This Is How Putin's Advisor Sees The Ukraine Crisis Playing Out

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Vladimir Putin's chief "integration" advisor, Sergei Glazyev, has been regularly featured on these pages in the past (see Putin Advisor Threatens With Dumping US Treasurys, Abandoning Dollar If US Proceeds With Sanctions and Putin Advisor Proposes "Anti-Dollar Alliance" To Halt US Aggression Abroad for two examples). So now that the Ukraine situation has once again escalated, this time with both sides openly engaged in trade war and many suggesting all-out war just over the horizon, how does Putin's advisor see the Ukraine conflict playing out?

For the answer we go to Bloomberg:

Putin has sought to lure Ukraine and its more than 40 million people into the alliance to build a trading bloc to rival the EU. Yanukovych pursued closer ties with the customs union and pulled out of an association agreement with the EU before his ouster in February. His successor, President Petro Poroshenko, signed the free-trade accord with the 28-nation bloc in June.


Russia can’t go it alone against the U.S. and must create an “anti-war coalition” to check the “aggressor,” Glazyev said.


The point of a series of regional wars organized by the Americans, especially today’s catastrophe in Ukraine, centers on the U.S. securing control over all of north Eurasia” to bolster “its position against China,” Glazyev said. “That’s how the U.S. military and oligarchs are trying to maintain leadership in the global competition with China.”


The effort will backfire, said Glazyev, who spoke before a round of retaliatory steps announced by Russia yesterday banning food and agricultural products for one year from the U.S., the EU, Norway, Canada and Australia. The U.S.-led “economic war” against Russia will ricochet, leaving the EU to pay the steepest costs in the conflict, he said.


The trading bloc stands to lose about 1 trillion euros ($1.3 trillion), an estimate he says includes the possible bankruptcy of several European banks and companies toppled after the cutoff in financial and economic ties. An energy crisis in Europe will bring a sharp spike in prices and a loss of competitiveness for European producers. Meanwhile, Turkish, Chinese and east Asian nations will fill the void left by the departure of their European rivals from the Russian market.


The fallout will cost 250 billion euros for Germany alone while pushing the three Baltic states to the brink of an “economic catastrophe,” he said. Lithuania and Latvia will lose the equivalent of half of their entire economic output, and the cost for Estonia will reach 50 percent more than its gross domestic product, Glazyev said.

Where does that leave Russia?

“Task no. 1 is to block those threats to economic security that are now coming from the U.S., neutralize them by reducing the dependence of our external economic activity on the mercy of American politicians, whose aggressiveness threatens the entire world,” he said.

Glazyev's conclusion:

To further insulate its economy, Russia should abandon the use of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, according to Glazyev. Russia, which international reserves are the world’s fifth-biggest, needs to diversify its holdings to include China’s yuan, India’s rupee and Brazil’s real.  “If a country aspires to reserve status for its currency, it should behave properly, and that isn’t the case today,” Glazyev said.

And this is how Putin sees the world. De-escalation? Good luck.

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He's right, and this is the opposite of what GW, TJ, BF, and the rest of the boys envisioned for this country.

cossack55's picture

It seems Russia is the last hope for an America free from the tentacles of the squid. Who woulda thunk.

NotApplicable's picture

The Squid is but another tool of TPTB. Freedom from them is not freedom from their masters.

In other words, it's nothing but a classic Hobson's Choice. It's just Russia's turn to play "good cop" on the global stage.

SamAdams's picture

We've always been at war with EurAsia.  Double-plus good!

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

This weekend, if there was ever a person who could use a nice myocardial infarction, it's Obama

Manthong's picture

When Shit Happens

Was this supposed to be a delivery to 1600 Pennsylvania?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

When over top rhetoric from Kremlin is more close of truth than is Amerika media, this is scary day in deed.

SofaPapa's picture

"...American politicians, whose aggressiveness threatens the entire world"

I read this and I don't think it's over the top at all.  This is spot on.  The aggressive behavior of the US PTB is in fact the single most acute threat to the entire world today.  Not the only one (Fukushima and Ebola aren't explicitly aggressive, though equally threatening), but the most acute one without a doubt.  I never thought I'd agree with Russian propaganda as wholeheartedly as I can agree with this one phrase.  Strange times indeed.

Slave's picture



C'mon ZH, the Russian side of the story is not allowed. Presenting it at all just makes you a bunch of Russian shills.


whotookmyalias's picture

I'm pretty sure there is no US or Russian side to this, only FUD to justify futher shearing of the flock.

