America’s Immune System Has Failed … So the Cancers of War and Corruption are Spreading

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When someone is exposed to a germ, his immune system fights it off.

If his immune system stops functioning, he can’t fight off even minor bugs … and he dies.

Without an immune system, the body doesn’t know good guys from bad.

Without an immune system, the body can’t distinguish between its own self and a mortal enemy and lethal invader.

American has lost its immune system. Unless we kick-start it, our country will die.

Here are a couple of clear examples …

Fraud and the Economy

Failing to prosecute the fraud of the big banks is dooming our economy.

Nobel prize winning economist George Akerlof has demonstrated that failure to punish white collar criminals – and instead bailing them out- creates incentives for more economic crimes and further destruction of the economy in the future.

Indeed, professor of law and economics (and chief S&L prosecutor) William Black notes that we’ve known of this dynamic for “hundreds of years”. And see this, this, this and this.

And a review of the data on accounting fraud confirms that fraud goes up as criminal prosecutions go down.

Black also says that the Bush and Obama administrations have both broken the law by failing to break up the insolvent banks.

And yet our immune system failed.  Indeed, the U.S. government admits that it refuses to prosecute fraud … pretty much as an official policy. Indeed, the government helped cover up the crimes of the big banks, used claims of national security to keep everything in the dark, and changed basic rules and definitions to allow the game to continue. See this, this, this and this.

And top economists and financial experts say we need to break up the giant banks to save the economy.

Because fraudsters weren’t prosecuted and the banks weren’t broken up, the fraudsters are now committing bigger and bigger crimes, and banks are now bigger than ever … leaving the economy open to an even bigger crash than occurred in 2008.

Lying Us Into Disastrous Wars

Warmongerers in the U.S. government knowingly and intentionally lied us into a war of aggression in Iraq.  The former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the highest ranking military officer in the United States – said that the Iraq war was “based on a series of lies”.

Many high-ranking military officials, top Republican leaders and key architects of the Iraq war said that the war was really about oil.   The American government sold the Iraq war under false pretenses.  Former CIA director George Tenet said that the White House inserted “crap” in its justifications for invading Iraq.

National security experts – including both hawks and doves – agree that waging war against Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries has weakened America’s national security and increased terrorism risks. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.  In fact, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until the U.S. invaded in 2003, and now Islamic terrorists have taken over much of the country.

“Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression” is a war crime … a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Because the architects of the Iraq war have not been held accountable, those in government felt free to tell whoppers about Syria to try to whip up a war there for reasons wholly unrelated to America’s national defense.

And now, these same boneheads are trumpeting propaganda – which contradicts what the intelligence analysts actually say – to whip up war with Russia.  Russia – unlike Iraq – has nuclear weapons, and is a huge military power.

Because America’s immune system didn’t function to punish those responsible for the Iraq war lies, new lies are being told about other countries … leading America into even more disastrous wars, and destroying our freedom in the process.


Failing to prosecute those who created, authorized or promoted the torture program is destroying our country’s reputation and hurting our national security.  Top experts say that torture creates new terrorists.  Prosecuting the torturers would help to reduce the hatred – and terrorism – which comes from the horrendous program of torture.

In addition, top counter-terrorism experts say that indefinite detention – such as we have at Guantanamo – increases terrorism.

And as Darrel Vandeveld – former  prosecutor in the Guantanamo military commissions, and current Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve – wrote:

Torture is a crime and the United States engaged in it. Those are two indisputable facts…


The process of self-examination and accountability has been, and remains, the only way to move forward and regain our moral and legal grounding


We have a Department of Justice for a reason, and now it’s up to Attorney General Holder, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, to do his job and appoint an independent prosecutor to follow the evidence where it may lead…


It is critical that we hold accountable those who authorized, those who legally sanctioned and those who implemented the torture policies of one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history. What is at stake is nothing less than our democracy.

The highest law of the land requires the government to prosecute all of those involved in the torture program … even the president and vice-president.

And yet our immune system failed.  In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned hundreds of years of legal doctrine by deciding that a judge can throw out a case – before any discovery is even conducted – because he doesn’t personally believe what the Plaintiff says can be true. The case was brought by someone who was tortured … but the judge “decided” that the U.S. doesn’t torture, so threw out the case before the guy could prove he was tortured.

