Here's The Dumbest Thing You'll Hear All Week

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Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

In an unbelievable display of arrogance and self-importance, the Australian government recently announced the most sweeping changes to their national security legislation since 9/11.

The new laws will give the Australian government more powers to monitor all types of communication, both phone and internet.

What’s more, telecom companies will be required to store searchable metadata of all activity for two years, enabling the authorities to access details of every phone call made and every website visited.

Powers for “extended detention” and ‘preventative detention’, (pre-crime) have also been extended.

I’m sure it makes you feel better knowing that you could be preventively detained without actually committing any crime—you know, just in case…

It will also become a crime now to travel to a country where terrorists are ‘conducting hostile activities’ unless you have a ‘legitimate excuse’.

Just how these travel bans will be decided upon is unclear. Is Ukraine off limits? Spain? Northern Ireland? Thailand? Russia?

All of this is supposedly necessary because, according to the government, there are 125 Australian citizens currently part of terrorist groups overseas.

Even if correct, 125 people represent 0.0005% of the population of Australia. So for 125 people, the other 24+ million must be subjected to a Big Brother police state.

It all makes even less sense when your read the official justifications for it. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that:

We are under a lot of budget pressure at the moment, but the community won’t thank us if we skimp unreasonably on national security.

Ironically, he admits they don’t have the money for it. But they’re going to come up with an ADDITIONAL $630 million (a significant amount of money in Australia) to boost domestic spying and police state programs… all for 125 people.

But the prize for the dumbest comment you’ll hear this week goes to another pearl of wisdom from the Australian Prime Minister:

“The terrorist threat in this country has not changed, nevertheless it’s as high as it’s ever been.”

Now, as a native English speaker, I’m not entirely sure what he’s trying to tell me.

The government didn’t spend this money last year, and nothing happened.

But now since, according to the PM, nothing has changed, suddenly the government has to spend an additional $630 million to terrorize and spy on citizens.

What a brilliant piece of logic wrapped up in political Newspeak.

Basically they’re telling everyone that they should just be afraid… and that the government must spy on citizens in order to protect them.

This is how it always happens… and we can watch yet another country slide rapidly into a police state.

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Duffminster's picture

This is simply Orwellian.  I don't picture the Aussies being this down on Freedom.  WTF?  The news is very skewed.

Ukraine is important but in my opinion its the credit markets that are the biggest concern and I imagine to BIS the ECB and Fed as well, that is if they are thinking clearly and looking at the Data.  The problems are many and interconnected.  There is virtually no relative dealer liquidity in the high yield US bond markets and across the full spectrum of corporate debt there is a very large bubble.  This implies problems with stock markets as they are closely correlated.  The obvious slowing if the EU economies as a whole is exacerbated by the conflict with the Ukraine.  Geopolitically, the destabilization of the Middle East by ISIS, now having taken Iraq's largest supply of water and hydro electricity at Mosul is a further destabilizing factor.  Yet, even with all this, I put the greatest risk to financial markets squarely in China's domain. 

It is the combination of the extremely high degree of opaqueness, secretiveness and shadow banking that underlies its global leadership in borrowing money that is at the root of this view.  I've compiled a number of different articles that serve as the basis of this view.

"China's $343 Billion in the Shadows"
China's "trust companies" are a growth industry, notable not for imparting stability to the $9.2 trillion economy, but for the
red flags they raise. One figure stands out: the $343 billion these nonbank lenders owe in interest and principal repayments this quarter alone.

This topic may not sound very exciting to those far removed from the mechanics of China Inc. and President Xi Jinping's efforts to rein in credit and investment bubbles. But these nonbank lenders are at the core of the shadow-banking industry that makes China's financial system both opaque and fragile. The greater the repayment requirements, the greater the risk of a miss and the turmoil that might follow.

"China Default Storm Seen as Record Private Bonds Mature"
"...Premier Li Keqiang has sought to expand financing for small companies, which account for 70 percent of China’s economy, as expansion is set to cool to the slowest since 1990 at 7.4 percent this year, according to a Bloomberg survey. ..."

"...“The current risks exposed in the private-bond market are
probably a prelude to a storm,” said Sun Binbin, a Shanghai-based bond analyst at China Merchants. “There’s been
improvement in only some sectors of the economy, not in all.” ..."

