More Warmongering: US Secretary Of Defense, NATO Both Say Threat Of Russian Incursion A "Reality"

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On the heels of yesterday's comments from Poland's Sikorski, NATO has confirmed there's a risk of Russia sending troops into Ukraine under the 'pretext' of a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission. "We're not going to guess what’s on Russia’s mind, but we can see what Russia is doing on the ground - and that is of great concern," a NATO spokesperson warned, adding, "this is a dangerous situation." Then US SecDef Hagel added, "the threat of Russian incursion in Ukraine is a reality." Russia's response to this warmongering (as Ukraine appears desperate to instigate something before the money runs out) is to blast the disinformation, "reports of troop buildups near the Ukraine border are groundless." It appears we are going to need more YouTube clips...


US Secretary of Defense Hagel is chiming in...


And as Bloomberg reports, NATO sees incursion risk on apparent troop buildup...

NATO said there’s a risk of Russia sending troops into Ukraine under the “pretext” of a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission after President Vladimir Putin massed soldiers on his country’s western border.


“We’re not going to guess what’s on Russia’s mind, but we can see what Russia is doing on the ground -- and that is of great concern,” Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, said by e-mail today. “The latest Russian military buildup further escalates the situation and undermines efforts aimed at finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis. This is a dangerous situation.”




“Putin will likely aim at a fig leaf policy with an incursion under the guise of a peacekeeping operation,” Amanda Paul, an analyst at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, wrote in an e-mail. “As other conflicts in the former Soviet Union have shown, once there is a Russian military presence it usually never leaves.”

On the heels of yesterday's comments from Poland...

Poland has “reason to believe” that the risk of an incursion is “greater than a few days ago,” Prime Minister Donald Tusk told reporters in Warsaw today. His foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, yesterday said that any incursion would be under the guise of a peacekeeping operation.

The Germans are not buying NATO's perspective...

“I cannot believe Russia would attack Ukraine, which would worsen the situation further and deepen the conflict with the West,” Meister said by phone today. “I don’t see signs for invasion. In fact, Russia has tried to bring in some distance from the separatists.”

Russia's response:


*  *  *

We are sure evidence will be forthcoming...

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Cash for Clunkers cost automakers big money

Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending

Cash for Clunkers was a 2009 economic stimulus program aimed at increasing new vehicle spending by subsidizing the replacement of older vehicles. Using a regression discontinuity design, we show the increase in sales during the two month program was completely offset during the following seven to nine months, consistent with previous research. However, we also find the program's fuel efficiency restrictions induced households to purchase more fuel efficient but less expensive vehicles, thereby reducing industry revenues by three billion dollars over the entire nine to eleven month period. This highlights the conflict between the stimulus and environmental objectives of the policy.

Assessing the study, The Wall Street Journal notes: Stimulus for Clunkers - WSJ

Extrapolated nationally, auto revenues may have plunged by more than what the government spent.

Good intentions, coupled with unsound economic tinkering, generally fails to achieve the intended results.

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I found his argument compelling but as you note, misplaced.

Arius's picture

germans not buying it ... the polish are selling it

ABC would be proud of you guys .... keep it up!

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BTFD has for some follow through


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I'm really getting tired of reading about abstractions such as NATO "saying" anything. Last I checked, only humans had the capacity for speech, not some fucking collective.

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gotta remember our prez is all about the collective. and by the time this dick head is done we need some collective salvation. part of me wishes Putan show Obama what a real pair of balls look like but I forget Micheal did that last night! Fore

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Quoting "NATO said there’s a risk of Russia sending troops into Ukraine under the “pretext” of a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission"

NATO/USSA always use false humanitarian pretexts to invade other countries, so that they cannot imagine a scenario where Russia intervenes to save lives, instead of killing innocents and stealing their resources for profits.

strannick's picture

Course with the Ukes burning people alive in buildings like they did in Odessa, I would say Russia's concerns are legit.

Putin/Paul 2016


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The USSA is playing chicken with a high speed freight train. The Russians are the high speed freight train.

Either the USSA will lose its face or we will have the hot phase of the WWIII.

Please note: The WWIII is already on, but it is mainly informational, financial and economical war.