Failing to prosecute the torturers has led to a whole new generation of terrorist recruits, reduced America’s moral standing in the eyes of the world, and left our soldiers vulnerable to torture by our enemies.

Will Anyone Defend America?

There are many other recent examples of America’s failing immune system:

  • 9/11 was – at the very bestcriminal negligence. Yet not a single official in government, military or intelligence responsible for letting the attack happen was fired or even demoted.  Indeed, most were promoted after 9/11

Americans are starting to realize that corruption is pervasive across our political system.  And we have lost the checks and balances which the Founding Fathers created.

Can we the people act as America’s immune system, to distinguish what is America as a living entity and what is an invading threat?

Or will America be destroyed from within by those who are acting as parasites, attacking – and little by little – killing her?

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Reaper's picture

America is corrupted totally in its courts. Judges have immunity for criminal acts on the bench. Lifetime appointments in federal courts mean there is no weeding out of the corrupt, demented and inept. Nine judges can split 5 to 4 and thus one judge can change laws and/or the meaning of the Constitution.

State courts are equally corrupt. Judges and prosecutors knowingly accept perjured police testimony, called testilying. Fools on juries follow judges instructions, believe police testimony and fail to understand, regardless of what the judge says, that they can decide both the law and the fact. Prosecutors, such as Eric Holder and Bharra in the Southern District of NY, Manhattan, have decreed their TBTP policies. Some of us with experience in the second circuit cannot name one honest judge therein.

The FBI maintains a policy of never recording interviews or questioning and then uses a record of that interview prepared by one of its agents from memory to prosecute. Why do they fear recordings? Why should a jury or a judge trust the memory and/or their likelihood of lying to get a conviction.

All three branches are corrupted and venal, but the sheeple still trust.

VWAndy's picture

We lost the ability to hold them accountable. That is all. Some will try and say its complicated but its not.

q99x2's picture

World got a bad case of bankester infestation. Can't we get more of them to jump? I'm doublin down on 2 of them jumping this upcoming week. Statistically they are overdue for a cluster of them to hit the ground.

Comte d'herblay's picture

Actually, the immune system's strength (or weakness) resides 80% in the Colon. Yup. 

The necessity for a healthy colon cannot be overemphasized.  So treat it more kindly, insure the healthy growth of the best bacteria.  For optimum health, plenty of good ol' h2o, and vigorous exercise. You must eat potatoes and other starches abstemiously. Quick movement of digested food throug the canal is crucial. 

And stay away from anal sex, (lissen up all you gay married couples, homos,  and your mastresses)  as that just contaminates and complicates the entire issue unnecessarily. 


daemon's picture
" Will Anyone Defend America? "

I will GW, I will .............

against all those Americans .......

steveo77's picture

For the weekend warriors, this is important.

I have dredged up the average world hemisphere for every point in the southerna nd northern hemispere, for every month, from 1880 to 2014. And I have charted them and run stats on them.

CLEARCUT, we have NO WARMING the last 17 years. But we have had some more extreme temp spikes, although the long term is for less varaiability. Have you been on the fence about Global Warming? Time to get off that fence, and make decisions based on reality.

Accounting101's picture

Does your bullshit blogspot detail the diminishing polar caps and rising sea level? How about the fact that every single climatologist asserts the climate change is very real? Please, no bullshit about what some scientist said in 1973.

Your post is a glaring example of GW's premise of a broken down national immune system. Your witchcraft bullshit is pushed by billionaire interests because they know that our national discourse is so weak and broken down that a sizable portion of the citizenry will believe nonsense.

Who needs decades of scientific evidence and intellectual hardwork when you can just use corporate blogposts and bullshit YouTube videos?

epicurious's picture

Bean counter101

Why would you even make such a rash generalization.  Many scientists have come out in opposition to climate warming trend theory.  see this


FredFlintstone's picture

Don't you worry yourself. Your government pension will run out well before you are harmed by any global warming. Drink you milk and go to bed. Sweet dreams.

Radical Marijuana's picture

It is NOT so simple and settled, Accounting 101. I have spent several years attempting to understand the issue of humans blamed for climate change.

