What's Wrong With This Picture?

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CNN does it again...



h/t @finansakrobat

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"Stupid is what stupid does."

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Welcome to SE Asia.  I mean Rio.

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I gain more knowledge watching Sesame Street than watching CNN

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Her boobs arnt big enough?

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Her fivehead makes up for it.


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Nothing wrong with this picture, guys.C'mon.  This is CNN

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You can't educate out stupid!!

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Well, Hong Kong is right where it belongs (I don't know what you guys are complaining about in that respect), but DAMN is South America huge or what?  Covers almost the entire globe, pole-to-pole.


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Hong Kong is spelled right to me!

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Well, I knew that the Chinese were buying up Africa and South America, but I was not aware they relocated a financial hub.

?? Do they have a gold exchange?

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Oh, I see...,

the map shows it in the middle of Chili...,

how stupid!

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Nobody'd notice the error if she only wore more cleavage.


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I had to come back to this thread..

What the F kind of complete idiocy and moronic management does it take to let this stupidity pass on a broadcast  ?????????????

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Nothing to see here, folks ... For CNN, this is par for the course.

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i dont see the problem....its right next to texas..

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Is there no Chinatown in South America?

People can be fooled into thinking they are in Asia when they are in Chinatown. People that succumb to this illusion are called idiots.

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I see lots of things wrong.

It kind of looks like she's reaching in for a handful of popcorn (and not sharing any with the three CNN viewers that are left).

All the rectangles look sort of like a bunch of 'Twin Towers'.

The weird crescent off in the ocean looks like a massive storm-front.

Her shoulder pads are too big (but it almost looks like a parrot on her left one).

The circle is outlined in a fashion that is animating a spinning motion. Hong Kong is a mobile wheeled city, I guess, and may appear anywhere in the world.

They forgot to draw a bunch of giant hornets on the map.

I don't see any fish in the fish tank over her head.

The letter 'A' in 'CHINA' is covering up her lady-parts.

Everyone knows that Hong Kong isn't in the country of AFRICA!


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Giant Hornets Kill 42 in China... Since 1914.

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Look, CNN carrys the Administration's water.  If they had any brains they'd not do so...
Ergo... y'all can finger out the rest.



PS  And to the above comment, no, her boobs aren't big enough.  And any Exceptional American Verile male Knows that there is a direct correlation between boob size and intelligence.  That's why the boobettes on Fox are so smart.  We don't hear anything.

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Knuks, this kind of stuff blows my mind. Mr says beauty X brains= constant so when he either says I'm beautiful or smart,my personal CPU crashes and I'm parallelized into silence. Then it's " all the crazy ones are good in bed" and the process is repeated. I'm subjected to marital PSYOP of which I have no retort. He should give classes here.


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Bra cup size = inverse of IQ,

I remember being pissed about that in high school,

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FWIW: I doubt she created that Map. Its likely some intern of an exec  hired for the summer, that made the map graphics for this.

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It should have been farther north with the 57 states. 

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I'd still sooner have a girl with small breasts and a high IQ than a girl with big breasts and a small IQ.

But then I've got a small penis and high IQ...


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I wonder if they got their map from Jen Psaki.  Who doesn't know Samarkand is further away from Ukraine than Chicago is from Birmingham, Alabama.

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If the progressives say that is where Hong Kong is located, then that is where it is located!  What, are you racist?

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You certainly know the score Team.  We just had my brother and his family to our house for a week.  She is a maxi progressive - dean at a big time b school and now law school -, I try not to talk politics with her, she mocks my desire for armed and violent revolution, which I would rather avoid but which seems all too necessary at this point - ...anyway we have a pretty bad laundry problem and without saying anything they start doing our laundry and pack loads of it up and take it to the laundry mat to have it done.  Of course they washed mats with clothes so the colors bled out and destroyed a bunch of things upsetting my wife pretty bad and god knows what is missing from the stuff taken to the laundry.  I yelled at my brother that this was a perfct illiustration of what is wrong with progressives.  They think they know what you want and how you want it and will stop at nothing to force you to you have it even when you really dont want it and certainly not that way.  I appreciate the sentiment but keep your nanny state fucking do-goody mits off shit that aint your problem.

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Other than that, how was the visit? ;)

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Did they try to convince you your new progressive clothes are now more "diverse"?  Less white?

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"They think they know what you want and how you want it and will stop at nothing to force you to you have it even when you really dont want it and certainly not that way."

I heard that argument from a girl once.

Turns out, she really DID want it 'that way', though.

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There is NOTHING wrong with that picture ! It's just American news...

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I thought she was talking about King Kong.






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The Whole Western Hemisphere is being populated by South Americans nowadays, so as the Gringos of the North get overtaken, The Entire Hemisphere might look like that from the Rest of the World.

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but DAMN is South America huge or what?  Covers almost the entire globe, pole-to-pole.



side hurts. tears.

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Or is the purpose of The State's edewkayshun to produce dependants? What better weapon to create a bunch of mindless drones?

Fortunately, The State is so inept that 13 years of pewblik skewl is not enough time for it to completely screw up young minds (hence push for moar pre-school funding). Theft and murder are the only skills which The State has.

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need to show more legs too

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Her boobs certainly aren't big enough to cover that error.

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The Gillie Bra works then...

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Awesome..... Casino was a great movie.

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Ernie makes a great Pesci!

'Don't ever go over my head again, you (#@*) mutha-fuckah!'


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So THAT's where the kids are picking that shit up from...

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Trick question, but I think I have the answer.  She only does bicep curls with her left arm, right?