How Big Would A 'Real Correction' Likely Be?

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What is this "market" you speak of?

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Your avatar is my favorite...her ass is amazing. Sorry. Sidebar.


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But it doesn't deliver on his name. I am disappoint.

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When it goes bidless the "market" will have corrected itself.

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I'd say 50% is a "Real Correction"....We should be nowhere near where we are....

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I'd say a real correction would be the day the markets don't open. Anything else is centrally planned.

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Im thinking on a monday, after a banking holiday is declared on a friday afternoon?

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On a Friday evening. Never in the afternoon. 

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100% Fib retrace takes us back to 666.

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HOLY SHIT REALLY? and a few weeks ago christine lagarde said a bunch of shit with 7s in it too!!!!! 666 and a bunch of 7s and a bunch of other occult shit is going down. ITS THE DEVIL.

I really wouldn't read that far into any of this shit. Its a bunch of liars and morons trying desperatly to keep their worldwide ponzi scheme alive as long as possible so they can leech a little more wealth off the populace by keping them stupid. Its as simpe as that

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"As long as the shells are still being shuffled around people can be deluded into believing there is something worthwhile under one of them"

Anonymous 2014

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oh i meant after close of business for banks and markets kind of afternoon, not afternoon as in right after lunch or something like that.

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Exactly! This market is just as full of shit as it was a week ago. And until they can get Putan to strike or get into Syria and get a jihad going in America they will run up as much debt as they have to. The US debt clock is up 60 billion this week 1trillion in 10 months but nobody says shit. So nothing to see here move along

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Any illusions about whether or not that debt will ever be paid off can be dispersed here and now, because the way the system is designed total debt can only go up.  In fact, there is not enough money in existence to pay off that debt even if everyone in world decided to go all in on it right now.   

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you idiots keep screaming correction correction, and then money printing inflation inflation...guess what you dummies, in inflation markets inflate along with everything else.

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I say 70% would bring as to the real value

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If one were to be grading this market, it would be getting a A- for D+ fundamentals.


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A real correction would be banksters falling from the sky.

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Sometimes we get "unintended consequences" like what you speak of....

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In a just world, those consquences would definitely be intended.

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Banksternado over Hawaii??!!!!

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We've actually seen a bit of that recently. Stay positive. A downpour usually starts with a trickle.

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...assuming that this market allowed for true price discovery of course.

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No matter how big the correction, Yellen can print more than that.  

BTFD, or you are an unpatriotic American unlike Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or Jamie Dimon.

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It needs to be a confidence crushing event that you wake up to, futures limit down 10% and then have it go thru the 20% and 30% suspension cycles until a significant number of people driving Teslas start ramming them into bridge abutments to avoid having to face the music.

That's my happy place, what's your's?

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mine is that when what you describe comes to pass, people direct their anger where it should be. I'm not saying wall street is innocent(I believe most of them are criminals), I'm not defending what they have done at all, but none of this would have been possible without the federal reserve and the government. I just hope this next crash wakes people up to reality, and these institutions get their due

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With leverage averaging around 30% market wide in order to chase some yield, it only takes a 4% 'correction' to completely lose everything, and ram their Teslas into bridge abutments in order to avoid facing the margin call.

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My mom and older brother moved their money to more conservative positions about six months ago. I keep telling them in is in, if they really want safety they need to cash out and get physical assets.


They mumble about tax issues and wander off... I hope they chose their positions well!

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We must break 666. 

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Big? Just sayin.

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Dow 3000

Gold 10000

Silver 1800

Copper 35.00


Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

what you say would require people to run out of stocks and pile into gold and silver. They won't. Ever. Too conditioned against it. They may sit on the sidelines for a while as stocks go down the shitter again, but once they start printing again, stocks will go up alongside gold and silver. The difference is those stocks will be priced in increasingly worthless dollars, and the markets won't rise as fast as the dollar value falls. Gold and silver, on the other hand, will just be gold and silver, and you probably won't care what the dollar price for either is, since you aren't going to be willing to give any up in exchange for dollars, and neither will anyone else

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Soon or later the printing press will run out of ink

Those that think its going to go on forever will be fukd


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Yellen's printers don't need ink.

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After more than two years of patience I'm still sticking to my guns with the next big moves being flights to safety, involving sliding equities and a rush into bonds first, followed by a most tragic unwinding of the bond bubble and then rocketing commodity (including PM) prices as political isolationism of the US and many other nations takes hold.

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It is time for me to bump up my silver stash. Before, I've always done face to face cash transactions at a dealer in Burbank. Do you guys prefer that method, or is online a safe way to go? And if so, what sites have been stellar in their behavior?

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

ive bought from apmex and silvertowne, had nothing but good experiences with both. If you just want generic bars or rounds for the cheapest possible price, go to silvertowne and order one of the several unique bars they make typically come with free shipping and are cheaper than ive seen anywhere else. Apmex will sometimes beat them in price, but only if you are ordering a lot(several thousand $ worth) at a time. That said, ive found a good local place who i now give the majority of my business. Its a little higher of a premium, but I prefer cash and carry, face to face business transactions.

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JM Bullion has free shipping on all orders, which is rather nice if you're not placing a single large order or want to just buy something small to give them a try.

And since silver is the best conductor known there are simple tests to ensure you are getting the real thing.

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How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

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focus on tomorrow and next week.


focusing on what will happen in 6 months can be detrimental to your trading health

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Mean reversions yes, but with QE the mean keeps moving up while you're not looking.

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"full-fledged bear markets rarely happen when everyone is on the lookout for one"

Myopic...  everyone has no clue.    Ask your landscaper, garbage man, teachers, carpenter, home depot employee, waiter, dental hygenist... you'll find very few that know or care about the stock market.

We on ZH are tuned-in because we, I suspect, have some skin in this bullshit GAME.   I know my friends and family are simply working.  They really don't have time nor give a crap.   They watch sports more than stocks.

Everyone doesn't know... rather, the few with some savings... only occasional learn (every 5 years or so) from their broker that they will never have enough to retire.  

Thats everyone

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I'd say a 50% rally from current levels wud be a good korrecshun!

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"Real Correction" file under "Real Bookkeeping", "Real Transparency" or even under "Real Truth"...ha-fuckin' ha! 

What does Auntie Yellen say? 

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I like my Monthly chart better than Tylers because it just called a top.

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OT but the ten year is getting kicked in the crotch, anyone still believe we will turn out much differently than Japan if we survive a few more years??

..there simply is no bridge back, it got burned.

All that's left is to ride this puppy into the ground and then start the finger pointing towards someone totally innocent if history is consistent.

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Yes, the entire system has to change, and America will be very very lucky if it can elect the people who will make the necessary changes without assuming dictatorial type power over the populace.

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the trendline above was created by linear scale.....iw we use logaritmic scale, SP500 pass by 1.800.....

1.800 is my first target to this correction........

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You'll never know because the FED is using software to control the markets since December 2011.