In the end, the ONLY thing that I could be certain of is that human societies ARE controlled by lies backed by violence, and therefore, one can not trust any source of information! I REPEAT that inside that context I have found the single most reliable source of relatively unbiased information on that topic has been summarized in the series of videos that I linked above:

IF things WERE as BAD as simple greenhouse gas mechanisms, driven by human beings, which were the ONLY factors that mattered, then we would ALREADY BE TERMINALLY SCREWED:

However, I still think that Guy McPherson deliberately ignores and discounts the information presented by Suspicious0bservers, as is supported by the general theory of the electric universe, presented by the Thunderbolts of the Gods guys ... After spending several years attempting to wade through all the biased information on the climate change issues, the only thing that I continue to be certain of is that human civilization is dominated by lies backed up by violence, and therefore, one cannot trust any sources of information. But nevertheless, my current views are that we are getting a temporary break from the Sun, which is not allowing the positive feedbacks of the greenhouse gas mechanisms to runaway as fast as they would otherwise be predicted to do.

Of course, when the Sun wakes up and becomes more active, then greenhouse gas mechanisms could return with a vengeance! However, my current opinion is that things are not quite, currently, as bad as Guy McPherson presents them to be. Although I concur that, since human society is controlled by lies backed by violence, which has resulted in attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards everything like social polarization and destruction of the natural world, that trajectory overall seems totally tragic, I do not agree on the time scale during which that is going to play through. Instead, I now like to believe that the bigger Sun cycles may be giving us more time ... ??? Personally, I hope that I manage to survive for a few more decades, to discover what the actual situation turns out to have been, and which theories are proven to have been more correct predictions ...

Anyway, Accounting101, I regard your expressed opinion as being a gross over-simplification, and over-confident. IF you were right, then it does not matter, because there would be nothing we could really do about that! IF greenhouse gas mechanisms are going to overwhelm everything else with their positive feedback loops, then everything else that George Washington presented in this article above is too little, too late, and too trivial to matter much anyway! Indeed, one of the sublime paradoxes of attempting to predict the future is that IF ONE PRESUMES THERE WILL NOT BE ANY, THEN ONE MIGHT AS WELL EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY NOW, BECAUSE "TOMORROW" WE WILL DIE ANYWAY!

Radical Marijuana's picture

Maybe off topic, steveo77, but I suppose there IS some relationship between the basic problem outlined in the article above, and every other possible political issue ... Anyway, after several years of looking into the issues of the degree to which human beings could be blamed for causing climate changes, my current favourite is available here:

Comte d'herblay's picture

The changes from whatever source, whether it was dinosaur farts in pre-history, or the emission from my 20 year old pickup truck, or the emanations from hundreds of thousands of lying scumbag politicians and 40 yr old ex-wives with out of control libidos, are like what happens when you finally get centripetal force moving on a flywheel.

You can't stop it. 

Forsake the warnings, they're too little too late; embrace the Atlantic Ocean beach soon to appear in Pittsburgh.  Buy the wharf now and you'll thank me later.


oudinot's picture

I like the analogy: America losing its white blood cells.

I remember a movie , late 70's, and my sex symbol Raquel Welch was minituarized into a crewman on a submarine that was in a significant man's arteries to cure him.

What was the name of that movie?

Raquel looked awesome to my then virgin mind.

WhyWait's picture

She starred in my first wet dream!

MickV's picture

The one all encompansing fear of the Founders was FOREIGN INFLUENCE. John Jay wrote 5 Federalist Papers on the subject, and G. Washington warned direly about it in his farewell address. If you want to talk about the "immune system" of the Republic, then you must talk about the prevention of foreign influence. Alas GW is absolutely clueless.

The invasion of Foreign influence into the Oval Office was achieved by the NWO by the installation of Hussein Obama, who was born British, of a British subject father, and is certainly not a natural born Citizen. Obama OBVIOUSLY has no allegiance and attachment to America or its principles, and is the perfect example of why a natural born Citizen is required.

As of now the Constitution is suspended, since when there is an illegal executor of the laws then there is no law. GW is willfully blind to this fact, and refuses to alert the public. As such he is merely a steam vent and a coward.

Dugald's picture



achieved by the NWO by the installation of Hussein Obama, who was born British, of a British subject father, and is certainly not a natural born Citizen.

Like I keep saying guys.   It's all a diabolical British Plot.......HaHaaaaaa

jmaloy5365's picture

There is only one way to deal with cancer, kill it before it kills you.

Setarcos's picture

I cannot see any reason for optimixm.

J suppose that GW represents a minority of somewhat informed Usans, but still says stuff like,  "9/11 was – at the very bestcriminal negligence."

