Caught On Tape - Drone Video Of US Airstrikes On ISIS

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From a drone's perspective, the moment the US started war with The Islamic State...



The US Navy released the clip above:

Two U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets assigned to Carrier Air Wing 8 embarked on USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77) struck Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant targets near Erbil, Iraq.


The F/A-18s dropped 500 pound laser-guided bombs against ISIL artillery targets. Bush is operating in the Arabian Gulf on a scheduled deployment to U.S. 5th Fleet.


The president has authorized U.S. Central Command to conduct military operations in support of humanitarian aid deliveries and targeted airstrikes in Iraq to protect U.S. personnel and interests, in response to activities conducted by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists.

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President Obama provides an update on the United States' military action in Iraq and the broader humanitarian crisis.

Latest on ISIS


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More taxpayer money down the drain.

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As a staunch liberal, I was totally against Bush killing Arabs.

But I don't mind Obama killing Arabs...and Americans. With drones! I think it's kinda cool now.


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Coming to Idaho and Montana in about 2 years...

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On one hand, it seems we are blowing up our own munitions, but then on the other hand it’s just a shame the clowns on the ground didn’t know what hit them.

Has anybody ever been awarded two Nobel Peace Prizes?

Maybe the sardine suckers  at the Kungl Vetenscapsakmedien should rethink their process.

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THe MIC doesn't care who pulls the trigger on the munitions, as long as someone does so they can sell more freedom!!!!


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Can we just first figure out what team 'Abu Bakr' (who is clearly anybody but Abu Bakr) currently plays for please?

And even more important... WHO EXACTLY he actually is?


ISIS Leader 'Al-Baghdadi' Is A 'Jewish Mossad Agent' - French Reports

(Anything coming out of Snowden should be treated with extreme suspicion... he was pitching the official 9/11 narrative at Christmas after all...)

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Thanks, ZerOhead. First I'd heard of that. I'll research that now. He's not immune to the Litmus Test.

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Yep, trained and funded by the Israelis and the US... Rather difficult to tell who is playing for who in this quagmire, even with a program ... 


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My missiles don't explode like that when I use them on BF4.


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Bah, you need to try Red Orchestra 2 or Rising Storm...

Old school, gritty, bullet ballistics, and a kill streak of 3 means you're a grizzled vet.

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manthong: no individuals; the red cross has won it three times and the u.n. commissioner for refugees twice.

linus pauling won once for chemistry and once for peace.  three others, including marie curie, won twice in their fields.

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While it is wise to treat any information with suspicion I don't think Snowden believing the official line on 9/11 necessarily warrants extra attention.  Just think of all the well intentioned, though blind or ignorant, people you must know who still believe it. 

As my dear old dad used to say, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."  Take it for what it is and use it appropriately.  Of course dad also used to say to me, with disturbing regularity, "You'd complain if they hung you with a new rope."  I would always agree with him on that one.

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I am still happy to take what little comes out for what it's worth (as it is actually coming through Greenwald/Omidyar/Obama)

Yet if Snowdens intent was to roll back the surviellance/police state he has to date failed miserably

What concerns me even more than those who still believe the 9/11 cover story is that they just don't seem to care one way or the other about the totalitarian police state we are clearly descending into...

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Dayum boy. You choose to believe one journalism report over multiple other sources, re: Snowden, 9/11, ISIS. What could your critieria for discerning truth possibly be?

ZH getting more insane by the day. 

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ISIS is or was CIA... little doubt considering it's genesis... not to mention the ordered 'evaporation' of a 30,000 strong army in front of 800 unopposed ISIS insurgents in Mosul a city of over 1 million..

The breakup of Iraq along sectarian lines has been long in the planning... and very public. Netanyahu is on record for support of a Kurdish state (mossad has trained them for years) and now because of the ISIS attacks this is clearly going to happen with massive public support (thanks MSM). It only stands to reason that Abu Bakr is a CIA or mossad asset. I pick CIA at this moment.

The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate | Global Research

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I'm more intrigued by the people claiming the IS "came out of nowhere..."


Like the Talaban before them "came out of nowhere".

You would have thought that all these well funded spy agencies would have figured out by now where this "nowhere" is. And how you can make an army accelerate from 0 - 100mph overnight.

You gotta admit that is a pretty cool trick.  I wouldn't mind knowing how to do that myself...

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You keep repeating that stuff, but news reports are in conflict. How are you telling truth from fiction? My take is your expressing your opinion, as you have every right to do so, but I didn't ask you how deep the rabbit hole was.

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For these folks, it's WAY deep, indeed.

