Guinea Closes Borders With Liberia & Sierra Leone As Ebola Death Count Nears 1000

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In an effort to stop people entering the country, The BBC reports, Guinea said it was closing its borders. "We have provisionally closed the frontier between Guinea and Sierra Leone [and Liberia] because of all the news that we have received from there recently," Health Minister Remy Lamah told a news conference. Ironically, the latest outbreak is thought to have begun in Guinea, but Liberia and Sierra Leone are currently facing the highest frequency of new cases. It appears things are not going according to plan...



As The BBC reports,

The total number of cases in the current outbreak stands at 1,779, the WHO said on Friday, with 959 deaths.


The most recent figures from 5 and 6 August showed 68 new cases and 29 deaths.


They included 26 new cases in Sierra Leone and 38 in Liberia, but no new cases in Guinea, where the outbreak began.


Guinea said it was closing its borders in order to stop people from entering the country.


"We have provisionally closed the frontier between Guinea and Sierra Leone because of all the news that we have received from there recently," Health Minister Remy Lamah told a news conference.


He added that Guinea had also closed its border with Liberia.


Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have already declared varying levels of emergency over the spread of the virus.


The most intense outbreak in Guinea was located in the region along the border with Liberia and Sierra Leone.


The WHO had said the worst-affected area, which straddles the borders between the three countries, would be isolated and treated as a "unified zone".

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"The possible consequences of further international spread are particularly serious in view of the virulence of the virus," WHO said after a meeting on Friday.

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If the border is closed going into and out of Guinea and the hospitals are closed....who's counting the 0 new cases that were reported?

Looks like NOTHING is getting reported in Guinea.

Urban Redneck's picture

That's nothing new for Guinea (or most ECOWAS members).

But if they are now releasing the official numbers for the 5th & 6th they should have included the death in Senegal reported on the 5th.

CrazyCooter's picture

And this fixes what?

Borders are for tax-donkeys.



Urban Redneck's picture

8.525286°, -10.152709°

The guy who may or may not be sitting in a grass/tin can shack that may or may not be a checkpoint on one side of the river at the border crossing closest to ground zero gets to feel important. Or perhaps they are getting ready to announce a new "shovel ready jobs" program associated with "border infrastructure".

The whole border basically follows rivers, and bridges are few and far between- so people just cross wherever and whenever. Then again, the disease spread all the way to Conakry (hundreds of kilometers) faster than it hopped that little river...

kaiserhoff's picture

OK boys and girls, we've been sloppy about this.  Mea culpa.

We've been arguing about how "air borne" it is or will be... mea culpa redux.

Here's what this thing is and how it kills, per Wikipedia:  Hedge accordingly:


Endothelial cells, mononuclear phagocytes, and hepatocytes are the main targets of infection. After infection, a secreted glycoprotein (sGP) known as the Ebola virus glycoprotein (GP) is synthesized. Ebola replication overwhelms protein synthesis of infected cells and host immune defenses. The GP forms a trimeric complex, which binds the virus to the endothelial cells lining the interior surface of blood vessels. The sGP forms a dimeric protein that interferes with the signaling of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, which allows the virus to evade the immune system by inhibiting early steps of neutrophil activation. These white blood cells also serve as carriers to transport the virus throughout the entire body to places such as the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, and spleen.[43]

It attacks blood vessels from the inside, prevents normal healing and blood clotting and you bleed to death internally.  It is not like scurvy.  More like every man's hemophilia.  Gawdhelpus.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Kaiser, this is important to note. This virus causes SEVERE pathological findings. Read autopsy reports on H1N1 deaths. there is marked replication of the virus in alveoli in the cases, which could explain the extensive diffuse alveolar damage. There are important vascular phenomena that resulted in hemorrhage and thrombosis, but without marked decrease of platelet count and coagulation cascade disruptions. These are the worst outcomes of flu. Nothing like Ebola. I cringe when I hear people talk about Vit C, which I do believe in as a possible therapy for Influenza but for Ebola? Not a chance in Hell. This is a Monster on a scale no one here seems to grasp.

