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Oh, William...

Lyme disease did(n't) originate in a bio-weapons lab on Plum Island, New York (right off the coast of Old Lyme, Massachusets; hence the name). Corexit 9500 and 9527A are (not) perfectly safe, and in fact help (DECIMATE and WIPE OUT) the marine environment (according to British Petroleum and Obama). Obama even took his kids swimming once, somewhere, just to prove it. Fukushima radiation is(n't) REALLY dangerous (Ann Coulter told us that a little radiation is actually good for you as she was eating that male Zio-banana. Yesterday on Hannity she ALSO said that it was perfectly acceptable to kill Palestinian children with no remorse). "EBOLA" is named in a freindly manner (like "Ricola") so I would assume that it also freshens your breath. It's SO POPULAR, in fact that there is a U.S. patent on it (CA 2741523 A1 taken out on the CURRENT strain back in '07, if you care to look it up).

Ebola went airborne in its' previous mutation (although it doesn't do well in the mutation referred to). It's so virulent that two Samaritan's Purse aid workers wearing biohazard suits had to be shipped back to the CONUS for the experimental treatment (using GMO TOBACCO, of all things). I think the drug company is named 'Mann'. These same guys can't cure the common cold after thousands of years, but (miraculously) they have already developed a treatment for RICOLA (oops, Ebola, which seems to have been in existence since about 1976).

I trust the PTB to do the right thing. (sarc)

The PTB said they would only put the tip in. I had no idea that the tip was 8 inches long. I got mad after they pulled out, and they told me it wasn't THIER cum, it was mine. They told me I 'butt-came'. It didn't feel like it, though. It actually kind of hurt. I guess I'll just have to trust them, though. As long as I have Cable One, I guess I'll just watch them make me smile (if that's what you call it). 'Storage Wars' newest spin-off, called 'Container Wars' is coming on the tele-vision CHANNEL now. They said they'd let me watch it if they made me 'butt-come' again. I guess I have to, because they are auctioning off a container full of Fukushima fish that has passed it's expiration date (sometime in March 2011) and I really wnat to see it. They said it would be special for me this time, because they aren't using any lube.

When Obama speaks, even Jon Stewart wears a gas mask.

'Captain Trips' DOES, NOT EX-IST!

The Stand: Part one (The Plague), in full length (and dubbed in what looks like Cryllic). The rest of the parts (two, three and four) are in the description. It's 'pre-predictive programming' (for those familiar with this term).

EBOLA ain't got SHIT on THIS!


I was mistaken about the language. It resembles 'Tagalog' or something to me, a white American).

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Right on, man.

P.S. Butt-came? Excellent.

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I'll tell you double depressing.  I am currently offended by last night's love fest and stupidity by Colbert.  Thought there was maybe a bit more punch to Colbert but apparently bought and paid for.  I used to excuse a bit of his tripe.  And Daily Show as well.  But both have become MSM idiots as well.

Hilary last night was an embarassment to any thinking human.  Colbert is (maybe always was but less ass-kissing) idiot.

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here is the "feature clip", mind altering,
propaganda, slice of political and economic
odorous comedy meat. check the information control
meme satire-ization element.
more cow bell. an invitation to drink down
the dooming down, dumbing down.
vote for me as all is shameless and crooked.
Hillary Clinton Name-Drops Like a Champ in Surprise 'Colbert Report' Appearance
wow, the internet is becoming such a parking lot
for high production cost, useless crap, no surprise.
lost the link so here is this version.

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Well, shoot me dead and call me 'out of touch' with the MSM!

I Missed the 'Billary' show. Come to think of it, I missed the 'Colbert' show as well. Are they actors or sports stars or something important? I guess I really SHOULD pay my cable bill. All I see now are infomercials. Did you know that you can lose 50 pounds of ugly cellulite fat and get a larger man-thing AT THE SAME TIME (without fugly side effects)?

I bet you didn't know these 'facts', did you? Talk about 'DOUBLE DEPRESSING'! You must feel QUADRIPALLY BAD now (is that even a word that describes 'four times as'?).

It's all right, though. Sean (Mick Cat-lick) Hannity had Ann (skinny-assed and loose dry-pussied zio-bitch) Coulter on yesterday, descibing the right of the Zionists to kill Palestinian children. Bibi came on today on the MSM, in fact, to back her claim; describing 'TERROR TUNNELS' apparently dug under schools and stuff. That shit is almost as scary as 'Yellowcake Uranium' and 'Mobile Weapons Labs' and 'Babies dying in the incubators'! Do you remember the 'ANTHRAX SCARE'?

So, I presume that the Pretty-Boi (Colbert) had Hitlery on his show (on the 'Comedy Central' chanelling thing) last night. Did he suck her gurl-penis live on-air (and did you actually watch this shit)?

WHICH ONE ARE YOU? I understand that the DOD in Haifa gives 20 unique 'posting names' to those that 'work the room'.


