Gold Jumps $20, Most In 2 Months On NATO Headlines

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Talking-heads drew "this is not geopolitical risk fears" comfort yesterday that the stock sell-off was not accompanied by a big bid for gold. Today... not so much. Gold and silver have surged since around 8amET (when Ukraine incursion headlines began today from NATO) with the yellow metal up over $20 - its biggest jump since mid-Jun (with futures over $1310).


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And if it's not, then what does that mean?

Better learn some Russian..

And start liking vodka a lot too!

Cause Putin will not let this go knowing what an inept clown we have in office and how broke NATO is now too.

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In Russia, you do not buy Gold, Gold will buy you.

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Come on Tylers!  You know every time you report about surging gold prices Yellen gets a "ZH is talking about gold again" memo, and slams it back down.  

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if(ZHheadline == "gold" && "up")




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"surging gold prices"

Yes and this surge is the only thing holding back a full frontal attack by the West.  Just think, what would happen if military action caused gold to spike ...  The West's financial system would be buried.

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$20 isn't much of a surge... well alright, 1.5% isn't anything to scoff at either.

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yahoo! will keep buying more!

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I find it kind of funny we all discuss the ongoing manipulation in precious metals ad nauseum, but yet most watch the chart all day like there is any truth there.

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I can honestly tell you that I never watch the gold or solver chart. I really don't care where it's priced in fiat except for when I make my regular monthly purchase, and hopefully then it goes on sale. 

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I'm Rich! I'm Rich beyond my wildest dreams!..... Quick, sell before the nevermind talk starts around options expiration time.

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Peasants are only permitted to eat cotton faith based currency, not gold. Michelle Obama healthy balanced food dietary mandate.


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haha insiders allready know what dragi and juncer talk about

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All manipulation

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S&P also climbing. Also on Russia headlines? Remember kids: War is Good (unless you are actually in it).

Kaiser Sousa's picture

notice how once again the last hour of trading in London activates a rocket blast in the Fraud Markets...
like clock work...
and the shit with Gold and Silver the last week and a half has been fucking stupid...
i was gonna hold off til tomorrow but couldnt help myself and hit up Apmex yesterday for another 250oz's...
not braggin - just sayin...
stackers hang n there and whatever u do - KEEP STACKIN..

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Say "Mooo" and I'll milk you like the bankers are doing...

IronShield's picture

I just loves me them yeller paper weights!  And I mean that!

As to Silver, I just don't see the logic.  The GSR has been moving steadily higher and doesn't appear to be abating.  Hmmm...

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"As to Silver, I just don't see the logic..."

how many Gallons of petro does a $1 Federal Reserve note buy?
how many does a 1964 Kennedy 50 cent afford u...?

"there are none so blind as those who will not see...."

IronShield's picture

Oh right, because in a (Hyper)Inflation, petrol will be so readily available?  And traded for silver?  Have you ever lived through, or studied the history, of such an event (not being cheeky, just curious)?

lordylord's picture

Silver and gold will likely be useless in the immediate aftermath of the collapse.  After that, silver, gold, and barter will be the only way you can get anything.  Even if there isn't a collapse, I prefer my wealth to not be slowly stolen over 20 years.  Don't be so daft Ironshield.

froze25's picture

Historically in Germany during thier post ww1 hyper inflation the only folks that were able to buy things were the ones with silver.

Urban Redneck's picture

... or people with other (non-German) worthless GBP fiat. For example, JM Keynes worthless fiat did better than physcial gold during this period. Just as today, Janet's junk USD will still buy what whatever you want in Argentina.

Pemaquid's picture

" And traded for silver". While not living through a hyperinflation I can say that during the late 70's more than two local gas stations ran ads that stated they would sell a gallon of gas for a silver dime. Being a stacker and all I did not bite.

vulcanraven's picture

Your choice.... keep your dollars in a bank where inflation will nibble them away, or turn your dollars into something of which the value of will never reach zero. I will take my chances on tried and tested money—gold and silver.

We all know how the fiat experiment ends. 

lordylord's picture

100% correct.  Forget about collapse.  You will lose all your wealth to inflation alone if you give it 20 years.  That should be enough for anyone to transfer their cash savings to PM.  Ironshield is a know-nothing troll.  Not surpsied he never showed back here.

youngman's picture

German Bunds are negative why not the big rush to gold....we should be up $100 IMHO

Uncle Remus's picture

[sound of respirator]

I think I have the low-down out why the Emperor behaves like he does.

[sound of respirator]

I was in the DeathStar vault the other day doing audits and overheard a couple of minions gossiping about the Boss.

[sound of respirator]

One says to the other, "You do know why the Boss is such an asshole right?"

The other replies "No. Why?"

[sound of respirator]

One replies, "He wears his Precious as a cock ring."

[sound of respirator]

I fucking lost it right there in the vault. Damn near blew a helmet speaker laughing so hard.

[sound of respirator]

Of course, I had to use the Force on those two.

[sound of respirator]

[sound of shrug]


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Que Sara Sara's picture

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jesus, if this is what it takes, then i'm all for war. moar war!

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It'll crash again. Gold is a mess right now.

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Mining paper gold is not that difficult & production costs are very low!

Jano's picture

right. if I look at the volumes, look at it. it was paper gold.

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Gold surges back the the lower middle of its trading range.  Nobody knows why.  I doubt anybody knows why it crashed from $1,900 to $1,300 or why is rose from $1,300 to $1,900 in the first place.  Nothing to see here.

Obamanism's picture

See this is what happens when Germany asks for its gold back. What would make Germany keep its gold in the US? The threat of an attack from Russia.

It took 2years for Great Squid  to arrange the threat of a Russian Invasion.

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My inside sources tell me that this time gold is going all the way ! ! ! ! !