Watch As Former Israeli Ambassador Suddenly "Loses Audio" When Asked About Kerry Spying

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Over the weekend we reported that in the latest diplomatic Snafu between Israel and the US, it was revealed that America's middle eastern ally had been eavesdropping on none other than John Kerry (it is unclear what precisely Israel had hoped to gain from this waste of time and resources). While it was clear that both sides would rush to cover up the embarrassment that Israel spying on the US would reveal, one question did make it through. However, that doesn't mean that it got an answer.

In the clip below, Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, said he could no longer hear an MSNBC news anchor when she asked about allegations that Israel spied on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. According to Al Arabiya it was not possible to independently verify whether Oren could not hear the question or if he was pretending, but he answered previous questions during the interview without difficulty.

Perhaps the most surprising take home is just how little truth it takes for a politician to "lose the audio."


That said, or rather unsaid, who can blame Oren for not wanting to have any part of this: here is the US secretary of state on a pink bicycle, as photographed on Sunday in Nantucket by visitor Owen Perkins, National Review reported.


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dontgoforit's picture

Can you hear me now?

knukles's picture

So what else is new?
When has a politician actually answered a question anyhow?



and who the fuck in their right mind would go on msnbc anyhow...

john39's picture

Remember the Liberty.

Hugh G Rection's picture

You must be one of dem anti-seeemight conspiracy tin foilers or sumthing!


You probably also think this soldier getting cut off when he brings up Israel was on purpose too!!

Muh Raf's picture

I'd take my hat off to anyone who can actually prove that Hamas exist, other than as grainy image of man in cheap gorilla suit:

power steering's picture

Perhaaps you'd be interested in the timely purchase of my inventory of frozen fruit bat

Troll Magnet's picture

"Can you hear me?"

"No, I can't hear you, Andrea."



ZerOhead's picture

That is exactly where he was going.


We are all so fucked...

Four chan's picture

we have a pink bike foreign policy. it is a pink bike.

boogerbently's picture

Israel just needs to say, "Hell yeah!!!"

"We ALL spy on each other......YOU know that better than anybody !!!"


SafelyGraze's picture

I'm sorry, I can't hear you missus greenspan.

could you repeat the question missus greenspan?


RaceToTheBottom's picture

Must be a leftover relic from the Hillary regime....

ajax's picture



Who the fuck wants to listen to Andrea Mitchell anyway?

boogerbently's picture

The pot calling the kettle black.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"Mike Lauren, can you still hear us in Tel Aviv?"

"I'm in Tel Aviv.  I can't hear you.  Sorry"

Is this an SNL skit?

NotApplicable's picture

How many times did that fucker blink his eyes?

Squid Viscous's picture

classic sign of lying, the body/soul will always manifest a signal... unless you're really possessed like Bibi... he can lie without even blinking one of his reptile eye-covers

ZerOhead's picture

I'm surprised the NSA or Mossad or the Network didn't provide him with a list of the questions...

chunga's picture

Ask him where to send him some money and I bet his ears snap right out of it.

Hugh G Rection's picture

yeah i noticed that part also, lmao


"Yeah I'm in Tel Aviv, but I couldn't hear the part about us spying on Kerry"

Maybe this footage will disappear down the rabbit hole, along with Carl Cameron's 4 part show on the Israeli spies caught before and after 9/11.  Not to mention all those reports about truck bombs on 9/11...

RafterManFMJ's picture

Golly, when someone cannot hear a question I ask, I repeat it, slower and sometimes louder.

I guess they don't teach things like this at journalism school?

I'm curious - which is the bigger waste of flesh: those who facilitate and serve the propaganda organs of the state, or those who actually watch them?

That's a puzzler, isn't it?

I do know the former deserves an eventual noose and an unmarked grave.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Hamas exists,


It was created by Israel as a counter to the more secular PLO.

Problem Reaction Solution.

Muh Raf's picture

Hamas reslly exist? It's as fake as you get:

This Israeli forgot to take off his Star of David whilst posing as a Hamas Jihad fanatic. Hamas do not really exist as a Muslim movement and never have, they were only ever a fake resistance movement after Shaykh Yasin (quadraplegic BTW) was imprisoned. The mossad have run it ever since then. Hence it doesn't really exist, it's just another dog and pony show.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Yeah I have seen that photo before lol.

No doubt, (if it exists) Mossad plays dressup to exaggerate the threat.

Here is definitve proof it does exist though...

Four chan's picture

all the killing justified by something made up, that never existed, it would be silly if it weren't so tragic and stupid.

Squid Viscous's picture
need monkey bar footage,i.e Al Qaeda guys/ then I will believe they are the new bogey-men... surely they can re-create that? or just run the same clips and say its "HAMAS"
roadhazard's picture

They don't exist as much anymore, heh.

ilion's picture

Israel is an evil country.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"The USA is an evil country".

