CDC Director Frieden Testifies About "Combating The Ebola Threat" - Live Feed

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Top U.S. health official are testifying at a congressional hearing to assess the threat from the Ebola virus ravaging Africa. Chairman Smith begins: “The Ebola virus had been contained in one small area of Central Africa for years. Even when there was an outbreak, such as in Uganda, international cooperation was able to prevent a broader spread of the disease. This hearing will examine current international efforts to meet the challenge of the worst outbreak of Ebola in history.” Speakers include CDC Director Tom Frieden...


Live Feed


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Panel I

Tom Frieden, M.D.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ariel Pablos-Méndez, M.D.
Assistant Administrator
Bureau for Global Health
U.S. Agency for International Development

The Honorable Bisa Williams
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Bureau of African Affairs
U.S. Department of State

Panel II

Mr. Ken Isaacs
Vice President of Program and Government Relations
Samaritan’s Purse|

Frank Glover, M.D.

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IridiumRebel's picture

Labyrinth of lies in 3...2...1
What's he gonna say? The truth? Sure.

kaiserhoff's picture

What did Barry know, and when did he know it?

The high treason commission will want answers.

Jack Sheet's picture

like they got for Benghazi lulz

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Maybe this IS IMPORTANT.  Maybe not.

"Did you know that the only mammals on the planet that don't produce Vitamin C in their bodies are: Humans, Primates, Guinea Pigs and Fruit Bats?"

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Taking this a step further, what is the DIET of the fruit bat?

Is this what makes it a host, and not a victim???

BellyBrain's picture

John Rappaport and Jim Stone already cracked this one, folks.  The "scare" is massively over-hyped, and the cure is simple:  Lots of Vitamin-C.  Colloidal silver doesn't touch viruses, but Vitamin-C does.  I would add iodine to that as well, because it strengthens the immune system.  Iosol or LL's Magnetic Nascent Iodine are some of the best.

Duffy's picture

nope - that's all bullshit.  I'll assume it's good faith, but you ought to be more careful spreading bad info.


remains to be seen if this thing will really go full retard in north america. 

Pinky's picture

Fruit bats eat .  .  .  (wait for it!)  . . . Fruit!  On trees.  They also drink nectar.  They don't need to synthesize vitamin C because they eat it all day.

Here is a cute little "bat burrito," (bat in a wrap), the smallest of the fruit bats.  I like to say fruit bats are a cross between a dragon and a puppy, but nectar bats are so small they're more like a cross between a hamster and a dragon.

 . . . and the video:



Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I know!  Fruit!  Citrus!  Vitamin C!

Hence, why I asked: "Is this what makes it a host, and not a victim"

AFAIK Ebola DOES NOT kill 55-90% of fruit bats it infects (hence why it is considered a suitable host). 

You will also notice that primates DO get Ebola.  And die from it.

walküre's picture

Primates are not a suitable host then. What about rats? Do they produce Vitamin C naturally? Nothing populates as quick and as vigorous as rats.

Pinky's picture



You might this video interesting:  

Why do Bats Transmit so many Diseases like Ebola?

Pinky's picture

It's not the vitamin C - - it's what their ability to fly did to their DNA.   Perhaps we could learn to fly . . . .

Shad_ow's picture


...on so many levels!


No Euros please we're British's picture

Looks like a colon with a head, how appropriate it's Obama's, as in shithead.

Realname's picture

Ebola? Thats Obola's head up Reggie Loves colon.

junction's picture

Tom Frieden, M.D. previously was the Health Commissioner in New York City for Mayor Bloomberg,  a mayor who was the unrivaled expert at hiring incompetents and crooked contractors for big ticket multi-billion dollar projects like a new 911 system that doesn't work.  With Frieden at the CDC, a lot more people are going to start watching "Doomsday Preppers."

chunga's picture

Please don't tell me he changed his name from Friedelman because pronunciation.

kaiserhoff's picture

Yahoo lists his occupation as "politician."


Charles The Hammer Martel's picture

Ebola is going to do wonders for Africa's Boko Haram problem. We dont even need to send troops there as advisors anymore.

kaiserhoff's picture

Nothing, friggin' nothing coming out of Atlanta.

Does that give anyone else the heebie jeebies?

McMolotov's picture

You just made me remember what happened to the horse in Atlanta on The Walking Dead. Thanks.

cougar_w's picture

Did you really expect them to say anything?

If it's bad news, they ain't talk'n and we all know why. And if it's good news they ain't talk'n either because if they ever let on they have a treatment or a cure then every mouth-breathing shut-in from LA to Boston who thinks they has the ebola (which is probably 100 million of them) will want some of that.

No no. Cures and shit are for rich people -- and they know who they are. For everyone else -- there is prayer.

kaiserhoff's picture

I'm not long on rational expectations these days, cougar.

I just think Barry might be desperate for any good news, to relieve the taste of the shit sandwich he gets daily from Putin and Nutty Yahoo.

cougar_w's picture

Of all the shit Barry has to deal with right now, I'm confident he'd rather comment on Ukraine etc than the spread of ebola.

