Stocks Recover "Invasion" Losses On VIX Smash

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Having lost contact with JPY crosses early on, it was left to VIX to be the momentum ignition to run equities back up to the scene of the crime yesterday. US equity indices are close to the levels pre-Sikorski yesterday as VIX is hammered back under 16.


JPY not buying it... (AUDJPY disconnect)


VIX driving it...


As stocks recover Sikorski losses...


Charts: bloomberg

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well this is because the recovery in europe is back on


everything is fine



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Indeed, they just anounced that Italy is back into recession. Germany's industrial orders just plummeted by 3.7% due to sanctions against Russia. Central planners must be desperate to keep the stock market afloat.

max2205's picture

Thank God Janet is keeping things calm.

Thanks Mr Yellen.....owe you a lip wax

order66's picture

Vladamir Napolean Putin is bluffing! Europe is saved! Yay!

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pomo arigato mr. roboto

slightlyskeptical's picture

More like the 100 day average being traded around.

SheepDog-One's picture

Must manipulate everything.....totally non-rigged tho.

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Big suprise, two plays in the play book... punt or print.

Tsar Pointless's picture

S&P LOD: 1,911.45

That's 19119 for you numerology nerds.

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I read the title of this piece to my breakfasting family, asking what it meant. They laughed hysterically.

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Now this IS exceptional!  Thank you for the relief.

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When the various VIX's are being crushed to this degree, JPY doesn't need to 'buy' it, just not fall out of bed, and 102.25 seems to be the edge of the bed (102.33 as I type).  Days when "geo" news mixes with the algo tech levels are hard to navigate, I find trades are often "clipped", turning back before hitting typical targets, as we saw yesterday even before the Polish announcement.  Thus, I exited my Russell long at noon, knowing there was a good chance I'd be kicking myself by 12:45, but it seemed a prudent calculation of the machines + geo = price equation.  Wanted badly to buy the open but waited one 15m bar to ensure a risk dump didn't occur, then scaled in.  The age-old trader's dilemma:  sketch out in your head at 9:00 the potential path, but are happy, considering risk, to get a solid piece of the road rather than the whole enchilada.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

Holy crap JPY was just suddenly crushed below 102.  It's a hockey stick chart, equity longs should probably exit and wait to see if there's a news headline, or just another nervous desk.