Dollar Dumps, Gold Jumps As Trannies Tumble Most In 6 Months

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Stocks dumped (EU weakness)-and-pumped today with the majors ending marginally higher (except the Trannies down 7 of last 9 days). The Dow Transports are down over 6% from record highs - the worst slide since Feb 2014. The Russell is down over 7.5% from its peak (and the rest of the majors are playing catch-down from that turning point). The S&P bounced perfectly off its 100-day moving-average. Gold and silver jumped notably higher (gold +1% on the week) after more invasion headlines early on. Oil slipped. Treasury yields mimicked stocks, falling early to 13 month low yields and rising (selling TSYs) after Europe closed to end modestly lower ion yields on the day. The headlines though were focused on the plunge in the US Dollar (driven by a surge of JPY buying around lunchtime). Credit markets tracked stocks moestly but we note one pulled high-yield deal today (unusual). When AUDJPY quit on stocks, VIX took over, rammed back under 15.8 to ignite stocks but pushed higher after Europe closed.


The S&P bounced perfectly off its 100-day moving-average...


VIX was the ignition method...


As AUDJPY gave up...but stock fun-durr-mentally recoupled by the end...


It seems the Sikorksi "Invasion" levels were where stops were - so stocks were auctioned up to run them and ran out of buyers...


But the S&P closes unch, Russell positive and Trannies down on the day...


Story of the day was when $3-5 billion notional flushed through JPY futures (and cash FX volumes lit up)...


Which dragged the US Dollar lower on the day...


From Russell 2000's peak, it's down around 8% and while the rest of the majors ignored the drop to start with, they are catching down now...


Treasuries - like stocks - roundtripped on the day... after touching 13-month low yields in 10Y...



Gold and silver jumped but oil and copper slipped on the day...



Charts: Bloomberg

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the wake* created by the dollar is strong..

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

The dollars flash crash is serious as hell.


This isn't some useless trinket like gold we are talking about here this is a collapse in the price of *real money*.  The dollar wouldnt go down like that without some seller who didn't care about his losses, probably naked shorting dollars he has no idea how to obtain.  Our capable regulators will undoubtely get to the bottom this crime post haste.


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Dollar Dumps, Gold Jumps As Trannies Tumble Most In 6 Months

Almost,  almost,...  poetic.  

ebworthen's picture

Dollar dumps, gold jumps,

As trannies tumble most in 6 months.

Sector rotation and shadow inflation,

Churning the savings of chumps.

Right-on Left-off's picture

... oh yeah and somebody tripped on duh Dollahs ramping power cord.

of course y'all know that any talk about war or actually doing something physical with Russia is going to boost gold ... and we can't have that cause that will doom the west and it's fiat.

Could a rising price of gold be keeping us out of war with Russia ??????

HedgeAccordingly's picture

lots of tranny talk today.. even rush limbaugh talking tanny's

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

Tranny's consumer as much as 2 people....LOL

The worst trader's picture

Oil going to $130 soon me thinks.......................... glad i bought one of those electric thingy's

MalteseFalcon's picture

If the committee that sets the price of oil wants it @130, then 130 it is.  Otherwise it will be at some other level that they choose.

Dr. Engali's picture

The tumbling trannies had the sec touching their tallywhackers.

ebworthen's picture

Sector rotation and churning, SSDD.

"Markets!?  We don't need no stinkin' markets!"

DankVader's picture

WTF is a TRANNIE? Speaka de English pls.


DollarMenu's picture

Tn the financial context, DJTA = The Dow Jones Transportation Averages



disabledvet's picture

Transportation index. "Sign of a slowdown"...perhaps well underway. Interestingly unemployment has come down a long way however (unlike in Europe where you have a true catastrophe.)

I really don't see inflation as a problem here for a LONG time to come.

Indeed...there seem to be hints at outright DEFLATION here...but we'll see. Tesla had a huge move higher did solar city. Oil has gotten annihilated all week and natural gas has totally rolled over YTD.

Something big is going to default me thinks...and I ain't talking a bank in Portugal. The euro has been getting annihilated too.

alexcojones's picture

Trannie? Transgender. Shemale .TGirl.

Just Google Brazilian Shemale - or Don't.

Be Advised; Hormonal Confused Beauties

Callz d Ballz's picture

Yellen doesn't look Brazilian to me.

Spungo's picture

What a weird day. It almost looks like someone handling billions of dollars just realized the market is unstable and decided to get out as fast as possible. 

gcjohns1971's picture

That sucks.

I was looking for a 'Gold Slam' so that I could buy more.

1stepcloser's picture

its black Jesus's turn to throw out the money changers

MalteseFalcon's picture

Gold is still solidly in the trading range it has been in for months.  When the new committee for setting the price of gold wants to change the range, it changes.  Nothing else matters.

Lea's picture

I must say the 'Tumbling Trannies' was a hilarious image if, like me, you thought it only meant 'transvestites'.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Nice headline, everything is rhyming.
The only thing we need more of now, though