"China Inc borrows $14 trillion, overtakes U.S. as top corporate borrower: S&P"
"...The Chinese corporate bond market has overtaken the United States as the world's biggest and is set to soak up a third of global company debt needs over the next five years, according to rating agency Standard & Poor's,  underscoring the growing risk China's debt market is imposing on the global financial system. ..."

"...The Asia-Pacific region, led by China, is seen accounting for half of global corporate debt financing needs of $60 trillion over the five-year period to 2018 when the region will account for more than half the projected total debt outstanding of $72 trillion.

China, the world's second-largest economy is currently financing a quarter to a third of its corporate debt through its shadow banking sector and this had global implications, S&P said.

"This means that as much as 10 percent of global corporate debt is exposed to the risk of a contraction in China's informal banking sector," the agency said, estimating this at $4 trillion to $5 trillion. "With China's economy likely to grow at a nominal 10 percent per year over the next five years, this amount can only increase."

Cash flows and leverage at Chinese corporations are the worst among global peers, having deteriorated from being the best in 2009, according to a corporate financial risk trend measure used by Standard & Poor's...."

"China, the Death Star of Emerging Markets"

"...On any list of banking accidents waiting to happen, China is assured a place at the very top. But could a crash there take the entire global economy down with it?
Absolutely, says Charlene Chu, who until recently was Fitch's headline-generating analyst in Beijing. Chu has fearlessly trod into an area that China is trying desperately to keep off limits: its vast shadow-banking system. Now that she's working for a private firm that doesn't have to rely to governments for revenue, as do rating companies, Chu is free to speak completely openly. And is she ever. 

"The banking sector has extended $14 trillion to $15 trillion in the span of five years," Chu, who is now with Autonomous Research, told the Telegraph. "There’s no way that we are not going to have massive problems in China." What's more, she added, China "could trigger global meltdown." ..."

SteveNYC's picture

Long since a US vassal state. Unfortunate.

Save_America1st's picture

can't travel to countries with terrorist activities?  Wow, well there sure won't be any Aussies coming to America ever again then.  With our very own terrorist government allowing terrorists to flood over the borders and terrorist police agencies roaming the streets terrorizing citizens and terrorist street gangs all over the place running wild and terrorist TSA scumbags power-tripping all over everybody in the airports and our CDC terrorising the country with it's new Ebola toys and our terrorist DHS arming up to fight the "so-called" domestic terrorist patriot groups and veterans, well fuck...America must be the biggest terrorist nation in the fucking universe right now. 

No wonder we haven't been invaded by hostile space aliens yet...they're probably too terrorised by all the terrorism going on on this freakin' planet and don't want to fuck with us!


Manthong's picture

I spent some absolutely great time in Tazzie, Melborne, Sidney. Brisbane and out to Paradise (aslo known as Hayman)  Also spent some fabulous time North and South Islands NZ.

I wish I did not have to scratch them off the list of places I would consider getting planted in because they are so detrimentally socialist and I would not be able to bring my collection there.

Serfs Up's picture

Tony Abbott is dullest marble in the bag.

When all this blows, we'll need rotary lamposts to handle the volume.

stacking12321's picture

here's an important australian government spokesman to clarify the situation (latest clark & dawe):


butchtrucks's picture

The quality of political leadership in Australia is abysmal.

Check out the country's Attorney General George Brandis in an interview last night about the Government's Orwellian plans to monitor everyone's internet activity. The most embarrassing interview you are ever likely to see. Completely clueless. Jibbering fool.

Socratic Dog's picture

In a democracy, the quality of political leadership is determined by the quality of the electorate.  You get the leadership you deserve.

Clifftastic's picture

Dont scratch us in NZ off your list - we hate Aussies!

monkeyboy's picture

AUSTRALIA - Welcome to the world's biggest nanny state, now soon to be the world's biggest Orwellian state(per capita ;)


If you want to hear the fuckhead who's meant to be explaining the implementation of this shitty, big brother, authoritarian move by the current government.