HIV is another RNA virus. HIV is a unique human RNA virus, capable of infecting cells of the immune system. Specifically, HIV targets T helper cells (CD4 cells), leading to the eventual death. CD4 cells are vital players in the regulation of immune responses to invading microorganisms. So this is another virus that attacks human immunity but on a massively smaller scale. Being an RNA virus, it mutates often and therefore no vaccine has been developed after years of research and millions of dollars. I am suspicious of the same happening with Ebola.

Please, if anyone has some contrary data refuting my suppositions I would gladly welcome them. Of should I just conclude we are fucked?


kaiserhoff's picture

Thanks Miffed.  This keeps getting worse, but we need to know.  Anything coming our of Atlanta or the other labs?

Seems like for the risks we have taken, we should at least get some info on what has been tried, and what works.

dizzyfingers's picture

"Anything coming out of Atlanta or the other labs?"

Awfully silent. I'm thinking that in this situation no news is bad news.


Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

 Dead men tell no tales and fortes fortuna juvat (fortune favors the brave).

Hephaestus's picture

Dont fear just Ebola. The cure might be even scarier. Here Is An Undercover Look Inside what ISIS will soon be. And so will we all I think.

MsCreant's picture

Okay. Small head fuck here. If Ebola has never been in the US before, then how could they be doing research on it and patent a version of it and be working on a treatment/cure for it. Hmmm????

Taku's picture

Ghana may have it's first case

dizzyfingers's picture

Miffed Microbio...

I'm thankful for real info. I know that EB's chemistry knocks out immune response. Thanks for the rest of it.

Common sense confirms we're on our own. Ebola's in Mexico. CDC silent; they either have nothing or are being silenced for a terrible reason.

Act accordingly.

kaiserhoff's picture

Miffed, you're on the front lines and we're not.  You also have a rare ability to read the scientific jargon. 

Could you describe for us, in the simplest terms, what this does to the body, and why you see this as off the charts?  Thanks.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Hang tight. Kaiser. I am at the moment trying to juggle the demands of my private life. this terrible situation more appropriate to my field than most financial experts here and I want to help in any way possible.

I've been pouring over as much scientific papers as I can, trying to glean a method of approach. So far I am very disappointed. Much research ( as I suspected in that we are dealing with a lethal agent) is sporadic and fragmented. Gene insertions in other less lethal models for study.

When ever I have isolated a highly rare but deadly agent, I am always amazed at the lack of research on it. But this is simply because it is too hot to handle. I was privileged to have worked with the most renowned scientist who worked with Coccidioides immitis in the world. Even with the utmost care he was infected, lost a lung and nearly died.

People can speculate many nefarious reasons why there is no vaccine for Ebola. Tptb wishing population reduction, racism, hatred of the poor etc. but really, working with wild type Ebola is simply too damn dangerous for most to contemplate.

I will get back to this thread later. I am trying to mollify a husband that is quite incensed I spend more time here than with him, world lethal pandemic notwithstanding.


kaiserhoff's picture

Great priorities.  Those of us with large noisy families and dogs are busy, but blessed;)

Urban Roman's picture

Not all of us here are from the financial world, for what it's worth. Both my parents were involved in the science of life, and I eventuallly got a bachelor's in chemistry. Mom worked on the Penicillin program in the 1940s in Peoria, and Dad was a biology professor. Sometimes we had little bottles of Drosophila melanogaster around the house, and I still think they are kinda cute.

But I never did science for a living. Computers were safer and easier and more fun. :)

Came to ZH looking for facts, as the regular news outlets ceased to make any sense, and my retirement accounts kept shrinking. Now at least I have some idea why. And FWIW, I read The Hot Zone 20 years ago. It made my hair stand on end.

Thanks for your inputs here, MM ... they are much appreciated.