Keyser's picture

There is an over abundance of truth coming out of Germany and Russia today... Too bad no one in the western world will get to read it due to the fact that the MSM don't dare touch it... Alternative media holds the only real truth these days... 

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Wtf are you talking about. 9/10 of ZH articles make it to Google news. Now you might have to go more than 5 articles down, but hey, that's life.


What it seems is getting more and more obvious is that Russia, U.S., et al. are working together (maybe not all on purpose) to inflate currencies and restructure trade systems in a way that will eventually benefit everyone (or so they think).

Anyone who thinks Obama is an anti-America whatever should be willing to consider that he is working with our supposed 'enemy' or opposition or 'that bad guy over there' in a concerted effort to create public support and therefore ease the movement for each party's respective cause.

MontgomeryScott's picture


"What it seems is getting more and more obvious is that Russia, U.S., et al. are working together (maybe not all on purpose) to inflate currencies and restructure trade systems in a way that will eventually benefit everyone (or so they think)."

Um, yes.

23 years ago, this was publically spoken of in the CONUS MSM via a 'presidential speech'.

I suppose you missed this speech.



President George H. Bush Sr., former director of the CIA; and CHO-SIN vice-President under Reagan, back in 1991 (September 11, 1991, to be exact) gave a speech once (or twice):

Putin was a former director of WHAT Russian 'intelligence agency'?

MOSSAD is an 'intelligence agency' of WHAT nation? OOPS. It isn't a NATION, it's a STATE. MY BAD.

East and West Germany have become an historical anacronym (but WHAT was the name of the 'Intelligence Agency' in East Berlin, again?).

MI6 works 'for' 'The CITY', I think. You'll have to ask the Queenie about that one. Since she is so doddard, she probably doesn't remember, though.


Who the FUCK ARE these people, and WHY does the general population even LISTEN TO and PUT UP with their bullshit?

(Here's a hint: 'It's the economy, stupid!')


MontgomeryScott's picture

'Bunz' and I BOTH got a 'reddie'.

Sorry, 'BUNZ', it wasn't ME.


The boyz that work the room over here are getting their girlie on, I suppose.

Which one of the 20 aliases are gonna step up and take credit for down-arrowing?

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Ukraine is a Euro-trash problem.  But make no mistake.  Putin a petulant pole-smoker.  Homo bitchez.

MontgomeryScott's picture

That's not bad at all, you fracking queebster. The references you choose in order to draw attention to male homosexuality are both revealing and telling of your personal predilictions as far as your veiw and outlook of the world of 'politics' (and your personal beliefs regarding such).

HERE, let me try THIS one on you, Pelvis (you silly boi):

Suck your momma's dick, now. NO, don't take that bag off your head!



MontgomeryScott's picture

Sorry, 'Bunz', I am getting only one while you are getting FIVE 'reddies'.

'KEYZER', perhaps?


I shall go back to the 2000 'selection' and vote early (and often).


Keyser's picture

Contrary to what you may think, the vast majority of Americans get their news from the MSM, not the internet... That is those that give a shit about what's going on in the world anyway, which is quite a low percentage... Those that have taken the red pill and follow alternative media are far better informed that joe sixpack... 

MontgomeryScott's picture

Contrary to what the asshat 'Keyser' is 'Reporting', the majority of people in ALL nations no longer get their news from the MSM.

This includes 'Americans', by the way.

NICE TRY, though.

How's the weather in HAIFA?

Keyser's picture

How about this, fuck you... You don't know what you're talking about, asshat...

I've got no idea what the weather is like in Haifa, but if you come to Texas, I'll be happy to show you how we do things...

Now come back with a cute reply after you've had you ass handed to you... Go on, you know you want to... 


Ward no. 6's picture

well where i live and work most ppl read the news from the local paper or watch cnn

the ones who go on line do it for facebook mainly

not for the news that is for sure


Lore's picture

Those Gallup results gibe closely with my observations. Go to the local coffee shop, and the stack of newspaper is generally rifled by seniors and some boomers, but rarely by young people, who grip their i-trinket in one hand and stare at it as if seeking personal validation. Go to the public library, and most children are playing at internet workstations, not looking at books. Small children are different: I often see parents with little ones signing out large stacks of books. I guess the tactile experience of handling paper still matters until you get older, when reading ability and hand-eye coordination improves, and of course they start to model the older kids who are already hooked.