Ebola right now (from just what we can gather) is ready to hit -- hard. For now the less said the better. They are trying to get a handle on it before it gets too far ahead of them. Panic is the enemy now, but this is reall and could jump really far very fast.

kaiserhoff's picture

That's my take as well.  It's like Fukushima.

They don't even have a sane plan.

cougar_w's picture

They got nuth'n pal. Zilch. Nada.

I don't know what we pay these numb-nuts for, but thinking ahead apparently never was on the menu.

Watch for a major civil meltdown in west Africa, spreading east and south. Expect ebola to arrive with refuges in north Africa, Spain and Morocco and from those places into France and Italy.

Just one rolling disaster after another, with everyone running around with their hair on fire, without the first glimmer of a plan about what to do.

We cannot handle nature, nature slaps us around like little bitches and kicks our asses all over the planet.

All that noise about living in harmony with nature was just humans trying to make a last-ditch deal before nature turned around and slapped us into a ditch.

walküre's picture

Lots of deadly desert to cross between West Africa and the North.

It's actually really easy to cordon off West Africa once air travel is suspended and the borders to the South and East are secured.

My prediction is that this will run its course in some parts of West Africa and that's it - for now.

corporatewhore's picture


cougar_w's picture


It's just nature, trying to murder us.

JustObserving's picture

Just tell us how many hours before Ebola reaches Wall Street?  You cannot evade your karma.

cougar_w's picture

They might though. This disease has a hard time jumping around class structures. Same applies to war, and even bankruptcy.

The 1%'ers might not get all the breaks, but they get most of them.

q99x2's picture

BTFD FEDs got new anti-virus software.

dracos_ghost's picture

Umm, dude, GET BACK TO FUCKING WORK. Enough mental masturbating for the retards inside the beltway. Like Nancy Pelosi et al would understand any of this shit. In fact, with the amount of Botox in her face, she should be level 1 quarantined.

Winston Churchill's picture

With that many lifts,what make you think its her face you are looking at ?

Agent P's picture

"I'm sorry, all those email records were destroyed when my laptop crashed...."

Realname's picture

Dont leave your laptop on any Malaysian Airlines plane. Problem Solved

ziggy59's picture

Three letter fed organizations SUK

No Euros please we're British's picture

ISDA rules ebola not level 1. No need for action. CFTC states no evidence ebola exists. GS gives ebola triple A rating and strong buy recommendation. 

dot_bust's picture

Ha ha! Nice! I think you're correct. They'll securitize Ebola as Ebola Debt Obligations (EBOs) and then they'll short the EBOs with Ebola Default Swaps (EDSs).

Of course, part of me believes that the Wall Street parasites have already found a way to bet for or against an Ebola pandemic.

ebworthen's picture stop the outbreak at its source DON'T LET THEM COME TO THE U.S.!!!

You can't screen them.  After a 6-10 hour plane ride(s) they've already spread it to someone(s) on the plane; who will then go all over the continent.

Tragic hubris.  If Ebola isn't it, we won't stop the one that is acting this way.

I don't give a shit if it "isn't easily communicable" (as far as you know), IT HAS A 50%-90% FATALITY RATE!!!

WTF!?!?  What if it mutated?  You're willing to risk 100+ million lives on your pride?

dracos_ghost's picture

"Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

And seriously, they are that arrogant that they would risk an extinction event since they are sociopaths who don't think anything would affect them.

Just wait until Obammy releases his EO on immigration in a couple of weeks. There will be a dozen or so biobugs that will threaten the US.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Frieden is on drugs if he thinks the affected countries are going to now concentrate on a medical infrastructure.

Lordflin's picture

It is very difficult for me to believe this virus could become a major pandemic without help. Assuming, that is, that the truth is known regarding its spread. And given its molecular weight, it seems reasonable that its spread is restricted to direct contact with bodily fluids... wether that means a sneeze is another question.

The idea that its growth has become exponential is disturbing. The lengthy incubation period certain allows those who have become infected to wander far from the point of contact... and the flu like symptons to seem to give the virus cover.

Well... I have believed for some time now that we are on the verge of a perfect storm... as no doubt many if not most of you have believed as well...

If not Ebola, then something else... some other disease, major war, famine as a result of drought and/or financial collapse, technological nightmares of varied degrees, environmental degredation of varied proportions and character depending on who you want to believe, a world filled with worthless script passed off as money, a world filled with pschopaths in positions of influence... any combination of these... others besides...

It would be nice to think that I will have the opportunity to write a similar pasage this time next year as the perfect storm will have proven to be an illusion... good luck with this... or we have yet another year to ponder our fate.

corporatewhore's picture


could this be defined as a sin of omission or commission?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture


How long they been doing that monkey research down in 'Merica any way?

I heard Lee Harvey Oswald was escort/bodyguard for a gal working on monkey diseases all the way back in the early 60's. 

"Dr Mary's Monkey" was the name of the tale.