Oliver Klozoff's picture


Please begin to take extra caution in your life.

puckles's picture

Miffed, we are massively grateful for your informed input.  I have a question.  As regards Ebola being an RNA virus targeting CD4 cells, similar to HIV: While we are aware of the German patient, and a few others like him, who contracted HIV and are now HIV free due to an apparent genetic mutation, if memory serves, in the patient's own genome, HIV is still not curable, nor does one simply "get over it." Indeed, HIV/Aids overturned the entire paradigm of the received theory of infection at the time.  However, we do read on a daily basis that there is a survival rate with this new Ebola Zaire mutant that approximates 36-38% IF the patient is treated in a Western setting. How is it that an RNA virus of this sort is survivable even to to this degree, if it targets the immune system prima facie, as HIV/Aids does?

Urban Roman's picture

I think the answer is that Ebola merely shoots a load of buckshot at the immune system while HIV very specifically targets it, hiding inside the nuclei of its cells.

My understanding is that Ebola is more of a 'conventional' virus that simply replicates. HIV makes a little thing called reverse transcriptase, copying its RNA onto a DNA strand, which it then inserts into the target cell's DNA. It can emerge later on some trigger or other and wreak havoc. Or it can simply hide in its host cells, getting copied whenever they divide, and bide its time.

Interestingly, the genomes of many higher life forms have numerous scattered copies of ancient viral genes, as a result of this stupid virus trick. If the gene is never activated, or if a transctiption error caused it to fail to make virus particles, it does not cause an infection. The defunct virus gene simply gets copied along with the host DNA.

Buck Johnson's picture

I know, they are lying about alot.

Cthonic's picture

From what I read, the Senegalese lived, died and was buried in Guinea.  This article says natural causes.

Urban Redneck's picture

Thanks, but that actually scares me more than what I previously noticed

Siguiri is the gateway to Mali (beaucoup de gold & gun smuggling), and it's relatively disconnected (road/rail wise) from the rest of Guinea, you really have to fly there from Conakry. So if they denied it was ebola and went ahead with a traditional funeral in Siguiri as indicated by This information, she says, was confirmed by the Senegalese community located Siguiri, who attended his burial, August 3, 2014 in the same locality. then I would guess we can expect John Brennan to start fear mongering about AQIM having access to ebola next time the CIA wants some more "latitude"...

Cthonic's picture

I hear ya, about a month ago was expecting it to be reported in Abidjan, Bamako, or Accra by now.

dizzyfingers's picture

Urban Redneck

Regarding Conarky:

"The ape dealers in Conakry have collection teams that go into the forest, kill chimp mothers and capture the infants," Ammann told "They bring them to Conakry. The dealers are the same guys with family connections in Kinshasa [in the DRC]."
Urban Redneck's picture

Interesting theory, but their timeline is way off, they should be trying to identify primates smuggled into Guinea at least a decade ago (yeah, I know...), which would also explain why Conakry didn't need to be ground zero for this outbreak.

Sudden Debt's picture

Actually, because of tbe increased militairy oversight and fear of Ebola, thousands of people aren't killed in rebel fights, robberies....
So in a way...
Ebola is a good thing for africa.

Publicus's picture

Ebola is Earth's newest weapon against Humanity.


Who will win? Earth or Humanity?

thamnosma's picture

Eventually - Earth.  Could be awhile though.

vegan's picture

In 4-5 billion years, the sun will get the last laugh when it swallows the Earth.

I'm sure us silly humans will have wiped ourselves out long before then.

Sudden Debt's picture

:) we'll see :)
In 2 months from now, there will be totally different stuff in the spotlight and ebola will be forgotten

observer007's picture

Riot police raced to central Liberia on Saturday to put down a demonstration by crowds who had blocked the country's busiest highway to protest the government's delay in collecting bodies of Ebola victims.


Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has declared the outbreak of Ebola "a national emergency"

Latest on EBOLA here!q=ebola&t=text

kaiserhoff's picture

Well, that has more truthiness than all the lame stream media combined.