Is that any more accurate or representative?  It certainly is a "red meat" statement, that will provoke predictable responses.

Looks like you only have one size paint brush:  The 6" brush.  Best used to paint the barn.

teslaberry's picture

but wy cannot we be rpound of ing evil AND israel being evil together, with europe, cooperating to dominate the world. 


my only complaint is they are doing a shit job and the chinese are literally stealing the rug out from underneath the collective feet of western imperialists in europe and the u.s. 


i mean, who am i to monday morning quarter back the nwo, but seriously i've been following this shit for so many years, and i see so much incompetence. 


then again, i do accept i am not privy to the secrets they possess, but a lot of those secrets are bullshit. it's just about initiative and goals. and i think they are choosing the wrong initiative and the wrong goals. 

but that really depends on who they are and what their motives are.....and that too may be somewhat of a confusing mystery. it's obvious they want to dominate the world but so does everyone. the question is HOW. that is the real question.

NidStyles's picture

I have said it more than once, screw Israel.

Hugh G Rection's picture

I figured out what the Zionists want.

Seems reasonable enough...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I get it, how the emotional "charge" a person might feel from your statement, but...

It does nothing for me in strategic or operational terms.  After that nice bit of venting, what do you do

I'd argue that... It's high time that:

   - Israel stands on its own, like any so-called sovereign nation, and make peace with its inhabitants and neighbors.

   - The US stops sending Foreign Aid to Israel.  They are a developed, technologically advanced country.

   - The US stops sending Military Aid to Israel -- no matter how it behaves.

   - The US stops providing Intelligence to Israel - about Americans, Europeans, or on anyone they want info/intel

   - The US stops running proxy wars for Israel (Iraq, Syria, Iran)

   - The US stops acting like Israel's big brother in the school yard, and beat up other kids or steal their lunch money

   - The US stops acting like Israel's "bitch", and that US politician acted like they work for America, not a Foreign Power called Israel.

If you find yourself agreeing with these points, then you will also have to admit that the root of all these problems (Cause-Effect) is actually... the US.  W/o the US, Israel would not exist. 

If a non-Zionist Israel did exist, it'd be a completely different Israel than the fascist-Zionists are running:  it would have to be a democtracit Israel, not a Zionist Israel.  Zio-Jews would have to live with Muslims/Palestinians, not be ruling over them.  Apartheid was removed from S.Africa, let's remove it from Israel.

Remove the US from backing Israel, as though it were its 1st State (not 51st State), and the problem goes away.  Take away the GRC status from the USD, and America's MIC and endless funding of Israel goes away.  Of course, with it, the demand for war debt and fiat dollars would also go away.  Good for America and its troops, but very bad for Global Banksters.

Hence, it is the rabid/Revisionist Zionists who are the most motivated to keep the Status Quo, i.e. to keep the USD from dying or getting booted off the GRC throne.  Therefore, I'd argue, I'd say...

Fuck the USD and its GRC status!  World, PLEASE de-Dolarize.  Completely.  ASAP.  NOW.

teslaberry's picture

wait so you are saying the u.s. should pull 100,000 troops out of southern germany and okinawa and japan in general? oh and south korea?


because those troops are 'support' . israel is CHEAP compared to the u.s. presence in germany japan and korea. the isreaeli's give major bank for the buck and provide the u.s. with pretty seriously awesome weapons tech----it works both ways with isreal. germany, japan AND SOUTH KOREA. 

but fuck israel just cuz, am i right?


Hugh G Rection's picture



Remember the Liberty...AND, the Lavon Affair, the King David Hotel bombing, the Marine barracks in Lebanon, but mostly remember 9/11!

Remember a group of Zionist neocons called for "A catastrophic, catalyzing event--Like a New Pearl Harbor" 1 year before 9/11 in their paper "Rebuilding America's Defenses"

Remember Ehud Barrak was live on BBC shortly after the second tower fell calling for the invasion of Afghanistan (et al) and a War On Terror.

Remember dual citizens like Michael Chertoff were in charge of the non investigation, and criminal obstruction of justice.

Remember dual citizen Philip Zelikow wrote the 9/11 Omission Report...

Please wake up America, I would like my Country back!

F0ster's picture

we take the country back by working together to asphixiate the Zionist's life supply, FIAT currencies and promoting this message to everyone we know. Supporting the BRICS and a bi-polar monetary order is ultimately lethal to Israel's incidious plot to control Americans and America. You think Jews in the US want t live in that dirty sweaty middle east shit hole? No they want America as the new Israel and they have turned it into the totalitarian nightmare that only a Zionist could love. Wake up people we at war with Zionists and we need to start taking these evil MF's down, one by one.

