job done.