The BBC is hinting at "not seeing all the cases."

Reported numbers should be regarded as a fraction of reality.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Liberian Girl
You Know That You Came
And You Changed My World

Eh, think I'll skip that song at the moment....

barre-de-rire's picture

explain to me how the fuck  can such ppl from sierra leone & liberia to mother fucking nigeria without any landing in benin, togo, ghana & ivory coast  ? this is bullshit,

you know why ?


i lived 15 years to benin... thoses monkeys do not have h24 power supply, how the fuck they can count the 85% people living with the sun & eat for 0.80$ a day...

response : they cant.

so ?


death must be above x4 the official numbers.

Sheikh Djibouti's picture

That is what Ken Isaacs testified two days ago in front of the US Congress.

His testimony begins at 1h47m

I'm quite sure we are not getting but a fraction of the story from West Africa, and as the situation deteriorates, it will be increasingly as such.

Freddie's picture

This is not a issue - you alarmists.   If ebola were real then Congress would be doing something about the invasion of America's southern border.

corporatewhore's picture

Con--gress is only interested in enriching and protecting themselves.

dizzyfingers's picture

"If ebola were real then Congress would be doing something about the invasion of America's southern border."

No, they're on vacation and probably have planned not to return to DC, or to leave the country.

Monetative Easing's picture

At the congressional hearing on Thursday, Ken Isaacs who is one of the senior people at Samaritan's Purse and someone who used to work for for USAID said that the reported numbers "only show 25-50% of the cases."

We have no clue what the true numbers are but you can be sure that they are a lot greater than the reported figures, where governments have little resources, information and frankly, incentive, to report the actual cases/deaths.


It is my hope that international governments are coordinating to somehow limit travel to/from the afflicted regions.  I suspect I am being naive or missing something reason why they wouldn't.  If this thing pops up elsewhere in Europe or the Americas, it won't just be the doom and gloomers here who are on high alert.  And it won't help a global economy that continues to limp along for the most part.

trader1's picture


“Currently, our efforts are not enough to stop the virus,” Dr. Haque said.


He added that most health agencies believed the true case numbers to be far higher, in part because locals were not coming forward when relatives fell ill, and because detection by the health authorities has been weak. Rukshan Ratnam, a spokesman for Unicef in Liberia, said some families had hidden their sick to avoid sending them to isolation wards, or out of shame stemming from traditional beliefs that illness is a punishment for doing something wrong.


Dr. Haque said that the tracing of cases, crucial for the containment of the disease, was moving too slowly to keep up with new infections. Seven counties have confirmed cases, and the government has deployed security forces in Lofa County, where Liberia’s first case was detected, he said. But the government has given leave to nonessential employees in those areas, so it is not clear how they will have the staffing to isolate the sick. Some hospitals have closed because so many health workers have fallen ill.


Liberia has closed markets and many border crossings. It has said testing and screening will be done at immigration checkpoints.

But on Thursday, at a checkpoint staffed by at least 30 soldiers in Klay, Bomi County, there was no screening — just a blockade and a line of trucks loaded with bags of charcoal, plantains and potato greens.

good man's picture

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IridiumRebel's picture
United States and Canada finally Close Borders With Mexico As Ebola Death Count Nears 1,000,000.


Freddie's picture

Obama still has the borders wide open.   Thank a Democrat and RINO.  F liberals and Dems who voted for EBOLA - Twice.

MsCreant's picture

Turn your rage at the Oligarchy party, the only party in DC.

Central Bankster's picture

If African countries can close their borders, why can't the US?

deflator's picture

 If the gestation period is two weeks and there is a doubling of deaths every 2 weeks then the entire human race would be wiped out in less than 10 months.

 Not saying I think that is going to happen...

Publicus's picture

Growth rate is around 20% a week. Virus, being evolutionary compatible, will not wipe out entire specie, both will adapt towards each other. Look for a culling of around 20 to 75% however.