Oh dear GW, it was an inside job in which Israel was deeply involved for instance, never mind all of the other information about 9/11 that's been available for years.

And then there is this Founding Father nonsense, with it being widely believed that they "founded a democracy", whereas the FACT is that they were a bunch of land-owning oligarchs looking after their own interests, which certainly did not include the rights of men who did not own land, nor women and especially not slaves and native Americans.

Come on!  They founded a Republic and made no secret of it.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have as much to do with common people as Magna Carta does, i.e. NOTHING.  Magna Carta was an agreement between King John and land-owning robber barons.

Any reference to "the people" is just an empty rhetorical flourish in both the Washington and London Empires.

What we have today is the inevitable outcome of original corruption, NOT a failure of illusory safeguards which people believe existed.

I suppose that the majority of any survivors of WW3/4 will still believe present mythology and wonder how the hell it all failed.

No Quarter's picture

That seems wholly correct. At the end of the day, how different were our founding fathers from the society they left, or the controlling elite of today? Probably not much. These people were typically well to do landed gentry. The ideals resonate, but they were not spoken for the likes of us.

rwe2late's picture

 The Bill of Rights assertions such as free speech, prohibition of torture, habeas corpus

are ideals worth defending,

regardless of the limitations exampled by the Founders,

or the Orwellian self-serving interpretations concocted by our present ruling authorities.

Clesthenes's picture

“What was the end of killing the tyrant, but to be free from tyranny?  A ridiculous motive, and an empty exploit, if our slavery survive him.” Cicero, quoted in Cato’s Letters, #23, p. 169.

“Can the people act as America’s immune system, to distinguish what is America as a living entity and what is an invading threat?”

I’m afraid the answer is negative.

The quote by Cicero is part of the legacy won by the American Revolution; not because he said it, but, because the English rebel, John Elliot, authored an example of it.  And, ; there’s hardly an American alive who knows it.

American Founders relied heavily on English rebels for direction and procedures needed to successfully win their bid for independence; the Petition of Rights of 1628, the Grand Remonstrance of 1640, the so-called Bill of Rights of 1688, among many other milestones of liberty.

One of the more significant items was the resolution introduced by John Elliot by which taxes imposed without the consent of parliament was made a capital offense.  The measure was passed by the House of Commons before Charles dissolved parliament and arrested several members.  Twelve years later, parliament used Elliot’s resolution as the basis to take down judges and tax collectors, a bishop and kings for asserting “the divine right of kings” and imposing taxes that had not received the assent of parliament.

No, I don’t recommend that we kill tyrants and their useful idiots; it would put them out of their misery too soon.  I think it would be much better to recover the booty they took – even if we have to chase them to the ends of the earth.

And, no, we can’t rely on current forums of redress; they are dominated by bandit and useful-idiot classes who will not allow any meaningful investigation – much less, any prosecution – of themselves.  When the Justice Department conceived and directed “Fast and Furious”, did you really expect them to prosecute themselves for it?

Silly season is over; we have to get serious.  If there is to be any redress, we must use the only historically-proven method that has ever brought worthwhile redress: substantially the same method used by American Founders.

The trouble is there is hardly an American today that even suspects the existence of this method: he simply has no knowledge of it.

For example, Founders repeatedly declared that “no man is obligated to obey any law or pay any tax unless he has given consent to it”.  Did they mean this literally?  Of course they did.  From the first English settlement to the Revolution this was how affairs of the colonies were managed.  Every “law” and every “tax” had its origin in contracts between colonial assemblies and those who petitioned for redress of grievances.  The terms of the contract were sometimes referred to as “laws” of the contract while its money payments were treated as “taxes”.  And only petitioners were obligated to obey such “laws” and pay such “taxes”.  When redress was completed, related “laws” and “taxes” expired.

There, in one paragraph I conveyed to you more real history than you learned in 12 years of elementary and high schools, and 4-6 years of university indoctrination.  You won’t learn this and other lessons from professors, or judges, or lawyers; the first two depend on continued grievances for their pensions, the third never learned such history, or law.

This right of consent was won with the Revolution… and who knows it?

This is just one of many examples of real American history and law Americans don’t know; and that they must learn if there is to be any redress relative to a mountain range of grievances.

Until men learn these lessons of history, those who suffer from, and those who complain about, grievances must wallow in a stifling swamp of impotence: that condition where men only pretend at reason, justice, and civilization.