Hugh G Rection's picture

You forgot to mention the BDS movement.

The first three numbers on the barcode that signify a product is from Israel...729.  I have heard rumours Israel changed it to 871 and or 879 as well, but the best way to be sure is to download the "buycott" app on your smartphone.

btdt's picture

where did they go?


the israel firsters, the zionists of all faiths, the uhrah total war is cool universal zombie soldiers who are more interested in command sturcture during WWII than in talking about the various tactical aspects of wetware as practiced in Gaza and taught to souless Americans by the MOSSAD in Iraq....

they suddenly disappear when such issues as the USS Liberty come up.

Why? I mean besides flat cowardice and the lack of an answer to why they support a foreign power over their own country.

Come back and give us a defense of Israel when they shoot American sailors in the water? Total war after all means collateral damage.

There are Red Coats in every generation. And Hessians... and a portion of the Scots Irish have been the butt boys to whoever is in charge... And then there are the Patriots who will have to deal with this group at some point.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Hugh G and F0ster, I agree with you.  My own tack here, is to (hopeully) inform and self-educate fellow ZHers.  And through them, to educate others also, as to what is REALLY going on.  And to educate what the Talking Points should be, rather than constantly being manipulated into false paradigms and false talking points.  Hence...

The root issue is the "worldview" that is being imposed on US and Western thinking by very ambitious, extremist, well-funded, organized and relentless people:  Zionists.

Zionism is NOT Judaism.  It is not a cultural, racial, or religious movement.  In its present form and dominant flavor, Zionism is a POLITICAL movement.  Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.  True Judaism rejects Zionism, but some factions embrace it.

The recent genome study indicates that 80% of the people in Israel have no Semitic blood while 80% of the Palestinians do have the Semitic blood of Abraham.  The Zionist deception is the great fraud in human history and most Americans are clueless as to how they have fooled billions around the world.

Palestinians are Semites (descendants of Shem, the son of the Biblical Noah).  Hence Zionist claims of "antisemitism" is SEMANTIC SOPHISTRY.  It is a totally false argument.  People might be opposed to some the political or business practices of some "Jews".  Just as they might be opposed to the political or business practices of any other identifiable group.  They might be opposed to Zionism for its Fascist and Imperialist nature, and they have every right to be oppose to it -- openly, honestly and guilt-free. 

Nuttynyahoo is a Revisionist Zionist, which is a faction within Zionism itself.  His father was one too.  See...

Note that there is no danger of the Netanyahus having a dominant Semitic (indigenous) bloodline.  Look at him:  totally European.  Their bloodline is rather diluted.  Culturally they are European Jews and politically they are Revisionist Zionists, which is an imperialist philosophy: Take other people’s land, other people's stuff. 

BTW, this clearly resonates with those who stole Indian land for centuries – using same fake arguments and pretexts for their land grabs, genocide and apartheid policies. It was "The American Way": MANIFEST DESTINY.  Take it all, colonize it all.  "Make me stop!" was the mindset.  To this day.  And this (subconsciously-ingrained) mindset exists in 'Christian' Zionists, aka Neocons.  E.g. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld...

Extremist elements of Zionism are unwilling and unable to compromise.  Their extremist voices and influence must be drowned out by moderate elements inside and outside of Zionism.  It must be democratized.  To do that, the dialog must be open and informed. 

Let's start informing people.  A few at a time.  Here, elsewhere.  Good luck.

Hugh G Rection's picture

Careful with veteranstoday.

I used to be a big fan of their site, but Gordon Duff admitted he publishes 40% disinfo.

Fetzer is also a monumental douchebag.  He wrote the book on psyops, and propagates lies about hologram planes and mini nukes.

Disinfo to avoid: Judy Wood (DEW/Space Beams/Hutchinson Effect) Simon Shack (holograms planes hit towers) Fetzer (mini nukes)

AE911truth, Richard Gage, Dr. Steven Jones, and Neils Harrit have peer reviewed what was used to demolish the towers...

Now we need to focus on who, why, and start waking up the brainwashed.

ajax's picture



Remember Rachel Corrie

omniversling's picture

"I'm in Tell A Lie, I can't hear you, I'm sorry..."

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Oren: Of course we spy on your Secretary of State, Kerry.  We have no choice but to.  The US spies on everyone, even on 100% of its own citizens.  So, of course we must reciprocate to the extent possible.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

One can only hope for the safety and security of our nation, that the pic with Kerry on a pink bike was photoshopped. Oyyyvay

curbjob's picture

I understand that the US spies on every other country, but in this case it's more like Arizona spying on Kerry.

junction's picture

Then answer this question, Oren, what do you think of a guy riding a pink girly-man bicycle?