Stocks Recover All "Airstrikes Possible" Losses, Treasuries Remain Bid

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US equities have retraced all the losses suffered from the moment headlines hit yesterday suggesting Iraq airstrikes were possible. They remain lower from the "NATO Russia threat" levels earlier in the day. US Treasury yields remains 8bps lower...


Stocks have bounced...


But bonds remain bid...

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knukles's picture

Thank God for that.
I'm gonna go get me a MickeyD's to celebrate the recovery.


whotookmyalias's picture

I feel like I'm watching a game of 3 card monty.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

yes indeed, fucking retards. I was just watching CNBS (i know, i know) and they had the creator of that dilbert cartoon on there, who said this market was the biggest scam in history. They didn't really touch on that, but he said something that makes more sense than anything ive heard on there in a long time, which is that people should hae zero debt and 6 months expenses in cash before even thinking about investing in this market. No one but a complete shyster or a #fuckingretardsincharge could disagree with this, yet all five of the retards looked at the guy like he had a third arm growing out of his head when he said it. What a clownshow

IANAE's picture

all of this year's incremental escalation of global geopolitical and financial risk reminds me of the 'boiled frog' analogy - insensitive to the slowly rising temperature until it is too late - if investors were paying attention they would have jumped out of the stawk pot a long time ago.

Stoploss's picture

We must be waiting until 2:30 to stomp the giant gold cock in Kevin's ass today???




valley chick's picture

And what is the volume in the thing they call a market?

Alea Iactaest's picture

With Au and Oil down on the news. 'nuff said.

SheepDog-One's picture

So Ogolfer decided not to save the Christians, I guess he doesnt want to piss off his Muslim pals or whatever...and that's good for stawks? Well, good luck with all that, I'm certainly not buyin their pump.

alexcojones's picture

When is an Airstrike is not an Airstrike?
When it is announced in advance.

starman's picture

Fed to the rescue!  

screw face's picture

.....MOAR BOMBS...good for business!

jubber's picture

SIS members are calling for attacks on US interests worldwide after start of airstrikes in Iraq


also DAX just fell through 9000 , European futures melting AH, US futures gonna catch this? Russell fading, Oil should be going nuts

SheepDog-One's picture

They may have humped it too early to hold the any case, good luck to all bulls enjoy your busy consumin on credit weekend and all that rubbish.

pods's picture

From the online comments on my local rag website (WRAL) it seems that we are, in fact, fucking doomed.

So much left-right bullshit you can barely read the comments.  

Pair that with the conversations I had last week with some coppertops about the "markets" and I have realized that Amerikans are as dumb as they think they are.


valley chick's picture

Gave up reading that rag a long time ago...even the weather crew sucks.

pods's picture

It's how I tap into the matrix locally. Mobile site used to be okay, I could scroll right down to see how many peeps were shot in Durham nightly. Now it terrible.

Comments are the only redeeming quality.  Well, quality as in trainwreck, but it is entertaining.


valley chick's picture

The one decent reporter, Fred Taylor, had retired and passed away this week. Knew the man personally and was actually astute as to what really is going on but was limited as to what he could say.  They don't make reporters like that anymore.

db51's picture

Well, isn't it obvious?   As soon as ISIS learned that the Royal Canadian Mount Me Police were gertting ready to ship out to Ukraine, it suddenly dawned on the fucktards that all hell would be breaking loose if they didn't pretend they weren't chopping off Christian Heads and ripping Crucifixes off buildings.  Think about it, would you like to be sitting on your Camel and see the Redcoats on horseback advancing in full battle regalia while singing Oh Canada?   That would be worse than a drone or Stealth bombing.   All makes perfect sense to me.   Problem solved.

Dr. Venkman's picture

I hope they send Constable Benton Fraser and Diefenbaker. From Chiraq to Iraq.

Comte d'herblay's picture

(yawn)....the ten thousandth time to  J B T MF D.


This is almost like stealing without committing a felony.

db51's picture

Convert or DIE!   Most of the 40,000 refugees stranded on the mountain are Christians and members of a small religious sect, the Yazidi, that is closely allied with the Kurds. ISIS has threatened them with execution if they do not convert to Islam.

That's a powerful message right there for anyone having second thoughts about getting religion of the Musloid type.    That's a real altar call right there.   If the Pansy in Chief's bombing doesn't work, I'd be headed down the isle, post haste.

NDXTrader's picture

All about options for August expiring next Friday. We always make a big move then flatline the week before so everyone trading options gets fucked as they bleed premium this weekend

Phat Stax's picture

Can't have it below 1915 for the week.  That's clear....  not quite ready to roll over.

thismarketisrigged's picture

what fucking jackass would be buying going into the weekend with all this shit going on in the world?


o ya, kevin henry would be