Listen to this stuttering, bumbling , lying nutjob George Brandis -

omniversling's picture

Upvote, thanks for the links. The wheels are coming off the cart of lies...that's why he can't answer, because he's deliberately attempting to defuse by deception. It's called lying.

omniversling's picture



The 'blue, red and white' flagged nations seem to have a cozy thing going on...5-Eyes, and since MH-17 the Netherlands (European axis), and Malaysia (Asian axis) have joined the party. I see the corralling of the sheople into a tighter and tighter pen. This plan has been in play for many decades, Australia having gravitated toward the US from British Empire after WW2. 

 Shortly after this was announced a private schoolbus carrying Jewish schoolchildren was 'invaded' by ostensibly '6 anti-semitic drunks', which resulted in sympathy press cycle for those underwriting the Zionist slaughter in Gaza. Reeks of timely, why did the driver allow access to a private bus. I have no truck with anyone exploiting children for propaganda (what people do after reaching the age of legal responsibility for their actions - or inactions - is another thing), but to use this as a foil to the upscale murder of Palestinian children stinks:

Prior to Abbot (blue team called Liberal Party but 'conservative' agenda), was the Rudd/Gillard uncomedy act (red team called Labour Party with 'liberal/soft-socialist' agenda) who followed Johnny Howard, who just happened to be in Washington at the time of 911, and was one of the first 'coalition of the willing' to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. (

Australians have fought in every major conflict under Brit or US command since the 19C ( and more recently under UN command as 'peacekeepers' (inception of Global Army, NATO like, operating in any jurisdiction, like any supra-national corporation).

Generally Aussies have a reputation as good fighters, and it's easy to 'get into trouble' any night of the week at most pubs, if that's your thing, but few have the background, stomach or knowledge (of what's going down in the world 'in our name') to re-form the political process toward less .gov control without revolutionary violence. Our Westminster-based 'parliamentary democracy' is by it's design combative. The process has become so dirty over the past 3 decades that many Aussies have just dumped it, disgusted at the corruption of the institution, and low level gutter sniping. We are 'obliged' to vote at Federal and State elections, with a $50 fine for not doing so. There are plenty of good thinkers and 'awakeners', but very dispersed and now known to be subject to 5-Eyes surveilence, so any comms between activists are eavesdropped.

The red-herring in this batch of legislation is that it 'officialises' what is already going on via 'data and intel sharing arrangements' between the other 5-Eyes 'countries', where each spy on eachothers citizens and 'share it back with the partners'.

More info here (good forum website for matters Australian):

There are few protections of civil rights in our constitution, which is itself Section 9 of the British Parliament's "Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia (UK)1900 ( ), and we have no Bill of Rights. Part of the 'endgame' rollout of the 'for our own good', 'BigGov' is best', even if it's illegitimate. Just put another prawn on the Barbie, and turn on the footy. As Aussie combativeness is ritualised and expressed through the institutionalised national sports, I almost gagged when Abbot appealed to 'Team Australia' spirit, then remembered the timeless 'Team America'...FCK YEAH!

Tony Abbott: “In the end, leadership is about preserving national unity on the essentials and that is why I have taken this decision. When it comes to counter-terrorism, everyone needs to be part of Team Australia.” ("you're either with us or you're with the enemy" - GW Bush).

 'Team Australia's' facade as a global player, attempting to punch far above our weight for the Globalist Agenda by beta testing plans like 'Carbon Tax', and participating in post-911 crypto-fascism and badly staged 'International Incidents' is most disgustingly expressed in the slavish and contemptible pandering to the US/Israeli/Neo-con agenda. Over and over and over again.

It appears a criminal cabal has hijacked what was left of 'the age of Aussie Innocence', and corrupted us with off-shore war. Our entire political and legal system may well be bogus, but only marginally more obviously so than the constructs of many countries, US included, that now have 'Corporations' masquerading as 'government of the people for the people', which impose a jurisdiction between the natural born individual and the Creator. Ironic that 'the Second Australians' are now experiencing a theft parallel to what 'the First Australians' suffered over 200 years ago. A very well hatched and executed agenda, backed by corporate .gov monopoly on legalised violence (Police Force becoming Policy Enforcers). When self-defense weapons are confiscated, the corral shrinks. … Good reading here:

Validation of Government Authority

Australia: The Concealed Colony:




DoChenRollingBearing's picture

This article states what I have heard lately about Australia: that they are heading for Socialism and Agenda 21 even faster than the USA.