No, it won’t be easy and it won’t be quick.  Unprecedented adventures never are.

(Follow my other comments: click on my name, thanks.)

basho's picture

to stay healthy one keeps one immune system healthy. it is a process. it takes constant vigilence. it means sacrifice at times. it means work at other times. it means saying 'no'

it is no different in the metaphorical use you have put this word to, unfortunately americans have forgotten that it is they that must keep the immune system healthy, personal and societal.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  ? Patrick Henry

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.” ? Emma Goldman

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?”  ? Mahatma Gandhi

“This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself.”  ? Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child

“There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My phone is spying on me'.” ? Philip K. Dick

indulge yourselves:

pupdog1's picture

Good metaphor.

The words Holder and independent should never be used in the same sentence. Hisory will show him to be the chief enabler of the loss of the republic.

Lordflin's picture

Sorry, double posted... haven't done that in awhile.

Lordflin's picture

While a reasonable statement GW, this news is about 100 years old...

William, so far as Cold War 2.0... this one is bout to turn hot. In fact, in much of the world folks would claim it already has. War by proxy is coming to an end I suspect.

Anyone taking bets on where WW III, or IV depending on you point of view, will finally ignite? My money has been on Middle East for years now, but I admit a Biblical bias.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, Lordflin, the primary source of the metastasizing cancer in the USA is the monetary system, which had its main symbolic moment occur about a hundred years ago, while the modern form of that monetary system was a couple centuries older in Europe. Most of American history has been about the battles between the American people and the international bankers. For about a Century, the American people have been losing those battles more and more, at an exponentially accelerating rate. The feedback loops of the roles of money through the political processes have been the main ways that the powers of "We the People" ended up driving what now looks like terminally insane social sicknesses.

However, there was never any actual beginning to the primary problem, which was the short-term social successes that flow from being able to back up deceits with destruction. The biggest bullies have always dominated societies with their bullshit. Those where the reasons how and why the American public "money" system was able to become runaway enforced frauds, developing at an exponential rate for more than a hundred years. If one goes back to the beginnings of the undermining of the original American constitution promoting money be backed by gold and silver, whose value was set by Congress, one observes the persistent application of the methods of organized crime to the political processes gradually resulted in the public "money" supply becoming MAD Money As Debt, made out of nothing by private banks. Of course, that includes the Federal Reserve Board, as the most intense expression of the ways that the methods of bribery, intimidation, and assassination of those politicians who could not be otherwise bribed or intimidated, were able to successfully dominate the political processes, in order to establish systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence.

Everything in the article above by George Washington also relates to this recent article too:

That article touches upon the paradoxical ways that those who have the power to legally counterfeit the public "money" supply as debts, made out of nothing, which can disappear back to nothing when those debts disappear, have the supreme power: IT IS THE MONETARY SYSTEM WHICH IS THE MAIN METASTASIZING CANCER.  The apparent insanities of recent American (along with NATO) wars can only be understood as those being the banksters' wars, which accomplish greater and greater degrees of debt slavery, because the banksters have captured control over the political processes (including the mass media.)

It was, and still is, the role of the money, through its feedback loops through the political processes which was the foundation of the runaway DEBT SLAVERY SYSTEMS, BACKED BY WARS BASED ON DECEITS. However, that necessarily drives the paradoxical longer term effects of social successes based on the series of shorter term abilities to back up lies with violence: FINAL FAILURE FROM TOO MUCH SUCCESSFULLY ENFORCED FRAUD. The history of warfare based on deceits, backed by destruction, developed the War Kings that survived through that selection process, which made and maintained the sovereign states, whose legalized powers were covertly captured by the Fraud Kings, the private banks that made and maintained the MONEY SYSTEMS AS THE MAIN SOURCE OF THE METASTASIZING CANCER THROUGHOUT A GLOBALIZED SOCIETY.

The degree to which everyone is forced to use the public money supply also is the degree to which the almost inconceivably crazy corruption of the monetary system results in all the other basic political problems, which are also analogous to parasites killing their host, as well as analogous to autoimmune diseases. After those kinds of diseases have become such runaways, it becomes tragic nostalgic nonsense to propose "solutions" based on being able to go backwards to what it could have, or perhaps should have, been possible to imagine before there were more than a hundred years of runaway social sickness and insanity symbolized by the development of the monetary systems which exist now. That is, going back to money backed by gold and silver is now way too late, and would be too trivial a series of political miracles, to provide any miracle cures.