MontgomeryScott's picture

It would appear to me that 'Putin's advisor' finally got around to reading the PNAC paper "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and resources For a New Century" and has also managed to think about it in light of "The Grand Chessboard".

The Western bankers have greatly underestimated the Eastern bankers in their little battle for world domination and the eradication of most of the population on both sides.

'Politicians'? Politicians come to power by telling the population what they want to hear. The ones who do so the best are backed by 'big money interests'. THOSE are the ones that are 'selected to lead'. They ALL say one thing, but do the opposite when 'selected'. POLITICIANS are avorous and sociopathic, with no conscience except their own self-aggrandisement in play. Their whole goal is to get rewarded by the BANKING INTERESTS and out-spend each other in perpetual campaigns to get 'RE-SELECTED'.

Yeah, Merkel and Putin are POLITICIANS. So's OBAMA. None of them give a shit about the people they are supposedly 'representing'. They only care about pleasing those whom they ACTUALLY SERVE. If that means a few billion deaths due to 'collateral damage', that 'SO WHAT?'! What was that crap that flowed out of Billary's mouth after Bengazi, again? 'What does it MATTER?'? She was simply reverting to her MASTERS' directives.

For your further edification and eludication, here is a video of a song by Metallica, entitled 'Holier Than Thou'. THIS is the mentality described regarding POLITICIANS, and their MASTERS who pull the REAL strings from behind the curtain of public perception (the lyrics are in the 'description'):


The 'alternate media' you describe is also jaded to a point (but at least they are braver than their counterparts in the MSM, and open to the possibility that not everything IS as it APPEARS to be). I could go on for minutes; hours; weeks; days; months; and speak of the simplicity of your post and the lack of a macroglobal viewpoint regarding snap-judgements; and the false dicotomy of choosing one set of lies over another, but I won't (this is 'ZeroHedge', not 'Tragedy And Hope').

In your opinion, was 'The Report From Iron Mountain' a HOAX, or was it a real document (as purported)?

The ALTERNET sure as hell beats the 'INTERNETS' on this!

Propoganda is the art of telling PART of the truth, and interjecting fallacies and falsehoods couched as 'conjecture' and 'theory' (in order to sway 'public opinion'; which is as fickle as a thirteen-year-old girl). 'Germany' and 'Russia' (the POLITICIANS thereof) are telling MORE 'truth' (but NOT THE WHOLE TRUTH, lest they expose themselves to weakness and complicity in this matter). The SNOWDEN factor (along with people like RON PAUL) have forced their hands in no SMALL WAY.

After the through-and-through pics of the .30 Cal. damage courtesy of the two escorting Kiev fighter planes to the section of the cockpit of MH17 that slammed to the ground INTACT were distributed, the MSM was forced to shut the fuck up regarding 'Russian Separatists' in the Ukraine being responsible in the WESTERN MSM. LOOK! IT'S EBOLA! LOOK! IT'S HAMAS!

GAZPROM (oops, I mean PUTIN) seems to be gaining popularity. Ukraine is gonna FREEZE TO DEATH this winter, though. LITERALLY. The PAWNS' in the 'GRAND CHESSBOARD' of global HEDGEMONY regarding the battle of the two POWERS always seem to get sacrificed for the 'GREATER GOOD' of those who actually run the show from behind the curtain.


Keyser's picture

I grew up in a time when there was 3 network TV channels which aired from 6:00am - 11:00pm daily, a local newspaper and a couple AM radio stations... We never had reason to distrust our leaders because their actions matched their words and what we knew of the "truth" was given to us daily... We fucked up... We trusted our government... It was not until decades later that we realized that there was manipulation, lies, obfuscation and treachery in all aspect of government even in those halcyon days... 

Fast forward to the 21st century and now we have an over-abundance of information attacking our senses 24/7... The trick is to disseminate the facts from the fiction... Everyone has their own agenda and spin on any story... One can only attempt to find reason is what data is available and tie in facts we know to build a bigger picture... ZH and Drudge does as good a job of this as any alternative media I have found... 


