Step Aside Panama Canal: China To Build Nicaragua Canal, "World's Largest Infrastructure Project Ever"

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A month ago, a Nicaraguan committee approved Chinese billionaire Wang Jing's project to create The Nicaraguan Canal. With a planned capacity to accommodate ships with loaded displacement of 400,000 tons (notably bigger than The Panama Canal), the proposed 278-kilometer-long canal that will run across the Nicaragua isthmus would probably change the landscape of the world's maritime trade.

"The project is the largest infrastructure project ever in the history of man in terms of engineering difficulty, investment scale, workload and its global impact," Wang told reporters, adding that with regard the project's financing, which is around $50 billion, Wang seems quite confident, "If you can deliver, you will find all the world's money at your disposal."

Worried about conservation? Don't be: "We have 100-year concession rights, we will be responsible to ourselves, and we are there to build, not to destroy," explained Wang.



As China Global Times reports,

In the mountains and rivers of Central America, work on one of the world's largest infrastructure projects is progressing as planned, driven by Chinese billionaire Wang Jing.




The Nicaragua Canal, which is about four times the length of the Panama Canal, will connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean upon its completion. The project is estimated to cost $50 billion.


"Our canal lock is 15-meter-thick, hard steel. Imagine its size. [It'll be] the world's largest," the 41-year-old Wang said.

The Nicaragua Canal project is just one of many giant infrastructure projects commenced by Chinese around the world.

There are at least another five megaprojects that are currently being planned or under construction, including the $32 billion China-Pakistan economic corridor and the $1.7 billion Baltic Pearl Project, according to media reports.




Wang's company secured a 50-year concession for the canal and an extension right of another 50 years.

Panama Canal competitor?

Wang said the Nicaragua Canal will be able to accommodate ships with a displacement of 400,000 tons.


Wang dismissed speculation that the canal he is building would become a competitor to the Panama Canal.


"The Panama Canal won't fit my clients' ships. After expansion, they can only accommodate ships up to 150,000 tons. But our canal offers an alternative route for those sailing across the Panama Canal," he said.


"The world's leading shipbuilders have already commenced research projects to design and build ships especially for the Nicaragua Canal," Wang said.


Analysts said that currently ships with a displacement of 400,000 tons mainly carry crude and bulk cargo  such as minerals, coal, and grains, but as trade develops, larger ships could be a trend.

Financing the $50 billion?

"If you can deliver, you will find all the world's money at your disposal," Wang said, adding that he will raise the money through combined measures of cross-shareholding, bank lending and debt issuance.


Wang estimates that his company could collect several billion US dollars worth of tolls on an annual basis, but he urged investors not to lose sight of the bigger picture.


"The canal would bring huge benefits to the world's seaborne trade. It will make large-scale, low-cost, high-efficiency trade possible, unlocking trade demand between the East and the West," Wang said.


"The continuously growing Chinese economy and a rising Latin America underpin a growing global maritime transport volume," Zhang Yongfeng, a Shanghai-based shipping expert, told the Global Times Monday.


For the locals at Nicaragua, a key concern has been the man-made canal's environmental impact, particularly on the Nicaragua Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Central America.

"We have 100-year concession rights, we will be responsible to ourselves, and we are there to build, not to destroy," Wang said.

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Time to print some more Yuan...

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Wang concludes... when asked "Does digging a canal in the "backyard of the US" not bug you?"

"No - Free, prosperous maritime trade benefits everybody, including the US"

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fonzannoon's picture

ghost canals....

LetThemEatRand's picture

Not so sure.  All those Bennie/Paulson bucks at work.  I seem to recall they printed $750B to save the banks, much of which flowed overseas.  $50B is not even 10% of that figure.  Now, its flowing through land.

ZerOhead's picture

There is a better picture plus the history of the canal that won't get built here

It was origianlly Napoleon III 's plan...

Say What Again's picture

Does anyone know what the expected capacity for dead pigs will be on this canal?

nmewn's picture

Sic em my brother, if for no other reason than the Chinese are such great humanitarians & eco

Say What Again's picture

Does this mean that all those refugees slipping into the US can now be diverted to work as cheap labor? 

nmewn's picture

Not unless they're told of a big ass ditch going right through their living room ;-)

Anusocracy's picture

The canal is so 20th century.

It would make more sense to build mile-long rigid airships flown by computers.

Faster, cheaper, and potentially no crew.

FMR Bankster's picture

Great plan! Place $100 million deposit, float $50 billion in bonds in the west, steal $5 billion through front companies, ect. Wish I had thought of it. Of course it would never fly if someone from Europe or the USA proposed it.

Keyser's picture

Right, now is the perfect time to be building a canal to compete with the Panama Canal... When the Baltic Dry Ship Index is at historic lows... 

CrazyCooter's picture

Railroads made a lot of money ... but only after they took out the first few tranches of investors so to speak.

Never trust any project that is "the biggest in the world" at the height of a liquidity bubble (which happens to be the biggest in history). This shit will see funding and spending and will promptly go tits up, wiping out investors, before the execs can snort and screw all the funds.

If this project was being floated in the middle of a *depression* when everyone was expecting blonde haired, blue eyed, Hollywood Jesus to ride through the sky in his chariot of fiery judgement, THEN this project would be for realz.



COSMOS's picture

I expect the Contras to have a resurgence just like ISIS

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Keeping a billion people employed is difficult.  You gotta do something.  Bitchez.

Save_America1st's picture

WATCH and LISTEN then PASS IT ON.  Excellent interview with Marine Colonel Pete Martino:  I See Something!

This is the TRUTH, "Folks"!!!