As most of the other comments on this kind of article have already said, there are no good reasons to believe that there actually are going to be some political miracle cures for these diseases. The only reasonable expectation is that these diseases are going to get much worse, and become horribly fatal. Of course, at that point, a crucial issue with respect to the analogies between human beings themselves, and the society as a whole, becomes relevant. Namely, individual human beings are actually ancient ecologies, inside of other ancient ecologies. An individual human being is made of trillions of cells, coexisting with even more microscopic organisms, whose total genome is collectively bigger than that of the human genome. Therefore, social systems, made up of only hundreds of millions or billions of individuals are WAY simpler than biological beings made up of hundreds of trillions of cells.

Therefore, the death of the social system, due to its runaway diseases, will cause chaotic collapses back down to whatever levels of social organization may be able to survive through that. I suggest that the best that we MIGHT be able to do is work towards preventing the collapses from being as bad as they otherwise would, and enabling recovery from those collapses faster than they otherwise could. However, there is no way to save the established systems of enforced frauds. Rather, the internationally banksters' agenda of consolidating a global government based on the continuation of their systems of enforced frauds has become a criminally insane project.

THE GRAND PARADOXES WE ARE PRESENTED WITH ARE DUE TO SOME HUMAN BEINGS UNDERSTANDING GENERAL ENERGY SYSTEMS BETTER, WHILE THAT IS NOT APPLIED TO UNDERSTANDING POLITICS BETTER. The basic problems are that BOTH the established systems, AND their controlled opposition groups, want to stay within the old-fashioned frames of reference based on false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals, in which erroneous dualities are presumed and relied upon, despite how mistaken those are. (The comment posted here by Clesthenes demonstrated both the degree to which Americans have become ignorant of their history, as well as how "solutions" based on going backwards to what was in that history are impossible.)

The basic problems are not merely that governments are the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, but that they MUST necessarily be! When one applies the general concepts of energy systems to human systems, one discovers that those match the principles and methods of organized crime. Furthermore, when one perceives human beings as special cases of entropic pumps, then one perceives that human realities are always organized lies operating robberies. Governments, and lesser forms of organized crime, emerge as the dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies operating robberies.

At the present time, the runaway enforced frauds that dominate the USA are becoming extremely unbalanced. THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT EVERYTHING IN THE ARTICLE ABOVE BY GEORGE WASHINGTON IS CORRECT! However, the issues then arise about the analogies between medicine and politics, regarding diagnoses and prognoses. The government of the USA has become almost totally based upon systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, whose excessive successes are destroying themselves. The debt slavery systems have already generated numbers which are at levels of debt insanities, which no longer have any mathematically feasible ways to be resolved. Since those debt controls were always actually backed up by death controls, the runaway debt insanities are threatening to provoke death insanities. Indeed, there are no political practical ways that I am aware of which could provide the series of political miracles to prevent the MAD Money-As-Debt systems from not continuing to madly destroy themselves, while taking everyone else down with them, to the degree that everyone else was forced to use that MAD public money supply, and therefore, everyone else was forced to live their lives inside of those enforced frauds.

HOWEVER, WHEN IT COMES TO SUGGESTING "SOLUTIONS" (or treatments for the social sicknesses) I CONTINUE TO FIND ALMOST NOTHING BUT REACTIONARY REVOLUTIONARIES, RECOMMENDING THAT WE GO BACK TO THEIR PREFERRED FAVOURITE OLD-FASHIONED RELIGION OR IDEOLOGIES. Despite that the currently established systems of globalized electronic frauds, backed up by the the threat of the force of atomic bombs, are based on things like quantum mechanics and the special theory of relativity, NONE of that kind of science plays any critical role in the minds of those proposing old-fashioned sets of "solutions" for those exponentially increasing problems. Similarly, despite the awesome levels of progress in basic biology, and therefore, biomedical technology, which ought to be applied to better understand the metaphorical comparisons between individual human illnesses, and collective social illnesses, again almost NONÈ of that kind of insight is applied to improve those analogies.

I recommend that we should go through a profound series of intellectual scientific revolutions, especially including our basic ways of thinking about time and space, which then changes the ways that we think about entropy operating through energy systems, which then apply to politics. The case in point is that the primary source of the metastasizing social cancer that is killing society is the monetary systems becoming runaway enforced frauds, driving worse and worse social polarization and destruction of the natural world. It is NOT possible for there to be any sufficiently adequate reforms to the established monetary systems. Nothing less than monetary revolutions would be enough.

