Germany's DAX Slumps Into "Correction" - Down 10.25% From Highs

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Germany's DAX stock index has plunged once again, to the same level as in October 2013 as European economic realities (coupled with sanctions retaliation fears) miss expectations drastically. The DAX is now in "correction", down 10.235% from its June record highs as it appears the more the US sanctions Russia, the more Europe crumbles...


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Bullish!   By the way, how much longer on that gold delivery...

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Never.  Germany took a bailout in 2008, let it go already.

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Ah yes, just like what I keep hearing from the venture capital guys, and I quote; "gold is irrelevant in the modern world economy"

Indeed, maybe that's the fucking problem.

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BEHOLD, that can NEVER happen here

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For those who don't believe in technical analysis draw a line connecting the lows of late 2012 and early 2013 and look at how the DAX reacted after dropping below that line. Our turn is coming soon.

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So does this mean that once again the USA has managed to export its pain and suffering?

<That should have the balance of trade calculation.>

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The country's core skill since 1929.

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Amazing the amount of pain one must endure while removing ones head from ones rectum.

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Aufmerksamkeit! Das Schiff sinkt.
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That's what happens when your top leader is spied upon since 2002 and she cannot say "No" to the great hegemon of this world.

Wait until Putin starts buying cars from China.

Meanwhile, US troops are on German soil to spread freedom and democracy. They will be there forever.

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Yes.  I expect if the sanctions game escalates, VW, BMW, and Mercedes sales in Russia will be sanctioned; amongst many other products that France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal aren't going to pick up the slack for.

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Indeed, the black markets are already doing well, I can't imagine the boom in business should VW, BMW, and other luxury German manufacturing get "sanctioned".

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I really doubt Russia will sanction German cars.


Firstly, there's no local Russian brands that could profit and more importantly, the Germans are emotionally extremely tied to their cars. That and soccer. You start messing about with their cars, you might as well declare war on them. Germany and Russia are closer than most in the US care to understand. I really can't see things going more ugly between those two countries. Simply not doable politically. The Germans would rebel against it. There's already quite a vocal resentment towards the current German foreign policy.

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Hurts them more than us right?....

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Manhattanites had better watch for falling tbond shorts.

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And if russia and china dump? Can't happen right?...

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OK, I'll sell some longs.

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It's all Putin's fault!

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Yeahhhh... Obama and his putting...

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Putin is the new Bush when it comes to casting blame.

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They control perception and guess what, it works, just ask any teabagger.  Expect him to be labeled a racist, homophobe and misogynist.

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germany moar overpriced than even the usa

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The more central Europe goes down the shitter........

But using (albeit pointless for most) capitalistic metrics the euro  Atlantic coast booms.

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All these things are the result of a State Dept. that is out of control and a POTUS who is evil in his design.  'Fundamentally" changing America will have world-wide effects and they will not be desirable. 

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To be out of control there has to be control in the first place....

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You are behind the curve. The rest of the world has re-titled Obama to COTUS. CLOWN

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The DAX is still 60% higher than 3 years ago, but the economy is in no better shape.  So a 10% correction is nothing.


Same goes to the SP500.

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What are the banksters short on this. Why the hell ain't they jumping?

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This is going to be one long, brutal winter. 

The US will not cut off it's nose to spite it's face, but it will certainly cut off Europe's nose.


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Why would you want to buy anything German when we could have a hot or very cold war war on the central euro plain ??????

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Ass kissers.  Fuck 'em.

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Buy the DAX, it’s going to rally 50%: Analyst
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"(Reuters) - A German business leader who has previously warned against economic sanctions on Russia has come out in support of tougher action if President Vladimir Putin fails to cooperate on stabilizing the situation in Ukraine.


"Business will implement what the government and EU decide. If they say Russia is not cooperating enough and we are applying tougher sanctions, we'll back that 100 percent," Eckhard Cordes of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations told the daily Handelsblatt in an interview published on Friday."


keep a stiff upper lip boys. no crying into your beers.

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Using pointless (these lights go on and off metrics ) Ireland is about to experience another epic capital dumping event.


More conflict in the east means more Kerosene for Dublin to London "mangement" flights.

This "war" like previous wars is being used to restart national overproduction drives but using consumer soldiers rather then battlefield ones.

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Calm down...aren't you paying attention?  Africa has now been declared "ready" to take up the slack.  Put everything you have in AFK, but you might want to place a small hedge with

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Banker sociopaths are destroying Europe.  Even large German Corps can't stop this insanity?

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The price to pay the Oligarchy markets for being an Ost politik denier. 

Mutti has to choose. Something tells me she is like Sophie : incapable of choosing.

She probably feels --as her breakdown into tears showed at Cannes 2011 meeting-- that this crisis has come too fast and too brutally for her nerves.

She was perfect for incarnating the "One Germany" meme that her mentor Kohl put in place. She was fully behind Ost politik of Schroeder as that corresponds to her upbringing in East Berlin. 

But now, her world has collapsed so brutally since 2008--  the political deniers are totally at the mercy of the financial circle-- that she feels she has been left with the baby (German  economic model)  and the dirty bath water (financial skyfall hidden in the books) and she can't cope with making the brave, dire decisions. Her conduct all thru the early Eurozone and Greek trauma shows this.

This Ukraine crisis and its aftermath takes the cake. She is beyond choosing, she wants out.

So it'll be up to her successor --in her mind's eye--  and that is something that Euro zone cannot wait for. 

BTW : If you look at the index ratios in Eurozone, the Dax is way out on a limb relative to other bourses, since the CB fiat pump started reversing the trend in mid-2011; aka Cannes 2011 meeting (where Obammy blessed Draghi nomination and "taking whatever it takes" being prepared, agreed to having Berlu ousted, and confirmed Syrian venture blueprint by praising the results of Libya; aka lets repeat).

So Dax since the ramp up of 2011 is sitting so high it'll be the one that falls most IMHO if there is a true reset.

Dax 5 yr ramp +65%; Cac 40 5 yr +18%; FTSE 5 yr +40%

If Putin's reverse embargo sours the EU relation, London RE prices will start feeling the heat of Russian Oligarchs panicking who will pull out their money in UK and send it to HK.

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But Oligarchs money is now useless for the UK economy - it is far too concentrated.

Putin is following orders from very high up the food chain me thinks.

Every 100 years or so the Brits give some money to Baldrick so that the bank can pretend to their populace that it is a true nation state.

Its like fucking clockwork.

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Merkel successor? not before the next elections. Jim Willie has fucked up on that prediction together with his sermon on a German pivot to Eurasia. The Germans are stuck with that stupid cow Murkle, any deposition would be historically without precedent since 1945 and would destroy the CDU. It cannot be countenanced.

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there are rumours that she steps down before end of term. She cannot be re-elected as she is in her second term upto 2017. 


Jack Sheet's picture

do the rumours also say who she will be replaced by? and what dirt the NSA has on her?

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The DAX was pumped up by the Japanese central bank like a sumo wrestler on top of a Yokohama hooker.

Jack Sheet's picture

About fucking time.