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entirely shameless sleepy mind control for
the future. oh man.
the "darkness doubled". (a feature of monopoly)
Television - Marquee Moon
I remember
Ooo how the darkness doubled
I recall
Lightning struck itself

I was listening
Listening to the rain
I was hearing
Hearing something else

Life in the hive puckered up my night,
A kiss of death, the embrace of life
Ooo there I stand neath the Marquee Moon,
Just waiting

I spoke to a man
Down at the tracks
And I ask him
How he don't go mad
He said 'Look here junior, don't you be so happy
And for Heaven's sake, don't you be so sad'

Life in the hive puckered up my night,
The kiss of death, the embrace of life
Ooo there I stand neath the Marquee Moon,

Well a Cadillac
It pulled out of the graveyard
Pulled up to me
All they said 'get in', get in
Then the Cadillac
It puttered back into the graveyard
Me, I got out again

Life in the hive puckered up my night,
A kiss of death, the embrace of life
Ooo there I stand neath the Marquee Moon,
I ain't waiting nuh ah

I remember
How the darkness doubled
I recall
Lightning struck itself

I was listening
Listening to the rain
I was hearing
Hearing something else

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"Let them eat Ebola"... B.H. Obama

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by what do the people survive?
Tom Waits - Cold Water.wmv
"Cold Water"

Well I woke up this morning
With the cold water
With the cold water
With the cold water
Woke up this morning
With the cold water
With the cold water
With the cold

Police at the station
And they don't look friendly
Well they don't look friendly
Well they don't look friendly
Police at the station
And they don't look friendly
They don't look friendly well
They don't

Blind or crippled
Sharp or dull
I'm reading the Bible
By a 40 watt bulb
What price freedom
Dirt is my rug
Well I sleep like a baby
With the snakes and the bugs

Well the stores are open
But I ain't got no money
I ain't got no money ...
Stores are open but I
Ain't got no money
Ain't got no money
Well I ain't

Found an old dog
And he seems to like me
Seems to like me
Well he seems to like me
Found an old dog and he
Seems to like me well
Seems to like me
Well he seems

Seen them fellows
with the card board signs
Scrapin up a little $
To buy a bottle of wine
Pregnant women and
The Vietnam vets I say
Beggin on the freeway
Bout as hard as it gets

Well I slept in the graveyard
It was cool and still
Cool and still
It was cool and still
Slept in the graveyard
It was cool and still
Cool and still and it
Was cool

Slept all night in a Cedar grove
I was born to ramble
Born to rove
Some men are searchin for the
Holy Grail
But there ain't nothin sweeter
Than ridin the rails

I look 47 but I'm 24
Well they shooed me away
From here the time before
Turned their backs
And they locked their doors
I'm watching T.V. in
The window of a furniture store

and I woke up this morning
With the cold water
With the cold water
With the cold water
i Woke up this morning
With that cold water
With the cold water
With the cold ....

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if you find the statement, "perhaps you missed the part of the comment that
speaks to profiting off of killing people
"occupying" resource rich land? (the point)", childish or banal
perhaps you might, next here, document a hierarchy of values as best one
might articulate said prophesies?

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if you like your ebola, we can find a way to profit,
in federal reserve notes, from you keeping or spreading
your ebola. maybe eliminate a few thousand undesirables
and dissidents in the action?
calling goldman sachs for debt financing and bill gates
for experimental and trial drug mortalities for good
profits and measure.

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"if you like your" jokes are so passe and banal.

MontgomeryScott's picture


17 weeks 3 days here suggests that your post line is confusing 'BANAL' with 'ANAL'.

Go back, now, deep sleeper, and try again at the 3 year 14 week mark.

This FUCKING PLANT still doesn't understand the usage and verbiage and fine points of the language used (which includes capitalization at the correct points).

At least THIS ONE managed to download a picture (which is totally irrelevant; and in fact shows the description of a ravenous beast that is sighted in only one eye).

My comment is 'SO 'PASSE''! (Is that 'French'?)


blindman's picture

what are you offering that is
superior to the "banal"? i missed
it but would love to hear or see it;
not to mention some jokes never get
"passe" you say. that comes from where the moon
don't shine, as in/ like gas up and out the ass. linguistically,
"banal" seems a close cousin, mr. The Magus.
anyway, besides that, i do wish you well regarding
digestion and all other interactions.
perhaps you missed the part of the comment that
speaks to profiting off of killing people
"occupying" resource rich land? (the point)

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Again childish.

Bathroom humor is (one of) the last refuge(s) of the incompetent.


blindman's picture

childish you say. i ask you again, where and
what is the source of your citation and foundation
that is superior to the "banal" or the "childish"?
you might admit this is a perplexing query?
typically one might offer a description of
a peaceful and harmonious body of knowledge,
culture and exchange. is that your perspective?
bathroom humor is just fucking funny,
it is not a refuge, it is toilet training.
anyway, best to you in your digestive future,
one in which i refuse to be consumed.