MontgomeryScott's picture

On Saturday nights, I would be allowed to stay up until 'ZERO' hour, so that I could be allowed to watch the 'sign-offs' of the various (all three) stations. One of them used to play some bullshit poem about 'Touching Eagle's Wings' and 'Grasping The Hand Of God'. This was about 3 minutes long. 'I have loosed the surly bonds' or some such BULLSHIT. SUPPOSEDLY. It was some crap that a U.S. fighter pilot wrote during some 'deep reflection' of some bankster battle that he had managed to survive miraculously ('the Korean Conflict', I suppose, or even the GREAT WAR, 'double-ewe double-ewe aye aye').

ZH and Matt Drudge do poorly to moderately well as NA's; given the environment that they are forced to take part in.

NEWS AGGREGATORS; however, are usually lost in the white noise of the overall agenda. This can be a BLESSING or a CURSE.

Columbia Broadcasting, National Broadcasting, and American Broadcasting 'systems' were the OLIGARCHY (until independents {and the loopholes that the upstarts found} became the 'chink in the armor' in the 'WEST IS THE BEST').

I'd like to discuss this, but the 'rabbit-hole' might go far deeper than you are willing to allow yourself to admit to. Hell, I don't even talk about this stuff myself (at least on the 'nets').

THE RUSKIES figured out in the fracking 1970's that oil was FRACKING ABIOTIC, Max. BP and ET'AL' (all those) are trying to play 'catch-up'.


WhyWait's picture

Putin made very clear at the time of Georgia's attempt to overrun South ossetia in 2008 that he knew perfectly well what the score was.  When Russia had to act, it acted decisively.  Russia was terribly damaged by the events following the fall of Communism from 1991-1999, and was (and to a lesser extent still is) in a very weak position.  Putin has been moving very cautiously, trying to win allies and neutralize foes, while rebuilding Russia's armed forces, regaining control of Russia's economy, beginning the task of rebuilding its industry and isolating Western agents and spies.  

The Ukraine crisis is forcing his hand. Time will tell if it's a winning hand, but he's playing it expertly.

Our survival may depend on it.

TheReplacement's picture

Don't kid yourself.  They probably read it in order to then shape the MSM false narrative so the sheep don't get a whiff of truth.

Anusocracy's picture

In Obama's case, make birth control retroactive.

Handful of Dust's picture

Barry'll use our secret weapon; send Russia free GM cars:


GM recalls another 269,000 cars for variety of defects

Manthong's picture

You are f’d.. your progeny is f’d.. vote liberal and vote often. 

MontgomeryScott's picture

"You are f’d.. your progeny is f’d.. vote liberal and vote often."


Why should I even BOTHER to TRY to take part in the RIGGED SELECTIONS?

After all, 'I CAN'T MAKE A DIFFERERENCE', the LIBS told me. 'LIBERALS, or 'LIBTARDS' or 'LIBERTARDIANS', I don't remember which faction.

I forget, now.

As time passes, I have come to realize that 'I am only an egg'. The more that I learn, the less I wish to be A Stranger In A Strange Land.

Manthong's picture

10-4.. grok that Micheal Valentine.

flapdoodle's picture

Obama wasn't born, he was spawned...

Bossman1967's picture

Let us remember that the US Government needs a war to hid the impending collapse and Russia not giving it to us so we will pick one with ISIS .i can only imagine how much fiat dollars are being spent to prop up the markets and keep the illusion of all is great going.
I believe this all gives the people that are awake time to prepare for whats coming its gonna be horrific but much needed due to the lack of any ethics in this country

lost money's picture

cause everything is America's fault, just ask ron paul or is it all the fault of the jooooosss, I keep forgeting

Charles The Hammer Martel's picture

I laugh harder than I laugh all day when I read any of your comments Boris, you genius. I'm with Russia on this one guys. I dont know why some of you still believe in Western Europe, the place is filled with leftist lazy entitled assholes with nothing better to do than to criticize Israel and ignore Islamic terror living in their backyards. If Western civilization would ever wake up and stop valuing tolerance in the name of humanity and start looking at the world of tolerance in the name of "if you dont bring anything valuable to our society to the table then you can starve" then I am not sorry to say that we will all be speaking arabic in 50 years. Cyrillic is actually a fascinating alphabetic system, far better than Arabic.