Four chan's picture

thev truth is they just want to dig for gold in a massive way, keep your eye on the prize gentlemen.

Dutti's picture

Yes we can! This is exactly the way to do it. Of course, it will soon be apparent that the $50 billion bond investment from the west will be lost if not another 50 to 150 billion will be forthcoming. Those initial western pension fund investors will then need to be bailed out by their countries taxpayers. Sounds familiar?

mkkby's picture

Never happen.  Just another stupid chink and his fake company.  I'm surprised he didn't pick the widest part of the country.

On the other hand, if it acts like a moat keeping S Americans away from the US border, them I'm all for it.

nmewn's picture

Kinda like a Wang-Hindenburg ;-)

Anusocracy's picture

I don't think that fits with the Asian's reputation.

AldousHuxley's picture

you know Chinese have billions of people right? power is cheap, computing power expensive.

Bag Of Meat's picture

Then, Ben will have them refill the canal. Boom, super GDP growth!

LetThemEatRand's picture

Thank our good Christian God that America never built anything that failed.

I'm no fan of China, but there was a time not long ago in American history where you could walk across Lake Erie.  At least then you could drink the water.

Cut out the tribal bullshit.  The problem is oligarchs.  The Chinese have them.  We have them.


Say What Again's picture

Are you one of God's creations? 

LetThemEatRand's picture

I have no idea if I was created by God or by something else.  I am quite sure you don't know either, but I'm guessing you think you do.  The world is on the brink of war once again because the oligarchs are using people who are sure they know these things.

Say What Again's picture

God only knows -- And he aint talkin

Ignatius's picture

He talks to me, and for a $1000 love gift... oh, never mind.

old naughty's picture

God created? 

Human 1.0 was wiped out by no god (yea, plenty of us believe God did it tho)...

Human 2.0 is where we are, think-less-and-less, and soon to be tranformed to Human 3.0...

Computerized laborers (or slavples).

Believe what you want, "resistance is futile" or live with heart to fight it.

They don't know what compassion is.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Agreed. Religion is nothing but a means of control. A way to get people to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do, usually to fight and die in a bullshit war, and all our churches and most Christians are guilty of it. What blows my mind most about it is that so many otherwise highly intelligent and very 'awake' people still buy into it.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Thanks for joining me on the downs on this one.   Dead on.  For fuck's sake.  There are billions of people who want to kill each other because they were born in a culture with a different religion.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Ya I expect it when I say something like that. Although it has been getting worse lately. A deluge of down arrows with no response. History is filled with Christian priests giving speeches extolling the troops to fight hard for god and country, they are doing the lords work, etc. when any intelligent outside observer should be able to see that all they are fighting for is the selfish ambitions of one man or small group of men, who are typically absent from the battlefield. Same as it ever was. Just don't see why people think today is any different.

old naughty's picture

"...born a culture with different religion..."

I am confused...Please tell me which God created those? 

conscious being's picture

Carl, here's what I would say. Two things. You make too broad a generalization. And dig deeper. Look outside the box. Try this - what is consciousness?

sleigher's picture

"Just don't see why people think today is any different."

Because it is today.  Just like back then it was "today" only then.  You know how people think, "those people in the past sure did silly stuff, but we are smarter now and will make the right decisions."  lol   uh huh...

jimmytorpedo's picture

there go the freshwater dolphins,...

Ometepe used to be so nice.

I can't wait to watch the 400 000 ton ships steam by.

Say What Again's picture

What will this do to the surf in Costa Ricoooo?

JamesBond's picture

To all of the congressmen and ex-presidents who own land in Costa Ricooo, I'm sure they don't give a rat's ass.  Isn't it nice of the Chinese to increase their land value.



ZerOhead's picture

You'll just have to eat tuna instead...

FeralSerf's picture

They can't be any worse than American engineers. Did you see what two airplanes did to three skyscrapers in NYC on 9/11/01?

nmewn's picture

Only one way to find out for sure ;-)

LetThemEatRand's picture

Seems pretty legit to me.  What really pisses me off is that we (Americans) could have built a dozen or so of these -- or done lots of other things that would be good for commerce (ordinary middle class lives) -- but instead we invested our future in the Rothschilds.

Wahooo's picture

Why can't we build a canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Then the Chinese could visit the French and the French could visit the Chinese, and we'd get all the tourism dollars. With the way the Fed is printing we could have done it by now.

Say What Again's picture

How about a canal along the entire southern border?  Then we can charge the immigrants a fee for the pleasure cruise.

dubbleoj's picture

Construction companies are the heralds of empire expansion, what are you talking about? Halliburton, KBR, Fluor, might be famous for replacing all the windows that the military has broken, but theyve been the first to throw the rocks for decades now.  And they--as well as their less famous competitors-- will certainly be trying to get a piece of this action as well. 

CheapBastard's picture

Jerry Brown toyed with the idea of building a canal from the San Diego-Mexican Border up to that there LA Safe Zone but he opted for the Bullet Rail instead.

nmewn's picture

I thought Obama rebuilt all the bridges & roads with a trillion dollars borrowed from the Rothschilds?

knukles's picture

All dem shovah reddie jobs, motherfuckah, dat puts my peepz back to works.
I think around here we had about 2,000 signs talking about the whatevritwas posted along all the roads, bridges, etc., but the only activity was the one guy with a shovel and his 7 bosses yacking, the 2 flag fellas and a cop drawing overtime... oh and the extra pickup with a Port-A-Potty on the trailer.

Clycntct's picture

I hope the 2 negs were from the 2 laid off flagers and not the Portabamy guy.