Australia may not be a good Plan B country for Americans.  Keep looking, keep preparing, keep thinking.

Bastiat's picture

When gun control went through in Oz, it was well on its way to being over.

Manthong's picture

The totalitarian sociallists completely spooked them with that school shooting in Hobart.. a crazy with an AR.

With their roots, you might think they would know better. 

stacking12321's picture

i am all in favor of keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous government employees

Save_America1st's picture

So why did Australia do this recently?  Are they going to come up with something even more sinister next time???  Seemed like a great move in the right direction to me when I read about it.

Australia's carbon tax is gone:

The_Prisoner's picture

Of course there is some deception behind it.

They scrapped the carbon tax, and will instead implement a emissions trading scheme. So Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan can make money of it.

You can take it to the 'proverbial' bank.



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

They are part of the Zio-controlled Anglo - American Alliance, a group called Five Eyes: US, UK, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand.

They used to teach in Canadian schools that Manifest Destiny was just an American thing.

But now, thanks to a global network of Zio-Banksters and Ploticians, it went Global: Manifest Destiny 2.0

shovel ready's picture

I am an Aussie. I have lived all over this country.

The government here takes itself more seriously than the people do. Most Aussies think that most politicians are dickheads and don't take them too seriously. There are a lot of sheltered bureaucrats that know that the rest of Australia would love to put down the bottom of a deep hole.

The bureacracy here though is starting to get some teeth and it is increasingly more difficult to tell a bureaucrat he is a dickhead and should just fuck off.

I have traditionally been a Liberal party voter (currently in power), but the party that is in power at the moment are very bad, but the alternative (the Labor party) would be worse at the moment.

FeralSerf's picture

Maybe if you took those fascist motherfuckers in Melbourne a bit more seriously you wouldn't have had the false flag terror operation in Port Arthur and have all your guns confiscated.

If Aussies don't restrain these power mad scum, you will just be examples of the indigent sheep, only allowed to live for your mutton and wool production.

shovel ready's picture

I hear you, but you can't think of Australian culture in strictly US or European terms. US and EU take their politics MUCH more seriously and are MUCH more passionate.

We generally don't give a fuck - because we KNOW that they are essentially all lying wankers that just want to line their own pockets, but if we got rid of them the vacuum would just be filled with more like them.

So in the end they don't have the kind of power that they have in the US, because nobody takes them that seriously - they are wankers - they know that fundamentally we believe this.

Is this a double-edged sword - maybe - time will tell - certainly it can't hurt to try something different from what is clearly failing the Americans and Europeans.

Socratic Dog's picture

It's not much use not taking them seriously if you have no teeth.  And we let the fuckers pull our teeth, in fact we begged them to.

Would not taking Hitler seriously have helped the german commo's/homo's/gypsies/jews/whatevers?  I sorta doubt it.  Unless they'd had a shitload of guns, ie teeth.

UselessEater's picture

This is the problem, Aussies don't care like Ostrich's. I've given up warning people ..... An Aussie neighbour summed it up - "he's old so it his kids problem". The stupidity of ignoring and not caring what's happening escapes people - being quite socialist in nature little alarms most Aussies.

NZ is as bad.

shovel ready's picture

Alas, I think this is increasingly the case.

shovel ready's picture

It was because people took Hitler seriously that he ever had any power at all.



The_Prisoner's picture

Shovel, I get where you're coming from. The labour polies were largely inept and corrupt.

But the current Liberal cabinet are dowright fascist. I'm all for dismantling the welfare state, but corporate welfare has to be dismantled first.

They pay lip service to being the Party of Individual freedom and achievement whilst pandering to corporations.

Let me point out a few of the measures they implanted so far:

- Change to privacy laws: Banks and credit card companies are now allowed to sell your data.

- Change to financial planning laws: Financial advisers are no longer obliged to disclose that they are getting commissions to flog you this plan over that plan.

- The previous Liberal government talked about the implementation of sedition laws and the national ID card.

- They took away the guns;

- Destroyed freedom of association under the guise of dismantling bike gangs.

- Aiding the US in escalating the conflict with Russia over MH17.