Muh Raf's picture

What a load of sensationalist tripe. I suppose this is the new zio-shill charm offensive. Tell the ZH regulars that they're geniuses but they need to recognise that Islaam seeks world domination. According to Islaam the world is divided into two main blocs, the "house of faith" and the "house of disbelief". We run our house and you run yours, based upon the Quraan that states "To you your faith and to me my faith", simple tolerance arising from agreeing to disagree.. Except of course for the constant crusades because the house of disbelief can't keep its greedy little paws from all those little trinkest (e.g. oil) that turn up in the house of faith, hence American joke "The only mistake God made was putting our oil under the Arabs lands". I think Rabbi Weiss makes the case for the good life that Jews had throughout the centuries when they chose to live in Muslim controlled regions, not forgetting that during those periods a plethora of tongues and accents prevailed throughout the globe.

Anarchy 99's picture

I cannot believe the guy above you got 16 plusses, 

TeethVillage88s's picture

My issue with Charles the Ham is that we have a Military Republic that is clearly now fascist. We sell war. We give US Dollars away so that other countries buy military equipment from US and then we train them and groom them with military training and even CIA type controls. But it doesn't end there with fascism. They have militarized a federal police force who bribes officials, create regional fusion centers, and give away military equipment domestically. And the money and government is not for the people at all. Government doesn't fix problems, they just give money to corporate welfare or wealthy interest groups. And they allow almost any kind of kickback to corrupt the system.

But the Blue Collar guys are thinking everyone should work when there are no jobs left and the economy doesn't support new jobs. Automation, Computers, Robots, Off Shore Capitalization and production, decapitalization of US Industry, Capital Flight,... oh and neither party does anything about this corporate fascism and subsidies. Corporations use our roads and infrastructure more than citizens do. Commerce is harder on ports and roads and bridges. Yet 12% Income tax is too much for corporations, so they Expatriate. And the Blue Collar guys want everyone to talk aline, act alike, dress alike, not to joke around, no horse play, everyone should have the same strengths as everyone else. Just like the Military.

Everyone must be uniform in this Fascist Raj.

Military Processes for the Factories. Turn everyone into Corporate Worker Bees just like the Chinese. No imagination just uniformity. Achtung!

HamFistedIdiot's picture

Something definitely fishy about that. I think this site is starting to get under some people's skin, hence sending in additional troops to steer the community. Or as we learned, perhaps the agents are using software that can trick the upvote/downvote meter like they can do to fake trends on Facebook. The seeming standing ovation response the post that concerns you received is atypical for this forum.

WhackoWarner's picture

NSA  and it's buddies are everywhere. c"mon this is so obvious.  We here are all targets. We here are all on lists.

conscious being's picture

HamFisted re. All those up votes.

Here's whats going on. Its the old bait and switch. Charles the Ham starts out complimenting Boris. Boris has a big following. He's been away. People miss him and with the raw deal Russians are getting in the MSM and the Ukraine, people want to show some solidarity with Russians. When the poster has enough greens, like little fishes he collected, he edits the post yo add all that zino support and ass kissing bs.

I caught another known zino-appologist, Cliff Claven, the guy from Cheers trying this out just the other day and called him on it.

Christophe2's picture

It's been pretty obvious to me that vote rigging is happening (after all it is SO EASY to do with multiple emails, and so easy to automate as a developer), but professional trolls on ZH generally do their best to only run it at key points where it is almost believable, and hence potentially effective.

IMO, everyone should recognize anonymous online voting for what it is: basically a way for TPTB to fake social trends and fake social pressure ('most people believe X').

Why can't we have political discussions between NAMED people online (at least on some sites)?  It just takes a single 1c financial transaction to authenticate an account, and at that point people can't get away with BS, or hate speech, or anything else abusive, since otherwise doing so would cause (inevitably) consequences in their personal lives, and since trolls can't keep creating new accounts once revealed...

[Well, to answer 'why there are no sites like that': when I tried to build a non-anonymous crowd-sourced troll-free web platform, I was nearly put into an insane asylum for 'no reason' (none needed when TPTB want)]...

Implied Violins's picture

A +1 for you, which hopefully will help offset at least one NSA/Hasbara troll trying to downvote sensitive topics here. I can't think of a decent way to fight this, except to assert in every thread or three that what is intelligently posted here may reflect actual consensus reality; and please disregard post counts because they are so easily manipulated.

conscious being's picture

You are throwing the baby out with the bath water because of one outwire observation. See my explanation for this event up thread. Simple solution. Lock the comment content ie. disable edits on the first vote as well as on the first reply as is the case now.

Re. Anonymous posting. USA is now a police state. Anonymous is necessary.

Anyway, votes are scrubbed from the archives I read somewhere.