Gold Jumps, Germany Dumps, S&P Slumps As NATO Tells Russia "To Step Back From The Brink"

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NATO's Chief Anders Rasmussen is unleashing his latest set of 'back down or else' comments this morning towards Russia:


And ironically Rasmussen proclaims Russia faces further isolation if it continues down this path... by which he means Russia will become even closer to its BRICS allies.


The rhetoric is rising...


The market's reaction to this tone is bad... stocks dropping and Bunds to record low yields...


and gold jumping...


and DAX is heading further negative year-to-date...

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North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

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NATO? What are they going to do if Russia elects to roll a metric buttload of armor into Ukraine?  Nothing.  Absolutely fucking NOTHING.  They will talk and saction, but no military response.

pods's picture

Well NATO is just protecting fellow NATO member Ukraine.  lulz

Did they say this from the missile cruiser in the Black Sea?

Fucking war pimps, we should tie a yellow ribbon on their dead, bloated corpses.

Warmongering cunts.


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Razmussen Talking Nuclear WAR, Over A Impoverished Shithole Section Of Ukr THat Nobody Gives A Fuck About ?????

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fuck NATO.

don't forget how NATO backed down during the Georgian/Russian conflict back in 2008.  Russia basically said get the fuck away or we'll nuke all of you.

NATO backed down...bitchez.

And they should have.  NATO shouldn't be screwing around in any of that shit over there.  Especially screwing with Syria and backing Al Quaida and I.S. 

NATO is just being used as another terrorist organization on behalf of the NWO globalist scumbags. 

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NATO can do nothing. They are a paper tiger that Putin can easily burn. Fighting against Russia in their own back yard and winning is a Neocon (aka Neofascist) wet dream: killing millions of Goy while reaping hundreds of billions in profits. Fortunately it is a fantasy since Europe and USSA will not go to war with Russia over a backward, failed, corrupt, dual citizen run Ukraine.


Is the USSA willing to send more soldiers to die in the Ukraine, for a country that most Americans cannot even find on a map?

Does anyone really think that Europeans will send their youth to die to satisfy Shell Oil's fracking contracts in  Donbass, Ukraine?


All wars are bankster wars!

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Bankster games.

Err, yes, NATO will decisively engage in preparations to discuss dinner times to discuss whether to discuss sanctions.

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The sky over Europe would be insanely busy.

I don't think any one wants a shooting war there.

Let's move all this to Africa and welcome them to our fucked up pain and misery


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All Putin has to do is have his army sit on the Russian border for a few more months, then let General Winter start reading the riot act to the idjuts in Ukraine!

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Ukraine is not even a member of NATO Rasmussen!  You dope!

WTF you going to do if Russia moves in, hold a press conference!?!?!

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NATO should toss out Turkey and replace with Ukraine.

NATO is all white and raycisssst

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Not just hold a press conference. They will also condemn the move in. Not just condemn but really, really condemn.

StychoKiller's picture

Really!  Totally psyche'd about the "joint communique!"  Then, the comfy chair (followed by fluffy pillows!)

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the ukraine is not a nato member country... not yet anyway

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That's a critical point actively suppressed by mainstream media. UKRAINE IS NOT A MEMBER OF NATO. NATO has no jurisdiction.  On a related note, did you wonder why the glib term "Territorial Integrity" gets tossed around by Western whores?  It's because the billions in debt (enslavement) promised by the EU hinges on Kiev retaining control of Ukraine's original borders. Once again, debt turns governments against their citizenry.

Ukrainians, open your eyes! If you don't make drastic changes, your future is a horror!

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Do you really think the rich and comfortable Eurotards in Brussels, London, and Paris are willing to risk ANYTHING?

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No, but they are American lapdogs - and the yankees want war (or so it seems).

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#Putin likes gold  #I hate Putin

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You think they stand a chance to stop the Russians at Fulda Gap this time?

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You've got it backwards. The banking syndicate is based out of Europe. NATO may be the lapdog, the US is the bulldog. They're both on a choke chain. An iron fist is still only a tool. The mind is elsewhere. Diversion is key.

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... of course he's right.

