"Ebola Is A Plague"; Bodies Dumped On Streets; Nigerian Nurse Dies: Full Ebola Epidemic Roundup

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Those people are idiots dumping bodies in the street.

At least burn the corpses.

No wonder Ebola is spreading there so fast.

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Send this virus to White House, it will do good there!

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Send this virus to White House


I'm sure they'll tout how good ebola has been for the space program.

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How bad is it?

The White House is spreading "rumors" explaining how Barry was never involved in the decision to bring Ebola to America.

Treason has consequences.

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good read about the "serum" cure and how this special jet just happened to be available to get the two to Atlanta.



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What do you think a dose of that is going to go for?


I'm thinking more than 5 bucks.

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OT; that sure is a nice tomato in the "Survival Seed Vault" ad on the right side...

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Vitamin C is being touted to treating the ebola virus..
Best most potent version, even more than IV Vitamin C, is encapsulated C ..easy to make, or you can purchase already made.

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There is a big body of research supporting the value of high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. Of course that research has been systematically and deliberately excluded from the mainstream medical research index, so if you looked for it there, you would find...nothing.

Thanks for the link on liposomal vitamin C.

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From Israel with love, or how I stopped worrying and learned to NEVER take a government serum:


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Ebola is a virus.  The Progressives are a plague.

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Interesting timing of a show on PBS last night.  It was about a scholar who proclaims that what was called 'the black plague' (bubonic) in the 1300's that killed about 50% of all of Europe and UK, has actually been determined to have been - quite possibly - hemmoraghic fever or ebola.  His research had to do with the fact that the black rat, from whose fleas bubonic plague is spread, are not predominate in the UK nor in much of Europe where the mass die-off occurred.  This plague swept through the continent and the far east several times from the 1300's through the 1600's.  That being said, the speed with which it spread - roughly 5 miles per day - makes it a difficult thing to stop once it 'breaks out.' Bringing this plague to America - in any form, or for any reason - is playing with a fire that cannot be extinguished; it just plays itself out.  Interestingly enough, it appears that 30-50% of people have a natural immunity as about that many did not die as the disease ravaged Europe and UK.

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Not enough black rats?  What kind of expert is this?

Its fairly well known that rats travelled on ships.  Hence, if a city has a port, it would have received black rats from merchant ships, regardless of it being in the black rat's normal range, etc.


Any way, I won't disagree too strongly.  When the Black Death occurred, not too much effort went into assigning causes of death, and there were definitely different diseases/epidemics around at the time, so its possible some of the victims died from some sort of strain of VHF.

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O'BOLA will get to the bottom of this.

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I read somewhere that there are black rats in the white house.

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That's cause there is no money to be made by the mainstream medical and drug industry with vitamins. What's "good" for you and your health, is directly proportional to the bottom line of the drug companies.


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The virus causes acute scurvy in a shorten time frame. Where regular scurvy might take months to appear, the oxidative load caused by the infection causes the depletion of vitamin C, the body looks to collagen for vitamin C and breaks down the collagen, hence the bleeding (the hemorrhagic fever) which is also what happens with regular scurvy.  That is also why the virus infects only those animals that do not have the capacity to produce their own vitamin C.  

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Collagen breakdown does NOT release vitamin C. Collagen synthesis requires (and consumes) vitamin C - most likely for the reactions that crosslink the gelatin strands to form the triple helix. Lack of vitamin C would inhibit synthesis of new collagen and if some other process is breaking down collagen then you would have a net loss. Collagen is a structural protein. Some inflammation processes ramp up proteases that break down collagen.

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So...similar outcome for a different reason?  I'm very curious and ignorant.  I appreciate the clear language explanations.

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Fascinating!  Can you give me a resource to follow up?  Preferably something that a relatively clever guy without a college degree could understand?  (For a friend, of course).  Your explanation makes perfect sense to me, which makes me want to know more.

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There is good info on IV vit C especially in severe flu cases given up for hopeless. Practically a miracle. However knowing the aggressive nature of Ebola and it's ability to neutralize the immune system, I would have doubts to its efficacy.

I think at this point therapies appear only palliative. Scares the shit out of me and I'm still incredulous we brought this to our country.


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..."we" didn't do anything of the sort, 'Miffed.

"I" would have fire bombed the whole western 1/3rd of Africa and took my chances at The Hague. I would have stood by such a decision and hung by it.

"We" know who the person is that could make this magnitude of a decision...

Cobra Commander.