So instead os spousing one team over another team, just be aware it is a ratchet effect for the destruction of the individual.

shovel ready's picture

You know... it is hard for me accept/admit it... that this could happen here... but I think you may well be right. The current Liberal cabinet might be truly fascist. (not just commiting the odd act that could be labelled 'fascist',but rather acting/being fascist in toto)

The_Prisoner's picture

I know how it feels when that realisation hits home.

Socratic Dog's picture

If you think it's just the current set of talking heads you don't have a grip on the problem.  I recommend more time on ZH.  Australia is a microcosm of what it happening in the US.

rainingFrogs's picture

Not just a US vassal state, a blood-oath member of the five eyes - US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK. 

US is already a fascist state. 

Like Australia, Canada and the UK are busy passing anti-citizen legislation under the guise of "anti-terror" that trumps domestic consitutional rights. 

Canada illegally arrested more than 1,000 protestors exercising their constitutional rights to peaceful protest at a G20 meeting in Toronto in 2010.

New Zealand clearly violated the consitutional rights of Kim Dotcom when they took orders from the US to illegally arrest him and raid his estate. 

UK is muckety mucking with the MH17 black boxes to make sure all the incriminating evidence never sees the light of day

US, Australia, Canada and the UK are partners in feeding the military-industrial complex beast by underwriting the ginormously expensive, mission incapable, turkey F35 (not to malign turkeys)

The seamless alignment between these countries on "anti-terror", signals intelligence collection and exchange, foreign policy, Israel misdeeds is frightening. 


Frank N. Beans's picture

Australia was my last hope.  Well maybe New Zealand.

saints51's picture

First rule in my fight club is always a question. Can I legally have a gun with me at all times? If I can't , then this guy will not reside in that country.

HoleInTheDonut's picture

Same here, and I don't even own a gun or plan to buy one.

pods's picture

I would amend that with a caveat:

Do I have to prove that the government thinks it is okay for me to carry said weapon by showing each and every government clown my papers on command.

That kind of narrows the list to Mars.


saints51's picture

I heard a horror story about someone arrested for concealed weapon without a license because his shirt was half way covering the gun. How true that story is, I do not know. In some of these extreme left states I would not doubt it.

NotApplicable's picture

That's known as "brandishing." Which is considered damn near as serious as actually shooting someone in the eyes of the legal system.

saints51's picture

All i can say is FUBAR. I never knew the term used. If thats what the prosecuters use against someone, well thats fucked up.

FeralSerf's picture

Brandishing: the act of allowing a weapon that is illegally concealed to be illegally seen.

Where is George Orwell when you need him?

UselessEater's picture

Gun control is going to be tightened. An Aust senate inquiry is taking submissions; they want to restrict and track weapons further and including electronic alarms on gun cabinets etc.

Walking around with a weapon? There are restrictions on transporting eg lock box in a boot. A guy was fined for leaving a gun in a car for 5 min to pop into a shop, his wife was in the car but did not possess a license.

The_Prisoner's picture

What is painful to watch is how the vast majority of the population, specialy in the cities, is in favour of strict gun controls.

For the americans reading this: You know all that anti-gun propaganda you have in the US, al-la Michael Moore and others, that you think no one buys? Australians lap it up.

For that reason here both left and right politicians are anti-gun, so they can feel safer.

NickVegas's picture

It's not gun control, the state apparatus always keeps all their guns under all these plans. 

FeralSerf's picture

Gun control means the livestock don't have guns but the herders do have guns.

Herders are greatly outnumbered by their livestock. Gun control is the way they maintain order and control.

DeadFred's picture

Do they have a fiat based currency too? That will tell ya.

koncaswatch's picture

Fred, I assume that was sarcasm as I don't think there is any PM backed currency in the world right. now. You'll have to put that desire on your "unattainable" bucket list.

koncaswatch's picture

Fred, I assume that was sarcasm as I don't think there is any PM backed currency in the world right now. You'll have to put that desire on your "unattainable" bucket list.

damn, sorry for the double post.

McMolotov's picture

If Yoda were here, he might say, "No, there is another." Unfortunately, he's currently being held at a CIA black site under suspicion of terrorism.

MidwestJester's picture

Yeah, he couldn't come up with a legitimate excuse for visiting those ewok terrorists on Endor after the death star blew up...

zerozulu's picture

You can keep your hopes. Simon wants every one to come to Chile  and buy land from him.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Better than living in a vassal state of 5 Eyes.