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"perhaps you missed the part of the comment that speaks to profiting off of killing people "occupying" resource rich land? (the point)"

Even a blindman gets an acorn once in a while. ;-)

But in this case, the miss was both anthitecital and malicious.

Good on ya'

- Ned

The Magus's picture

It is **antithetical** dude.


New_Meat's picture

thx, the piglet stand corrected on the word,

but nay on the setntiment


with no respect, I am

- Ned

blindman's picture
911 AMATEUR part3
the new normal, nothing makes any sense,
the experts have fixed it all in the warm
petri dish of their minds global
agenda eye.

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Outstanding. I love the Septemberclues videos.

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Here is a question I find somewhat disturbing.

A Saudi man goes to Sierra Leone on a business trip, returns home with ebola and dies.

What did this man do on his business trip to contract the disease?

Have sex with an infected prostitute?

Volunteer for infectious disease duty in the local hospital ER.

Eat fruit bat?

Bath corpses in a funeral parlor?

Burial duty?

Something does not add up...if this is so difficult to catch, how does one catch it on a business trip?

New_Meat's picture


"...if this is so difficult to catch, how does one catch it on a business trip?"

Well, all good scenarios, especially since Sierra Leone is as far away as the causeway to Bahrain, so Allah isn't really watching as the various scenarios occur.

But, well... perhaps there is "non-factual" communication going on?  Like "It is/isn't an airborne communicated disease"?  Makes a touch of difference, don't cha' think?

Makes a hello'va difference in the world's reaction.

Tom Clancy got this scenario well thought through.  And others.

- Ned

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Perhaps a waiter got some of his sweat on a dish he served the Saudi.  Or a little cut got a miniscule amount of blood teeming with the virus into the food or drink.

Or perhaps the Saudi got a little rough with the prostitute....rub something a little raw.

But...yeah.....I don't think anyone knows the change in the vectors this bug is going through.  Or they do know....and they are keeping VERY, VERY quiet about it.

Calm before the (blood) storm ?

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I look to Occam's razor, AKA the principle of parsimony, for a solution to the issue of contagion.  The most uncomplicated answer to the question is that this particular strain of Ebola is much easier to contract than the authorities believe or are willing to admit to.

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What's also somewhat disturbing (surprise) is that the CDC is already engaging in perception/information management.

"Tuesday evening the CDC confirmed to Breitbart News that six individuals in the United States had been tested for Ebola. Those tests came back negative, but the CDC would not identify the states where they originated.... "The six previous tests were all negative and sporadic in time and place."

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This ebola thing is a joke. Regular flu kills half a million per year, this particular outbreak has killed about a thousand this year. Not news worthy, short of a slow news day. I suspect that too many are discovering that the facts of the Ukraine situation do not closely line up with the official narrative, and this is being paraded around to try and distract everyone.

blindman's picture

"medical" intervention kills more than both.
no? look it up.

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I was hoping to see a picture of Obama with blood oozing from his eyes and nose along with a picture of Hillary saying:

"Ebola, Obama; What difference does it make?"




Jumbotron's picture

Hillary saying.....

"Ebola, Obama, myself; What difference does it make?"

Fixed it for ya.

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The idea of Barry being followed by Hills is so depressing.

Jumbotron's picture

There's alway Ebola.  "Keep Hope Alive"

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i was joking around about selling surgical masks as 'ebola masks' in new york at the entrances to the subway. 


if a few people were to wear these in the subway, everyone else might start buying them, out of sheeplike panic. 

never mind that ebola isn't airborn. just call them ebola masks and everyone will panic. 




yellowsub's picture

I'm sorry but they are needed for the subways with or without Ebola present.  Definitely need something more to block out the rank urine smell...

New_Meat's picture

duuuuuude, sell the masks while wearing them.  Only cash.  Not too many times at any one venue.

betcha' the localz will pick up one or two sets 4 them selvz.

Not 2 greedy, tho

Yours in micro-marketing.

- Ned

rosiescenario's picture

Those internet 'doomsday shops' must be selling masks and bunny costumes hand over fist.

New_Meat's picture

Home Depot, Lowes, all kindz o' protective garb.

Gotta' pick ur time, tho--once u b sealed up, the air and water intake become the normal outputz of humanz.

breaking the seal?  Haz 2 happn sometime

- Ned

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Subcaption should read:  "And if you object, you are a racist."

Reaper's picture

Please, Obama, save us.

New_Meat's picture

a greenie on your <sacr> thang ;-)

- Ned

{the only green that Our Dear Prez will see is the golfing on Mathaz Vinyad, don't cha' know.}

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Ebola - "serving mankind", turning people into a bloody soup and it's only 1 micron, .00004" long...

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

It's the little things in life you remember.


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They've been working on this disaster for some weeks now.

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I'm waiting for the Disney movie about Bleedy, the Lonely Ebola Virus. Followed by the children's toy merchandising campaign.