Albania Central Bank Employees Steal $7 Million In Cash

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Considering all central bank money is created out of thin air, without actual collateral (unlike money created by commercial banks) and just has the backing of the (diluted) "full faith and credit" of the issuer, the only real use for such money is to be "embezzled" either legally - by banks where it ends up as reserves and is then used to push risk assets higher and make the merely uber richer uberest rich... or illegally. It is the latter shortcut that numerous employees of the central bank of Albania decided to pursue when the central bank discovered that around 713 million lek, or $6.7 million, in cash had been stolen two weeks ago.

What is most peculiar however, is that the bank has since been engaged in a damage limitation exercise involving state prosecutors, the removal of two executives, and calls for governor Ardian Fullani to resign from protesters outside the central bank. Strange because in the US nobody would even bother with a $7 million POMO: central bank theft in the world's most advanced country only takes place in billion + increments. And naturally, nobody is ever prosecuted because those who do the robbing are the de facto owners of the money printing institution.

From Central Banking:

The Bank of Albania has sacked and replaced all employees charged with stealing cash from the central bank, and implemented a thorough internal inquiry – but yesterday denied reports that the governor Ardian Fullani had himself been sacked.


The bank discovered the theft of around 713 million lek ($6.7 million) two weeks ago, and has since been engaged in a damage limitation exercise involving state prosecutors, the removal of two executives, and calls for Fullani to resign from protesters outside the central bank.


According to a statement published on the Bank of Albania's website, two former employees have been charged with theft, and the head of banknote issuance and the head of the security department have been replaced. Moreover, three working groups have been set up, to conduct a complete inventory of banknotes held by the bank; to verify if there has been any leak of secret information; and to ascertain whether employees dealing with cash acted in compliance with the rules.


The Bank of Albania supervisory board has said that if the regulatory framework had been implemented properly, the theft would have been detected and prevented. The board said it has observed flouting of the rules and procedures around the storing of banknotes.


In a separate statement today, the central bank said claims made on television channel Vision Plus, that Fullani has been removed from office, are not true. The supervisory board said it has made "no proposal ... for the dismissal of the governor of the Bank of Albania".

What is the New Normal coming to when taking the only product a central bank produces - in fact the only source of "growth" for the past 6 years - is a punishable offense?

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And didn't someone just buy 17,000 BTC on Aug 1?  The numbers are close, anyway.

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...Next World Currency Reserve Fiat will be the.....

Canadian "Loonie".

No pun intended.

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At least its an improvement from stealing human organs...

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Hmmm how come I dont feel bad for the CB?  Maybe because the central banks steal from EVERYONE!  Now lets see some people (besides banks) steal a few billion from the US Fed - not gonna shed a tear...

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Beat me to it.

Bravo Albanian Bank Burglars!

I like their SKS-es a lot too.

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Banksters steal 17 Trillion from US taxpayers via bailouts.  


Now, that is what I call news.

gmrpeabody's picture

I assume that because they were government employees, they thought it was legal.

That will be their defence anyway.

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Peter Falk will be furious with those Albanians!

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They should have adopted the cash control policies used by the Federal Reserve ... that way no one would have ever found out!



Publicus's picture

They can just print another bunch

Divided States of America's picture

This is nuthin compared to the the $7 trillion that the Federal Reserve is siphoning to their Zionists buddies on Wall Street.

Stackers's picture

I would say Hollywood could make a bad movie about it ........ but they already have ...... maybe the robbers got the idea from watching it ?

Mad Money

the phantom's picture

A stealing Albanian is redundant.

Buck Johnson's picture

Could it be more than 7 million dollars and/or it was Dollars or Euros instead of it's own currency.

nink's picture

They should have taken the money and purchased gold and then stored tungsten in the banks Safe. Didn't they read the hand book?

LawsofPhysics's picture

The sharks are turning on each other.  World war shouldn't be too far off now.

same as it ever was.

maneco's picture

Can't they jus print another 713 million lek? Don't see what's the big deal.

ekm1's picture

It is not an issue of printing money.


The issue is ....who gets the printed money.