Every time the West rattles its sabers or thumps its chest, gold rises.  And, if gold gets on a tear ......  it's all over for the West and their fiats with no gold.

Watch.  As long as gold pumps with every threat of war, nothing will be done.  (only covert actions)

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Huh?  Why Belgium alone has two or three...APCs, so they're ready to roll! :>D

Quick, call up the EU reserve armies...

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I dont thonk thats the cas.America needs a war and lets hopePutan dosnt give them what they want. Has Russia rebuilt their army so atrong since falling apart just a few years back. And im sure yall dont want to be n the bread lins again. Warvis comming nothing us bloggers can do.

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Razmussen Talking Nuclear WAR, Over A Impoverished Shithole Section Of Ukr ?????

barre-de-rire's picture

the problem is not ukraine, ukraine is a decoy. a proxy.


the problem is on each side of ukraine, USA/EU vs RUSSIA/BRICS.

it is a mixdown of imperialism by ressources control and economic antropy



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This is the real story.  The Ukraine is being used as a staging ground to take down Mother Russia,dismember her and steal her resources.  Putin understands this play and Washington will burn before this ever happens.

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I'm laughing at the image of stars and stripes being raised in Red Square. Seriously, having worked for psychopaths and seen them achieve full destructive potential at the corporate level, I'm confident that they will completely obliterate our countries before they succeed in any imperialist ambitions overseas.

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Stupid Russians, they don't see NATO as a partner... probably because it isn't.

pods's picture


(and keep selling Europe gas please)

NATO is a friggin peacock.


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"The brink" appears to be Russia's borders, and NATO tells Russia to "step back" from it. Laughable, transparently stupid. Let NATO step back from the brink, back into their own countries, and mind their own damn business for a change.

pods's picture

This is all coming right from the US.  This is to bring Europe back into the US sphere as much as it is to demonize Russia.

Face it, the US now is merely just a debt exporter, and the world is awash in debt.

Europe is finding that Russia has something to offere besides more debt and the US cannot have that.


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NATO is lead by Fogh Rasmussen. A former Danish politician. He runs the interests of America, and parts of his family resides there.

Fogh Rasmussen has been instrumental in involving Denmark in wars they should never have been involved in, and he is bad news even at the best of times.

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How many times have they claimed that Russia has concentrated large forces at the border in the last weeks?

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The rule of thumb is one angry declaration for each extra soldier.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Not enough, apparently, because they haven't got their war started yet.

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How many times has Wiley Coyote bought from ACME?
They never learn.

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Hmmm, how about telling the US bully and the EU to stop with all the poking first?!

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Rasmussen is a first class ass and arsonist.  Ukraine is not in NATO and much of it never will be in NATO.  Europe may burn because of clowns like this in authority.

It is NATO trying to take Ukraine that is creating the "brink".  Russia does not respond to threats.  It will take action as it believes in its vital national interests.

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Rasmussen has to make noises because his clients in the Baltics and Poland are demanding NATO troops invade Eastern Ukraine and "teach those Russkies a lesson."  NATO does not dare move but he can make a lot of noise.

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I just keep hoping that Putin and China's leader Xi pull a flash mob (dancing, not invading) on the border of Ukraine, and then hold a press conference where they announce that they are dropping the dollar. That would be quite a youtube video for Psaki to comment on.

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Hashbrown - humansneverlearn

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But how can this be? With The One, the world was supposed to be all peaches and cake overnite.

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He just hasn't gotten around to droning Moscow.

astoriajoe's picture

some reset, huh?

I've got an "easy" button from staples on my desk if O wants to borrow it.

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NATO Tells Russia "To Step Back From The Brink"

US spending $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine or US demonizing Putin is just fine though

Since the beginning of the week, the three most influential mass circulation newsmagazines of the United States, Britain, and Germany—Time, The Economist, and Der Spiegel—have published cover stories that combine wild accusations against Vladimir Putin with demands for a showdown with Russia.

The most striking and obvious characteristic of these cover stories is that they are virtually identical. The CIA has scripted them all. The stories employ the same insults and the same fabrications. They denounce Putin’s “web of lies.” The Russian president is portrayed as a “depraved” mass murderer.