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ISIS is or was CIA.

So is Snowden.   He talks about all his work for NSA but never goes into detail on what the CIA really does or in detail on what he did in his job.  He said he was an agent and not just a network technician. 

Jon Rappaport's stuff is pretty good.  He said when Snowden broke that he was a CIA op against the NSA.

The question is - why is Russia and Putin letting Snowden live there if he is CIA?

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It is now obvious that the preamble to the police state was the build-up of assets on US soil... Phase 2 is to open the borders and let the US be overrun by 3rd world shitbags, bringing their disease, culture and lawlessness to the US... Phase 3 is the US cracking down on Americans defending themselves from this hoard and pressing disarmament of the general public. Phase 4, checkmate... 


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I thought Phase 3 was Profit.



Phase 1 - Collect underwear.

Phase 2 - ?

Phase 3 - Profit!

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I'm game til Phase 3. I sometimes wonder what that deer is feeling and thinking after that 308 round passes through their body. I may one day get to experience it, they run less than 70yds and drop. Only about 20 seconds of pain, lucky bastards.

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Mammals can only tolerate so much distress. After that, we dissociate. It's a coping skill.

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MIC is going to make plenty of money whether we attack a brutal horde of head chopping, religious clensing, islamic imperalists or not...

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They always release videos showing destruction of a target that's isolated on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere.  What about all the bombs that get dropped in crowded urban areas??? Why don't we get to see any of those?

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First you have to prove the US is bombing "crowded urban areas".

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Why don't we get to see any of those?

Because they lack the powerful visual effect of the shockwave(s) against the surrounding grain field. Duh.

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Hard to tell but I'm pretty sure that was a poppy field - you can tell by the old leathery dude with a Hooka, and a Seal Team spreading out to secure and defend the precious, precious poppies.

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You prompted me to go look it up. Read the list - includes notorious traitors like Woodrow Wilson.

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Ah, reward the worms and traitors with a nice cash prize.

Here is a puzzler:

If you truck-bombed the Nobel Commitee while they were meeting, how many Nobel Prizes would you win?

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So how much tax money did that cost us to kill 6 zio proxies we formerly funded?

Keyser's picture

At least $500k... Chump change to the elites, put it on their tab... 

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

But the video production costs were nearly FREE!

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The sardine suckers are actually located in Norway. A committee appointed by their parliament. This is per Nobel´s testament that all prizes be awarded by Kungl Vetenskapsakademien except the Peace Prize which is decided on by Norwegian Parliament (Sweden and Norway was in a union when the testament was written). So the Norwegians were given the right to award the Peace Prize...and you see the result. In Sweden Norway and Norwegians are generally seen as country bumpkins and clods and there are a lot of jokes where they are the butt of it...much like the American view on Polaks. Norway is also a member of NATO but not of EU and the opposite is true for Sweden. Please try to get your facts right on European things.


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The US has no borders and starts a war with IS; something tells me this has been the plan from the start, hmmmm

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Coming to a neighborhood near you.... The next elementary school massacre won't be a false flag operation...

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I have mentioned here several time:

If you can stop the flow [refineries] of oil you can stop the world.

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oh jes they coullllllllld. sorze style'

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That doesn't sound liberal to me.

Ignorance is strength, buddy.

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How about just plain ignorant?

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I'm assuming you omitted the sarc tags trusting that we would all get the joke. But in the off chance that I'm wrong, I would ask you to crack a window the next time you paint the spare bedroom.

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Sarc is Spas's modus operandi.  He does not need the sarc tag around here.  He's earned his keep.

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Free your mind to enjoy the liberation of bondage.

It is the only progressive and liberal thing to do.

Submit.. surrender,,, convert.

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Win or die, stand and fight.

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Y'know.. the good thing about death is that it puts an end to things.

The missus is always looking for closure.. well..

Y'all know that was major SARC, right?  

The missus could be deadly at 15 feet and most likely when one is asleep.

So the lesson here is that sleeping secure is when the missus does not want to kill you.

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Do you even understand how the nesting system works?

I wasn't responding to Spas. I was responding to the same person Spas was responding to, Liberal.

If you're going to discuss who has and who hasn't earned his keep, it would be more believable if you showed some understanding of basic commenting protocol. But we all make mistakes. I bear no grudge. Have a nice weekend.

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Then I bear no resentment.

But it would help if you did this....because ZeroHedges nesting system is a bit wonky at times.....

"Do you even understand how the nesting system works?

I wasn't responding to Spas. I was responding to the same person Spas was responding to, Liberal."