That is the whole point of "monetary policy". 

Who gets the fresh money out of nothing

LawsofPhysics's picture

^^^this.  In other words, printing money and handing it out to a chosen few "club members" is not a very sound basis for a stable monetary system...

ekm1's picture


That's why I keep saying that it matters nothing whether a central bank is private or public, absolutely nothing.


As long as the central bank is CONTROLLED by people of X or Y lobby, that bank will print money to hand out to that lobby.


It can be bank lobby, pharma lobby, unions, plumbers lobby if you will, it matters nothing.


Just have your own people control the computers where money is created

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Do you really think central bankers care about sound money? LMFAO.

LawsofPhysics's picture

That's my point.  But then again, who the fuck cares about central bankers?  They don't produce anything of real value.


Let me be clear; get long black markets and sharecropping, beat the rush.

CheapBastard's picture few weeks you'll see some cash purchases of condos in NYC by guess who.....those Albanian employtees.


Well, they DO deserve something for working so hard prinintg the paper fiat, right? It's only Fair.


I can see those CB employees right now in the storeroom... if I close my eyes:


Helmet to Uri: "Hey Uri, what do ya say we stash some of this paper in our overalls?....No one will ever notice....he he he...."

maneco's picture

The closer you are to the source the easier it is to get your fingers on it.

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They'll have to print 10 fold, to compensate for the Fractional Reserve Leverage that was created initially, that's all.

Renewable Life's picture

So are those people criminals or hero's???

I know what my answer is:)

maneco's picture

I would have viewed them as criminals even if they had not stolen the cash from the Central Bank. :)

yogibear's picture

Why not? In the US banks the top people are stealing, it's just hidden. The US has more sophisticated fraud.

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Jamie Dimon to Albanians:  "Amateurs."

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Lol, beat me to it.  You ain't shit 'til you've ripped off a bil.

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Theft of actual paper notes cannot be tolerated under any circumstances!

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Someone needs to clean the toilets and make the lobster bisque!

Someone also needs to be face-to-face with customers to tell them their account is -10% to save the bank and prevent "tanks in the streets"!

You don't expect anyone above manager to do that now do you!?!?  Back to work serfs!

Agent P's picture

I'm guessing this is par for the course in Albania. 

IronShield's picture

Don't know where you've been but this is par for the course no matter where you're at!

It is only 'reported' in the USSA when it is politically advantageous to do so.

DeadFred's picture

When the culprits are caught they can claim it was just fiat money created out of thin air so no real theft was committed. Then again it is Albania so they will be shot before they see the inside of a courthouse (and the ones who caught them will get the cash).

ekm1's picture

Not far from reality.

But the same thing is due to happen in USA also.

Elite is robbing elite now.

Bullets will fly into heads soon.

NoWayJose's picture

History is replete with examples of invading armies and barbarian hordes conquering countries in order to loot their..., paper?

adr's picture

I thought everything in Albania is stolen.

Where I used to live there was entire apartment complex filled with young Albanian women who were promised a better life in America. Instead they got a life that resembled the movie Taken.

If they didn't have the right look, they were put in the malls to sell Dead Sea salt scrub or hair straightening irons.

The sex trade money needs to be laundered somehow.

ekm1's picture

That one is long over. That was a very long time ago.


FeralSerf's picture

Now they're in the wholesale cigarette business. The EU is their oyster.

boattrash's picture

To date; this is the best action I've seen to come from ANY Central Bank employees.

economessed's picture

713 million lek -- isn't that about 2/3rds of Albanian GDP?

Given that, the perpetrators should be easy to identify -- they're the ones with the two new young donkeys sitting out front with the leather and chrome "bling" bridels.

Conax's picture

Bankers be bankin'.

Don't be haters, be like regulators.

RiskyBidness's picture

Who Cares!!  Chump change!!  BTFD!!

Peter Pan's picture

So, now even institutions can be CORZINED?

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Is it really stealing if he was planning on spending it all from the beginning?

I say no...

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I was in Tirana, Albania last year; It was closed.

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Did you visit zebra cafe?