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Propaganda 101 --

Accuse the other party of whatever you're doing, and blame them for it.

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If I were Putin, I'd start the PR campaign on Western Media and at the UN, that...

1. The UN must send in UN Blue Helmets, to avert humanitarian catastrophe and genocide (Ukrainians killing Russians in Ukraine), while also destroying Infrastructure and Mfg.

2. While maintaining and escalating (1), plan for inevitable "Russian Blue Helmets" (literally!) to step in, until the UN gets its act together and does what it is supposed to do.

3. #2 above gives Russia the Diplomatic Cover + PR Cover it will need, to prevent the US from escalating the conflict into a NATO/Russia conflict.  The US would dearly love to do this, to prevent (a) Europe from pivoting toward Asia, and (b) Delay/front-run the USD's demise as the GRC (given the escalating de-Dollarization). 

If the US were to succeed in its escalation, it is not the US that would lose.  Nor would Israel or KSA.  Rather, it is Europe, Russia and Ukraine who would lose, and the Eurasian alliance would stall.

StychoKiller's picture

NATO/USA/UK are trying to play "Dominance and Submission", but Putin is playing "Tease and Denial"!  Sorry, no "clouds and rain" just yet!  :>D

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You mean BTMH17WWMH3704WWIII!

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There will be no Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Federation already has the most land and does not need anymore. Crimea was an exception because of the warm-water port. Right now, Russia is trying to build a pipe-line completely around Ukraine. I think they have no interest being entangled with Ukraine at all.


See below from the Enemy of the State himself:


“When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia in 1917, they had given

little thought to a future Soviet foreign policy, for they were convinced

that Communist revolution would soon follow in the advanced industrial

countries of Western Europe. When such hopes were dashed after the end

of World War I, Lenin and his fellow Bolsheviks adopted the theory of

“peaceful coexistence” as the basic foreign policy for a Communist State.

The idea was this: as the first successful Communist movement, Soviet

Russia would serve as a beacon for and supporter of other Communist

parties throughout the world. But the Soviet State qua State would devote

itself to peaceful relations with all other countries, and would not attempt

to export communism through inter-State warfare. The idea here was not

just to follow Marxist-Leninist theory, but was the highly practical course

of holding the survival of the existing Communist State as the foremost

goal of foreign policy: that is, never to endanger the Soviet State by

courting inter-State warfare. Other countries would be expected to become

Communist by their own internal processes.”



Murray Rothbard, For A New Liberty, p. 290

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Hey Chuck, go choke on a bag of dicks you asshat.

None of the US's GD business what Russia does in Russia.

You MIC boys have worn out your welcome.  Only knuckledragging mouthbreathers fall for that shit anymore. Don't believe me?

Why not insitute a draft for the next war then?  Because you fucks know that those draft card burning parties will be seen from space.

Maybe get that neocon Nudelman to send some more USAID over?  
Or maybe Psaki on all fours for the Uke troops might help your war effort?


Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

Spox does have quite the set of knockers on her.. Paint her on the front of a Soviet era APC and Ukrainian troop morale will be at all time highs. They'll be committing war crimes by the tens of thousands.   

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There is a lot of truth in what you speak. As a conservative, I find it interesting that the polling data pumped by Chuck Toad this morning highlighted the differences in the two US parties.

That asshat should have been highlighting the one issue that red and blue agree on.

"Focus more on our own internal problems." That butt wipe missed a great opportunity, but I guess friction sells.

Reference Variable's picture

Can't you taste how bad they need a war? They don't want it, they need it. It's essential to the system's survival.

When it finally happens I expect anal exams, internet licenses, and total command control economy all the name of freedom.

Freddie's picture

It might be nice if the Pentagon and US Military stood up for the American people and defended The Constitution from the criminals in DC and their oligarch buddies.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"Cash for Clunkers cost taxpayers big money"  - fixed it for you asshat.