The exponential paths of debt slavery generating numbers which have become debt insanities is going to result in those established systems of debt slavery backed by wars based on deceits pumping up the energy for severe social storms to blow through. The MAD monetary systems are going to cause their own mad collapses into chaos. Due to the ways that the metastasized cancer of the monetary systems already has become entangled through the funding of the political processes, there currently appear no treatments which could avoid killing the patient. Indeed, everything that the established systems do is treat the problems of too much debt with even more debt. They can not do anything else within their frame of reference. Therefore, the outstanding issues are when and how are those established systems going to die, and what MIGHT survive through those deaths?

IF any human beings at all survive, then they will still live in their realities then, which will necessarily be their new systems of organized lies, operating robberies. Social organizations in the future will continue to necessarily be operated through the principles and methods of organized crime. The crucial questions, in my opinion, are NOT whether the agenda of consolidating the current systems of enforced frauds can succeed. That agenda of the international banksters has become too criminally insane to work. Rather, the questions are whether the human species can better complete the human experiment of building brains that can better model their world, including models of themselves within their models of their world.

The outstanding issues are whether progress in science and technology can be made more consistent with political processes. The crux of that are the ways that warfare was the oldest and best social science, whose successes were based on backing up deceits with destruction, upon which basis was built the science of economics, in which successes were based on enforced frauds. In my view, we have no choice but to embrace those social facts, as not only existing, but also necessarily existing. The problems outlined by George Washington in this article above are all about the established social and political systems becoming more and more extremely unbalanced. However, the only realistic ways to make and maintain better dynamic equilibria require that we better understand the deeper nature of those problems.

basho's picture

the reason it is still news is because no one is listening.

cold war 2.0 going hot? who are the protagonists?

the ussa and the entire middle east?

israhell and the entire middle east?

that's been hot for the last 10+ yrs. 'shock and awe' in big genocidal doses.

4 your sake, you don't need another hot war. this one won't be against goat herders.

Lordflin's picture

I believe that the point I made above was that the proxy wars are ending... that would in my estimation preclude the goat herders except as they might weight the body count. If you can't figure out the obvious combatants then you have been asleep.

As to no one listening... I do not believe that a crticism reasonably leveled at most folks here...

Anyway, had not intended this post as a major point of conflict... well... except that the Cold War 2.0 comment is a bit off. I appreciate WB's humor and pov, but he is quite wrong if he thinks we are heading into another Cold War. Not only is that not the intention of Western leaders ( thugs? Mafia?) who have been pushing Russia for at least the past 20 years, and more recently China, but there is not the intellect amongst said leadership to propagate such a war. No, this one is going red hot, and sooner rather than later I suspect.

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A truly brilliant essay, GW. The paradigm of a failed auto-immune system is spot on.

What particularly resonated with me is the characteristic that the body ceases to be able to distinguish its own cells from the invasive bodies.

The constant MSM propaganda and the Judiciary's laws which tend to go against white males, the militarization of the US law enforcement are perfect examples of the state attacking or being prepared to attack its own people or a particular segment of its population.

Likewise, allowing in a flood of strangers into the US from Mexico is another example - a healthy body would *successfully* resist such an invasion.

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WB, Putin can only warn the Americans, because Americans have to do the clean up, it is their country. And as European I have to do the same thing in my country and in Brussels.

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You can't clean it up and neither can the Americans. The problem has always been the subtle manner in which voting and the law are slowly corrupted. Eventually, those two mechanisms are gutted, neutered and distorted beyond all recognition to be all but useless as tools of democracy. By that point, it's futile to use either one in an attempt to fix a system that corrupted both intentionally to perpetuate itself. 

Don't like the laws? Get your elected officials to change them. They won't change them? Vote for someone that will. The political parties that monopolize elections don't even give you that option? Then demand changes to the voting process by changing the law. How do you change the law? Get your elected officials to change them. They won't change them? [repeat useless circular logic here].

Easiest way to make sure your citizens can't remove the oligarchy: Insist good citizens obey the law and vote. Repeat endlessly. Kill those that disagree.

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There is no doubt you are right, Paveway IV.