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I would suspect the vitamin C required to produce a positive outcome would be directly correlated to the viral load level (in addition to the aggressiveness of the virus, of course).  So at an earlier stage, less may be required.  But as Dr. Cathcart noted, just give more until you get results.  Klenner was the first to use it IM and even reversed polio that had reached the paralytic stage. 

Of those who have used Vit C in the treatment of viruses, they have stated that there is no virus they could not control.  Given, they probably had not dealt with Ebola, but given the track record of Vit C, and given that the front line health workers are getting sick, if I were with the Health dept, I would definitely be giving orders to give up to 200g of Vit C by IV to the patients, and I would myself be taking large doses.

But as I stated before, given that almost no vitamin c producing animal shows symptoms of infection, I would also suspect that this ebola virus is particularly sensitive to Vit C.

Dr. Klenner's Work as summarized by Dr. Smith http://seanet.com/%7Ealexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm

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This is interesting and worthy of exploration. I am expecting Ebola viral loads are astonishingly high at end stage but I'm not sure what they are prior to symptoms. I have regularly reported 7.5 log IU on Hep C patients who are asymptomatic. However, in these cases, liver function was still not impaired. I reported one case of 200 million copies/ml on a patient that received a kidney from a patient with Hep C. This patient died but this probably had more do do with he was on immunosuppressive therapy. I wish there was more information on the clinical aspects of this disease. Of course I may learn this first hand the hard way since we have opened Pandora's Box foolishly.


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Thanks for the link, I hadn't heard of encapsulated vitamin C before.  Dr. Gerson had good results treating late-stage cancer with megadoses of vitamin C back in the 1930s but there isn't much profit in a cure.  My aunt's husband was recently diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer, but I have been hesitant to suggest anything to them because they are both retired nurses who are fully indoctrinated in traditional Western medicine.  Plus, they already think I'm nuts.

There is so much medical wisdom from the past that is lost on the West, many chronic illnesses can be alleviated by bringing the body's pH level back into balance.  It's too bad that most Americans have a disconnect between diet and health, always waiting for big pharma to create the magic pill instead of doing the simple things that promote wellness.  I dream of the day when Americans chase health and happiness instead of green pieces of paper.

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..."many chronic illnesses can be alleviated by bringing the body's pH level back into balance."

Dr. Nigel, what is the optimum balanced human pH level? The number?
Or do I have to buy the informative .pdf from the fucking "Health Ranger"?

And do I chug vinegar or snort baking soda to tilt the pH back into Feng Shui?

First my pool, now me. pH is a bitch.

I'd heard that Ebola was caused by a pranah blockage betwixt the 4th & 5th chakras, but a "Light Worker" told me this wasn't so and that it really had more to do with my merkaba energy field counter-rotating slightly off center.

Until I hear otherwise...I'm going with bleach and fire as the most likely cures.

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The Merck Manual recommends that you eat shit, but I think this link might be more helpful.


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Capsule liposomal has limited effectiveness, from our research. My wife is 9 months and a week into a 3-6 month cancer death sentence, and she's been using a Rife machine and taking liquid liposomal vitamin C (among other things). Cancer isn't a death sentence.

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I assume that you are making your own liquid liposomal vitamin C, can you post a link to your process?

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Until he answers, here's mine:
1 tablespoon (15ml) lecithin (preferably egg or sunflower lecithin, but soy lecithin is also OK)
1 teaspoon (5ml) ascorbic acid
1 teaspoon (5ml) sodium bicarbonate

Dissolve the lecithin in 1 cup (250ml) lukewarm water, preferably distilled or otherwise of high purity. Let soak overnight. (Cold water dissolves it very slowly, but if the water is hot the lecithin might clump).
Following morning, dissolve the ascorbic acid and sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 cup (125ml) water, again as pure as possible. Stir until it stops bubbling. This converts the vitamin C into sodium ascorbate, a buffered (non-acidic) form of vitamin C which maintains bioavailability while preventing side-effects from drinking a very acidic brew multiple times per day - such as throat irritation, in my personal experience.
Mix the lecithin water well and combine into the sodium ascorbate water. Take an immersion blender (stick blender) and blend for 2-5 minutes. This performs a first homogenization of the solution and suspends minuscule droplets of lecithin which enclose the water-vit C solution.
Take that mix and put it in an ultrasonic cleaner. Not one of those 30$ walmart ones. On the other hand, avoid those with an heater function; it might advertise "200W ultrasonic cleaner" which can just as well be 20W ultrasound, 180W heater. Get something mid-range and dependable, like this on amazon. Mix for 15-20 minutes. Any non-industrial cleaner will probably run for 5-10 minutes at a time, tops; ensure a 50% duty cycle to avoid overheating (if it ran for 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes before starting it again).