Two dogs's picture

Seems the Russians have their own Cash for Clunkers scheme. Just caught the ad on R-FUKU about Honest Ivan's on the border. Seems they got a great trade-in offer on trashed fighting vehicles.  Upgrade to the latest model,  fully-loaded ; 12mths unlimited gas and ammo thrown in. Includes courtesy-tank while your waiting for yours to be won-back,  repaired or replaced. No downpayment, 0% finance and the rest of your life to pay it off.  And,  for anyone who thinks life may be too short to pay off a tank-loan,  they can even tag-on life cover.

power steering's picture

MH17 a false flag by Ukraine

general ambivalent's picture

You mean USNATO. There is no Ukraine.

IANAE's picture

...interesting, appears no daily press briefing today by either WH or State Dept.

Freddie's picture

You must mean ZATO or Zio-NATO.

Max Damage's picture

Don't murder civilians and Russia has no excuse to invade does it Obummer.

Winston Churchill's picture

Oh please, like facts matter.

TPTB want war, what else is there to say. Until they become the powers that were , war

is going to be what we get.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

they need a distraction big time,  i hope russia does not help them get one.

FieldingMellish's picture

Given those poll results on Putin's ratings in the US, it appears the govt's abilities to shape public opinion is well and truly alive. War is on the near horizon.

froze25's picture

With the amount of Demonisation that is happening in the US Media of Putin and Russia, I fear that you are right.  That is the normal first steps before a conflict to drum up public support.

agent default's picture

Wait until the body bags arrive from the new Eastern Front NATO wants to create and see what happens to public support.  Also, if you want to fight a war with Russia, you will need plenty of troops, as in conscription plenty of troops.  That will definitely get public support going.  Once something real happens, and the US population realizes this is not Iraq, public support will crumble.

daemon's picture

" It appears we are going to need more YouTube clips... "

Which I won't spend time watching..... even at twice the normal speed.

Meat Hammer's picture

U.S. Secretary of Offense

Fixed it for you, Tylers.

Winston Churchill's picture

I peferred it when they called it the War Dept., much more honest.

Urban Redneck's picture

They also much better at winning wars, as opposed to defending their alotted share of government takings.

JohninMK's picture

Difficult to think of a fighting war that the US has won and left in peace since WW2.

813kml's picture

"Gentlemen. You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!"

Emergency Ward's picture

Seckatary o' War or the War Minister.

luckylongshot's picture

Russia knows the US wants war so badly it has already spent $5 billion funding the Nazi coup in the Ukraine and has falsified almost everything it passes onto its MSM about this issue. Russia also knows that the reason for this is a desperate attempt to save the role of the USD as world reserve currency. For these reasons it is highly inlikely that Russia will do anything to stop the US funded murder of innocent Ukrainians.                            

Chupacabra-322's picture

What else can be said. Spot on,

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

This may not be very helpful since it cannot be verified, but as long as the seperatists are "winning" or at least holding their own (which is what Im seeing online), there is really no reason for Russia to overtly cross the border in anything that looks like an invasion.   Following this train of thought, the US must, *must* goad Russia into doing something that gives them an excuse to do what they now accuse Russia of.  If Russia will not do so, then we consider simply saying they did so we can respond in kind.


The only thing stopping them is German opinion, as always.  It was interesting to see the media in the west crowing about the "huge damage" being done to the German/Russia relationship over the airline incident.  This is a common thread Ive noticed in blogs vs MSM over the last years.  The MSM refuses to acknowlege something important only to give it the "well, duh..." treatment much later.

BolanosGhost's picture

I think you're right about Germany being the linchpin here. Germany knows that being joint and several with the rest of the EU, which is greatly dependent on Russian gas, means that having the gas turned off would be disaster for its own economy.

And Putin's just calling NATO's facade of strength and pontification...

germanski's picture

North Stream can not only supply 100 % of the German demand of 42 Mio cubic feet but can provide additional 12 to their owners, GAZPROM, at probably very lucrative prices in Winter to other countries in Western Europe

Our wise chancellor, Schröder, sits on the board, and organized this in 2005 : - )

Toolshed's picture

“Putin will likely aim at a fig leaf policy with an incursion under the guise of a peacekeeping operation,”

Is that somehow worse than running a subversion operation under the guise of humanitarian aid? You know, like the CIA does all over the world.

MsCreant's picture

NO fig leaf can cover up what the US is up to.