I have spent the last 30 years PROVING you are right, inside of the Canadian context, which is basically the same as the American, although it tends to follow along behind. After spending a few decades working on the issues of the laws controlling the funding of the political processes in Canada, including 2 major court cases against the Canadian government, taking up a total of 15 years, about the laws controlling the funding of political parties:

Uses of Political Contributions

While, during that time, I discussed those issues face to face with tens of thousands of different people from all walks of life, (and I countinue to work on those issues through Canadian Electoral District Associations). There is NO doubt whatsoever that "democracy" in North America is already dead, and nothing more than a cruel joke!

Indeed, bothering to write articles, like George Washington does, no matter how well researched and presented, (and similarly for my comments upon those articles) is practically a waste of time. IN FACT, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO REALLY DO BUT TO WAIT AND WATCH AS OUR TERMINALLY SICK AND INSANE SOCIETY COMMITS COLLECTIVE SUICIDE!

Attempting to wake more people up and educate them is thrashing about hoping that there will be some miracle cures for the runaway terminal illnesses that afflict our civilization. On the basis of several decades of my own personal political experiments, there is NO doubt in my mind that the majority of "We the People" ARE Zombie Sheeple. They are stuck inside of the vicious ruts of their lives being controlled by the established political systems, of debt slavery backed by wars based on deceits.


I am one of a tiny handfull of people who have succeeded in actually proving in a court of law that the government had been arrogantly dishonest, and received punitive damages from having done that. However, the government then was able to respond by changing the laws, so that their previous lies then became the legal truth. Meanwhile, the overwhelming vast majority of people continued to be deliberately ignorant regarding those events. Similarly, my second court case demonstrated that the government can pass extremely unfair laws, which the judges, that those governments appointed, will agree are constitutionally valid.

Playing in the long game of politics is like participating in a sports league where the team that wins the previous season gets to change the rules and appoint the referees for the next season. The long game of politics has become so totally rigged that it is practically hopeless, while one is still forced to play! The situation in the USA is many orders of magnitude WORSE than in Canada. Everything that George Washington wrote about in the article above is RIGHT, but that does not matter. Our civilization IS terminally sick and insane. Anything else to prevent us from dying from those causes would take a prodigious series of political miracles, which, by definition, are extremely improbable!

I manage to get by, day to day, by clinging to irrational hopes for some series of political miracles. However, I recognize how totally irrational that is! The cancers of war and corruption are spreading, to the degree that we are actually unable to recover from those illnesses. That situation appears already fatal, although, as my comments below outlined, I get by with maintaining irrational hopes, because it is better to have some hope, rather than none at all (despite how objectively ridiculous that is.)

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Neither the U.S. government nor the Canadian government will last forever. Black swans and all.

If Canada goes under in your lifetime, then they'll need smart guys like you to help write a new constitution and a bill of rights. New documents clever enough to recognize the existence of psychopaths and the myriad of ways they usurp all government and exploit the citizens.

We were not fortunate enough to be born to perfect governments. When they fall, they always take a good portion of the citizens with them. My government - the U.S. - is coughing a lot lately and I could have swore I saw some blood running out of their ears. So, yeah... that one aspect of our lives suck.

We live in our modern version of the dark ages right now, but we're right on the cusp of another Rennaisance. It has to happen because of the internet. Things will never be the same.

I have no idea what that means, what it will look like or if it will even happen to any degree before I check out, but it's going to be fascinating. I'm impatient for our modern dark age of democracy to end and I bitch about it a lot, but it seems less and less important the older I get. The zombie sheeple are going to wake up or they're not. Nothing I can do about that. They will continue living in their dark ages hoping everything will be the same, or at least isn't as bad as it seems. I feel bad for them, but I no longer care. Someting really bad is probably going to happen (because things always end that way) and I'll survive or I won't.

I want to see what's around the corner after that. Most of all, I want my damn jet pack - everyone was suppose to have one by now. And I'm not wearing any sissy helmet either. 

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 Add the fact that the established powers will have more resources at their disposal, from NSA to MSM, and all manner of bribery.

Moreover, the two major parties and their sponsors will steal the thunder from your causes.

They will find and advertise unscrupulous politicians who will falsely claim to support your causes, and your issues. Once elected, of course, they will have allegiance to their true sponsors, and only support legislation benefitting them, not you.


How can you be certain when a politician is lying?

If you see the lips move.