Done. Congratulations! You now have a 5g dose of amateur liposomal-C. Depending on quality, this will be equivalent to a 10-20g dose of traditional vitamin C, as it skirts many steps in its more direct metabolization process. However, take note: as this is not a professional product, you cannot ensure the quality of the product - which means that parts, if not most, of the vitamin C will NOT be liposomal-encapsulated. That is not a problem - the unencapsulated vit-C will do its work, and whatever got encapsulated will do it 10 times better - but do take not that the gut has a maximum tolerance for non-liposomal vitamin C (liposomal-C skirts that step, one of its benefits). That tolerance is usually between 2 to 5 grams non-liposomal C; if you hit the threshold, you might feel intestinal discomfort/cramps/diarrhea. Learn that limit and maintain your dosage below.

Protip; Vitamin C degrades quickly in solution. Its half-life in water is less than 24 hours, so making a large batch "to last the entire week" is pointless (I've seen people do that). Similarly in the body, unused vitamin C is quickly metabolized and thrown to the curb. You are better off swamping your body with a 2g dose, 5 times per day rather than 1 single 10-gram megadose.

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Thank you for the reply.

I was assuming that a batch could be made to last a week since it's time-consuming, I don't think I'm dedicated enough to do that every day.  Any experience or recommendations on premade?

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You dont do it every day. I take a daily upkeep dose of 1g, mixed in a glass with water and buffered with bicarb into sodium ascorbate. Sip throughout the day. 

The body can store vit-C internally, but the reupkeep mechanism is slow. Absorption is way more efficient at low doses, as the rate of absorption allows most of it to be picked up rather than metabolized away. That's how I ensure that my reservers are filled up before hand.

You only do the liposomal thing when you really need it. Don't worry, when it happens and you have a motive for it, dedication comes by itself. In any situation that warrants you to be taking 10g+ liposomal per day, 30 minutes out of your day is a very small price. Of course if you're a prepper and have the money for it, stash some good quality premade as an alternative for timewise emergencies. I can't help you with brands though.

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Try cannabis essential oil man for your wife. Rumor has it that it works miracles on cancer (I'm about to make a batch myself - mind you I do not have cancer, i just want to check if it does anything for me as its proponents also say that it gets your weight to the optimal level).

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Just ordered some.   This seems worth experimenting with :)


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you obviously have no basic understanding of what you are talking about

what is be the mechanism by which vitamin C would inhibit viral cellular entry, nucleic acid replication, encapsidation, ...? or, how would it boost the immune system in someone who is not deficient to begin with (a very rare occurrence)? where is the clinical data showing efficacy, ie bona fide trials?

it's really a sad statement on the critical capacity of ZH readership to see you got 16 up arrows on your post; low info individuals like you are those who keep the homeopathy/placebo companies going



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Where are the pictures of all these "dumped bodies?"

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oT.....It's a nice set of Russian "tomatoes" looking at me on my right side bar.

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I won't beleive that "miracle serum" until I see it advertised on TV as an Informercial ... "if you buy within the next 5 minutes you get a free mop with the "miracle serum"....and so on....

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yeah, 5 bucks grown from tobacco.  A pack of cigs is only about 5 bucks.  (I am assuming this is the same serum I read about before)

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Screw the official diagnostic test.

Test for yourself!

FLIR ONE - iPhone 5/5s FLIR Acessory.

$350.00 is pretty good considering this could have many uses....like showing if the person on your doorstep is spiking a major fever.
It's in pre-order right now with Aug 9th as ship out date.

My confirmation says mine will be here next Monday.

Search engine 'FLIR ONE"... Pretty nifty.

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Dude, the survival seed girl is like 15 years old. Seriously?

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I'm pretty sure that wasn't a pedo remark on his part.

Hit refresh...there are multiple survival seed vault girl ads swapping in and out, all of them exhibiting that "wholesome goodness" look to get you to buy something that you have no idea how to grow.

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We grow all the wholesome stuff here on our little farm, and I don't look anything like that. 

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Because you aren't growing Photoshop.

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Yay, its a miracle.  I bet Ben B. printed the cure.

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No, about a dollar...

the price of a bullet which it will cost you to take it from a offcial.